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Moonfruit Users: Interview with Barry Whettingsteel

Though site constructors are quite easy to use and in most cases do not require any prior webmastering knowledge, most platforms have entire ecosystems of third party tools and knowledge bases aimed to help users create personalized websites. These include various widget libraries, custom made templates, how-to articles and more.

Barry Whettingsteel, Moonfruiters FounderToday, we bring you an interview with Barry Whettingsteel, the co-founder of, an independent web resource that shows how you can get the most out of Moonfruit website builder.

SWB: Hello Barry, please tell us a little bit about yourself and your project. What prompted the creation of Moonfruiters?

Barry: Hi there, myself and my good friend Aaron started a web design business (Dorset Digital Solutions) just over a year ago and found that budget websites were in huge demand.

After completing a number of these sites we found that Moonfruit was the best option for quick and easy sites that our customers could edit themselves. Moonfruiters was a gradual progression from this as we wanted to help people create better looking sites using Moonfruit but without the restrictions of Moonfruit’s Sitemaker software.

SWB: What is your experience in the field of web design and web development?

Barry: Although I abandoned my visual arts diploma in 1998 for the bar trade, I have been tinkering with website and graphic design for over 15 years doing favours for friends, family and beer but in June 2013 I contacted Aaron who was just finishing his BSc/FdSc in computing at uni and we decided start a business. So far, so good.

SWB: Why did you choose Moonfruit? Did you try any other site builders?

Barry: We looked at Wix and a few other sitemaker websites that would be suitable for quick and easy budget websites, but after finding each of the platforms limitations we chose Moonfruit as we think it is a better platform overall.

Moonfruiters - Homepage

SWB: What are the biggest challenges you face when creating sites using Moonfruit?

Barry: Unfortunately Moonfruit gives us plenty of challenges. Site margins, limited widgets, the contact form, private/member pages… basically anything you want to look extra fancy or interactive was a big fail. These problems are also what inspired us to find ways around them and to then create

SWB: If you could change anything about Moonfruit what would it be and why?

Barry: Just one? I think their software should be updated to incorporate responsive design. It’s a huge thing now and if you look at the Moonfruit forums they have a lot of users crying out for it.

SWB: What do you consider the most underappreciated feature of Moonfruit?

Barry: The support team. I have seen many complaints about the support team but I can honestly say that I’ve never had any issues. If I have an issue (most weeks) then I harass them with a support ticket and normally have an answer within 6-12hrs.

SWB: What are your favorite Moonfruit-driven websites?

Barry: Top of the list would need to be as these guys are who put the idea of adding CSS and jQuery to Moonfruit sites in our head.

Crate47 - Moonfruit-Driven Website Example
Other than that I’m not sure as if the site is designed well then you shouldn’t recognise that it’s built in Moonfruit.

SWB: Thank you for your time today, Barry.

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