Moonfruit Review

Moonfruit – is a website builder, which makes it possible to create responsive full-featured websites in a matter of minutes. The system has been around for over 19 years. Launched in 2000 as a Flash-based website builder, it quickly became one of the most popular places to create a website. Similar to Wix, it later switched to HTML5 technology. As expected, the switch was very successful, making the platform a nice web building tool that works well for all user categories.

The website builder comes with a list of features that allow for effective web development process. However, it still lacks ease of use and intuitive web building nature as compared to its major niche competitors. No coding skills are required to create projects with the system as all the features and tools are provided out-of-the-box here.

Moonfruit has recently been updated to match contemporary web design standards and growing needs of users. A number of new features have been introduced, which have improved the speed and quality of the web design process. The changes concern both the website editor, approach to the web development process as well as design customization tools and website promotion parameters.

Today, we’re excited to dive into more detail about Moonfruit. Join us exploring its benefits and possible downsides now.

Moonfruit Review
  • Responsive website builder.
  • Out-of-the-box features and tools.
  • Modern approach to website development.

1. Ease of Use

Moonfruit is pretty intuitive. This concerns all the elements of the website builder as well as the web design process in general. The sign up procedure is quick and easy for everyone. To register with the system, you may choose one of two options. The first one is to sign up with the email, providing your username and password. The second option is to register via Facebook or Google account. To confirm the registration, you’ll have to verify the email sent to the specified address.

Whatever option you will go for, the entire sign up process will take a couple of minutes. Right after you provide the registration data, you’ll be asked to submit your website details, namely site name and desired address. As soon as you are done with these steps, you may proceed building your website.

Moonfruit Editor

After the registration, you’ll get access to the website editor that comes with a well-thought-out interface that makes website creation easy and fun. The builder supports drag-and-drop editing that allows users to add, move, edit and remove design elements and widgets without writing codes.

The pop up dashboard available in the left part of the editor grants access to the major areas you can modify. These include Pages, Sections, Elements, My Files and Settings. In the “Pages” section, you can add and modify pages as well as create subpages. In the “Sections” area, you will be able to select and edit desirable website layout and major website sections (footer, header, body etc.). “My Files” section grants access to the file manager, where you can upload and manage files you intend to use during the web design process. Finally, in the “Settings” section, you will manage general website settings, connect your domain name, create website favicon etc.

Moonfruit Dashboard

To edit an object on the canvas, just right-click it and use the floating editor that lets you change things like fonts, colors, style, size and other options relevant to the item selected. If you have lots of text boxes, you can align them using the rulers and guides tool. Moonfruit keeps things really simple. However, it is still more complicated than Wix or Weebly.

Similar to Adobe Muse and Simbla, Moonfruit lets users create the Page Master – a background layer that appears on every page of your site. It can be used to place objects that you want to appear on every page, e.g. company logo, contact button, or phone number.

As soon as you are done with the settings and sections management, you can reach the upper part of the website editor, where you will be able to activate buttons that make it possible to see the desktop, tablet and mobile versions of your website. This is also the place, where you can zoom, undo and redo recent actions as well as preview and publish the project. All in all, working with Moonfruit dashboard isn’t challenging, although, first-timers might need time to get used to it.

Moonfruit Review
  • Easy sign up process.
  • Intuitive dashboard.
  • Logical interface.

2. Features & Flexibility

Moonfruit comes with a list of out-of-the-box features that make it possible to create and manage functional websites with advanced design. These encompass beautiful galleries, advanced online forms, powerful integrations, excellent design customization tools, custom domains and many more. Let’s have a quick overview of them now.

Image Editing Options

With Moonfruit, you can add many standard features to your pages including image galleries, forms, slideshows, various widgets as well as custom code snippets. These are all nicely organized in the toolbar. Just select a widget, drag it to the page and drop on the canvas where it fits in. Moonfruit also provides a library of free images and icons to select from.

Moonfruit Image Editor

The system integrates with Lobster Marketplace, where you can find and add authentic unique images from social media. Whatever images you pick, you’ll be able to edit their major parameters like color saturation, filtering, contrast etc. Additionally, the service comes with stackable ready-made content blocks, which are fully editable and can be adjusted and customized to your liking in order to create a desirable page layout.

Animation Effects

When working with Moonfruit, you can select and set your website background effects, be it video, fixed or zoom backgrounds that will give your web pages great flexibility and sense of immersion. Application of hover and transition effects will add life and appeal to images and text you’ll add to your website. What’s more, you’ll be able to engage your visitors’ attention by choosing the required link styling options to match their website design.

Custom Code

The custom code feature allows you to add literally any kind of functionality to your site. Thus, you can easily add a Mailchimp sign up form, a SoundCloud track, a poll, a quiz, a calendar or any other web service that lets you generate and paste custom code for your account.

Moonfruit HTML Editor


Moonfruit used to have an integrated blogging platform that produced nicely formatted blog posts, featured a commenting system with various moderation options and allowed scheduling your articles. However, the blogging feature was available in the old Flash-based version of the platform. In the updated HTML-based version of the website builder, the pure blogging feature is not available anymore. If you really have an intention to add a blog to your website, you can use a widget allowing to add the WordPress blog, but that’s not the best solution anyway.

Marketing Tools

Moonfruit offers a set of standard marketing features that contribute to better promotion of your project. These include Search Engine Optimization options (custom SEO set up for individual pages – meta data fill out, tagging, automated sitemap integration etc.), Google Analytics integration, Google Webmaster, Google Search Console access and more.

Integration Options

The website builder lets you choose and integrate third-party widgets and apps into your project. These include customizable forms that come with versatile styling options, spam filtering, upload function etc., social media account integration (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), YouTube and Vimeo apps, Google Maps and other external widgets, which can be embedded via custom HTML integration.

Moonfruit Review
  • Extensive image editing options.
  • Marketing tools.
  • Third-party integrations.

3. Designs

Number of Themes:8
Free Themes: YES
Responsive Design: YES
Sort by Industry: YES
CSS Code Editing: NO

Moonfruit template collection is quite limited. It currently encompasses 8 basic designs that come up to different niches. All the themes, however, look modern, fresh and quality and they are also absolutely free. They are responsive and customizable, which allows for creative freedom. The website builder offers a preview option, which lets you discover the details of the template you are interested in prior to proceeding to its editing.

There is also an opportunity to pick a blank theme and customize it from scratch, if you wish to create a truly unique design to come up to your needs. Mind that template switch option is not enabled here and if you decide to select a new template, your submitted content and edits will be lost and you’ll have to start your website design development from the very beginning. We couldn’t find any advanced editing options (HTML/CSS editor) in the control panel, so we can assume that Moonfruit belongs to the group of site builders that don’t open up the codes to their users.

Moonfruit Review
  • Free responsive designs.
  • Blank template to create unique design.
  • Customizability and convenience.

4. Customer Support

If you get stuck, you can click the Help menu, which is located directly in your control panel. Just activate the Question Mark icon available in the low right corner to get access to the FAQ section providing answers and advice from the Moonfruit Team. It’s possible to submit a query in the search field to cut down the search time. For user convenience, all the questions are divided into categories based on the topics covered. The Help Section also offers useful how-to’s, guides, and videos that will help you get started with ease.

Moonfruit doesn’t have phone support, but it offers an opportunity to reach the team via the contact form available at the website. They also have a live chat tool that lets you talk directly to the support team of the service. The system developers claim that they answer the questions in the shortest time possible, but it’s still hard to tell in advance how long it will take to get an answer to your question here. The only surefire way to find that out is to test the feature.

Moonfruit Review
  • Extensive Help Center.
  • Live Chat tool.
  • Search filter option.

5. Pricing Policy

Moonfruit currently offers two plans. These include Basic and Professional Plans. The cost of the Basic Plan currently constitutes $5.99/mo. What you will get for this price is an opportunity to build one site with unlimited number of pages, domain connection option, 500 MB of disk storage space.

Mind, however, that websites built with the Basic Plan, come with an ad-banner displayed.

To remove it, you’ll have to upgrade to the Professional Plan, which works best for small businesses. The cost of the subscription constitutes $11.99/mo. Apart from the features implied by the Basic subscription, it offers an opportunity to create 5 websites with unlimited pages, 10GB of storage space, free domain voucher, connect domain option, absence of the ad banner etc. Do you need help advertising your business online? Contact the support team of the service to find out the available solutions.

To test the major features of the paid plans, Moonfruit offers a free 14-day trial. This time is enough to find out actual pros and cons of the system. Additionally, the website builder provides the 14-day money-back guarantee on all new subscriptions.

Moonfruit Review
  • Free 14-day trial.
  • Two pricing plans.
  • 14-day money-back guarantee.

6. Pros and Cons

Moonfruit is a nice website builder that lets you create websites for commercial and non-commercial use. However, if you plan to use the system for your web building needs, take your time to find out more about the merits and demerits it comes with. Here they go.

Responsive designs.
Simple set of animation effects applying to all elements.
Adequate pricing policy.
Free trial.
Limited template choice.
No integrated blogging and eCommerce platforms.
Absence of SSL Certification.
Moonfruit Review
  • Free test period.
  • Integrable widgets and apps.
  • Marketing tools.


Moonfruit is a website builder, which doesn’t look impressive from the very first sight. As you start exploring its feature set, you realize that there is nothing special about it that could make the system stand out from the crowd. Even after the update of the platform, it still comes with basic functionality and lacks lots of must-have features like integrated eCommerce or blogging options, for example.

Moonfruit is quite simple as compared to the renowned leaders of the web design niche. The website builder is primarily intended for creating simple portfolios, business websites and projects for personal use. If you need the one, you may sign up for the service to see what it has to offer. However, if you have an intention to launch a full-featured website with distinctive top notch design and amazing performance, then it definitely makes sense to look for a better alternative. Shop around to choose a professional website builder to come up to your web design needs. Fortunately, there are many of them out there.

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