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Moonfruit Example Websites

Bloggers, designers, small business owners and fitness trainers are all enjoying website builders :). They’re easy-to-use, require no special training and what’s most important, they let us focus on what really matters – our brand and clients.

Though website builders might be ridiculously easy-to-use, creating a truly unique, personalized website is still a challenge. It requires careful planning, creativity and knowing your target customer.

When looking for websites to feature here on SuperbWebsiteBuilders, I’m always trying to find the best samples, whose creators have done a great job thinking through the UX and brand awareness, and I’m delighted to see that the number of such sites is only increasing. Today we bring you some of the best websites built with Moonfruit website builder:

Example 1: Subluma

Subluma is a web design agency that offers a wide range of services, from graphic design and logo design to eCommerce and Moonfruit website creation. We can’t say their website is exceptional or eye-catching, yet it clearly performs its main function which is to present the agency’s previous works, bring potential clients the most important information and make it easy to contact the company.

Moonfruit example sites - Subluma

The website is easy to browse and involves everything a user needs to get the most out of information provided at the resource. Apart from several categories available in the main menu, there are also social media buttons to make the agency accessible in social networks. A convenient Google Maps app makes it easier to find the location of the agency, thus simplifying users’ search.

Example 2: Home and Tribe

Full of color and handmade curiosities, Home and Tribe brings you a collection of special boho items sourced with love from all around the world. The vivid colors of the items, white background combined with geometrical ornaments, and simple navigation make the website cozy and easy-to-navigate.

Moonfruit sample site - Home and tribe

The site comes with an integrated shop, which is subdivided into two sections, namely the Home Shop containing home wares and the Tribe Shop containing decorative items for friends and family. The availability of categories, social media buttons, a blog and detailed contact info contribute to the ease of use and make the shopping experience even more comfortable and simple!

Example 3: Rosie and Radish

Rosie and Radish was established in 2013 by Helen Turner and Amy Clarke, professional illustrator and graphic design duo. The girls use their Moonfruit-based website to promote their fabulously cute greeting cards to the world. It is impossible not to fall in love with their universe of characters!

Moonfruit example website - Rosie and Radish

The website, which comes with an integrated shop, immediately drives the attention of users by its intricate design. It looks quite simple at first sight, but this simplicity merges with delicate, cartoon-like graphics and cute characters that emerge at the screen as soon as you visit the site. This is a smart decision, which encourages users to keep browsing through the resource and buy greeting cards to surprise their loved ones!

Example 5: Kennedy City Bicycles

Kennedy City Bicycles is owned and operated by James Kennedy, an entrepreneur who successfully turned his hobby into a business and even shone in the Moonfruit commercial! Launched in the middle of 2013, the company extends what James was already doing in his spare time.

The website is easy-to-navigate, features professional photographs, a promo video, and even the Design a bicycle option where visitors can assemble a bike online using a simple three-step wizard.  

Moonfruit sample site - Kennedy City Bikes

There is one more design feature that cannot be left unnoticed. The elements of the website as well as the names of the sections and even the title contain round-shaped geometrical figures to create the feeling of entity and coherence with the main theme of the website. A nice idea that encourages users to keep browsing through the resource!

Example 6: Coo & Co

The driving force behind Coo & Co is Jenny McCabe, a community artist helping others to be creative. Jenny’s work has always focused on wildlife, and this can be seen all over her website – from the homepage to the favicon.

Jenny’s website is very clean and light. This gives us a sense of relaxation while focusing on what she does. The author uses Moonfruit’s eCommerce engine to sell her prints.

Moonfruit sample site - Coo and Co

To help users navigate through the website in an easy and hassle free way, the developers of the resource have singled out the main menu found in the top left corner of the page. There is no need to waste time browsing the site and looking for the required info – it can now be availed with a few clicks of a mouse!

Example 7: Sylvia’s Corner

Warning: This website contains content that is going to make you really hungry. Anyone on a diet, please skip it 🙂 .

Based in London, Sylvia’s Corner offers a great menu of delicious breakfast and lunch meals popular with locals and tourists alike. The website is full of mouthwatering images of high quality that make an immediate impression on the visitor. Detailed descriptions of each dish as well as their cost make the menu both original and functional.

Moonfruit Example Website - Sylvia's Corner

What catches the attention of users visiting the site for the first time is its design and smart use of images. The home page of the site creates a retro-like feel, making the resource stand out from the crowd.

Example 8: Lucy Pass

The secret to a great website is great images (and using the right site builder of course 😉 ). Our last sample site today is all about images, namely portraits. Since leaving her college in 2005, Lucy Pass has been practicing as a freelance artist and designer .

Lucy’s works trigger visitors to stick around her website, learn more about her business, and even make a purchase.

Moonfruit sample site - Lucy Pass

When you visit the site for the first time, you will surely notice one of Lucy’s works that occupies almost the entire home page. The artwork is the embodiment of all her masterpieces that gives users the idea of how the rest of the works look. A nice design idea that means much more than you can imagine!

Have a website powered by Moonfruit? Share with us your experience!

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