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Best Mobirise Website Examples

Mobirise – is a contemporary offline website builder, which is currently available for Mac, Windows and Android. The system is free for commercial and non-commercial use. It requires download and installation before being used for the purpose of website development.

The website builder stands out from the crowd due to its impressive ease-of-use and convenience. It does not imply any coding awareness yet ensures high functionality of projects launched with it. This is what makes it a perfect choice both for newbies and proficient users. One of the highlights of the platform is great optimization of Mobirise-based websites for mobile browsing. This is ensured by the Bootstrap 4 framework the platform is based on.

Mobirise works great for the development of different types of projects, including promo websites, landing pages, blogs, portfolios, small business websites and other projects that mostly focus on content. To discover the integrated functionality of the website builder and the features it is ready to offer, it makes sense to have a look at the samples of projects launched with the system. That’s what we will do right away.

1. Fashiondex


Fashiondex is a website of the community of apparel industry publishers and consultants, who specialize in modern in-print and in-person design, sourcing and manufacture of fabrics and trims. The website provides much info regarding trendy apparel/fabric suppliers, contractors, manufacturers as well as services they offer to customers.

When scrolling down the homepage, you will come across useful niche info, plenty of images, interesting facts about Fashiondex consultants as well as posts that tackle the fabric market. You will also be able to find a manufacturer or a contractor here by clicking corresponding CTA buttons. Likewise, there is an online store here, where you can shop for popular forms, directories, business and design tools, buyers guides, gift certificates, dictionaries and numerous publications that tackle the website specialization. These are only some of the facts that make the resource a top destination for all the fashion experts.

2. Biblesoft


Biblesoft – is the market leading Bible Study software, which was founded in 1988 with the only purpose in mind – to provide Christians from all over the world with a deeper understanding of God’s Word. The software also grants access to useful and handy tools for Gospel ministers around the world.

The website doesn’t imply the use of manuals or training sessions to start exploring the Scriptures. Everyone – from a student and up to a scholar will be able to browse the project to discover the info they are looking for. The website ensures easy navigation and quick access to the major sections. There is the OneTouch Light (a free version of the software) meant for first timer users willing to test the program, the Resources section, the About Us page and even a web store here. This is where users can buy Biblesoft-related products at affordable cost and with a few mouse clicks. That’s a nice sample of the Mobirise-powered website with integrated eCommerce functionality!

3. Baldwin Piano

Baldwin Piano

Baldwin Piano is the top destination for users, who are interested in the history of music in general or in the history of one of the most popular music instruments – piano. The website actually focuses on delivering detailed information about Baldwin – the best-sounding and best-playing pianos in the world.

The overall website design absolutely comes up to the major specialization of the project. The homepage impresses each and every visitor by its full-screen image of a luxurious concert hall with the Baldwin piano standing against this spectacular background. There is also information about the Baldwin company, its commitment and history of its development here. A user has an opportunity to choose the required product category – either Grand or Upright – to be able to find out the detailed information about each piano model along with its image and detailed description of its major specifications. This Mobirise-powered website looks trendy and niche-focused.

4. BubbaQue’s BBQ

BubbaQue’s BBQ

BBQ fans will definitely be excited to visit BubbaQue’s BBQ – one of the best Florida-based places to taste the most delicious BBQ dishes. They smoke the best cuts of beef, pork and chicken and provide high end services to come up to their customers’ expectations. The website drives user attention by its bright and appealing design, stylish fonts and juicy images that absolutely match its specialization.

As soon as you land on the homepage, you will see the popup online ordering form for separate locations. It allows placing instant orders without looking for the same form on the website. This helps save users’ time and effort to avail the best result in the shortest time possible. For those website visitors, who would like to find out other place-related facts, there is an opportunity to browse several menu sections, namely Specials, Catering, Bubba Shop, About Us, Locations+Contact. Online ordering form as well as social network buttons are available here as well.

5. 456 FIS

456 FIS

456 FIS is the home of the 456th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, which is dedicated to all those, who served the organization. This is where everyone interested in the organization, can find the exhaustive and very detailed information about its history, mission, former and current members, contacts and special achievements.

To ensure maximum browsing convenience and ease-of-use, the website comes with a detailed and well-structured drop-down menu covering an extensive range of topics. The About page provides information about history of the organization and major stages of its development. There are also multiple historic photos here. The Community page comes with the Alumni Registry section, Forums and even an integrated eSTORE. Media page grants access to the photo collection of the organization as well as video and audio files. This Mobirise-based website looks quite simple at first sight, but there is much info you can find out here, while browsing its sections.

6. Catalina Hotel & Beach Club

Catalina Hotel & Beach Club

Catalina Hotel & Beach Club is a vivid example of the hotel website powered by Mobirise. This is the website, which provides interesting, useful and up-to-date information about the stylish, chic and luxurious hotel located in the very heart of Miami Beach.

Everyone, who plans a vacation in the Catalina Hotel & Beach Club, will definitely appreciate the opportunity to browse the website. It tells almost everything you might need to find out about the hotel itself, services and amenities offered, accessibility features, scheduled events and contacts. There is also useful information about authorized and unauthorized travel booking companies that offer rest in the hotel. At the same time, there is an opportunity to book a package directly on the website to save time, budget and effort. Lots of high res photos of the hotel are available in the Gallery section to draw the attention of potential clients. Special attention should be given to the Live Chat popup window found in the left low corner of the website. This is where you can type your question to get quick feedback from the hotel team.

7. Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Robin Hood – Bold Outlaw of Barnsdale and Sherwood will be a real surprise for each reader, who is fond of Robin Hood and his adventures. The website is devoted to this legendary hero and contains multiple online Robin Hood resources. These include original articles, ballads, stories, exclusive interviews, in-depth reviews, lots of medieval legends, newest books, TV shows and movies that are somehow related to the hero. Almost all the articles are written by Allen W. Wright, who is an independent scholar from Toronto, Canada. The idea of website creation belongs to Allan as well.

The website itself looks pretty interesting and visually-appealing. It evokes the desire to keep browsing the resource to find out more about Robin Hood and his adventures. There are multiple quality photos available in the rich Photo Gallery of the project, Message Board, FAQ section, links to external resources and other related info on the website. This and other info will certainly come in handy to everyone, who is interested in the legendary story of Robin Hood.

8. Negril Jamaica

Negril Jamaica

Negril Jamaica is an online resource devoted to one of the most exclusive and most popular resorts. This is the website, where you can find out plenty of facts needed to organize the adventure vacation of your dreams.

Whatever topic you are interested in, when it comes to Negril Jamaica, you will find the required info here, on the website. There is the message forum, lots of videos, forums, events calendar, Negril maps and other useful content here. As you scroll down the page, you will come across several sections, which provide detailed info about the places to stay in Negril, foods to eat, things to do, restaurants to visit, drivers to hire and other facts that are a must-have for any tourist, who dreams of a perfect Caribbean vacation. One of the highlights of the resource is the full-screen Negril Guide Map with key places to visit. Google Maps widget with location specifications is also available here. A nice sample of a travel website launched with Mobirise!

9. Kokoshungsan


Kokoshungsan is the online global business directory and the place, where one can browse lots of multi-income sources to pick those he/she currently needs. This is where each advertiser can earn extra income also known as KOKOCoin (KKC) by writing, reading, investing, sharing, learning, teaching, selling or interacting with anyone on the website.

Prior to proceeding to submitting your own listing, you’ll initially have to pick one of the available packages – either free or paid. Each of them comes with certain terms based on user requirements and business objectives/needs. Apart from publishing a listing, there is an opportunity to earn points, browse jobs, look through special offers available in the Shop section and discover other niche-related facts. The website is well-structured and it offers intuitive navigation to help a user get started and succeed with business development endeavours.

10. Videos4Music


Videos4Music is an online music video maker, which encompasses a team of real life music video pros with over 15 years of niche expertise. Each user, who opts for the player, is assigned a personal assistant, who helps create a perfect video for any music track.

What you need to get started with your video production process is to pick one of the offered music video packages based on the song duration. Then you should send a link to the song to the team of the service along with the message/mood you intend to convey in the video. This is done online in the shortest time possible. The entire process of video creation is completed within 7 days. The website is convenient and easy-to-browse for everyone. There is the list of features the player is characterized by, the list of reasons to get the player, customer testimonials as well as samples of videos created with the service. To connect with the team and place the order, it’s possible to fill out the contact form available on the website. This is easy, quick and effective.

11. Dr. Kasif Anaokulu

Dr. Kasif Anaokulu

Dr. Kasif Anaokulu is a kindergarten, which accepts children of 3-6 years of age and offers special education and upbringing programs that ensure the best result. The kindergarten is quite popular due to the range of services and facilities offered. To find out more about them, it makes sense to browse the info available on the website.

The project, which is created in the Turkish language, absolutely adheres to the niche specialization of the website. It is bright, appealing, entertaining and so childish. This creates a special atmosphere of happiness and childhood, which is so typical for the place. All information parents might be interested in is available in several website sections. It tackles the most vital kindergarten-related aspects, such as general information about the place, kids nutrition and upbringing objectives, certificates, educational programs etc. There is also a rich image gallery here, where everyone can see the place, where kids spend their time. Additionally, it is possible to read testimonials published by satisfied parents, subscribe to the accounts of the kindergarten in social networks and even fill out the registration form available on the website.

12. Amalfi Mare

Amalfi Mare

Amalfi Mare is a company that focuses on boat rentals and yacht charters in the Tyrrhenian Sea, with Amalfi Coast and Capri as main destinations. The excursions and tours are organized here by Captain Patrizio, who loves these locations and is eager to help a traveller discover the sea, its treasures, Amalfi Coast history, its inhabitants and other related info.

The only look at the homepage is enough to evoke the desire to keep browsing the resource and find out what exactly the company has to offer. All the required information is available in the main sections of the website menu. These include Excursions, Charter Services, The Boats, About Us, Contacts, Sunset Tour, Social Accounts. It’s possible to book a tour or a boat directly on the website with a few clicks only. The website abounds in real life photos of locations and services the company offers that contribute to its reputability. This is a quality sample of the Mobirise-based project.

13. Adari


Adari is a music project that belongs to Adari and is created in the Chroatian language. Adari is the pseudonym of Daria Tamara Rac, a singer, who writes and sings songs in English, Polish and Chroatian languages. The website is designed in the black-and-white colour scheme, with the singer’s photos standing against the background.

The fans of the singer will be excited to browse the website, where they will find out useful info about Adari, her creative career and life views. This info is available in the major website sections, namely Biography, Discography, News and Contact. This is where everyone, who is interested in the facts from Adari’s life, career, creativity, news and upcoming events, can come across this info. Additionally, there is an opportunity to listen to the songs of the author, watch her video clips, subscribe to her social network accounts on the website. These are the main characteristics that make the project a worthy sample of a Mobirise-powered website collection.

14. Witsec


Witsec is a personal website owned and managed by Mark, an infrastructure developer, who creates extensions for Mobirise on the basis of this platform. The project delivers information about the expert himself as well as about the website builder used as his main web design tool.

The one-page website contains three sections, namely About Me, Mobirise and Support. The About Me section tells about the web designer, the Mobirise part focuses on the application (the website builder), while the Support section redirects you to the page, where you can find answers to your questions and post your system-related inquiries. Even though, the website is not large and contains quite a limited amount of information, it is still enough to find out data about the software, its application, special features and installation guidelines. For all those users willing to get in touch with the developer, there is a separate section, where you can fill out the online form and wait for the feedback. One of the highlights of the website is the fact that it was also created with Mobirise. This is the best proof of the system’s credibility and functionality.

15. Costa d’Amalfi Apartments

Costa d’Amalfi Apartments

Costa d’Amalfi Apartments is the best source of information for everyone looking for the place to stay on Amalfi Coach. This is the accommodation that encompasses two apartments (Casa Amalfi and Casa Ravello) with a terrace located in the historic center of Minori, which is around 200 meters away from the beach.

If you intend to have great rest in the town of Minori, the website is the best destination to book a holiday home with all the amenities included. It delivers the exhaustive information about both apartments, services and amenities offered, special offers, photo gallery, excursions, contacts etc. There are lots of photos of both apartments here that help users see the design, interior, equipment and special facilities they offer. This simplifies the choice of the accommodation. What’s important, the website makes it possible to ask for the availability of the room you are interested in by filling out the corresponding online form. This is easy, quick and convenient for any user.

Bottom Line

Mobirise is the offline web building software, which makes it possible to design small and medium websites for personal and business use. It comes with an extensive set of integrable content modules, SEO- and mobile-optimization solutions, a broad range of synchronization and design customization tools.

Examples of websites powered by Mobirise look pretty professional and visually-appealing. They are full-featured enough to let users realize their web design objectives. At the same time, some of these projects look similar to each other, which is explained by the orientation of the platform on non-techies. The software works great for this user category, but it has much to offer to web design pros as well.


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