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Mobirise (current version is 4.4.0) is an offline website builder that has recently become available for Windows, Android and Mac. The program is used to create promo websites and landing pages.

Ease of Use:9/10
Tech Support:10/10
Overall Score:8.8/10

It is absolutely free both for commercial and non-commercial use. Just download it, install and… enjoy creating as many websites as you need without any limitations!

Mobirise is mostly oriented on newbies and does not require any special knowledge and experience to be installed and used properly. The highlight of the program is a perfect optimization of Mobirise websites for mobiles devices. This is due to the powerful Bootstrap 3 framework the software is based on.

Mobirise site builder seems a bit unusual, so let’s have a look under the program’s hood to find out the features that may attract the attention of users.

1. Ease of Use

Mobirise is definitely one of the simplest website builders we have ever tested. Registration in the system is required to receive news and notifications about recent updates. But for work with Mobirise, you should only to download the program and install it. The dashboard is easy-to-use and intuitive. Even if you have never used website builders before, using Mobirise will not be a problem.

Mobirise Editor

The interface is functional and appealing. Based on the WYSIWYG editor that supports the ‘drag-n-drop’, it allows users creating the structure of any website in less than 20 minutes. Filling the site with content will take the rest of your time, depending upon your web design needs and objectives.

Anyway, creating an impressive landing page or a promo website will not take it longer than a day, even if you have zero coding skills and expertise in the niche.

2. Feature Set and Flexibility

Mobirise is created to build small websites, including landing pages, portfolios and different types of promo websites. The dashboard is very simple and contains visual editor, settings menu and a panel to add all types of blocks.

Mobirise Block Settings

One of the Mobirise unique features as an offline software is that you will have to upload the project you have created to the chosen hosting. It is up to you to select the domain and hosting provider. This is what makes the system similar to CMS. On the other hand, the program looks much simpler as compared to the majority of other website builders.

To publish a site, you will need to buy hosting plan and set up the route for uploading website files. Further updates are made in one click only: you just have to make the changes, activate the “Upload” button and that’s it! By the way, hosting updates involve only those files that have been changed, but not the whole website. This does not require much traffic and time and you can even use mobile Internet to complete the task.

Mobirise Publish Website

Apart from that, you can publish your websites at the local server and resources like Google Drive, Github, Amazon S3 etc. Updates require the availability of a computer or mobile phone with website files.

This makes it possible for you to upload the latest version of the website to any cloud while being away without having your computer at hand. Likewise, you will have access to this website version from any location you are in.

We have figured out that simplicity is the major Mobirise feature. Let’s focus on the dashboard now:

  • Pages makes it possible to add new pages, create their copies, adjust URLs and SEO settings for each page;
  • Sites lets you see all active website projects and choose the one you are going to work with. You can select any website name in the settings and adjust the export route (local or cloud server, hosting etc.), upload a favicon and activate animation for page scrolling;
  • Login offers you a convenient e-mail login form. Registration is required to gain access to the system updates, extensions, templates and support section;
  • Extensions and Themes makes it possible to install free and paid samples of templates and extensions;
  • Help me! lets you use the follow-up form to contact the developers.

Mobirise Page Settings

The major part of Mobirise functionality can be found in the panel used to add blocks, which are subdivided into the following categories:

  • Menu lets you choose between two menu formats;
  • Intro (headers) offers 9 variants of headers for your website that come with videos, images, sliders, titles and slogans combined in different ways;
  • Sliders, galleries allows adding different formats of sliders and galleries;
  • Features makes you aware of the blocks that are more suitable to underline the benefits of your commercial website for the users;
  • Media makes it possible to add videos and images;
  • Article offers the set of blocks used to compose articles (titles, images, sliders, columns, texts, videos, maps etc.);
  • Info lets you choose among information-oriented blocks to present any services;
  • Testimonials allows selecting customer review blocks designed in different ways;
  • Social represents Share/Follow blocks for popular social media services;
  • Pricing Tables is used to choose blocks to present the pricing plans of your service;
  • Forms offers follow-up and newsletter forms;
  • Maps lets you connect to Google Maps;
  • Footers represents 4 variants of footer designs.

By dragging any blocks described above, you will be able to build your own site. Having designed the general structure of the project, you will need to adjust the blocks and replace the industry-specific content with that of your own. Listed below are a few examples of how you can work with blocks effectively.

Example #1 - Menu
Example #2 - Header
Example #3 - Gallery
Example #4 - Features

Mobirise Video-Embed-Mobirise-Website-Builder

As you see, general settings for various blocks differ a bit, but you can also make use of other options. It is possible to adjust each element separately, like changing icons, texts and button fonts, images, adding your own links and more.

Such functionality makes it possible to customize the design of your website to your liking.

You won’t be able to change the format of blocks, because this depends upon the chosen template, but it is up to you to change and customize other settings and features.

Mobirise Block Content

A large gallery of icons of different themes is also worth the attention. You can add them wherever you need, change their sizes, colors and even transform them into links. That’s very convenient.

Mobirise comes with a number of free extensions, including Dropdown Menu, Cookies Alert, Twitter Feed, Facebook Comments, Soundcloud and Google Analytics. They make it possible to enable website comments, music, adjust statistics collection, add pop-out menu and the notifications concerning the storage of cookie files at your website.

Mobirise Extensions

To sum up, Mobirise is nearly the ideal mobile website builder for newbies. It is stylish, convenient and easy-to-use. Is there anything else you might need?

3. Designs

Mobirise doesn’t offer any templates. Instead, it lets you choose between three sets of blocks that differ in design. One of the sets is paid and two of them are free. They replace the templates and can be used as a basis for designing a website. Each block reflects specific functionality of the system (like headers, footers, content, sliders, galleries, forms etc.).

By dragging the blocks and choosing their positions, you build your website, giving it the desired look. Variants are unlimited.

Each block and incorporated elements can be additionally adjusted. This is the way Mobirise customization looks. All sets of blocks (or so-called “templates”) look modern and interesting. The elements they include are responsive and you can see the way they look at your desktop, tablet or smartphone any time.

4. Customer support

You can contact the software developers using the official website of the system or by means of the Help Me! Menu. You can also make use of a rich choice of tutorials, including articles and videos. Paid modules come with detailed user instructions as well.

5. Pricing policy

Mobirise cost is all about the domain and hosting pricing. The software itself is absolutely free. Having registered with the program, you will be offered to buy certain extensions. Let us explore them in detail:

  • PurityM (free) is an appealing template, the quality of which is better than that of free samples;
  • WOW Slider ($29) is a responsive and attention-grabbing image slider with a wide range of settings;
  • PayPal Shopping Cart ($29) is an extension that will let you sell products online using your website;
  • Icons ($19) involves a large choice of HD icons you can add to any part of your website;
  • Code Editor ($69) is an extension for professional web designers, who would like to edit HTML/CSS webpage codes manually.
  • All-in-One Kit ($129) All Mobirise extensions and themes in one package.

Having purchased any of these extensions once, you will be able to use them forever. New features will become available at the block panel and in the settings section right after the purchase.

6. Pros and Cons

Benefits of using Mobirise are as follows:

  • The software is free. Paid modules are optional and you can continue working with the system effectively without them;
  • Simplicity. Mobirise is, probably, the simplest website builder we have reviewed;
  • Appealing and responsive templates;
  • Rich choice of blocks and flexible setting options;
  • The program is an ideal choice for newbies willing to create mobile websites;
  • The set of extensions will make it possible for web designers to use the system with higher efficacy.

Disadvantages include:

  • The need to buy and set up hosting and domain name on your own;
  • Website updating process is simple, but it requires the availability of website files of your project. Mobirise doesn’t have the cloud dashboard;
  • Regardless of nice customization options, design of all sites looks similar because of the inability to change the formats of template blocks. Purchasing Code Editor may partially solve the problem.


Mobirise allows newbies creating small and medium websites like promo sites and portfolios. There are SEO-optimization options, an opportunity to improve the quality of visual content and a range of tools that make synchronization with other popular social services possible. The platform is a nice choice to create ordinary and mobile websites.

Mobirise websites look modern, but somewhat similar to each other. To make a website active, you will need to choose hosting and domain. The most complicated aspect for newbies here is setting up the FTP-server to publish website on the web. This is where the software compromises with cloud options in terms of usability.

Mobirise is a unique and quality product. The website builder is worth the attention of newbies and can become an ideal start for them. Haven’t tested Mobirise yet? Then it is high time to download, install and explore the system for free!

 Download Mobrise today, it’s free!

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  • Christian belisle

    Amazing software, i check for week to find a web site builder, and just with the vidéo it blow my mind ! It look like what im searching for creating nice looking website, without passing long hours ! And spend atone of money. Im trill to come home and try tomorrow !

  • Mike

    Just giving an update. For $100 you can buy their code editor to edit code. I did. With this tool enabled did the products shortcomings become clearly obvious.

    They have locked the master css so forget being able to make any changes whatsoever to the blocks they offer. even a tiny tweak has to be replicated by hand to every page. (eg rounded button style) Support said I can make changes to the published css but this will just get overwritten next time I publish. What good is that?

    Also, its not possible to add js or stuff like adsense to the site created via their custom editor.

    Very disappointed. The product might be fun to use but when you dig deeper you’ll soon discover its rigid, inflexible and not a tool we can use for anything beyond creating simple static brochureware. I’ll have to find another product that hopefully will be able to import all this work that is now useless and must move on.

    • Thanks for your comment, Mike!

    • Claudio Carvajal Z.

      Hi Mike… Thanks for your information. Did you find a better tool?


    • Wow, such a harsh review for a FREE product, you should be ashame of yourself. Pay a suscription to Adobe Creative Cloud (I do) and use a professional software to custom tweak your designs and stop complaining for a software that gave you a builder for free.

      • krashundburn

        So what if he’s harsh? This is the internet, not a “safe room”.

        Yes, it’s a free product but time is money, too. Wasting time on a free but ultimately non-useful product can be both frustrating and detrimental to your bottom line.

        I like the concept, but my first build with it had to be scrapped due to bugs and total lack of help documentation. How else is the creator going to learn how to make his product better than to have feedback – positive AND negative, when deserved?

        • Take a look at how “non-useful” this product is:

          Done in 1 day of work each, saved me TONS of time & build time. Just minor adjustements with dreamweaver. If you’re a developer/designer this program is a must.

          • And I bought the icons pack and extra pack because these guys deserved the money, excellent product all around.

      • Erica Kensho

        Did you miss the part where he said he purchased a $100 editor only to find you can’t edit the CSS. I’d be pissed as well, and give the product a harsh review. And your samples sites below are typical cookie-cutter silliness. Nothing impressive whatsoever.

        • drewcifer7840

          Here’s the problem, YOU CAN OVERWRITE THE STYLES. Learn CSS and STFU!

          • Erica Kensho

            I know CSS, moron. Do you not read the other reviews? Everytime you make a change to a page and republish it from the program, your new custom CSS will be overwritten… you stupid fucking douchebag!

          • drewcifer7840

            Wrong again, dummy, you don’t know the trick, and I’m not going to tell you. You’d be a lot happier if you just accepted that you’re not very bright or resourceful.

          • Erica Kensho

            Oh no! You’re not gonna tell me *the trick* for a program I don’t even use? Whatever will I do?

            Your sites look like they were built by a five year old. That’s the only trick you have.

          • drewcifer7840

            So easily triggered, try Lithium. I don’t have any tricks and you’re correct about the program recompiling and rewriting the styles. However, that’s not the point I was making, I was simply stating that you’re not that bright. I have no reason to change my mind on that one. You should come out of your parents basement every once in a while and enjoy the fresh air.

      • Stay away from Mobirise. Save your time and frustration. I lost enough time with it realizing it is just a joke.

    • drewcifer7840

      That’s not entirely true. I simply made an external style sheet where I make overwrites of the styles I wan’t to change. By simply using a code inspector and discovering what classes are styling your elements you can simiply overwrite them in your own custom stylesheet. Or, you can create your own ID styles and simply inject ID’s into your elements.

    • I tested it as much as I could and I can tell you as an expert – don’t waste your time (DWYT). This product is a joke and the “support” is clueless amateurs, who can’t tell URL from a http let alone support a website or code.

  • Dominick Burman

    Mobirise is free. The code editor extension is an optional feature and useful for coders only, but if you know how to code HTML, use notepad or something similar. As for me, non-coder, the mobirise is a fantastic thing!

  • Charanjeet Lamba

    wow! Ease of use taken to a new level indeed, breathing in life to the website builders! Well done and keep up the good work>>>>>>

  • swenk22

    I was attracted by the responsive design and the simple parallax design. I used it to do a site and then took it out into a text editor to do custom html changes, before they had their html editor… it’s been useful and I’ve been happy with it but now I’m feeling a little stuck with my content in this design.

  • Jacob Jeremiah

    hey! how do my mobirise website come live online! What are the suggested hosting services providers? That’s the BIG hitch with mobirise!!!!

    • Hi, Jacob,
      Mobirise is an offline website builder and after your website creation you should choose hosting for your website. How to choose the best hosting is not a simple question – it’s like how to choose the best website builder – there are lots on nuances, depending of your website size, estimated traffic etc.

    • Fantastic works

      Just use bluehost or godaddy. They both are good and reliable in hosting. But for experimental purposes, just use 000webhost with a suggested free domain 🙂

    • drewcifer7840

      Use GitHub pages, it’s completely free and awesome for static sties. If you need to be able to process a contact form look up “Formspree” or “Formingo,” these two services are really cool although you’re limited to 1000 form submissions per month with ‘Formspree’ and 500 with ‘Formingo.’ You’ll need to spend about an hour learning how GitHub pages works but then you’re home free. Just search YouTube for GitHub pages, done!

  • Marto Mato

    Can I edit the site after hosting? Like I would like to keep updating the information on the website?

    • Hi, Marto,
      Sure, you can edit your website at any time after you’ve hosted it.

    • Fantastic works

      Notepad ++ is recommended.

  • Seppo Niiranen

    How it compares to Blocs?

  • kevin

    I just discovered this and I am blown away. So easy to use!

  • Guy

    They are hiding the fact that they are charging you annually, and not a one time payment. If you want the HTML editing availability, they ask you to pay for $69, but nowhere it says that it’s not a one time payment. I’ve uninstalled it.

    • Do you want them to make amazing free software and recollect money that sudently will “appear” for them out of nowhere because their software is cool?. How naive can you be?, besides, if you’re a professional developer you could easily load the Exported website done by this FREE software into Adobe Dreamweaver and edit to your hearts desire. I do that, it’s so easy. You can use this free software to make your blocks and edit them for the final touch on Dreamweaver, they are not encrypting anything.. hell you can even use Notepad++ which is FREE to edit the HTML.

      • Rich Webster

        anyone who calls themselves a professional web designer does not use

        • With Love

          Really? Since when?

        • Fie$taBoys

          maybe, but he said developer, big difference. I’ll use dreamweaver to save time and focus on the interesting stuff/coding

  • Turgut ünal

    Very lovely software. Very usefull for startup projects. Hope they would go on devoloping this software to have more unique looks for projects. if to compere to anything. It should be “imcreator”. Hope they would catch this one.

    • Hi,
      Thanks for your comment!

      With regards,
      Howard Steele.

  • rebeccabrock

    great work to you!. Thanks for sharing your advice.
    web design company in pakistan

  • CJ

    I’ve been looking for an offline website builder, and may be able to use mobirise for what I have in mind. However first I’d like to check out any other offline ones on the market – are there any others? Which ones would you generally recommend for a fairly basic website?

  • drewcifer7840

    I haven’t looked at Mobirise for about a year. As of today (5/23/17) I have to say it’s pretty sweet. I have css/html/boostrap experience already which allows you to take your published site into a code editor and easily play around with the code. A recent update apparently has the option of publishing right to GitHub pages (you’ll need a free account and have to learn basic GitHub.) This means 100% free and good hosting.

    GitHub is great for static sites like these but lacks the ability to submit forms using PHP. To solve that I found this sweet FREE and simple solution for handling forms, it’s called Formspree (as long as you don’t need more than 1000 per month, which I think is quite a bit.) Formingo is another one that does the same thing but limits you to 500/month. To use it you simply add 1 line of code to your forms markup. This solves one of the biggest issues I had with the otherwise amazing free hosting you get with GitHub.

  • WARNING: Mobirise FTP does not work, why say it works fine if it does
    not work? Also I tried to download to my PC and then FTP with Filezilla –
    same problem – does not work that way and the site looks like a
    collectiom of text and dysfunctional links with most back up files
    missing as they were never developed in the first place. Support has no
    clue what they run and they are not developers or coders. Support knows
    less about “their” product than average PC user. Useless for me. It’s
    like assembling your own car without a skill while gasoline is
    unavailable. What is the point? Avoid wasting your time with this one. I
    wasted a week of my time to realise it is absolutely useless.

    • Les Heath

      It works fine for me 🙂 Are you sure your FTP doesn’t need unlocking in your webspace control panel? Personally I think all the nay-sayers should hike off and spend a couple of months learning Dreamweaver. I just love the speed and simplicity of Mobirise. I’m gonna buy some of their extensions even if I don’t need ’em just to rerward the guys who’ve put this stuff together.

  • Terry Lyons

    I purchased the HTML editor when the version was 3.x. Now that the version is 4.x I have to buy it all over again as it doesn’t show up in the Extensions area of the new version. And there’s no real way to contact these guys to complain or ask for a solution. They need to up their support and communication to paying customers. I’ll take WIX.

  • Kevin L.

    This is strictly a BEGINNERS model, “simplistic Web Building For Dummies” if you will. It produces beautiful state-of-the-art looking sites, but merely ‘looks’ state-of-the-art.

    In the end, once you find you need add-ons to get what you want or need on your site (such as a few links to alternate pages or files, etc) — you end up paying the price of most complete web building programs.

  • Geoff Hudson

    It’s disappointing that the product is so buggy.

    Also disappointing is that if you pay to buy the entire kit, there is no maintenance arrangement that gives you access to extensions that are published subsequently.