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Mobirise Alternatives

Mobirise Alternatives

Mobirise (current version is 4.12.3) – is a simple, convenient and affordable website builder. It was launched with the needs of non-techies in mind and allows creating websites for commercial and non-commercial use at no cost, featuring a broad range of options and tools that are understandable and simple for users with diverse expertise rate.

The only notable disadvantage of this offline website builder is the inability to publish a website right after it is created. To do that, you have to bother about the choice of hosting, selecting the most suitable options that will come up to your needs. For those users, who don’t wish to get involved into this hassle, we have reviewed some best Mobirise alternatives.

WIX – The Best Mobirise Alternative (SaaS)

WIX – The Best Mobirise Alternative (SaaS)

Wix – is the best all-in-one website builder with all necessary tools already included in the plan. Users should not search for a hosting provider or domain registrar separately. This is what makes Wix a more flexible and simpler solution than Mobirise.

You get a chance to create a site and go live with it straight away. Besides, the platform is perfect for newbies who need to build any website type from a professional blog or portfolio to fully-featured digital stores or small business sites.

  • Multi-Purpose Platform – apart from all-in-one packages, Wix may serve various needs. It helps to create content-based sites as well as online marketplaces. Users will be able to choose from hundreds of relevant ready-made templates that refer to a particular niche. They are all 100% responsive. Besides, Wix themes look good and feature required widgets with actually no need to customize them. Simply add content, upload images, and get online in hours despite the website type or complexity.
  • Advanced Website Editor – apart from intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, Wix comes with a set of powerful editing tools. Users can add new elements and move them around the page. You can either edit a pre-designed mockup or create a new page structure from the blank. The key benefit here is that the process does not require coding skills. If you still want to do some coding, Wix Corvid gives a chance for experienced users to developer exclusive features to meet their business needs.
  • AI-Driven Platform – the system has successfully implemented AI-based technologies delivered by Wix ADI. The tool simplifies the building process and lets newbies create ready-to-go websites in several minutes. A user should only indicate the niche, website type, and several other details while the software will come up with a ready-made mockup including add-ons, integrated services, etc.
  • eCommerce – for those who want to sell products online, Wix offers pre-designed digital store layouts in addition to manageable product pages, payment options, and third-party services to integrate. Users will also get access to promotion instruments, coupons, and other special deals.

Wix price: users may try Wix at no cost thanks to a free plan. However, it is very limited and does not offer much flexibility. You may choose a paid plan depending on your goals with a hosting and domain already included. A Combo plan works great for small business sites or portfolios. It costs $13 per month and provides access to all Wix templates as well as to the App Market. If you need a digital store, you may choose from several eCommerce plans that start at $23 per month.

WordPress – Free Hosted-Platform Alternative (CMS)

WordPress – Free Hosted-Platform Alternative (CMS)

WordPress – is an open-source self-hosted content management system. Just like with Mobirise, WP requires additional hosting to keep your website files. But the difference is that you will be able to choose from several WordPress-optimized server solutions delivered by such trusted hosting providers like Bluehost, for example. They offer seamless integration, free domain, and other perks needed to launch and maintain a website.

The main WordPress benefits include:

  • Biggest Selection of Themes – WordPress is out of the competition when it comes to themes. Users may choose to form thousands of responsive templates either they need a blog, forum, small business site, online shop, etc. All themes are designed by third-party developers. Some of them are free while some are paid. However, even free templates can be easily customized in case of enough coding skills.
  • Total Design Freedom – the term “open-source” means full control over the website source code. Users can easily edit or modify any of the page elements, blocks, and components. You may also design functions of your own, add custom scripts, etc.
  • Plugins for Any Need – customization freedom is ensured by thousands of available plugins, add-ons, widgets, and third-party services that can be connected with a couple of clicks. Either you want to focus on the website SEO, connect analytic tools, create engaging contact forms, or add extra safety means, simply choose and activate the plugin you need.
  • Content Management Tools – WordPress is the ultimate platform for managing content. It was originally developed for bloggers. Users will have all necessary text formatting instruments, tools to publish blog posts, create separate content categories, article tags, and more. You will get access to built-in publishing options that let you create SEO-friendly texts and pages.

WordPress price: to start using WordPress, you do not need to pay a penny. However, you will need a place to host your future website while some plugins, templates, and third-party services are paid. p style=”text-align: justify;”>Bluehost puts all those things together and manages it for the user. The hosting provider offers its WP-optimized server solutions that include website security package, great performance, access to plugins and themes, full integration with the CMS, etc. The price goes from $2.95 per month.

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Webflow – Web Design Software Similar to Mobirise

Webflow – Web Design Software Similar to Mobirise

Webflow – is a flexible software with support for HTML, JS, and CSS. It is good for both newbies who do not know how to code as well as professional web designers who want to make the most of custom CRM, design elements, animation, and visual effects.

Some of the Webflow features are similar to Mobirise. However, it comes with more advantages that include hosting, inline editing, great cooperative tools, etc. Have a look:

  • Visual Approach – Webflow has established an exclusive website building approach where major attention is paid to visualization. Even if you do not know how to code, you can easily add 3D animation and complex visual effects while the system will do the coding for you.
  • A Range of Components – from embedded code containers and tabs to responsive website navigation, social sharing, text, and other elements – pick a component and choose the location you need for it on the page without interacting with the source code.
  • Hosting Included – the platform comes with hosting facilities. It means that you can go live with your website once you have finished its customization. The software promises 99.9% uptime, instant system updates, a custom domain name, website backups on a daily basis, and more.
  • Showcasing Tools – every Webflow user has a chance to highlight his or her skills, latest works, results, so on. Once you have subscribed, a public portfolio will be automatically connected to your account. It may include links to your own website as well as let you develop a personal brand.

Webflow price: you can choose from four of the general site plans that include Basic ($12 per month), CMS ($16 per month), Business ($36), and Enterprise (negotiable) subscriptions in addition to Webflow separate eCommerce offers. If you need to sell products online, add a Standard, Plus, or Advanced plan costing $29, $47, and $212 per month respectively.

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Pinegrow – Alternative Web Editor for Professionals

Pinegrow – Alternative Web Editor for Professionals

Pinegrow – is a platform for professionals eager to benefit from a range of Bootstrap and Foundation components. The software makes it possible to build and manage multiple pages simultaneously using CSS styling with support for LESS and SASS. It can be used to create WordPress themes as well as fully featured HTML-based websites. Just like Mobirise, Pinegrow is a downloadable app available for Windows and Mac. But those are the only common things between two platforms.

Pinegrow features are as follows:

  • Static Pages into WP Themes – from now, Pinegrow users are able to convert their static HTML pages into WordPress themes (but not vice versa). All you need is to set necessary parameters inside the editor for an existing layout and add WordPress action. Then you may export a ready-to-go WP template.
  • WordPress Pages from Scratch – the platform makes it easy to build fully featured WordPress themes from the blank. The system offers a selection of pre-designed WordPress elements that can be added with a click. They include posts, bookmarks, categories, navigation, etc.
  • Smart Drag-and-Drop Editor – although designed for pros, the system still has a drag-and-drop function to let you rearrange existing elements, move new blocks, clone needed components, add or delete different HTML elements.
  • Bootstrap & Foundation – Pinegrow has a library of ready-made framework components. Users will be able to access layout visual controls, resize columns, modify grids, and customize themes using tools that apply to both Bootstrap and Foundation.

Pinegrow price: to start using the software, you need to have the app installed. It is compatible with both Windows and MAC. Users may choose from three basic licenses that are available as a lifetime subscription. The license includes Standard, Pro, ad Pro with WordPress costing $49, $99, and $149 per month respectively.

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Web Designer – Website Development Software from Google

Web Designer – Website Development Software from Google

Web Designer – is a website builder by Google developed to build HTML5 responsive pages. Just like Mobirise, the system is great for beginners who want to create visually attractive content, pages, and ad banners without messing with the code. The core Web Designer advantage is that the software is available as a free downloadable app instead of its neighbor product – Google Sites.

Additional platform’s features include:

  • Element Positioning – the feature is enabled by the Fluid Layout function that lets you change the size, width, and other element parameters. Users can modify each container without accessing the source code.
  • Event Settings – Web Designer makes it possible to set up events and make the content more attractive to users. You have a chance to add galleries, implement physical gestures and visual effects such as rotation or shaking for mobile devices.
  • Drag-and-Drop Components – choose a container or element you need and hover it to the necessary location on the page. Users may select sliders, galleries, maps, video players, and other blocks.
  • Integration – a unique feature that only Web Designer has. The system can be integrated with Google Drive. Apart from the ability to update website documents and media files, it can be used to preview any of your creations online in a browser. Besides, it is connected by default with other Google services like Search Console, G Suite, and Google Analytics.

Web Designer price: the platform is free to use. Download the app and start building the web page.


Mobirise – is definitely the first system that come to mind, when it comes to the choice of the offline website builder. This is because it is super easy, convenient and free. The only serious drawback of the platform is hosting, which has to be chosen separately. This requires extra investment of time, money and effort.

For users who do not find that convenient, the above-mentioned alternatives appear to be a simpler option. They are all decent enough and definitely worth the attention. Go ahead to test the systems to define your own winner!


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