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Mobirise Alternatives

If you have ever tried using Mobirise, then you have the firsthand knowledge of how simple, convenient and affordable this website builder is.

It was launched with the needs of non-techies in mind and allows creating websites for commercial and non-commercial use at no cost, featuring a broad range of options and tools that are understandable and simple for users with diverse expertise rate.

The only notable disadvantage of this offline website builder is the inability to publish a website right after it is created. To do that, you have to bother about the choice of hosting, selecting the most suitable options that will come up to your needs.

For those users, who don’t wish to get involved into this hassle, Wix and uKit are the best alternatives.

  • Wix is a universal website builder, which can be used to launch almost any website type, offering the advanced functionality that doesn’t compromise with the cost.
  • uKit is a system, which is mostly known as a small business website builder, but it can also be used to create other types of projects at cheap rates.

Let’s look under the hood of both services to define their major distinctions, strong and weak points as well as pricing policy.

1. Wix – The Best Mobirise Alternative

Wix main page

Wix is, probably, the most popular website builder in the world. The fact that its audience has exceeded 130 millions of users and keeps growing with every passing year is one of the best proofs of the systems’ credibility, quality and professional approach to website building.

You can build multiple websites with Wix even if you are not web design pro – so intuitive, simple and convenient the website builder is.

What Websites Can You Create with Wix?

Wix can be used to build almost any type of website and each of them will feature the top notch quality.

The system abounds in templates, which represent various niches of human activity and, thus, can be a decent choice for launching specialized and versatile projects, like portfolios, business websites, photography projects, personal websites, blogs, forums, landing pages and even small/medium online stores.

If you wish to launch a full-featured eCommerce website, Wix will come up to this goal easily as it packed with corresponding features and tools. The website builder has a powerful blogging engine, which allows connecting a blog to any website developed with it.

If you cannot find a suitable template in Wix collection, you are welcome to select and customize a blank template to get a project you need.

What Makes Wix Better Than Mobirise?

Wix has a number of highlights that make it a decent Mobirise alternative. Some of them are as follows:

  • WYSIWYG Website Editor – the system has a convenient WYSIWYG editor, which allows controlling all the processes you complete when designing websites with it;
  • Template Collection – unlike Mobirise with its block-based structure, Wix-based websites are built by using high quality niche-specific templates, which are designed by the developers of the system and can be customized using a broad range of integrated tools;
  • Wix ADI and Standard Editor – while Wix ADI works best for beginners, who need detailed guidance when creating websites, the standard system editor may be chosen by web design pros, who wish to experiment with the options and features the platform offers;
  • App Market – Wix has an App Market with the stunning selection of free and paid widgets and add-ons, which can boost the performance of any website launched with the platform;
  • Wix Arena – this is the section, where web design pros can share their experience and find clients to complete projects of diverse complexity level;
  • Wix Code – this is a great offer for professionals, who wish to experiment with web design approaches, integrating and editing codes to create unique web design effects;
  • Visual Effects – whatever website type you are planning to launch, integration of visual effects will certainly enhance the impression it creates.

2. uKit – The Cheapest Mobirise Alternative

uKit home page

uKit has distinguished itself in the contemporary website building market as a small business website builder.

The system offers a broad range of options, tools and features that allow designing websites, which stand out from the crowd by their quality, professional look and functionality.

Currently, uKit audience constitutes around 1 million users, but it is going to get larger as the popularity of the worldwide platform keeps increasing.

What Websites Can You Create with uKit?

The major uKit specialization is small business websites. The system covers all the web design needs of business owners, providing an impressive feature set and advanced tools to launch such projects.

Whatever business niche you specialize in, you’ll be able to build and manage a decent project with uKit. Fortunately, the choice of responsive high quality templates (there are over 400 of them in the collection) allows doing that with ease.

By the way, the templates can be changed on any stage of the web design process, if you feel that you’ve initially made the wrong choice.

uKit also works well for building eCommerce websites, which can be done in two ways – by integrating and customizing the corresponding widget or by means of connecting an Ecwid plugin to your ready made website.

The entire process won’t take it longer than half an hour or so depending upon your skills, free time, project complexity and the result you wish to achieve.

What Makes uKit Better Than Mobirise?

One of the highlights of the website builder is its simplicity and convenience for all user categories. Apart from that, the system boasts a set of remarkable features, which differ from those offered by Mobirise. These include:

  • Collection of Widgets – while Mobirise allows creating websites by using and customizing content blocks, uKit provides a set of widgets that can boost project performance, bringing it to the brand new level (this especially concerns business widgets like Timer, Google Maps, CoundCloud, Callback widget and more);
  • Responsive Niche Templates – uKit templates are responsive by default, numerous and they fall into various niches that helps solving multiple web design tasks;
  • SSL Certification – uKit websites ensure enhanced security by connecting SSL certificates in case of necessity, which is a must for the majority of business websites;
  • Affiliate Program – users, who are seriously involved in website building, can establish partnership relations with the system by joining their affiliate program, which grants the 30% user payments refund, access to customer support, website analytics and other multiple benefits;
  • Cost – uKit is an amazingly cheap website builder and its plan encompasses not only advanced features and options, but also hosting and domain name connection.

Bottom Line

When it comes to the choice of the offline website builder, Mobirise is definitely the first system that come to mind. This is because it is super easy, convenient and free.

The only serious drawback of the platform is hosting, which has to be chosen separately. This requires extra investment of time, money and effort.

For those users, who don’t find that convenient, Wix and uKit are the best Mobirise alternatives, each of which has essential advantages and highlights.

  • Wix is an impressive, functional and powerful website builder, the tools of which allow creating different types of projects, irrespective of a user’s expertise rate.
  • uKit stands out from the crowd due to its ease-of-use and affordability, which do not affect the quality and functionality of projects created with the system.

Both options are decent and both of them are definitely worth the attention. Go ahead to test the systems to define your own winner!

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