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Best Mobile-Friendly Website Builders

Best Mobile-Friendly Website Builders

Mobile optimization has become a must-have for any website created with user focus in mind. The way your website displays on mobile devices has direct impact upon the final result – efficacy of product sales and customer retention rates. Mobile-ready websites ensure improved user experience, increase average amount of time visitors spend on their websites and increase website load speed.

This also contributes to better SEO optimization of projects, which gives notable preference over niche competitors. These are the main reasons of why website developers should obligatory consider designing a mobile version of their websites, if they intend to target larger audiences and get more profit in the long run.

When it comes to the development of mobile-optimized websites, it’s crucial to pick the right web building tool that will help both newbies and web design experts complete the task on their own. This is where website builders will come in handy. These services are specially created to help users build high end projects that will display great on mobile devices, irrespective of screen types, sizes and resolutions.

Website builders included into the list are the best niche representatives that make it possible to start and manage mobile-friendly websites. They provide multiple features and tools required to launch these projects, yet each of them comes with certain pros and cons that make them stand out from the crowd. Which service will work better for your project? Read on to find that out.

Wix – The Best Award-Winning Website Builder

Wix - The Best Award-Winning Website Builder

Wix – is the best mobile-ready website builder. All the projects launched with the system are professional, full-featured and absolutely customizable, which allows browsing them on all the devices without any exception at all. The website builder is intuitive and simple for all users, no matter what web design expertise and coding skills they have. Here are the main Wix features that contribute to better mobile optimization of websites created with the system:

  • Mobile Editor – The website builder comes with the built-in mobile editor that allows customizing mobile website versions with a few clicks without impacting the desktop project view. Users may choose drag-and-drop tools available in the dashboard to quickly optimize their website for tablets and mobiles. There is an opportunity to resize, relocate, hide and display various items to make them fit your mobile website layout.
  • Wix Chat for Mobile – The system offers a useful Wix Chat for Mobile App, which lets website owners answer the questions of their users from mobile devices. That’s a handy option for those users, who spend most of their time out of their offices and don’t have access to desktop computers. Having an opportunity to interact with their clients on the go may increase customer loyalty and satisfaction rate.
  • Mobile-Ready Templates – Wix has a stunning collection of designs, which are optimized for mobile viewing and customization right from the start. The collection of Wix templates encompasses over 550 themes, which are sorted by industry and absolutely free for everyone. Mind that the system follows the “absolute positioning” principle and, thus, does not allow switching between the designs in the middle of the website customization process.

Cost: Wix is one of the most affordable website builders as it offers several plans to fit various niches and user requirements. The system has a completely free plan, which doesn’t have any time limits and lets users test the entire functionality of the service.

At the same time, free Wix subscription has several functionality restrictions, which prevent you from getting the most out of your website performance. These include a limited amount of disk storage space, ad banner, Wix subdomain etc.

To get rid of these demerits, you’ll have to upgrade to one of the paid plans available in two types of subscriptions – Standard and Business/eCommerce. The most affordable Standard plan will cost you $13/mo, while the cheapest Business subscription costs $23/mo. The website builder also offers regular discounts and special offers to boost customer loyalty.

There is also a chance to cancel the subscription and get a full money refund within 14 days after the sign up, if there is anything you are not satisfied with. In this case, all the submitted content will be preserved, but your website will be downgraded to the free subscription.

Elementor / WordPress – Simple-to-Use Mobile Website Builder

Elementor / WordPress - Simple-to-Use Mobile Website Builder

Elementor – is a simple-to-use mobile website builder plugin that can be integrated into WordPress websites to make them suitable for further mobile optimization and customization. It doesn’t take much time and effort to integrate the plugin as the process is pretty understandable even for beginners and takes a few minutes only. Plugin installation doesn’t imply any HTML or CSS skills, which is another benefit for most users. Among the features that make Elementor a worthy mobile-friendly plugin, the following ones are the first to mention:

  • Perfect WordPress Compatibility – Elementor is a WordPress plugin, which means that it is fully compatible with all the extensions, designs and plugins the Content Management System offers for quality website customization. Just pick the theme you like to customize (either free or paid) and go ahead to integrate Elementor to get access to its multilingual tool and other advanced features.
  • Pop Up Design Customization Tools – The plugin allows using the entire set of its advanced customization tools, which are intentionally designed for the development of different types of popup forms. These include sales banners, capture forms, Hello bars, announcements, email subscribe forms and many more.
  • Advanced Visual Editing Options – With Elementor, you can make use of the advanced visual editing options for smooth and easy mobile website development. It’s possible to deal with inline project editing by means of adjusting the positions of blocks and sections on a page. Whatever edits you make, they will be displayed on the screen in the live mode to let you see the result before the publication.

Cost: Elementor is a free WordPress plugin, which can be downloaded and integrated without any extra financial investments at all. Free Elementor mode, however, is devoid of multiple features that can improve the performance of your mobile website in the long run. To get access to the entire set of features the plugin offers, upgrading to one of its paid plans is a must. The cost of paid subscriptions starts with $5/mo.

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Weebly – Modern Mobile-Friendly Website Builder

Weebly - Modern Mobile-Friendly Website Builder

Weebly – is a modern mobile-friendly website builder, which distinguishes itself due to its strong eCommerce focus, simple and intuitive web design approach, affordable pricing and abundance of features that make it possible to start professional desktop and mobile websites, even if you are not a web design pro. The platform comes with a drag-and-drop editor and it also offers a code embedding feature to get a truly high end result. Have a look at some of the most remarkable Weebly highlights now:

  • Integrated Mobile-Ready Designs – The website builder comes with a set of mobile-optimized templates you can customize with regard to your needs. This is how you can create a project that will adjust to all mobile screens and resolutions. All the submitted content, design elements and navigation process automatically rearrange to match desktop and mobile devices.
  • Mobile Website Builder – Weebly comes with a quality mobile version, which lets you quickly build mobile websites for Android and iOS. That’s a handy feature for those users, who face the need to manage their websites on the go and don’t have regular access to their desktop computers.
  • Drag-and-Drop Mobile Editor – The platform makes the process of website editing simpler and more convenient due to their integrated drag-and-drop visual editor. It helps you accurately customize mobile-friendly websites, using an advantage of previewing the final website version before its publication.

Cost: Weebly offers moderate pricing policy that fits the budget of all user categories. There is a free plan that extends for the unlimited period of time. It, however, has several restrictions (limited disk storage space, ads, no access to eCommerce features, Weebly subdomain etc.), which don’t let you use the entire feature set of the platform to get maximum exposure. To avail the entire range of Weebly advantages, you’ll have to pick one of its paid plans. The most affordable plan will cost you $4/mo, which is a really good offer.

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Mobirise – Mobile-Friendly Website Builder Software

Mobirise - Mobile-Friendly Website Builder Software

Mobirise – is a mobile-friendly website builder software, which is initially meant for users with little or no web design experience. The system comes with a drag-and-drop editor that lets you create any website type, style and layout. As a downloadable offline software, Mobirise requires installation, which is completed automatically and takes a few minutes only. As soon as the software is installed, you can proceed to your website development and customization. The platform allows starting desktop and mobile websites out of the integrated set of ready-made content blocks. Here is the list of the major Mobirise features that make it a worthy choice for building mobile-friendly projects:

  • AMP Website Builder – Integrated AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) website builder is one of the distinctive highlights of the platform. This is the open-source tool, which is used to improve and speed up the way your website performs on various mobile devices. The tool provides smooth and fast loading and further work of your project, appealing content display and effective SEO optimization. No programming skills are needed to reach these goals, while working with Mobirise.
  • Pre-Designed Content Blocks – Unlike many standard website builders, Mobirise doesn’t offer typical templates yet it allows choosing and integrating multiple ready-made content blocks, which are also mobile-optimized to fit your website in the best way possible. You can choose from over 150 demo pages and more than 50 blocks to design your own website layout. Some of these include pricing lists, data forms, customer testimonials, lightbox galleries, sliders, videos/images, headers, footers, Google maps and more.
  • High End Mobile Optimization – Based on the Bootstrap 4 framework, Mobirise makes all its designs mobile-optimized by default. There is also a chance to preview the way your project looks on desktop and mobile devices to make the required edits before the final publication.

Cost: Mobirise is a free software, which doesn’t offer any subscriptions or trial versions at all. The website builder, however, has a collection of paid designs ($49 for each theme) and extensions (their cost ranges between $49 and $99). To save money, it is possible to purchase a complete Mobirise Kit, which costs $149. Additionally, you’ll have to pay for website hosting and domain name as the platform doesn’t offer any integrated hosting from the start. In this respect, using Bluehost will be the most reasonable solution, which will cost you $2.95/mo only.

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Duda Mobile – The Best Mobile Website Builder

Duda Mobile - The Best Mobile Website Builder

Duda – is a drag-and-drop website builder, which allows creating desktop and mobile websites without any coding involved. The platform comes with multiple out-of-the-box design customization features and tools that easily make standard websites adapt to the parameters of mobile devices they are browsed on in the automated mode. Such approach ensures smooth and convenient user experience. Among the features that contribute to the platform’s functionality, it makes sense to enlist the following:

  • Mobile Optimization – Duda makes it easy to start and then manage quality websites optimized for mobile browsing. Just access the dashboard of your project, find the required mobile settings and adjust your website for mobile viewing.
  • Multilingual Support – The website builder makes it possible to create multilingual mobile websites available in 55 languages. These websites are SEO-optimized and they are also easy-to-manage. If you have programming skills, you’ll have a chance to access the code of every website page to individually make more advanced language settings there.
  • InSite Tool – Duda comes with a smart InSite tool that enables website developers to launch websites with personalized content depending upon specific audience-related factors. These include geolocation, time of the day, type of device used for website browsing purposes.
  • Mobile-Ready Templates – The website builder offers an impressive collection of designs, which are mobile-optimized by default. You can pick from over 100 templates divided into niche categories, which can be customized with regard to your project specializations and personal needs. Template switch option is enabled here as well, which is another advantage of the website builder.

Cost: Duda is not a cheap website builder, but its plans are developed to meet various users’ needs. The system offers a 30-day free trial that lets you explore its functionality in details. Upon the end of the trial period, you’ll have to choose a suitable paid subscriptions, the cost of which starts with $14/mo. There is also a separate pricing chart for eCommerce projects, but the cost of the plans depends upon the number of products you intend to offer for sale.

The Bottom Line

Having a mobile-friendy website is a must for any website owners, who has long-lasting goals and really intends to effectively promote a project. Websites that are easy to access both on desktop and mobile devices generally help target more users, generate more traffic and finally make profit.

Using a website builder without integrated mobile support is impossible, if you wish to reach all the objectives listed above. These systems are specially created for all user categories to enable them to start different types of mobile-ready projects. When it comes to mobile website development, the choice of the best platform should be based on the tasks you set.

  • Wix is the all-in-one website builder that will perfectly work for any type of project.
  • Elementor, in its turn, is a worthy option for WordPress users, who hope to design a mobile website with a quality CMS plugin.
  • Weebly is a good solution for users, who expect to start mobile websites with deep customization options.
  • Mobirise will be a smart choice for beginners willing to create a mobile-ready project with offline software.
  • Duda is the best pick for quick mobile website creation.

What system matches your personal mobile website development needs? Just consider your goals and make the choice that fits them most.


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