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Microweber – is an easy website building platform designed to deliver extended functionality. It comes as a downloadable content management system as well as the intuitive online website builder featuring inline editing. The platform is good for creating various website types including small business sites, blogs, and small digital shops. Microweber brings enough tools not just to simplify the building process but also manage your online shop or company’s website.

It has a pretty standard WYSIWYG editor letting newbies with no technical skills create, edit or customize their websites. Apart from the web building tools, Microweber delivers some essential extras out of the box. They include additional modules for White Label and video playlists, custom cPanel plugin to edit your site within the user-friendly control panel, and other solutions that users might appreciate.

So, what has been new around Microweber? Let’s have a look at its features and capabilities that you may find a handful.


  • Open-source drag-and-drop CMS
  • Intuitive WYSIWYG editor.
  • Many prestigious awards.

1. Ease of Use

While being an open-source CMS platform, Microweber was mainly designed to help non-technicians build solid websites and digital stores. It has a drag-and-drop functionality in addition to inline editing, which means you are free to make changes online in real time with no extra download. At the same time, users have a chance to download the MS at no cost and use it to create sites freely.

Getting Started

The sign in the procedure is a bit different from what you might expect. While most platforms ask you to insert personal info or sign in via social accounts first, Microweber offers to review the available templates and name the project first. You may choose any of the 15 available themes depending on the website type. You choose a domain and get started with a selected platform. The procedure is the following:

  1. You get to the Microweber.com website and start the 14-day free trial.
  2. Once you have pressed “start now” button, you will be transferred to the page with templates. Pick the one you like, preview it on various screen sizes, and press “get started with this template” button.
  3. The last stage is to check out and sign in using your Google or Facebook account. This is where you will be able to start editing your website.

To be frank, the entire sign in procedure looks a bit strange and misleading at first sight. You might be confused with some of the steps right from the start. It will take some time to get full access to the drag-and-drop editor and eventually start customizing the website.

WYSIWYG editor

Once you have got inside the website builder, you will find yourself in a typical drag-and-drop environment. The dashboard contains all necessary tools located in the right sidebar. Here we have a selection of layouts, modules to add on your website (pay attention, they are free only within the free-trial period), template settings, and the visual editor.

Microweber Editor

We have a button to add your custom logo on the upper left corner located on the header. Advanced settings let you choose between a text or image logo that may be both uploaded form your own library or browsed. The settings have an automated logo size optimization to make it look clear and vivid.

Layouts make it easy to create a suitable website structure with categories, most popular products or text blocks located in various positions. Modules come as an essential customization instrument with dozens of apps to choose from. They include Google Maps, icons, picture galleries, social sharing buttons, YouTube links, contact forms, add to cart buttons, different types of sliders, and more.

In other words, Microweber has a solid list of options to create a professional website or a digital store. On the other hand, the signing in the process could be a bit simpler.


  • User-friendly drag-and-drop feature.
  • Multiple modules and layouts.
  • Live Edit feature.

2. Features & Flexibility

Microweber is rich with different features. It has enough flexibility to create an engaging website to interact with your potential visitors in customers in many ways including contact forms, blogs, White Labeling, etc. At the same time, it brings some instruments to manage your store or site as well. Here are some of the baseline options delivered by Microweber:

  • User-Friendly Editor – we have already mentioned the platform having a WYSIWYG builder. It applies to both online software and CMS. If you need to add any new element, icon or button, simply hover it over from the dashboard and get it on the page. No technical or coding skills are necessary.
  • Enhanced cPanel – Microweber uses its self-crafted admin panel that is optimized for smartphones and tablets as well. In other words, you are free to manage or edit your website on the go. Moreover, the cPanel lets you track your website stats and analytics in real time, monitor recent orders, revenues, and more.
  • Microweber Dashboard

  • eCommerce – setting up a digital store is super easy with the platform. It has a fully optimized online shop creator that is by default available for all software users at no cost. To start selling online, you only need to upload the products, set prices as well as shipping terms. The system can be integrated with some of the topnotch payment solution providers. They include PayPal, Stripe, Payza, VoguePay, and some more. Users have a chance to craft automated emails sent to their buyers every time a purchase is made. The feature makes it possible to manage your shipping terms depending on the country as well as offer shipping discounts or special personalized offers. Manage your product by modifying custom fields, adding dropdown menus, uploading videos and images, etc. Additional benefits include creating, managing and tracking, automated invoicing, a selection of currencies to set up, social media integration, and so on.
  • Blogging – Microweber has a good blogging feature that lets you create a separate blog or placed it on the major website. The platform has various tools not just to add new posts but also to maintain all pages and media files. Use them to organize galleries, edit texts, add videos and photos, soft posts by categories. Live Edit feature makes it easy to update or modify your articles online right from the blog.
  • Microweber Add a New Page

  • Compatibility – the downloadable software is supported by all major browsers. It is compatible with the latest back-end technologies such as PHP 7+ or Laravel Framework.
  • White Label – Microweber offers its White Label solution for individuals and companies. It is available in several packages depending on your needs. The offer will work out for those who want to create websites and online stores for their customers. The 4 available plans suit freelancers, web agencies or hosting companies need. Check the detailed package description in our Pricing Policy review below.

Microweber certainly has much to offer in terms of flexibility and features from a simple drag-and-drop website builder to enhanced eCommerce functionality and White Label solutions.


  • Easy-to-setup digital store.
  • Enhanced eCommerce features.
  • Extended White Label solution

3. Design

When getting started, users will have a chance to choose from 15 different templates. The amount of themes looks a bit limited. Moreover, there are no specific categories or filters. You have all the available layouts in one place on the main screen, which is no quite convenient.

Microweber Templates

On the other hand, each theme is mobile-friendly and has an instant preview feature. You do not have to click on a button. Simply hover the mouse over the template to see it automatically scrolling down. In addition, you will have a chance to look at how the template will run on desktop, tablets or smartphones before getting started with it. You may switch between modes by clicking on a particular screen icon on the upper left corner.

Dynamic Layouts are certainly the feature worth paying attention. You actually have a chance to choose, resize or redesign any of the layouts available in the dashboard. You can stretch the blocks change fonts, reshape buttons or icons, etc. The visual editor in your dashboard offers advanced settings to edit typography, backgrounds, and borders as well as set dimensions indicating the precise size of the block or section.


  • Customizable Dynamic Layouts.
  • Instant template overviews.
  • Desktop, smartphone and tablet preview modes.

4. Customer Support

As for customer support, users will hardly face difficulties in figuring out how everything works. For example, you may look through video tutorials during the page load. Videos will automatically appear every time you move from page to page when getting started. Microweber has an enormous knowledge base that includes:

  • Academy featuring video guides and tutorials.
  • Forum with different threads and real-user comments.
  • Blog with articles that cover various issues you might need to resolve.

Users are welcome to suggest their own modifications and improvements in the “Suggest a Feature” section. Feel free to offer your ideas and track if they have been brought to life. The platform also has a Live Chat functionality for instant support.


  • A growing Forum community.
  • Extended Academy and Knowledgebase.
  • Instant support via Live Chat.

5. Pricing Policy

We decided to divide all pricing plans into two major categories. They include basic plans for casual users who want to launch their websites or digital stores and White Label plans for web agencies, freelancers and hosting companies.

Basic Plans include:

  • Personal costing $5/month with a free domain, access to all templates, Live Support and more.
  • Premium costing $10/month is perfect for small entrepreneurs. It comes with SSL security, unlimited templates, 15GB of storage, marketing tools, and premium module installs.
  • Business costing $25 is good for small and medium digital stores. It comes with all unlimited features in addition to fully integrated eCommerce functionality, abandoned carts, coupon promotions, and more.

The platform offers a 14-free trial to check how the system works.

White Label Plans are as follows:

  • Basic White Label costing $5 per month for personal use.
  • Pro White Label costing $20 per month for web agencies.
  • Hosting Pro White Label costing $50 per month for hosting companies.

It also has a plan for huge enterprises and big companies. The price is negotiated separately.


  • 14-day free trial.
  • Affordable packages.
  • White Label plans for individuals and companies.

6. Pros and Cons

Microweber has more hits than downfalls. It delivers extended functionality, lots of great features, amazing eCommerce capabilities, and more. However, it should certainly do something about its templates’ design.

Easy drag-and-drop editor.
Good for small and medium digital stores.
No technical skills required.
White Label solution.
Affordable plans.
A wide selection of modules.
Dynamic Layouts.
A bit confusing signing in the procedure.
Boring templates.

  • Great for small-medium online shops.
  • Wide option of customization tools.
  • Easy setup and editing process.

The Bottom Line

Microweber is a good solution for small business and small-medium online shops blended with solid flexibility and a rich feature set. The platform makes it easy to set up eCommerce functions and start selling online within a couple of hours. The software has a wide range of design and customization tools as well.

Microweber is worth the money you will invest in it – no more and no less. The Live Edit mode makes the system stand out from the crowd, especially when compared to the competitors. In this respect, the feature makes the service similar to WYSIWYG website builders. It’s no wonder that the platform has got many prestigious awards. It features a decent price/quality correlation. We recommend it to newbies, who have an intention to create web stores with up to 1000 products.

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