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Best Medical Website Builders

Launching a medical website often becomes a trying and complicated process for those users, who lack the required niche skills and expertise. But what if you really need a quality website to meet the needs of your clients and have no idea as to how create it with minimum hassle and waste of time? This is where website builders will be of great help to you.

Website builders are specially created with the needs and abilities of non tech-savvy users in mind. They are super easy and convenient. In most cases, building a website from scratch is just a matter of a couple of hours with them – so intuitive and simple they are! These systems come with understandable dashboards, a set of niche-specific (medical) templates, powerful customization tools and a variety of web design options that will turn the process of web development into a common procedure available to everyone. Whether you need a website for you private medical clinic, a personal medical website or any other niche-focused resource, using website builders is definitely a reasonable solution!

Best Website Builders for Medical – Key Features
Website BuilderWix (review)uKit (review)
Best for:Medical Clinic, Healthcare websiteDoctor’s website
EasinessTakes a little time to learnVery easy
Medical Website Design:Predesigned templates for medical and healthcare websitesReady themes for doctor’s and clinic’s website
Technical Support:24/7 supportEmail and Live chat support
Additional Options for Medical:Membership and ForumCRM integration
SEO Options:SEO WizardPromotion widget
Pricing Options:Free to $24.50/mo$4 to $12/mo

Wix – The Best Medical Website Builder


For all those users willing to launch a medical website, Wix is ready to offer a nice set of tools and features that can boost the reputation and popularity of the business. The website builder works great for family doctors and private medical clinics that need reliable online presence. The system is understandable from the very first sight and there is no need to possess any special web design skills to master and use it to the advantage.

Wix Features for Medical Website

  • Ease Of Use. Being a universal website builder, Wix offers a variety of tools and options that can be used by people with diverse web building experience. Designing a medical website from scratch is super easy with Wix even for people, who are involved in the process for the first time. The website builder is simple and comes with understandable dashboard, which is logically-structured to ensure intuitive web building experience. What’s more, the system offers drag-and-drop functionality, which makes the web building process simpler than ever.

  • Wix Medical Editor

  • Niche-Specific Templates. If you are going to design a medical website, Wix is one of the top solutions for this purpose. The range of medical templates is really impressive here. There are themes to be used for medical clinics and centers, private medical practice, medical specialists (like nutrition experts, dentists, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, psychotherapists), alternative medicine specialists, family doctors, laser surgeons etc. All the templates are mobile-ready by default and you can customize them as you need by adding your business info, location, client reviews and other content you consider important. Fortunately, the website builder offers powerful design customization tools to give individual look to your ready-made medical Wix website.

  • Wix Medical Templates

  • Wix App Market. Wix is one of those trusted website builders that offers an opportunity to choose between lots of specific industry-related widgets to be easily integrated into your medical website. The widgets are free and paid and it’s up to you to decide, which of them comes up to your current needs most of all. Some of the most widely-used templates you might be interested in are as follows: Online Calendar Planner, Social Media Buttons, Comments, 24/7 Sart Chat, Website Search, Pop Up Windows, Google Maps and what not.

  • Wix app market

  • Wix ADI. ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) is the advanced tool Wix offers to its users willing to create quality websites with no hassle at all. The tool allows building a website by using your business data and other information provided. You just enter the data needed and watch the system generating a medical website for you.

How Much Does Wix Medical Site Cost?

Wix Plans:
Connect Domain$4.50/mo;

Wix currently has one free plan with the unlimited time of use and five premium plans, which are paid. A free plan is a nice choice for those users, who wish to test the system and explore its features without any time limitations. You can build as many free websites here as you wish, but you won’t be able to design complex projects. For this purpose, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the paid plans

Having chosen a plan, you can make a monthly or a yearly payment based on your targets and web design needs. Take your time to learn the terms and requirements of each plan, weigh all the pros and cons and make the final choice. If you have serious intentions, it makes sense to choose a paid plan with free hosting, customer support, individual domain connection options, Google Analytics and other features provided by premium plans. To create a full-fledged medical website, though, you’ll have to upgrade to one of the paid plans, except for the Connect Domain plan, which comes with ads.


Wix is a universal website builder, which comes with drag-and-drop functionality. The system works great for designing different website types, including medical websites. If you need a quality, functional and visually-attractive medical website, then Wix is your number one choice. With an assortment of industry-specific templates and versatile customization tools, it allows making a website that will stand out from the crowd.

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uKit – The Easiest Service to Create Medical Website


uKit is a pretty nice alternative to Wix and it’s also a bit simpler. uKit is a decent solution for practicing doctors and private medical clinics. The simplicity of this WYSIWYG website builder doesn’t mean, however, that you won’t be able to design an effective and functional medical website. This depends upon the type of a website you need, the specifications of the business you run and the objectives you set.

uKit Features

  • Convenience and Simplicity. It’s not a secret that most medical specialists are not aware of web design basics and, thus, cannot develop websites from scratch on their own. uKit is meant for this very category of users, offering a variety of drag-and-drop options, customizations tools, easy SEO features and other elements that contribute to the popularity and effective promotion of their medical websites. uKit is intuitive, simple, and convenient for everyone.

  • uKit Medical Editor

  • Selection of Medical Templates. uKit offers a rich selection of medical templates you can choose from to minimize your web building effort and save time. Thus, there is a Medicine Category, which encompasses niche-specific medical themes, such as those meant for medical laboratories, clinics, medical assistance, private medical laboratories, dentists, aesthetic cosmetologists, kids medical centers, private psychologists, family doctors etc. All the templates the system offers are responsive by default and can be customized to meet your company needs.

  • uKit Medical Templates

  • Customer Interaction. Whether you have any system-related questions or just wish to specify the details regarding your future medical website, the customer support team of the system is always at your disposal. You can also visit the FAQ section as well as contact one of uKit experts via Skype or email by making use of a feedback form available at the official website of the service. What’s more, you are welcome to check out the official uKit blog and browse through the extensive knowledge base to have your questions answered.

uKit Cost

uKit Plans:

uKit doesn’t offer any free plans, but it has 4 plans, which are paid and come with a variety of features to come up to your web design needs.

Each of the plans has a 14-day trial period that enables users to test the system at no cost to understand, if it really meets their web development preferences and requirements. Paid plans include professional customer support, unlimited bandwidth and hosting, rich choice of responsive templates, SEO options and other features to contribute to your medical website popularity. To create a full-featured medical website, though, using a basic Premium plan will be enough.


If you currently need a reliable, easy to use and convenient website builder to launch your medical website from scratch, then uKit is a pretty nice solution both for web design pros and newbies. With a rich selection of health-focused templates, building a medical website with uKit seems to be an easy and engaging experience. You don’t have to be a web design pro to launch a website that will meet your business needs. Just pick a template you like and customize it with regard to your preferences and requirements to avail a full-fledged medical website.

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How to Create a Medical Website by Yourself

The launch of a medical website is a great idea, if you aim at popularizing your medical practice on the web. A website may become a place, where your potential clients will avail all the required information they might need to improve their health condition.

Having a website of this kind also makes it possible for the owners to withstand the niche competition that becomes more severe with every passing year. Otherwise, you run a risk to overlook a perfect opportunity to drive new clients. According to statistics, around 80% of users go online when searching for health information and you are bound to have a website to offer them.

As far as the medical services are versatile, all medical websites differ from each other as well. It’s up to you to decide what content to add to your website to make it the most informative. However, there are several must-have elements your medical website cannot go without:

  • Online Patient Forms. These forms can be versatile, starting with sign up forms and up to online appointment schedule forms. Simplify your patient’s life by offering them an opportunity to register and schedule their visits without the need to go to your office. Make these forms easy to find and always make sure they are working well.

  • News and Alerts. Updating the news and posting important alerts that are related to your medical practice will make your patients feel confident about your engagement into the community life. This will also contribute to the higher ranking of your website in the search engines.

  • Forum and Blog. With over 80% of users looking for the medical info online, adding a forum and blog sections seems to be a smart idea. This is the best way to provide your patients with health-related articles and enable them to participate in the discussions.

  • Services. Make your patients aware of the list of medical services you are ready to offer them. Don’t forget about the price list and insurance information (if any).

  • Online Consultant. Availability of the online consultant is a notable benefit for the patients, who need urgent piece of advice or just can’t find the required info at your website.

  • Contact Info. It makes sense to display your contact info on each page – both in the top corner and in the footer. There should also be a separate Contact Us page containing your address and maps, telephone number, social network account, a feedback form etc.

Bottom Line

Launching a website is a meaningful step in your business advancement. The use of a website builder helps make the process simpler and more affordable, but effective and engaging as well. These platforms allow reducing the amount of time needed to design a medical website, thus eliminating the need to hire a professional web designer.

Of course, there are dozens of specialized web publishing solutions for almost every type of business out there, which are exсlusively geared towards building healthcare-related websites. Such web services are undoubtedly a great place to build a medical website, but they can be too expensive for an independent practitioner.

If you need a medical website that will be both powerful and attention-grabbing, then Wix is your number one choice. With an assortment of medical templates and versatile customizations tools, it allows making a website that will stand out from the crowd. uKit is a simpler alternative to Wix, but it also provides great web design options to create a stuning medical website. Whatever choice you make, the result will be worth your effort and time!

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