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Are There Any Specialized Medical Website Builders?

When it comes to building or re-designing your site, it’s important to choose the right website builder. And these days, the ‘right’ website builder is often a niche platform – there are dozens of specialized web publishing solutions for almost every type of business out there.

We’ve already discussed the ‘specialized vs versatile site builders’ confrontation in this article, and today we’re going to speak about Medical website builders.

Dr Leonardo homepage

We were really surprised to find some pretty powerful solutions for creating a medical website from scratch, namely OxoDocs and Dr. Leonardo. These are exсlusively geared towards building healthcare-related websites.


OxoDocs features: online appointment maker, email/SMS appointment alerts, employee monitor (track vacation hours, sick leaves etc.), patient education (use OxoDocs’ built-in medical encyclopedia) and more.

Cost: there’s only one full-featured package – $199, but it’s unclear whether that’s a monthly fee or a set up fee. There’s a free thirty-day trial.

Overall impression: the site builder has a somewhat outdated look and feel. It has no support center, and its Facebook and Twitter accounts hasn’t been updated since May 2012.

Dr. Leonardo features: pre-written medical content, patient portal integration, secure contact forms, HIPAA compliant website hosting, mobile device compatibility and more.

Cost: $495 (installation fee) + $75 (monthly subscription). There are also additional services, like content transfer ($75) or case study photo galleries ($25).

Overall impression: it appears more trustworthy than OxoDocs.

Web services like Dr. Leonardo are undoubtedly a great place to build a medical website, but they can be too expensive for an independent practitioner. If you don’t need all the bells and whistles that niche website builders can offer today, then uCoz, Weebly or Wix could be a great pick.

Wix medical templates

Though these are not specialized medical site builders, they offer enough tools to set up a professional-looking healthcare website. With uCoz, for instance, you can let your patients create profiles with your website, with Weebly you can easily set up a webstore to sell your healthcare products worlwide, and with Wix you get a huge selection of industry-specific templates.

Run a healthcare website? Share your experience in the comments!

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