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Embody Your Gaming Fantasies with Website Builders

Although many may think that creating a gaming website is a task for technology gurus only, these days anyone is capable of building a dynamic, interactive website regardless of his/her programming comfort level. The answer is to use website builders. These will allow you to create a gaming website without writing a single line of HTML code.

Embody Your Gaming Fantasies with Website Builders

As a rule, those who are eager to create this type of a website fall into two groups of gaming fans 🙂 :

  • Those who want to launch a Forum or a Clan website to gather a Community around a certain game.
  • Those who want to host certain games and allow their users play these games online or download them.

Regardless of the category you belong to, modern website builders will help you accomplish any gaming fantasy.

So, How to Make a Gaming Website Using a Site Constructor?

In Brief:

Make a list of the features you’d like to see on your future website -> Check out the Website Builders Rating -> Read full Website Builders Reviews and/or Comparisons -> Decide on a website builder -> Sign up and follow the instructions -> Go live and share the great news :)!

In Details:

Option #1. For those who want to gather a community around a certain game

In case you belong to the first category of users, all you need is to select a website builder that will cater the basic clan website requirements. The most obvious include the ability to create a Forum, Mini Chat and user management option.

As a rule, you can get access to the most of these functions only when using paid packages. Luckily, there are a few SaaS (software as a service) platforms that offer all these options at no cost. On uCoz (which is not exclusively a gaming website builder, but a multifunctional web service), for instance, you can get all these functions within their free plan. What’s more – you can even attach your own previously bought domain name and generate a custom email there without spending a dime.

Apart from uCoz, there are many other website builders (check the Website Builders Rating) that offer a great selection of free gaming website templates and quite decent feature-rich tool sets. So, take your time to read the detailed reviews of the most effective website builders to decide which one will work best for your gaming website.

Embody Your Gaming Fantasies with Website Builders

Option #2. For those who want to host games

In case you belong to the second category of users, you may either:

  • Create a website to popularize your own game or
  • Create a website to embed third party games.

Option #2 implies selecting a truly powerful website builder. For this case I recommend opting for a paid subscription (regardless of the platform you choose). Paid package will open doors for more customization options and what’s more important – monetization methods. For instance, to earn from your own gaming website (to get paid as an official affiliate)  you’ll need to use a top-level domain name.

However, if you’re on a budget, you may also create a website free of cost using basic packages. In this case you’ll display the platform’s logo on your webpages and your functionality will be somewhat limited.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re a professional who’s eager to propagate his/her freshly created game, or you’re just a rookie who’d like to host a game-related forum, website builders are the best option for you. They help you save your time, money and energy and keep them for your future web undertakings :).


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  • GLStephen

    Great article. There are also services focused entirely on gamers. I’m the founder of http://www.GamerLaunch.com and we make building gaming websites really easy. We’ve been in business eight years and we support just about every game on the planet.

    • tre

      what’s the name of the website creator?

  • stevengamer

    Very good article. Who ever built TopGeym.com & Y8com.net is pretty awesome too.