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How to Make a Gaming Website for Free

How to Make a Gaming Website for Free
  • Module structure;
  • Powerful eCommerce engine;
  • Effective SEO optimization;
  • Advanced website security measures.
How to Make a Gaming Website for Free
  • Module-based system;
  • AI-powered website builder;
  • Integrated Voice Server;
  • eCommerce and Forum.
How to Make a Gaming Website for Free
  • Affiliate marketing solutions;
  • Digital store set up;
  • Third-party integrations;
  • Feature-laden promotional campaigns.
How to Make a Gaming Website for Free
  • Advanced CMS solutions;
  • Integrated eCommerce platform;
  • Versatile design customization options;
  • Extensive social networking solutions.
How to Make a Gaming Website for Free
  • Advanced plugin integration;
  • Best design customization options;
  • Hosting and domain choice;
  • Rich code editing options.

Gaming website creation is a much more complicated task than an inexperienced user may think. Of course, if you start building it with CMS or even try to write a website code in the text editor, this will be a real challenge.

It’s almost impossible to do that without any experience at all. You’ll need to learn a lot to get decent result. However, there is a simpler solution – the use of website builders. It will work well both for newbies and experienced users.

A gaming website is a general name of the category for several types of niche resources, namely websites of gaming clans and guilds, fan communities, gaming servers, websites of developers and game reviewers. It is possible to single out narrow niches devoted to game characters, cyber sports teams or separate gamers, attribute stores (sport shirts, costumes, statuettes, versatile sets etc.).

Generally, the term “gaming website” encompasses any thematic communities, commercial projects, informational resources that focus on computer games, their characters and individual gamers.

The technical complexity of realization is closely connected with the functionality needed to create a certain type of a gaming website. Such projects have many requirements to the choice of a platform. A website can encompass a gaming server, an online store, a forum, a blog and multiple widgets.

The choice of a specialized website builder is the best solution to this task. This is a surefire way to get the required functionality out-of-the-box. Not every website builder can be used to create a gaming website.

If you really aim at starting a quality gaming website that abounds in features, tools and design customization options, it makes sense to find out more about the websites builders listed above. They have their pros, cons and special parameters that make each service a worthy pick to come up to your particular gaming web design endeavours. Let’s get started now.

uCoz – Best Website Builder to Create a Free Gaming Website

uCoz – Best Website Builder to Create a Free Gaming Website
Product Name:uCoz
Free Plan:Yes
Premium Plan:from $3/mo
Headquarters:Russian Federation

uCoz – is the best website builder to create a free gaming website for a clan or a guild. The platform is module-based and it offers a completely free plan that lets you start a project without investing a lot into it. A free plan grants access to multiple templates (including those for gaming websites), powerful design customization and code editing options, rich set of modules (including a forum, a blog, a poll, a catalogue of files, articles, FAQ and more) as well as a stunning opportunity to connect your own domain name for free!

Main Features

uCoz feature set is extensive and versatile. The functionality and flexibility of the system are mainly realized through its module integration options. This means that you can start a website without any need for code editing – just pick the required modules and start creating your website layout. The system also allows for eCommerce integration and effective SEO promotion, which contribute to the functionality of projects launched with it. Here is the list of features that make uCoz stand out from the crowd:

  • Extensive selection of modules that work great for gaming website development and promotion;
  • Enhanced security features;
  • Quality SEO promotion;
  • Automated backups and PHP scripts;
  • Powerful eCommerce engine.

Pros and Cons

uCoz comes with a variety of advantages that make it possible to start, manage and promote all types of gaming websites, irrespective of their complexity level. One of the undeniable highlights of the system is its module structure, which brings down the need for code editing to the minimum. What you should do to create your project layout and structure is just to pick the required modules and integrate them into your website.

The website builder also allows for web store development realized via the integration of the uShop module. The feature lets you manage an extensive product range, set up payment and shipping parameters, track sales and web store performance, introduce multiple discounts and special offers etc. Other advantages of the system include powerful SEO optimization and enhanced security measures (automated backup creation, integrated antivirus etc.).

A notable disadvantage is a service ad displayed on a website, created with a free plan. Frankly speaking, it is absolutely harmless in this particular case as a website is non-commercial, it is used for clan members and potential candidates only. Additionally, it takes some time to understand the logic of working with the system, while the use of premium ticketing support is provided at extra cost.


The website builder has a free plan that unveils multiple advantages and lets you create a gaming website at almost no cost. The plan, however, comes with a set of restrictions in terms of functionality, disk space volume and system ad banner availability. This is what makes a free plan suitable for testing the functionality of the system rather than for building full-scale projects with it. To start a professional gaming website with uCoz, you will have to upgrade to one of the paid subscriptions, namely:

  • Basic Plan ($3/mo) – 2GB of storage, basic security features, free support.
  • Optimal Plan ($4/mo) – no ads, free domain, 10GB of storage, premium antivirus.
  • Maximal Plan ($8/mo) – 20GB of storage, premium features, Online Shop.
  • Shop Plan ($5/mo) – all premium features and Online Shop functionality but 10GB of storage.

uCoz pricing policy is quite affordable even to those users, who use the system for the first time. Whatever subscription you will go for, it won’t hit you on the pocket yet will ensure quality result.

Enjin – Specialized Gaming Website Constructor

Enjin – Specialized Gaming Website Constructor
Product Name:Enjin
Free Plan:Yes
Premium Plan:from $8.99/mo

Enjin – is a specialized gaming website constructor that lets you create all types of projects used for gaming purposes. The platform generally offers several work scenarios. Thus, you can start a guild website, a clan, a gaming Minecraft server, a fan website, an eSports Team or any other project with it.

Main Features

The narrow gaming focus of the website builder affects the feature set the system has in stock. Actually, the choice of features depends upon the type of a gaming project you intend to launch. The thing is that Enjin comes with a rich choice of modules, settings and integrations. Not every gaming website needs the entire set and, thus, it’s only up to you to decide what exactly you expect to avail from the service. Listed below are the main highlights of the website builder:

  • Module-based structure;
  • Advanced forum board;
  • Integrated Voice Server;
  • Powerful gaming integrations;
  • Quality eCommerce engine.

Pros and Cons

The platform offers an impressive collection of customizable responsive designs and a set of tools required to give them professional look. It is also possible to independently create website structure and layout out of multiple integrated modules. This notably cuts down the time of website development, ensuring quality result.

As to the demerits of the website builder, it makes sense to mention its complexity of first-time users. It’s difficult for beginners to explore and master the service and it takes time to get used to its interface. What’s more, the website builder doesn’t offer live chat support and it’s also impossible to connect a domain name on a free plan here.


The website builder has a free plan you can use to test its functionality for the unlimited period of time. The plan implies an opportunity to connect around 20 modules, a forum, a donation collection option and a web store. However, the functionality of the plan is not enough to start a full-featured gaming website and it doesn’t allow connecting a custom domain name. To do that, you may choose from the following paid subscriptions:

  • Advanced ($8.99/mo) – 5 slot TS3 or Mumble Server, Create 50 modules, Mobile Forums, File Storage (5GB), File Bandwidth (25GB), 5 Automations, 5 Warning & Punishments, Forum Vote System, Access all Modules, Theme Editor, Normal DDOS Protection, DNS Domain Manager, Website Logs, API;
  • Ultimate ($29.99/mo) – 25 slot TS3 or Mumble Server, Create unlimited modules, Ticket support module, File storage (50GB), File bandwidth (150GB), 100 automations, 100 warnings & punishments, Enterprise DDoS protection, Branding control, Custom Emojis, Priority Support, Priority Recruitment, Advanced logs, API and All Premium Themes.

The website builder lets you save around 20% of the initial cost of the plans, when paying for the whole year at once. This is a worthy choice most users appreciate to the advantage, especially when it comes to starting several gaming projects.

Xsolla – Gaming Website Builder for Publishers

Xsolla – Gaming Website Builder for Publishers
Product Name:Xsolla
Free Plan:Free
Premium Plan:

Xsolla – is a gaming website builder for publishers created to start gaming-specific solutions. The platform allows growing your profit and targeting the required audience by designing professional startups, investing into video games etc. Xsolla grants an opportunity to launch secure websites without investing into them. The platform also provides powerful eCommerce features and third-party integrations to enhance gaming website performance.

Main Features

Xsolla offers an extensive set of features centered around website functionality improvement and community growth. When using the system, you can implement special loyalty programs and discount campaigns as well as start digital stores to add functionality to your gaming website. Among the features that make the platform stand out from the crowd, it makes sense to mention the following:

  • Digital store set up option;
  • Effective promo campaigns;
  • Website statistics and analytics tracking;
  • Affiliate marketing solutions;
  • Third-party integrations.

Pros and Cons

Integrated eCommerce engine is one of the highlights of the service that makes it possible to connect a web store to your project. The system is quite easy-to-use, although, it may take some time to get used to its dashboard. As you cope with the task, you will be able to design a full-featured gaming project in almost no time.

As to the demerits of the platform, Xsolla doesn’t have any pre-designed templates to choose from. You only have access to several website layouts you may select to start editing the project. Likewise, the system lacks customization tools to enhance website design.


Xsolla is absolutely free for all user categories. It is possible to start building a project and then to promote it without investing anything at all. The integrated feature set will still be available for each and every user, which ensures quality and effective website development process. Xsolla also ensures free hosting and advanced security measures. What you should mind, though, is that the system charges 5% from every transaction/purchase you make through the website launched with it.

Ning – Gaming Website Builder for Both Gamers and Developers

Ning – Gaming Website Builder for Both Gamers and Developers
Product Name:Ning
Free Plan:14-day trial
Premium Plan:From $25/mo

Ning – is a gaming website builder for gamers and developers, which stands out from the crowd due to its advanced social media creation options. The system has been around for over 16 years, having been used for the development of more than 2 millions projects. The system is a perfect choice for creating online communities, social networks and gaming websites. It comes with the drag-and-drop editor that allows for easy and hassle-free web development process.

Main Features

The website builder is not quite difficult to explore and master, no matter how proficient in web design you are. Due to the integrated drag-and-drop editor, the process of website development becomes intuitive and understandable for most users, including those, who have never had such an experience before. The feature set of the system is quite extensive and powerful. Have a look at the main advantages below:

  • Integrated eCommerce platform;
  • Professional content management tools;
  • Social networking options;
  • Versatility of design customization solutions.

Pros and Cons

Ning is one of the best community website builders. As soon as you create your project and fill it with content, you will be able to encourage new users to join the gaming network. This is where you can start forums, live chats, email campaigns and other types of social network projects. Ning also makes it possible to use advanced business tools for effective website management and promotion. These include MailChimp integration, eCommerce engine, advanced analytics and statistics tracking tools. Professionals will also value an opportunity of code editing the platform provides. This is a huge advantage for code-savvy web design pros, who have an intention to start and effectively manage full-featured gaming projects.

As to the demerits of the system, you won’t encounter many of them here. Ning offers limited bandwidth provided by default. As soon as you overcome the limits, you will be able to pay for the ability to use extra bandwidth. It is also impossible to host the website on servers of your choice as the system provides integrated hosting. These demerits, however, are not that crucial.


Ning doesn’t have a free plan, but it offers an opportunity to test the integrated functionality of the platform during its free 14-day trial. This lets you realize what exactly you will avail from the website builder, when upgrading to one of its paid plans. The latter include the following subscription options:

  • Basic ($25/mo) – 1000 members, 10GB storage, drag-and-drop builder, photo and video integrations, activity feed etc.;
  • Performance ($49/mo) – 10000 members, 50GB storage, events and posts, blogs and forums, GA and analytic tools etc.;
  • Ultimate ($99/mo) – 100000 members, 100GB storage, customized groups and members onboarding, social network integrations, social sharing options etc.

The website builder makes it possible to save up to 20% of the initial cost of the plans by opting for the annual subscription at once. This is what matters a lot for users, who intend to work with the system for a long time.

WordPress – Free Platform to Create Your Own Game Website

WordPress – Free Platform to Create Your Own Game Website
Product Name:WordPress
Complexity:Above average
Free Plan:Unlimited
Premium Plan:from $2.95/mo

WordPress – is the most well-known free platform to create professional gaming websites. This is the platform that has popularized itself as the most feature-laden Content Management System in the world. It stands out from the crowd due to its impressive integration options, advanced design customization tools and unlimited hosting opportunities needed to successfully get started with your gaming website.

Main Features

The CMS has distinguished itself as a reliable, feature-laden and professional platform. It makes it possible to launch, manage and then promote all types of gaming projects that differ in complexity level, functionality and the need for advanced design customization. If you have never worked with the platform before, you have to be aware of its major features. Here they go:

  • Extensive plugin integration options;
  • The need for hosting and domain choice;
  • Advanced design customization tools;
  • Rich choice of third-party gaming templates;
  • Flexible code editing options.

Pros and Cons

One of the undeniable highlights of the CMS is its advanced and flexible plugin integration options. The system makes it possible to choose from multiple integrated plugins as well as to hundreds of plugins available on the web. Ultimate Member, Weglot, Live Chat, Guild, ARMember, Elementor and WoW Guild plugins are only some of the most well-known WP gaming themes. The choice of gaming templates is also impressive here as you can get access to lots of themes developed by the third-party web designers.

WordPress doesn’t seem to have any notable demerits at all. However, the need for plugin integration and deep template customization implies the awareness of coding basics as well as certain web design background. This is required to give your project personalized look and high end exclusive design that does not compromise with advanced project performance. Thus, it’s highly recommended to have programming knowledge before you decide to launch a gaming website with the CMS.


WordPress is a free CMS. You don’t have to pay for downloading, installing and using the platform. You can test its entire feature set without investing a dollar into your project. However, as you decide to launch a full-featured gaming website with WordPress, you won’t go without installing some of its paid plugins. You may also consider using one of the paid templates that are specially developed for WordPress by third-party designers. To go live, you will also have to buy hosting. The most suitable solution in this respect is Bluehost, the cost of which starts with $2.95/mo. The platform offers multiple advantages, including free bonus domain name during the first year of use.

Useful Add Ons For a Gaming Website

A set of upgrades depends upon the type of a website you have. For example, gaming fan websites can rarely offer their visitors forum communication.


A forum is a must for the communities of gaming websites, but not all the webmasters make use of its functionality. uCoz and Enjin have out-of-the-box forum functionality and you have to make use of it. This will add to your website popularity.

Sell Game-Connected Goods:

You can also connect an online store to your gaming website. This is a smart idea, which can help you make profit when managing your website. Create a separate page with a product show window, organize shipping and acceptance of online payments. An online store is an effective addition to the websites of game developers, large communities and reviewers, who have high traffic rate. However, it is possible to sell sports shirts, cups, statuettes and other things even at the website of an advanced guild. What you need is desire to do that.


Another element you can add to your website is online chat, which is a convenient form of communication between you and your website visitors. This is a useful addition to any gaming website, especially the one, where you sell games, attributes, have a donate feature or something like that. Stay in touch with your audience.

Share Your Content:

Don’t forget to use RSS-feed, synchronization with gaming servers like Twitch, video hostings, official game website, accounts of social networks, thematic channels and everything you can find on the topic. Let your website be the source of useful information about the game and bring much satisfaction to the audience.

Accept Donations:

Even if you sell products, you can try collecting the donations for the development of the website. Some games collect donations for certain community members responsible for the development of the game, new equipment for professional teams, rent of premises for user meetings or something like that. It is up to you to manage your donations.

Be Courteous:

Pay attention to each community member. Set up parameters for user achievements (number of posts, comments, birthday etc.), which will generate congratulations, new statuses or virtual gifts, for example.

It is also possible to organize a voice server, online email distribuition (if needed), any contests for the guild members or subscribers, add music to the website etc. A set of upgrades depends upon the type of your website, goals you pursue and imagination.

Bottom Line

It makes sense to use niche website builders to create gaming websites. uCoz is the best free gaming website builder, which works great for the development and management of clan or guild websites. The service comes with multiple templates, customization tools, modules, code editing options and other features needed to launch a decent gaming website.

Enjin is an affordable specialized gaming website builder. This is the ideal solution for the majority of users willing to create a gaming website, be it a fan, guild, eSports team website or a gaming server. Abundance of gaming templates, modules, versatility of settings and integrations as well as easy website development process make Enjin a worthy web building tool in the gaming niche.

Xsolla is a specialized gaming website builder for publishers and game developers. The system makes it possible to grow your profit and enhance business performance, offering advanced eCommerce and design customization options as well as third-party integrations.

Ning is a high end gaming website builder, which makes it possible to create and effectively manage social gaming sites. The platform works great for social network development, online communities and different types of gaming projects.

WordPress is, undoubtedly, the most trusted and well-known Content Management System that can be used to start and manage powerful gaming projects. The system comes with advanced plugin integration options as well as the need to pick hosting and domain name. Coding proficiency will also be a bonus here, especially for users, who intend to launch full-featured projects with advanced functionality.

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