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eCommerce niche keeps evolving, offering lots of enhanced web building tools to launch functional and visually appealing online stores. Contemporary eCommerce solutions make the process of launching and running a web store much simpler for all users with no exception, irrespective of their web building expertise and coding skills. So, if you are currently looking for a simple yet effective eCommerce website builder, then you could consider using MadeFreshly to build an online store of your own.

Ease of Use:6/10
Tech Support:6/10
Overall Score:5.4/10

MadeFreshly is a specialized website builder, which was created with the only purpose in mind – to simplify the web store creation process and make it hassle-free for each user. The website builder is a nice choice for entrepreneurs willing to create small online stores from scratch. It is relatively simple and understandable.

Featuring nice functionality, MadeFreshly allows launching a simple eCommerce website, but there are still several features that require improvement here. To some extent, the service lags behind its niche competitors in several aspects. So, let’s not waste time discussing the potential abilities of this website builders. Let’s have a closer look at its feature set to decide whether it’s worth the attention.

1. Ease of Use

MadeFreshly seems to be convenient and easy-to-use… until you actually proceed to building your online store. Even though, you don’t have to master complicated codes or learn web design basics to get a web store of your own here, you may still face numerous problems because of the lack of customization and visual editing tools.

MadeFreshly Start Screen

The interface of the system is similar to those of the majority of modern eCommerce website builders. The service offers eight basic sections each hiding more options. These sections are Do This, Statistics, Orders, Products, Integrations, Design, Discounts, Settings. It’s just impossible to get lost there, even if this is the first time you use the platform. If you have specific coding skills, you will have an opportunity to add your own CSS and HTML codes. This option, however, is available on the paid plans only. Keep that in mind.

When it comes to design settings, though, you may be unpleasantly surprised by the absence of WYSIWYG or drag-and-drop editing options. This is a real problem for newbies, who would like to control each step of the web creation process to see, whether they are doing well. With MadeFreshly, you will have to configure such elements as fonts, logo, colors, background image etc. only in the control panel with no preview options available here. To see the result of your work, you’ll need to save and publish the changes first. If something goes wrong for some reason, you’ll have to go back to the control panel and make the edits once again until you are satisfied with the result. This is the unwanted waste of effort and time.

2. Feature Set and Flexibility

Built with small business in mind, MadeFreshly offers a limited eCommerce feature set for creating web stores. It comes with a dashboard, where the major website settings are logically structured. Let’s have a quick overview of the major features the service offers.

  • Statistics. This is the section, where you can see the basic statistics of your online store to analyze its performance and undertake special measure to improve the situation with regard to the problems detected. You can have a look at the number of products sold for a particular period, general revenue, transactions, amount of website visitors, major traffic sources, top store searches and website refers.
  • MadeFreshly Stats

  • Menu Builder. This feature allows creating the unique menu of your online store based on its specialization and current business requirements. Add as many points as you need and modify them to your liking.
  • Orders. MadeFreshly lets you monitor your orders. You can filter them by date and order status. This is a useful feature that makes it possible to find out the product categories that are the most popular with the customers as well as those, which are not in demand. As a result, you can manage your product supply to the advantage.
  • MadeFreshly Orders

  • Products. You can add and manage your products and categories, change product status from Live and Coming soon to Sold out and Hidden, turn on inventory tracking, add product options (size, color etc.), advanced description, duplicate products, select shipping type and more.
  • MadeFreshly Products

  • Etsy Integration. There is an opportunity to import Etsy listings to the MadeFreshly product catalogue. Just enter your shop ID (username) from Etsy to select the listings you’d like to import to your MadeFreshly account and enjoy the result. This option might work for those users, who are involved in handcrafting, for instance. For other business niches, it offers doubtful benefits.
  • MadeFreshly Etsy

  • Discounts. Offering coupons and discounts is an awesome way to incentivize your customers. This feature makes it possible to create discount coupons online, having considered your product stock, upcoming holidays and special occasions.

3. Designs

Number of Themes:10
Free Themes YES
Responsive Design NO
Sort by Industry: NO
CSS Code Editing: YES

MadeFreshly currently offers 10 templates, which are somewhat outdated and similar in structure. The themes are not responsive, which is a serious drawback for contemporary entrepreneurs. The good news is that you can change the template in the process of designing your website.

At the same time, the system has restricted template customization. What you can do here to give your website personalized look is to change the logo, favicon, background and fonts. The rest will remain as it is… unless you are a web design pro, who knows how to make use of the advanced HTML editing options. However, this feature is available to the paid plan users only. Thus, the functionality of the website as well as design customization features are outdated and cannot be compared to those offered by powerful eCommerce website builders.

4. Customer Support

Customer support cannot be considered a strong point of the website builder. For all those users, who are just exploring the system and wish to learn how to use it properly, MadeFreshly offers an informative tutorial providing step-by-step lessons on how to get your website up and running with maximum performance. These lessons will hold your hand through the entire process of setting up your online store. However, if you wish to get in touch with the customer support team in person, you can do that through the email only. This may not be enough for inexperienced users.

5. Pricing Policy

MadeFreshly has a free Dabble plan you can use as long you need – it never expires. This plan is meant for sellers, who wish to test the system prior to using it. It offers 10 products only with one image allowed for each product, one custom page and a free MadeFreshly domain. There are no discount codes here. If you wish to use the advanced features of the system, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the paid plans, namely:

  • Grow Plan ($18.99/mo or $168/year if billed annually): 100 products, access to advanced guides, priority support, 12 images per product, subcategories and no system branding.
  • Pro Plan ($28.99/mo or $252/year if billed annually): 500 products, access to advanced guides, priority support, 12 images per product, subcategories and no system branding.
  • Unlimited Plan ($58.99/mo or $500/year if billed annually): unlimited number of products, access to advanced guides, priority support, 12 images per product, subcategories and no system branding.

6. Disadvantages

The website builder looks really outdated as compared to its more powerful eCommerce competitors. It offers plain templates and poor web customization tools, which don’t come up to the contemporary niche requirements. The system doesn’t offer responsive design features, which has negative effect upon the website performance.

Non-tech savvy users are likely to face design editing problems here because of the absence of drag-and-drop and WYSIWYG editing options. There is no live support here, which complicates the entire web creation process and requires more time to master the system and reach the desired result.


MadeFreshly is a simple eCommerce website builder, which works well for small online stores. The system doesn’t require any coding knowledge and, thus, can be used by newbies. At the same time, there are CSS/HTML code editing options that make it possible for proficient web developers to give their online stores personalized look. Design customization options are quite limited here.

With 10 templates that are not responsive, poor customization features and lack of live customer support, it’s close to impossible to build a decent and functional online store here. If you are going to launch a quality web store, it makes sense to consider more sophisticated eCommerce platforms like Shopify or Volusion. MadeFreshly isn’t the best solution for this purpose.

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