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Best Website Builder Software for Mac

Best Website Builder Software for Mac

Despite visually appealing high-end design and security, the specialized Mac software is far from being a perfect tool for building websites. It offers a limited pack of HTML facilities needed for separate CSS files rather than having them in a single website.

As a result, Mac users are looking for cloud-based and SaaS platforms and instruments instead of giving preference to traditional website building tools, which are developed for Mac and require preliminary installation.

Website builders prove to be the right kind of tools Mac users can easily apply to create stunning web resources for different purposes from scratch. They don’t require serious effort and money investment, offering an extensive feature set instead. They are intuitive and simple for users with diverse web design background and do not require special skills, letting users effortlessly build quality web resources on their own. With a quality website builder, your project will have professional look and powerful functionality.

Websites launched by Mac users are full-featured and come with appealing design. They are easy-to-manage and make it possible to provide all the content you wish to see in your website. This matters a lot for the fans of Mac web building software, who wish to save their effort and time, availing decent and full-featured websites created with a website builder.

If you have made up your mind to look for a decent Mac web building software, then take your time to look through the reviews of these popular and full-featured services listed in the post. Their comparison and list of highlights will simplify the choice for you. Let’s get started now.

Wix – The Best SaaS Website Builder for Mac OS

Wix - The Best SaaS Website Builder for Mac OS

Wix – is the best website builder for Mac users, which makes it simple to create full-featured websites with stunning design. The system allows building different types of websites for personal and business use. It comes with out-of-the-box functionality, which is more than enough to cover a broad spectrum of versatile web design needs.

The list of major Wix advantages includes:

  • Wix ADI Tool – The website builder automatically builds a website for you, using the submitted content. A convenient WYSIWYG website editor allows controlling each step of website customization process, fixing the problems on time.
  • Editing Options – The system unveils an opportunity to use a standard website editor and the mobile one. Edits made in the standard mode are displayed in the mobile version, while those made in the mobile website version are not reflected in the desktop mode.
  • Responsive Templates – Wix also comes with hundreds of mobile-ready templates accessible via tablets and smartphones powered by iOS that are 100% customizable and intuitive in nature.
  • Wix App Market – This is another highlight of the website builder, where you can browse hundreds of free and paid widgets, extensions and apps available there. You can integrate the selected themes into your website to contribute to its usability.
  • Forum, Blog and eCommerce – The website builder comes with forum, blogging and eCommerce engines. This makes it possible to create, connect and manage a forum, a blog or an online store with no hassle at all.
  • Corvid by Wix – If you intend to launch and integrate applications into your website, go ahead to use Corvid by Wix – an advanced open development platform used to start professional web applications with no coding skills or preliminary web design experience needed. The platform provides the required toolset all in one place – just choose those features and tools you need need for your project and start working on your web app development.
  • Ascend Tool – This is a free all-in-one business solution, which provides an abundance of tools (there are over 20 products available in the feature set of the pack) that are a must-have for your business promotion. These products help you effectively grow your business, increase customer base and advertise your services on the web.

You can use the system features at no cost at all, using its free plan that never expires. To bring your website functionality to the brand new level, though, you’ll have to upgrade to one of the paid plans. Currently, Wix offers two types of subscriptions, namely standard and business/eCommerce plans. The cost of standard plans starts with $13/mo to reach $39/mo for the most expensive subscription, while that of business/eCommerce plans starts with $23/mo to reach $500/mo for the most advanced pricing option.

RapidWeaver – Best Web Design Software for Mac

RapidWeaver - Best Web Design Software for Mac

RapidWeaver – is a powerful website builder, which was specially designed for Mac users who wish to create full-featured web applications and websites with no coding involved. The platform lets you start responsive beautiful websites without any preparation or web design background.

Have a look at the list of RapidWeaver highlights:

  • MacOS Technologies – The website builder supports all the MacOS technologies, including iCloud and Document tabs. This lets you start websites from scratch, starting from simple one page projects and up to complex online stores.
  • Template Choice – The system allows choosing from over 50 integrated templates, while more than 100 responsive themes are additionally provided by the system’s community. RapidWeaver ensures easy web page management, letting you create new pages and subpages as well as customizing them from scratch. A convenient preview feature makes it possible to track the edits you make before you publish the project.
  • Device Simulator – The new feature lets you see the way your newly created website will look on various devices, including iPhone’s, iPad’s, Mac’s and more. The feature is flexible and powerful, letting you open, scale and even save several windows to track the changes afterwards.
  • Media Manager Tool – RapidWeaver comes with a powerful media integration tool that lets you effectively manage your project resources. You can gain access to your Photo Library, browser and images from the largest free online photo library. Just pick those that correspond to your website specialization to further drag-and-drop them to your website pages.
  • Snippets Manager – The system lets you use the benefits offered by the refined Snippets Manager by integrating useful CSS, HTML and Javascript codes. It’s also possible to add plain text into your snippets, if needed.

The website builder is free, but you will have to upgrade to the paid subscription, if you wish to get the most out of its advanced feature set. The cost of the paid plan currently constitutes $99, but the system frequently introduces special offers and discounts for those, who wish to save big, while using it.

WordPress – Best Hosted CMS for Mac OS X Users

WordPress - Best Hosted CMS for Mac OS X Users

WordPress – is a popular and the most well-known Content Management System, which is used to launch and manage different types of projects. The system was initially created with blogging purposes in mind yet it quickly evolved into a full-featured platform with high end functionality and flexibility.

WordPress highlights are as follows:

  • Downloading and Installation – As a CMS, WordPress requires downloading and installation. This does not take much time but it doesn’t mean that working with the service is easy for everyone. If you are not a proficient web designer or at least don’t possess basic programming knowledge, you may find the system a bit complicated. This is because working with WordPress implies coding awareness. Otherwise, you may encounter problems, when integrated plugins or customizing templates.
  • Integration Options – The CMS stands out from the crowd due to its powerful integration options. Whatever niche you specialize and whatever project type you expect to launch, there are plenty of plugins and external templates you can browse and add to your website. This allows extending the functionality of the system, giving it the required performance and high end design.
  • Design Customization Options – WordPress is also known for its advanced design customization options. All the templates you will pick for your project can be launched absolutely from scratch – just pick and modify the required template settings, experiment with colours, styles, backgrounds, images and media files available in stock here. You can also upload and integrate your own social media files, gallery images, docs and other required elements.
  • Hosting and Domain Name Choice – As a downloadable system, WordPress doesn’t offer integrated hosting options. Instead, the system allows choosing any hosting provider that works best for your project needs. By the way, many contemporary hosts come with integrated CMS that imply one-click installation only. Bluehost is one of such hosting providers and this is the platform, which is officially recommended by WordPress. The host offers a free bonus domain name during the first year of the subscription duration, fast page load speed, multiple integrations, affordable pricing as well as 60% discount for WordPress installation and other advantages.

WordPress is a free downloadable CMS, which can be installed at no cost at all. The system, however allows integrating third-party plugins and extensions that required additional budget investment. The same is about template integration, hosting and domain name cost.

Mobirise – Free Website Building Software

Mobirise - Free Website Building Software

Mobirise – is a free downloadable software you should initially install on your Mac prior to starting working on your website development. The system is built with user convenience and simplicity in mind and it doesn’t require any web design skills or expertise to be effectively used by newbies.

Here is the list of the major Mobirise advantages:

  • Content Blocks – The website builder comes with a block-based structure, which makes it possible to design websites out of ready-made content blocks. Their overall number currently exceeds 800 items and it steadily keeps growing. Arranging and customizing the blocks is simple and allows creating the required website structure. Websites launched with Mobirise are responsive by default.
  • AMP Website Builder – Mobirise offers integrated AMP website builder, which lets you launch and manage projects that are perfectly optimized for mobile browsing and ensure quick downloading of web pages.
  • Design Customization Tools – Mobirise design customization tools come out-of-the-box. They make it simple to adjust the major website parameters, style, integrate multiple media files and perform other actions.
  • Hosting Choice – The website builder doesn’t have integrated hosting, but it makes it possible to host your ready-made project with GitHub pages for free.

Mobirise is an absolutely free website software, but you’ll have to pay for website hosting, domain name and integrations. There is also Premium Pack that comes with paid extensions as well as all-in-one kit, where you can choose between extra plugins and themes. The cost of the Premium Kit constitutes $129.

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Blocs – Easiest Drag and Drop Website Builder

Blocs - Easiest Drag and Drop Website Builder

Blocs – is a specialized website builder software for Mac, which can be a decent solution, if you need to create a catchy portfolio, attractive landing page or a website to promote products/services online. The website builder has a drag-and-drop option to handle easy editing. It comes with a high flexibility level and a pack of extra tools.

The list of Blocs merits is as follows:

  • Block and Bricks Structure – The website builder offers a block and bricks structure. You just have to pick ready made content blocks and customize them as you need. The WYSIWYG page tool makes editing simple and fast. No coding skills or FTP manager are required to start a website with Blocs, but this triggers the need to look for an external hosting provider to upload and update the files when needed.
  • HTML-Based Website Structure – Blocs doesn’t have a cloud dashboard to edit content. Instead, you will be offered a primary HTML-based website structure. To get a more complex project, you’ll have to customize your website with a CMS. This obviously requires coding skills and web design background. The system does not have integrated default templates as this is basically the app used to launch HTML-based themes on your own.
  • Template Development – The themes are developed by the application of stock editor tools. If this option does not appeal to you for some reason, you can get paid templates at the official website of the service (the cost of one theme constitutes $20).

Blocs has a free downloadable trial version and two paid license types, the cost of which constitutes $80 and $360 correspondingly. Apart from that, you’ll have to pay around $100 per year for the hosting and about $60 for an opportunity to switch from the old website version of the service to the new one.

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Bottom Line

The major problem of building websites with Mac was the absence of decent software. Website builders can be a great substitute to Mac software, covering a broad range of web design needs and providing powerful feature set needed to create and manage a full-fledged project.

If you are searching for a quality Mac software, website builders reviewed above may prove to be the best solution. Choosing one of them may be a challenge, if you’ve never worked with these systems before. Mind that each system works well for the completion of a certain range of tasks, which cannot but affects the choice of the software.

Thus, Wix is the all-in-one website builder, which is used to start and manage different types of websites, including blogs, landing pages, portfolios, business websites and online stores. RapidWeaver is the best web design software specially created for Mac users. WordPress is the world-known CMS that requires installation and coding skills to start high end projects. Mobirise is a free downloadable software, which is known for its ease-of-use and strong focus on the needs of newbies. Blocs is the simplest drag-and-drop website builder used to start landing pages, promo websites, landing pages and other types of personal/business projects.

If you are not sure about the best software for Mac, it makes sense to test each system in advance. This is the most reliable way to pick the system, which will work best for your individual project.


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