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Best Website Builders for Mac

Although Mac delivers a set of unique features to all its dedicated fans, using website development software is still a great challenge.

Despite visually appealing high-end design and security, the official Mac software is far from being a perfect tool for building websites. It offers a limited pack of HTML facilities in addition to the need of separate CSS files rather than having them in a single website.

As a result, Mac users are looking for cloud-based as well as SaaS platforms and instruments instead of being depended on traditional website building tools developed for Mac necessary to install.

Luckily, some award-winning web building platforms will let them create stunning web resources for different purposes from scratch effortlessly, save time and take the advantage of a full pack of features.

Website Builders for Mac – Overview Chart:

Website BuilderBest Website Builders for
Best for:Landing PagesHotels, Construction Companies,
Personal trainer, Portfolios,
Small Business
EasinessWYSIWYG editing toolEasy to use
(no special skills required)
Perfect for rookies
(no special skills required)
Themes and Bricks:HTML templates and BlocksWell-Designed Mobile-Optimized TemplatesMobile Ready Websites
Support:Tutorials, FAQ, forumCallback, email supportSkype and e-mail support
Features:Editing modes, code adding, multi languageWix App MarketThird-Party Integration Widgets
SEO:Web page SEO settingseCommerce/SEO ToolsPromotion and Optimization Capabilities
Pricing Options:$20 to $360 (team license)Free to $24.50/mo$4 to $12/mo

Each website builder from the chart seems like a good option for creating catchy websites on Mac.

Although Blocs may seem to have limited capabilities, as it does not have a cloud dashboard to edit content in addition to a necessity of using the platform along with CMS, both Wix and uKit can be a simpler and easier-to-use alternative. They do not require special skills and let users effortlessly build decent web resources from scratch.

Blocs – Specialized Website Builder Software for Mac

Blocs Home Page

Blocs can be a good option once you need to create a catchy portfolio, attractive landing page or a website to promote products/services online. The website builder has a drag-and-drop option to handle easy editing. It comes with a level of flexibility and a pack of extra tools.

However, Blocs is far from being the best option when it comes to building websites on Mac. First of all, users need to download software to get started. Let’s have a closer look at other aspects that make cloud-based platforms still a better option:

  • Ease of Use – Blocs is based on the blocks & bricks structure. A user only needs to pick a readymade block and customize it in accordance with the needs. WYSIWYG page tool makes editing simple and fast. The interface is yet the only problem. The exploration of all features may take you up to several weeks in case you do not have at least minor technical background. Building a website from scratch may take from 1 to 2 days. This fact makes put Blocs far away from more time-consuming cloud-based and SaaS platforms;
  • Flexibility – although Blocs let you create pages without coding, it does not have an integrated FTP manager. It means no ready in-built hosting. Users will have to use the external app every time they need to updated or load files;
  • Features – Blocs does not have a cloud dashboard to edit content. What you get is a primary HTML-based website structure. Once you call for a more complicated and versatile solution, you will have to combine your website with CMS. On the other hand, the website builder lets you easily customize a chose CMS though it still takes time and requires some knowledge;
  • Design – users will not be able to establish an appealing website design using Blocs HTML templates unless you are able to personalize them independently. However, you can choose from 24 themes available at the moment;
  • Customer Support – Blocs delivers decent support via several channels including live support desk, video tutorials, Vimeo channel, a specialized forum in addition to a huge knowledge database;
  • Pricing – a single template will cost you $20 while the lifetime subscription is $149 for one person. A team license will cost you $360. You should also add website publication costs including hosting (about $100 per year) + $60 every time you want to upgrade the Blocs app version. Hardly sounds like a bargain, right?

Despite some obvious examples for Mac users, Blocs website builder is hardly a better alternative to cloud-based platforms. It is far from being cost-effective considering high prices to build and publish a website from scratch.

At the same time, newbies will find the editing tools too complicated. Another huge drawback is the necessity of using CMS. Otherwise, the app makes absolutely no sense.

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Wix – The Best Online Web Builder for Mac Users

Wix home page

Mac users are looking for simplicity at low costs. This is what Wix has to offer. The website builder makes it easy to create and publish websites for different purposes.

Whether you need to create a corporate portal, a web store or fitness studio website, simply choose from a selection of Wix well-designed templates and benefit from the following pros.

Wix Pros:

  • Ease of Use – simply download the template and use WYSIWYG editing tool to customize each page. No coding or web design skills are required. A perfect option for newbies;
  • Free Hosting – not only you can build websites with Wix within a couple of hours but also have them published online. Wix plans already include hosting with enough storage to download as much content as you need;
  • Features – the platform boasts its own Wix App Market where you can choose and download any widgets, apps, and tools to personalize the website and boost its usability;
  • Mobile Ready Website – Wix delivers a selection of mobile-optimized templates accessible via tablets and smartphones powered by iOS;
  • Pricing – using Wix is more cost-effective if compared with Blocs. Although a free plan hardly looks like enough for a decent website, premium plans are affordable enough and already include hosting.

Wix Cons:

  • Difficult to Switch – once you choose a Wix template, you need to stick to it. You cannot simply switch between different templates. If you need another one, you will have to start creating a new website from scratch;
  • Limited Free Version – a free version will not let you build a decent website with many pages and media content on it. However, a premium plan looks like a bargain considering Wix pricing.

Wix is certainly worth paying attention when it comes to building websites on Mac. Ease of use, affordable pricing, extended customer support and other features make it a better and simpler option than Blocs or any other downloaded software.

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uKit – The Easiest Online Website Builder for Mac

uKit home page

Mac users are facing the lack of simple tools to build small but catchy websites. uKit is a good way out. You do not need to download and install any software.

uKit lets you easily create a small corporate resource, a catchy portfolio featuring professional photos, choose from a selection of mobile responsive templates with different themes and more.

uKit Pros:

  • Catchy Templates – uKit delivers a range of catchy templates that are easy to customize. You can benefit from a huge gallery featuring premium-quality stock photos as well as download your own multimedia files, images and videos with just a click away;
  • Built-In Widgets – the platform delivers a set of widgets ranging from calendars and online calculators to search bars. Simply add a widget to the page;
  • Mobile Responsive Website – all templates are mobile-friendly. They run smoothly on different devices in spite of the carrier, screen dimensions or OS;
  • Website Promotion – uKit makes it possible to bring your website higher at search engines ranking. You can edit titles and descriptions using keywords related to your niche.

uKit Cons:

  • Not for Huge Websites – uKit is hardly a good idea for complicated web resources featuring numerous pages and complex structure. However, it a good option for small websites that drive users’ attention;
  • No Export Option – uKit does not let you export all data from one platform to another. But, do you really need it considering the pros?

Simple, cost-effective and easy-to-use – these are the main features to sum up a small uKit review. It is certainly worth spending time when building a website on Mac.

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Building a website from scratch would still look rather challenging for Mac users unless it was for best website builders like Wix and uKit. Despite all advantages of Blocs software, it looks too complex for newbies who want to launch a simple web resource within a couple of hours.

Moreover, it will hardly put an ease on the wallet considering tremendous costs when it comes to publishing and supporting your website. Cloud-based and Saas platforms have proved to be a better option for Mac users who keep looking for simplicity and efficiency in one tool.

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