Listing Village Review

Listing Village Review

Listing Village – is a website building platform designed for professional realtors. The platform does not require special technical skills. It offers an array of real estate responsive templates that are easy to edit and customize without coding. Realtors will get a chance to establish their online presence, connect a domain, and use some essential realtor tools to create property cards, listings, etc.

Apart from website builders of the same type, Listing Village comes with advanced options such as Homebuyers management to stay in touch with existing or potential customers or even create referral networks to promote your business. Additional instruments include integrated CRM, Facebook targeted ad campaigns, listing alerts, mobile-friendly property maps, and more.

The software seems to be the ultimate solution for realtors. But is it really that good? It’s time we found it out.

Listing Village
  • Real estate oriented website builder.
  • No coding or programming required.
  • Built-in features for realtors.

Pros and Cons

On the one hand, here we have an all-in-one platform that lets realtors create and launch the website from scratch. On the other hand, Listing Village features are mainly focused around the real estate niche. The templates look similar and there are a few of them. Customization options are pretty limited as well.

However, the software works just great when integrating or managing property listings. With Listing Village, you get a full-scale online search platform with modern branding and advertising algorithms.

Listing Village Pros:
Listing Village Cons:
All-in-One service – the subscription includes all instruments to create a fully-featured real estate website. You will only need to connect a domain.
Integrated CRM – an intuitive and easy-to-use CRM comes with listing alerts, homebuyers’ management tools, referral network options, etc.
MLS updates – users can benefit from automated MLS updates every 10 minutes to deliver the most accurate data out of the box.
Free Hosting – it is included in the subscription price at no extra fees.
Advertising Options – realtors will be able to promote their websites through Facebook ad campaigns.
Confusing pricing policy.
Limited template option.
A lack of customization and web design tools.
No apps or add-ons.
Listing Village
  • Ready-to use websites in 15 minutes.
  • Hosting and domain includes.
  • Simple MLS integration.

What Is It Good for?

If you look at the list of instruments, it becomes clear that Listing Village is for professional realtors who look for advanced MLS listing integration capabilities and ways to promote their brand.

On the other hand, users may not spend hours trying to figure out how everything works. They are able to create and deploy ready-to-go sites in less than 15 minutes. As a result, we have a simple yet professional software for realtors who want just not build web presence but also manage business assets and promote the brand name online.

Ease of Use

Listing Village is extremely easy to use. However, such simplicity appears to be the main downside here. On the one hand, the editing process is very straightforward. You pick a template, make some changes, add listings, and go live.

On the other hand, each theme has only three major options that include a homepage itself, a Property Card section, and map settings. In other words, there is nothing to customize. Users will have to deal with predesigned layouts that look the same. All you can do is change content and add your own images with no chance to rearrange the age structure or even add widgets. The good news is that there is a 14-free trial to try the website builder and decide if it suits you.

Getting Started

Surprisingly, it may take users more time to sign in rather than build a ready to go website. To get started with Listing Village, you need to add required details that include the user’s first, last, and brokerage name. Also, you have to indicate your email and choose a password.

Listingvillage registration

The main challenge here is to confirm yourself as Realtor. Users must choose the MLS listing from the available options or contact the support team if you fail to find your listing. That may take time as well. At the next stage, users will have another reason for disappointment.

Although you can start with a 14-day free trial (the sign-in form confirms this fact), you will still have to indicate your billing info. The subscription fee will be automatically redeemed when the trial expires. Some may think “Ah, finally! The registration is over!”. Nope! Now you need to confirm your realtor account. When the system matches a user with an appropriate MLS listing, a confirmation letter will be sent. Follow the link inside to move on to the next stage.

Choosing a Domain

You will not be able to choose or edit the layout until you select a domain name. It also looks very strange if compared to other website builders, which lets users dive deep into the editing process and link a domain only when publishing a website.

The system will automatically generate several name options based on the info provided (name, city, and other data). Once you have found the one that suits you the most, click on the “Make it Mine!” button and wait until the domain is registered.

You probably think, “This is it! Now I can create a website!”. Again, no. Once the domain registration has been completed, you receive a confirmation letter with the link that will eventually take you inside the Website Builder. The process is as overwhelming and time-consuming as it sounds. But is it worth it? Let’s have a look inside the website builder.

Theme Editing

Selecting a theme is the first and foremost step of the website building process. You will see all layout options inside the dashboard in the left sidebar. Each theme comes with an instant preview, which is pretty convenient although the selection of templates is very limited. Besides, all of them have almost similar structure and elements.

Listingvillage theme editing

Once you have selected a theme, you may edit homepage custom fields. It is not much you can do about the website design. Users may upload a logo, type in the website name, change banner sizes, edit text colors, indicate contact data to be displayed on site, etc. Then you can go to the property card and add properties there.

Adding properties is the same as working with an elementary product page. To have the object displayed, users need to indicate realtors’ contact info, download property profile, and add CTA block. There is a gallery where you may add images, direction, and mapping sections. Everything is very simple here.

Listingvillage edit fields

Your website is almost ready to go. The final stage is to work with map settings and add custom locations. Both processes will be described in the Features & Flexibility section.

Listing Village
  • Simple website editing.
  • Intuitive dashboard.
  • Inline domain registration.

Features and Flexibility

As we have mentioned earlier, Listing Village is a narrow-oriented real estate website builder. Users should not expect advanced (or at least minor) SEO settings, custom widgets, endless integration capabilities, etc. The platform has a limited niche-oriented set of tools. But those tools work great.

Map Settings

A vital feature for real estate websites. Users may not just integrate mobile-friendly maps with properties listed in the dropdown menu but also organize locations choosing the one to start the list. Realtors may choose a city they want to be the starting point as well as the way all properties are displayed (with or without price tags).

Listingvillage map setting

Besides, users will have access to a huge collection of custom icons. They can be used to mark some of the properties and other website elements, identify specific areas and zones on the map, highlight infrastructure around the property, etc.

Listingvillage map setting

Adding Custom Locations

Listing Village makes it easy to add custom locations that are not specified by the MLS list. The functionality is very easy. You only need to define a zone within the given neighborhood, draw out the area, and add it to the list. Users will find the necessary tools to manage custom locations (add, delete, reset or save).

Listingvillage adding custom location

Realtor’s Dashboard

A feature to track monthly or weekly stats including customers’ engagement, total views, and visitors. Realtors can monitor each property separately as well as observe total stats within a needed period. The dashboard depicts customers who have interacted with a given property featuring their contact details and the ability to share some of the locations directly from the dashboard.

Listingvillage realtors dashboard

Homebuyer Management

The tool comes as a part of the integrated CRM. It improves contact management and makes it simple to create customers’ referral networks. It all starts with adding a new homebuyer – the one who has ever engaged with your website or property.

The card includes contact info, details, and simple means to stay in touch. Website owners will be able to track homebuyer’s visiting sessions, track the alerts, and observe homes added to their favorites.

Listingvillage homebuyer management

Social Media Sharing

With this platform, realtors will be able to share properties on social media. The key benefit here is that users can share not just a single location but a list of around 4 featured properties that meet homebuyers’ preferences. The software will automatically generate the property social preview as well as let you share it on other social platforms including Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Listingvillage social media sharing

Listing Village
  • Advanced map settings.
  • Homebuyers management.
  • Tools to add custom locations.

Design & Templates

There is not much we can assay about Listing Village design. It does have several good-looking templates. But they are all almost the same. The main downside is that users have little to cope with that. You should not expect advanced web design or customization tools. The platform was developed to create real estate sites in minutes (not mentioning the registration process).

Listingvillage templates

To be frank, the mockups are not as bad. Each theme refers to a particular design style. They are mobile-friendly with all the necessary features already on-page. Who is to blame that realtors do not need many of them? Certainly, not Listing Village.

Listing Village
  • Responsive template design.
  • Integrated CRM features.
  • Free access to all themes.

Customer Support

Listing Village boasts great customer support. Although there is no demo version to test the platform, video tutorials teach a user literally every small thing from how to sign in to steps when adding custom locations. The video knowledge base is tremendous with different sections including:

  • Website Editing;
  • Dashboard and Featured Listing;
  • Social sharing, homebuyers management, and more.

A Live Chat feature is the second way to get in touch. Besides, users may contact the support team by phone or via email. The platform boasts a growing Facebook community as well

Listingvillage customer support

Listing Village
  • Collection of video tutorials.
  • Live Chat And phone.
  • Ticketing system and facebook community.

Plans & Pricing: How Much Does Listing Village Cost?

Does Listing Village have a free trial? Yes, it does. But the free trial is not actually free, as you will still need to provide your billing info. So, the system will redeem funds from the card without notifying. As for the paid version, the subscription will cost you $49 including all software features, domain, hosting + $10 for the Facebook ad campaign.

Real Listing Village Website Examples

Real Estate Agency

Real Estate Agency

Property Search Website

Property Search Website

Listing Village Review Conclusion

Listing Village is a narrow-niche website builder. It servers realtors when creating user-friendly and functional real estate website builders. Although the software does not provide users with enough SEO instruments, web design or customization tools, it serves its task well.

Users will appreciate an easy editing process without coding skills. The system makes property adding and management some while integrated CRM can let you make the most of your contact list and referral network. The price looks pretty affordable if we compare Listing Village with other real estate website builders. However, you may still find a more flexible and cheaper solution in the face of Wix (the easiest website builder for any purpose) or WordPress (open-source CMS with endless web design and integration capabilities).

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