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List of Website Builders

There are several options to start a quality and feature-rich website. If you need a simple yet functional tool to help you get started with your project, picking a website builder will be the best solution.

Website builders target diverse user audiences, being a niche choice for beginners and web design experts. They work great for all types of websites – you can choose between all-in-one platforms that can be used for any kind of project and specialized website builders, which are applicable in a certain niche (portfolios, blogs, eCommerce sites etc.). Whether you are an individual working on your own website or an agency involved in the development of projects for clients, you will be able to find a system that absolutely complies with your web development needs. You just need to be aware of the available options to adopt the right solution. Reviewed below are the best website builders and CMS available in the contemporary web design market. The choice is really extensive, so, take your time to explore all the tools.

The list of web design tools look impressive. It’s time to review each of them below.


Wordpress Main

WordPress is the world-popular Content Management System, which is rightfully considered the best in its niche. The software stands out from the crowd due to its powerful plugin integration options, deep design customization solutions and availability of free/paid templates to meet any budget and specialization. The use of WordPress requires coding background and web design expertise.

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HostGator Main

HostGator is a simple DIY website builder, which comes with a convenient drag-and-drop editor, easy design customization tools and integrated hosting solutions. Coding knowledge is not a must here as the web design process is intuitive and understandable. Gator lets you set up and manage eCommerce and business projects, blogs and landing pages with regard to your niche specialization. Currently, the website builder is unavailable for new signups. Registered users, however, may keep using the service as required.

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Webcom Main is a popular website builder, which also offers integrated hosting solutions. It allows starting blogs, business projects, blogs and quality digital stores. The system wins user attention due to its stunning collection of responsive custom made themes, powerful marketing tools, extensive social media sharing options, blogging platform and intelligible editing interface understandable to everyone.

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Squarespace Main

Squarespace is a functional website builder, which lets everyone create feature-laden and visually appealing websites. The system boasts powerful in-house eCommerce and blogging options, multiple responsive and fully-customizable templates, Unfold Storytelling tool and nice integrations. It works best for commercial projects, restaurant/cafe websites, wedding sites, portfolios and web stores.


Shopify Main

Shopify is the best and the most functional eCommerce software, which delivers exceptional functionality. It comes with niche-specific templates developed for all types of web stores, numerous integrations, product/order management options, payment solutions and enhanced security features. This lets you set up small-to-large web stores with advanced eCommerce tools.

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Site123 Main

SITE123 is an easy-to-use responsive website builder, which is used to start quality web projects for commercial and non-commercial use. The software initially targets non-techies yet it has much to offer to web design experts. No web design expertise is needed to work with the system - so intuitive and simple it is for everyone. SITE123 comes with multilingual support, rich selection of responsive templates, versatile design customization options, integrable plugins and reasonable pricing policy to fit any budget.

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Webflow Main

Webflow is a professional cloud website builder, which was created with the needs and skills of web design pros in mind. The software encompasses some of the features of a CMS, making it possible to set up and customize high end responsive and pixel-perfect websites. With Webflow, you will have control over the main steps of the web design process, SEO options and project management features.

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Wix Main

Wix is the best all-in-one cloud website builder, which makes it possible to start all types of web projects, ranging from simple landing pages and up to small/medium online stores. The system works equally well for non-techies as well as for web design pros as it does not require coding proficiency. Wix comes with an Artificial Intelligence feature, impressive collection of free mobile-ready templates, abundance of design customization tools, intuitive drag-and-drop editor, integrable widgets and affordable pricing.

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uKit Main

uKit is a simple DIY website builder, the initial sphere of application of which goes down to the development of small business websites. The system grants access to multiple widgets, dozens of free responsive themes, integrated eCommerce and blogging engines, and powerful design customization tools. No programming knowledge is required to run websites with the platform as it offers a slight learning curve for newbies.

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IM Creator (XPRS)

IM Creator Main

IM Creator (XPRS) is a feature-rich block-based website builder, which encompasses ease of use and convenience that do not compromise with powerful integrated functionality. The system is known for its extensive use of Polydoms - content blocks that make up website structure, blogging and eCommerce engines, and free responsive designs. It is absolutely free for non-commercial projects and it also offers a cost-effective plan for business projects.


Powerful eCommerce platform with extensive web store development settings and a range of subscriptions to choose from. Nice pick for non-techies and web design pros.


Powerful drag-and-drop engine to start WordPress themes with no coding required. Integrates with WooCommerce. Expensive pricing policy.

Hostinger Website Builder (ex.Zyro)

All-in-one responsive website builder with AI technologies, user-friendly interface and rich template collection. Reasonable pricing. No programming knowledge required.

Adobe Portfolio

Free portfolio website builder, which targets beginners and web design professionals. Integrates with Behance. Free for Creative Cloud users.


Downloadable software for Mac, which works best for portfolios, promo websites and landing pages. Requires deep coding expertise. No separate version for Windows.

Zoho Sites

Modern website builder, which is provided as a part of Zoho corporation product list. Comes with responsive designs, team collaboration support and HTMl/CSs editing options.


Specialized website builder for musicians created for everyone willing to run a feature-rich music website. Offers beginner-friendly tools, rich choice of responsive niche-specific templates, integrated eCommerce engine and code editing options.


Free web page builder designed for WordPress, which requires download and installation. Compatible with all WP themes, allows for third-party integrations.


Free multipurpose website builder with unlimited design customization options and module-based structure. Requires coding proficiency.


Website builder for creatives and entrepreneurs, which offers professional templates, Logo and Landing Page Maker, high end designer tools. Works well for beginners and web design pros.

Big Cartel

Powerful eCommerce website builder that targets photographers, artists, creatives and entrepreneurs. Free Gold plan to test the system.


All-in-one website builder that enconpasses CMS and project management features. Offers extensive collaboration options, White Label Solution and reasonable pricing.


Downloadable desktop software to create new websites and edit the existing ones. Provides control over the page source code. Comes with Bootstrap, foundation and WordPress support.

Microsoft Website Builder

User-friendly website builder to develop simple websites from scratch. Included into the Microsoft marketing ecosystem. Absolutely free for everyone.


Easy and functional website builder created for all user categories, which allows starting any projects in minutes. Reasonable pricing, abundance of integrated features.


One of the first website builders introduced to the market, which is easy-to-use yet offers code editing options. Allows starting 2 websites for free.


Specialized website builder for artists and creatives. Allows building impressive portfolio projects, blogs and business websites. Integrated eCommerce engine. Multiple third-party integrations.


Cloud website builder for business, content-based and eCommerce projects. Multilingual support. Free everlasting plan.

Google Sites

Easy and website builder to start simple projects for personal use. Included into GSuite package. Integrate with Google My Business.


Cloud website builder with a strong eCommerce focus, which follows the “box” model structure and allows for CSS code editing. Free plan included.


Cross-channel eCommerce platform, which includes automated built-in product management options and multiple tools to complete merchant tasks.


Professional self-hosted portfolio website builder powered by WordPress that grants full access to the web page source code. Lifetime license.


Specialized free portfolio website builder suitable for entrepreneurs and creatives. eCommerce functionality included.


Online lightbox and landing page builder developed to meet the needs of agencies, online merchants, marketers, independent entrepreneurs. Three plan categories.


Modern software to start optimized landing pages, pop-ups and AMPs. Smart Traffic AI-drive technology. Integrated A/B testing and reporting features.


Professional portfolio website builder with a high end eCommerce functionality. Works great for photographs, artists and creatives. Rich integrated image gallery, easy photo management and multiple add-ons.


Drag-and-drop photography website builder, which can also be used for small business project creation. WP blogging support. Separate plans for standard websites and blogs.


Feature-rich photography website builder, which allows creating galleries and selling works online. Code-free web design approach. Lightroom plugin integration.


Cloud eCommerce web design software that allows selling digital and physical products via multiple channels. Multiple apps and integrations. Two pricing models.


WYSIWYG website builder to create longreads and landing pages, which initially targets journalists, storytellers and marketing experts. Integrated Zeroblock section builder. Free plan available.


Full-cycle web design platform for entrepreneurs and merchants willing to increase their sales and profits. Comes with a landing page builder, A/B testing, reporting and tracking tools.


Super-easy free website builder with AI Design Supervisor to develop quality small business projects. Blogging/eCommerce support. Allows starting quality projects in around 1 hour.


Self-hosted all-in-one eCommerce software for online merchants. Works best for the development of digital stores, marketing/product campaigns, catalogues. Two payment options.

Tailor Brands

Website development and promotion platform with integrated AI logo maker, which is created for inexperienced users. Affordable pricing tag.


Free module-based offline website builder developed for Windows, Android and Mac. Great for starting landing pages and promo websites. Requires preliminary download.


Comprehensive photography website builder, which encompasses a website builder, photo archive and storage facilities. No coding required.

WYSIWYG Web Builder

Simple desktop website builder used to set up HTML and jQuery-powered small business projects with no deep tech skills required. Requires download. Lifetime licensed copy.


All-in-one eCommerce platform with integrable modules, marketing tools and CRM for small and medium businesses. Subscriptions for all web store sizes.

Web design software with Artificial Intelligence support, which lets users create quality projects with no technical background at all. Works best for small business websites, eCommerce projects and blogs.

Contemporary intelligent website builder with blogging and eCommerce features. Express and traditional website editing options. Free starter plan.


World-popular service that includes a website builder, hosting and domain name providers in one place. Works best for business projects. Online bookings and Insight feature included.


Intuitive and easy-to-use website builder, offering two design editing options to match diverse web design skills. These are Jimdo Dolphin AI tool and Classic Editor. Free basic account.


Specialized portfolio website builder, which is a great pick for creatives, photographers, illustrators, models, artists etc. Blogging/eCommerce included. No coding required.


Drag-and-drop website builder, which is used to launch different types of websites. USes advanced design customization approaches, offers blogging/eCommerce functionality. One premium subscription.


Free WordPress-optimized platform with a handy drag-and-drop editor. No hosting and domain included. Compatible with all WP plugins and themes.


Quality drag-and-drop web design platform with hosting and domain available in one pack. SimpleStore and WebListings features. Coding proficiency is not a must here.


Simple, logically-structured and feature-laden website builder, which targets beginners and web design pros. Works well for all types of web projects. Free never-expiring ad-supported version.


Responsive website builder delivering a range of features and tools out-of-the-box. Third-party widget integration. Limited template collection.


A popular drag-and-drop website builder with multiple design customization options. InSite tool, multi language support, blogging/eCommerce included. Allows for team collaboration. A set of paid eCommerce add-ons.


DIY website builder for personal and business project development. Can be equally used by beginners and web design pros. Freemium reasonable-priced platform.


SaaS eCommerce website builder, which allows selling digital and physics goods online. Rich set of niche-specific features and templates. Custom tailored enterprise package.


Free and easy to use eCommerce marketplace, which allows selling handmade items. Nice pick for independent merchants. No web design expertise required.


SaaS eCommerce platform suitable for the development of standalone web stores and managing integrated digital shops. Multilingual support. Free plan to sell up to 10 products.


One of the most renowned payment processing platforms, which delivers high end merchant solutions to sell products online and offline. Includes a powerful POS solution. Free plan available.


Feature-laden free cloud web design framework to develop business websites, applications and startups. Integrated UI builder, plugins and add-ons. No programming expertise required.


Modern open-source CMS used to start new forums from scratch and to connect them to existing websites. Multilanguage support. Free for everyone.


WordPress theme builder that allows creating all types of templates to fit various niches. Customizable blocks. Two pricing options.


Open-source shopping cart software for quality eCommerce projects. Free plan with unlimited number of products to add.

Adobe Muse

Desktop web design software that targets professional designers, who have an intention to work in a code-free environment. Included into Adobe Creative package. Free for CC users.


Downloadable template creation software with no programming skills required. Compatible with major CMS. Free download.


Free all-in-one mobile-based CMS, which stands out from the crowd due to its extensive plugin integration options and functionality needed to start small-to-large web projects. Requires coding skills and web design background.


Open-source CMS, which has a module-based structure and works well for web design experts. Complicated for beginners. Free to download yet requires hosting/domain name purchase.


Free open-source CMS, which offers powerful design customization and integration options. Two website editing modes for beginners and web design pros. Requires installation and web design proficiency.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Offline web development platform used to start all types of offline applications and websites. Included into the Creative Cloud service package. Personal and enterprise plans.


One of the most popular CMS platforms delivering a broad range of features and integration capabilities for eCommerce website development. Requires programming proficiency and exploration. Free to download and install.


World-popular WordPress shopping cart plugin with extensive eCommerce creation features and integration capabilities. Free and easy to set up.


Company providing a broad range of web design and business marketing services. Helps entrepreneurs promote their businesses on the web. Partners with Webs website builder.

It’s no surprise that the list of popular website builders, CMS and special services is quite extensive and versatile. The systems differ in their specialization, complexity, applicability, cost and integrated functionality. Whatever web design aspirations and goals you have and whatever type of business you run, you will surely find the platform to come up to your needs, skills, requirements, niche specialization and budget.