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Liquid Web Review

Liquid Web Review

Liquid Web – is a perfect hosting platform to manage a single website or multiple projects at the same time. The company delivers fully managed server solutions featuring close-to-perfect uptime and overall performance. The services will fit both websites and applications. The system is compatible with major CMS offering WordPress-optimized packages, WooCommerce managed server options and more. A variety of customizable plans designed to meet individual and enterprise needs.

The platform delivers a set of features available in each of its server clusters. The good news is that the system automatically takes care of technical issues with no need to manage them manually. Additional server configuring or fine-tuning is not necessary as well. The only downside is the lack of shared hosting solutions. On the other hand, customers will benefit from powerful dedicated, cloud and VPS servers in addition to CMS capabilities, site migration, etc.

Liquid Web
  • Fully-Managed hosting.
  • 30,000 of customers.
  • 1 million sites powered.

Pros and Cons

The company offers multiple solutions for various projects. If you want to sell online, the system has a managed WooCommerce server option. Besides, it is compatible with major apps and CMS platforms including a variety of managed WP-optimized plans.

Despite the fact, there is no custom website builder like in other hosting providers, users will appreciate staging site features with a chance to create a test project and see how it will run in real life. To manage the hosting tools, you may use a custom control panel also known as Plesk. It is intuitive and user-friendly enough although customizing servers and assets might take some time.

The key benefit here is that you get hosting without actually traffic limits in addition to flawless uptime, fast server response, and high enough loading speed.

Liquid Web Pros:
Liquid Web Cons:
Good Performance – the platform guarantees 99.9% uptime in addition to unlimited traffic for all hosted projects.
Brilliant Speed – Liquid Web is built on PHP 7 and Nginx with the aim of delivering maximum website speed and performance.
Managed Hosting – it means that the platform solely takes care of system and plugin updates, installation, configuration, etc.
WP-Optimized Hosting – the feature comes with seamless WordPress installation, custom control panel, automatic plugin updates, and optimized servers.
Site Staging – test your website before the deployment. Check all the features using the staging site option within the WP-managed portal.
Limited Shared Hosting Options – the platform is mainly focused on delivering cloud, VPS, and dedicated server solutions for maximum performance.
No Custom Website Builder – it is mainly a drawback for those who look for an all-in-one solution. Others will benefit from 100% WordPress and other CMS compatibility.
Price – some plans seem to be a bit more expensive than on average.

Despite some small cons, Liquid Web is certainly a good solution for those who look for maximum capacity and website performance. Now, let’s have a closer look at some of the core features the platform has under the hood.

Liquid Web
  • 5 data centers globally.
  • 50+ specialists ready to help.
  • Enhanced customer loyalty.

Hosting Features

All platform features are mainly focused on WordPress optimization. The company has developed its custom managed hosting ecosystem specially designed for projects powered by WP and some other CMS. So, the features are mainly associated with auto plugin updates, system backups, enhanced performance, speed, and other crucial parameters.

  • All-in-One WordPress Solution – the integration includes not only seamless CMS installation but also some pre-installed themes, automatic plugin updates, and extra functionality. In other words, you only need to pick a proper plan, choose a theme, and start creating new posts, pages, etc. The system will automatically provide you with the latest Plugin and PHP versions.
  • Plugin and PHP

  • Great Performance – Liquid Web uses Nexcess – a high-performance platform developed to boost website speed. In addition, the hosting platform itself uses PHP 7 version along with Nginx. Users will also appreciate some vital extras that include image compression, performance configurations, and more.
  • Developer-Friendly Servers – Liquid Web ensures direct developers’ access by means of tools that include WP-CLI, Git, and SSH.
  • iThemes Sync Pro – the feature makes it easy for users to manage all their projects from a single location. The system informs on website status, SEO stats, and analytics. Besides, you will always be able to track the uptime rate as well as possible downsides right from the dashboard.
  • Managed WooCommerce Hosting – the solution was designed to meet eCommerce needs with fast-loading stores, performance tests, and pre-installed Jilt – one of the most effective tools to prevent cart abandonment.

We should also add website migration support, free domain transfer, digital store management systems for eCommerce projects, support for responsive themes, and more. Despite the fact, some plans only seem to be expensive, they are literally packed with amazing features you will certainly need in the long run.

Liquid Web
  • Managed hosting for WooCommerce.
  • Improved website performance.
  • iThemes Sync Pro in each plan.


The latest tests have shown that Liquid Web is faster than 91% of other platforms available on the web. We have already mentioned the fact that the company guarantees 99.999% of uptime in addition to 2X RAM for dedicated server users.

The Pingdom tests have shown A-level performance letting the system score 99 out of 100. Such results were mainly achieved thanks to SSD storage technologies and effective server optimization. The average load time is 220 ms without installing additional caching plugins or apps. Liquid Web is the platform built using advanced technologies that include PHP 7, Nginx, SSL, etc.

Liquid Web
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee.
  • SSD storage technologies.
  • PHP 7 + Nginx.

Website Building

Apart from some other hosting providers, Liquid Web does not have its custom website builder to create and host sites at the same time. However, it has an exclusive site-staging feature that actually lets you run your website in the test mode and check how it will run.

The option can be enabled within the WordPress portal where users get a chance to create a test site version. It includes not only theme installation but also plugin activation, web design customization, add-ons settings, etc. In other words, you may create a fully-featured project and go live to see how users will engage.

WP application

As a developer, you actually get the same functionality as with the already deployed website. The system makes it possible to make necessary changes. Users may modify the projects with access to SFTP/SSH file management routes. As a result, you will see all the updates and changes in real-time before the site has been rolled out.

To make the use of the site-staging feature, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the WordPress Manage portal.
  2. Click on the “Manage Site” button.
  3. Select the website copy you want to stage.
  4. Copy the live site to the staging process.
  5. Link the domain to the site copy and go live.

Now, you are free to work on the staging site and make all the needed changes in real-time. Keep in mind that the local team additionally handles free website migration and domain transfer services.

Liquid Web
  • Simple site staging.
  • Free website migration.
  • Domain transfer at zero cost.


Liquid Web has developed a full-cycle security system that covers all website issues. From CDN protection and DDoS attack prevention to automatic backups, updates, and data protection – all security features are included in each plan at no extra cost.

The platform’s security package includes:

  • VPN and Firewall Integration – servers are protected from any digital threat. The system constantly works on malicious code detection and prevention.
  • DDoS Protection – Liquid Web uses advanced tools to mitigate traffic and prevent servers from unexpected DDoS attacks.
  • Data Protection – the feature includes sensitive user’s data protection if you create websites for customers. Besides, hardened configurations ensure OS modifications in addition to servers’ compatibility and optimization.

Unlike most of the company’s main competitors, Liquid Web additionally delivers log storage and Storage Area Network (SAN) to keep your website assets safe.

Liquid Web
  • CDN protection.
  • DDoS prevention and monitoring.
  • SAN and storage log.

Customer Support

The local expert team promises assistance on all stages of the hosting process starting from website migration to website maintenance and support. Managers are available round-the-clock. Besides, the company guarantees 60-second initial assistance with further detailed support when using instant ways to get in touch.

Customers can opt for several major ways to get in touch:

  • Live Chat – there are two types of Live Chat to access. The first one is the fastest way to get in touch. However, you will initially talk to a bot when specifying the issue. The second one is the “Chat to Human” option. It requires more time to get the answer although you will be able to specify the question right at once. That may save you time.
  • Phone – users may choose for two phone numbers available for US-based and international residents.
  • Help Desk – a simple way to submit a ticket with a detailed description of the issue.

Apart from direct contact, Liquid Web customers may take advantage of multiple info resources. They include case studies, extensive knowledge base, custom blog, insights, and more. You are free to visit the company’s webinars online as well.

Liquid Web
  • Comprehensive support center.
  • International phone.
  • Live Chat and Help Desk.

Plans & Pricing

Liquid Web has multiple server packages to offer. The price will mainly depend on the number of projects you want to manage as well as the required performance. We recommend starting with 3 major managed WordPress hosting to check how the system works. The plans are as follows:

  • Spark costs $19 per month for a single website with 15 GB of storage and 5 TB bandwidth.
  • Maker costs $79 per month for up to 5 websites and 3 T bandwidth.
  • Builder costs $149 per month to manage up to 25 projects simultaneously with 100 GB of storage and 5 TB of bandwidth.

Companies looking for more resources may choose form 3 expanded WordPress server plan: Producer ($299/mo), Executive ($549/mo), and Enterprise ($999/mo). Dedicated server solutions start at $119 per month and may go up to $549 for a monthly subscription.

Liquid Web
  • Money-back guarantees.
  • Discounts and promo coupons.
  • Separate hosting solutions and server clusters.


Liquid Web – is a managed hosting provider that ensures enhanced performance and website speed. It is certainly not an entry-level solution. In other words, if you want to host a blog, portfolio or one-page business site, you’d better opt for a simpler and less expensive platform.

On the other hand, high quality always comes at a high price. With Liquid Web, you may count on a full pack of security and performance features to ensure maximum resourcefulness. The platform might be a good pick for huge companies with multiple projects as well as professional developers creating sites for their customers. Huge online marketplaces and complex digital stores will also appreciate available managed server solutions.

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