Link Whisper Review

Link Whisper Plugin Review

Link Whisper – is a WordPress plugin to make internal link management faster and easier. The AI-driven tool is able to automatically create internal links for the posts to let the website benefit from higher ranks on search engines. The plugin comes as a simple and intuitive solution to implement powerful SEO improvements without special skills or knowledge.

The plugin uses artificial intelligence to provide contextual suggestions on where to add the anchor. In other words, it can analyze the post content and define the best way to create internal links that will be useful for both readers and search engine bots. Apart from instant suggestions and automated adding, the tool comes with link editing and managing instruments.

Is it really worth using? How can it help to improve website SEO? Stay tuned to learn more from our review.

Pros and Cons

Link Whisper is a cool plugin but it is hardly a magic stick or an ultimate solution for all internal SEO issues. Besides, you are not supposed to use it as a stand-alone optimization tool despite the features it delivers. But it will certainly make sense when used together with other essential instruments.

Link Whisper pros:
Link Whisper Cons:
Automated Link Building – the system automatically adds internal inbound links, analyzes the post content, and provides suggestions.
AI-Driven Technologies – the plugin uses artificial intelligence to explore the content and come up with generic anchor suggestions.

Improved Ranks – using internal links is important to boost search engine ranks. With Link Whisper, the process is faster and simpler for newbies.
100% Compatibility – the tool can be used with different WP themes. Also, it works great together with WooCommerce, Gutenberg, Kadence Blocks, and more.
Ease of Use – from the installation process to internal link management, website owners will hardly find it difficult to use the plugin.
Analytics & Reports – the plugin comes with the dashboard to track all crucial link stats in one place.
In some cases, the plugin may suggest content links on the ages you do not want to have them. For instance, an anchor may appear on the homepage.
Sometimes, automated suggestions look not as generic and relevant as you want them to be.
Inability to add links to suggestions manually.
Technical issues when used with some WP-oriented page builders like Thrive Architect and some others.

What Is Link Whisper for?

So, the plugin helps to add internal links and make the content more user- and SEO-friendly. But who may actually need it?

First of all, Link Whisper will work fine for small business owners and content marketers who want to drive more traffic to their websites. Secondly, it may be useful for bloggers and content-based site owners who use search engine optimization to boost traffic for further monetization.

The main benefit is that you are not supposed to be an SEO guru or have expertise in working with search engines. The plugin is very easy to install, configure, and manage. We have a tool that might be good for beginners who launch a new site from scratch or want to improve the existing one with the help of internal links.

How Internal Links Help to Improve Your Website

What are internal links and how can they help? Anyone has heard the term despite SEO background. Internal links appear to be one of the most powerful tools when it comes to website optimization. It makes the content more useful for the reader and works practically the same way as we used to cite sources in the bibliography section for various academic tasks in high school or college.

So, when we say “internal links” we mean links that put inside of your web pages. In other words, we have a page that contains a hyperlink to another page located on the same domain. While backlinking is the major instrument for the majority of online projects today, internal links are often underused and underestimated, which is wrong, and here is why:

  • Improved Navigation for Readers – internal links help to create a reader’s path guiding them from one target page to another. Besides, taking the reader to another relevant page improves key SEO metrics
  • Website Architecture – internal links might appear to be a strong foundation for the website. They offer users an outline with all needed info to search in one place.
  • Better Google SERPs Rank – let’s say, you have one page that boasts high SERP ranks. Internal links will let you spread equity to other pages as well.
  • Better Google Crawling – if you have a complex website with numerous sections and constantly updated content, Google bots cam miss some of the pages (or visit them rarely). Internal links help them understand the website content better and find pages hid deeper inside the website architecture.

Now when we know how internal links may help, let’s get back to Link Whisper plugin and see how it works.

Ease of Use

The tool does not require special knowledge. Users with no SEO or technical skills can make the most of automated internal link building. To start using the plugin, you only need to purchase the official license and have it activated in your WordPress dashboard.

Plugin Activation

As we have mentioned earlier, the first thing you need to do is to buy a paid license. Unfortunately, Link Whisper does not offer a free trial version of free subscription. You will have to go through the checkout process right at once. Simply pick a plan that meets your needs and press “Get Started”.

Get Started

On the checkout age, you will be asked to provide personal and billing info. Users may choose from a debit/credit card or PayPal option to complete the purchase. After you are done with that stage, you will get access to a zip file. Download it. We will need it further along with the license key.

The next stage is to install and activate the plugin. Go to your WordPress dashboard and that click on “Plugins” – “Upload Plugins”. Now, you need to upload a zip file we have downloaded earlier. To complete the setup, enter the activation license key. Now you may enter the plugin Reports and Settings section in your WP dashboard.

Add Plugin

Adding Internal Links

Ready? From now, you may use the plugin to add internal links. All you need is to:

  1. Create a new post or page. Note: do not publish it! You are supposed only to add content and save the page as a Draft.
  2. The system will automatically examine your site content and generate suggestions. Scroll the page down to the section with Link Whisper suggestions and select the links you would like to have on the page.
  3. Publish the post or page.

The process is very intuitive and simple. No manual settings are necessary while some of the features might require a deeper engagement.

Feature Set

As we said earlier, Link Whisper is not a magic plugin that will manage all internal optimization for you. It has a few features that focused mainly on automated link building and reporting. Experienced users will also appreciate some extra options that may come in handy.

Automated Suggestions

The plugin comes as a smart AI-based instrument analyzes the page content and starts suggesting relevant links once you have started writing the post or article. The number of suggested links will depend on the total volume of the content the number of website pages, their relevance, etc. All suggestions will appear in the separate box. You may choose links you like and press “Save”.

Auto-Linking Feature

Auto Linking

A great tool for those who want to create internal links based on the required keywords. All you need is to type on the key phrase for the future link and specify the page it will forward readers to. The plugin will find all previous keyword mentioning and generate the link automatically.

Reporting & Stats

Reporting and Stats

The plugin comes with a spate dashboard where you may track all stats and keep all internal links under control. Moreover, the feature provides a total website overview in addition to both internal and external link volumes for each separate article page or blog post. Reporting includes insights about possible errors as well as broken links.

Broken Links Editing

Apart from detecting broken links and 404 pages, the plugin allows you to edit or remove them easily.

Customer Support

Link Whisper has its customer support team. Users will benefit from a comprehensive help center with dozens of video tutorials. They cover every aspect of using the plugin from activating it inside WordPress to reports overview methods, ways to add links by keywords, etc.

Link Whisper Support

Additionally, there is a separate support page where you can contact Link Whisper representatives directly. On this page, you also find a brief FAQ section with a commonly asked question. The official plugin website has a blog with some valuable information that might also help.

Plans & Pricing: How Much Does Link Whisper Cost?

Users may choose from 3 different packages. They all come with the same feature set. The price will differ depending on the number of websites you need to apply. The packages include:

  • Single Site License costing $52 per year.
  • 3 Site License costing $92 per year.
  • 10 Site License costing $142 per year.

Users are billed annually until the license is canceled. All plans come with smart reporting and automated link suggestions.


Link Whisper Review Conclusion

Link Whisper is a worthy plugin to improve website SEO. It comes as a fast and simple instrument to add internal links without special knowledge or skills. On the one hand, it helps to create user-friendly and engaging content. On the other hand, your site is better ranked on search engines.

Apart from great features the plugin delivers, it is not an ultimate solution. It should be used accurately, as some small downsides still occur. Moreover, too much of the internal link building is not good. Keep your links relevant and do not add too many of them to avoid spammy pages.

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