Landingi One Page Builder Review

Landingi – is an online landing page and lightbox builder. It was designed to meet the needs of agencies, marketers, online merchants, independent entrepreneurs, and others. It comes as an easy-to-use comprehensive lead generation instrument that works with numerous third-party services and products. It makes it possible for users to launch and run effective marketing campaigns, track the stats, conduct automated A/B testing for maximum efficiency, and create stylish landing pages that drive traffic.

The platform comes with an integrated editor that helps to create new landing pages, customize user acquisition forms, build popups, and more. Beginners will find it easy to work with drag-and-drop functionality as well as the ability to create a new page from the ground or customize any of the existing templates. On the one hand, Landingi looks like a comprehensive marketing tool. On the other hand, as a landing page builder, it may lack some core features.

Besides, the price may overwhelm you until you dive deep into features delivered out of the box. This is what we are going to do right now to decide if the service is worth paying those dollars.

  • Simple landing page builder.
  • More than 300 pre-designed layouts.
  • Over 40 third-party services to integrate.

1. Pros and Cons

With all ease of use delivered by Landingi, some people say it may be a bit complex to work with. We know that it uses the drag-and-drop functionality but the dashboard itself is a bit confusing with the need to switch between different screens all the time when managing various assets. The rest looks pretty good.

All-in-one landing page builder with hosting and domain included.
Comprehensive marketing tool with reporting feature and lead monitoring.
Automated and configurable A/B testing function.
Drag-and-drop page builder.
Form building and customization instruments.
Mobile editing function.
A selection of ready-made templates.
Expanded integration options.
The plans are too expensive.
The core features rely on third-party products and services.
Page and content management may seem to be a bit complex at first.
No pre-designed sections.
  • A simple tool for marketers and merchants.
  • Multiple editing and customization options.
  • Good for newbies with no coding skills.

2. What Is It Good for?

The software was designed to build multi-purpose landing pages and run campaigns independently. It lets users generate required clients’ data, build mailing lists, generate leads, and drive traffic to the major website, products, or services. As a result, Landingi may serve various needs when used by small and medium marketing agencies, small business owners, online merchants who run digital stores, marketing experts, and big enterprises.

With more than 300 different templates for landing pages and popups in addition to 40+ third-party integration options, the platform will meet the needs of individuals and companies representing a variety of fields from eCommerce and finance to software development, real estate, insurance, marketing, and advertising. Tutors and coaches may also use it to bring more traffic to online lessons, workshops, and other kinds of educational events.

Let’s have a look at several landing pages built with Landingi. Each represents different fields to show how flexible the petform can be and how it meets the needs of various users.

1. Switchboard


Switchboard is a comprehensive tool to help live streamers create engaging content and promote it across multiple channels. They used Landingi to increase conversions and drive more target audiences to the product. here we can see CTA buttons, testimonials, partners’ icons, pricing tables, and a comprehensive FAQ section. The page has everything a user might need to make a decision.

2. Cisco Partners

Cisco Partners

The company made a name to itself with state-of-the-art cloud-base solutions and applications for business. This time they used Landingi to create a page for the Webex Calling app and boost customers’ awareness. The page highlights the main benefits and reasons to use the product. It features a simple but engaging structure supported by integrated introduction videos.

3. SkinTight


The company offers a range of health and skincare products. Developers created a bright and capturing landing page to promote some of them with “before and after” photos, engaging video ads, product specifications and characteristics, etc. Despite the fact the page may seem to be a bit too bright it is very informative with all required product info described in detail along with its benefits, usage, refund policy highlights, and more.

3. Ease of Use

Users will have a chance to test the platform free for 14 days. The free trial provides access to all core features that will let you decide if the product fits your needs. To get started at zero cost, you will need to sign in first. It is possible to register with a valid Google account or by providing a business name and email.

Landingi start page

At the next stage, you will need to answer a couple of simple questions to specify the industry and who you want to build a landing page for. The system will ask you to indicate the phone number. You may skip this step and add contact information later when building a new page.

Landingi answer the questions

The last thing is to specify the technical background. The system offers three baseline options for beginners (users with no building experience), intermediate (users with some building experience), and expert (users with exceptional building experience). Choose the one that applies to you and the platform will customize the dashboard so that you found it is to work with it.

Landingi describe your level

For beginners, there is a short but comprehensive 2-minute video tutorial to get started. It describes all major points and ways to use Landingi from the ground. Here you will find other guides from a pretty rich video collection with all baseline steps described.

Landingi video tutorial

The last stage is to choose a template for your landing page. Users will have access to more than 300 pre-designed layouts. They refer to various niches and business fields. With a simple navigation system, you may search for the one you need by tag words or by landing page objectives. Some people would rather start building a new page from the blank. Beginners will appreciate a training template where they can figure out how the editor works. We will describe the process in detail a bit further.

Landingi choose template

The last thing you need to do is to give the future project a name, build it, publish and connect a domain to go live.

Landingi connect a domain

  • Video tutorials to get started.
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop builder.
  • A rich collection of templates.

4. Landing Page Editor

Before we dive deep into the building process, the system will ask you to name the landing page. Then, it will take you to the editor that uses drag-and-drop functionality. It means that you are free to create any page structure as well as replace, remove, or rearrange elements wherever you need.

The system offers a variety of editable page elements. They include sections, buttons, forms, images, icons, videos, countdowns, and more. Choose the one you need and hover it to the page where you want it to be located.

Landingi editor

Users can resize each element and edit it. You may copy and paste the text, upload custom images, change form positioning, add video containers, and so on. Building new landing pages is very easy. The only downside is that Landingi users can only add ELEMENTS but not SECTIONS that combine different elements in a single block.

Landingi edit elemet

For example, it is not possible to add an element that would have both a text field and photos. You will need to add them separately to create a complete layout. On the other hand, each element comes with a separate control panel where you may change background colors.

Landingi add text

Mobile Editing

Mobile editing is a worthy feature. The dashboard makes it possible to switch between desktop and smartphone screen editing modes. You will have just the same editing tools with a chance to modify and change some of the page elements as well as see how it looks on mobile devices. The main drawback here is the inability to preview your project on a tablet-size screen, although it is possible to resize the dashboard screen.

Landingi mobile editor

  • Desktop and mobile editing options.
  • A collection of elements to add.
  • Easy to create landing pages and forms.

5. Forms Customization

Landingi does a great job when it comes to forms editing and customization, as they appear to be a crucial tool to generate users’ data or let them sign up for an event, service, or product. All you need is to add a form to the page and configure it.

Form Fields

First of all, users are able to add new fields and name them depending on the information you want to collect using this particular form. It can be a phone number, email, comment, answer to the target question, user’s name, age, and so on.

Landingi form fields

Traffic Redirect

Landingi traffic redirect

Secondly, you are to define the action for the user after he or she fills in the form. The system may forward the audience to the default Thank You page (it is already built-in and can be edited as well inside the dashboard). Another option is to redirect the traffic to another landing page, website, or any other URL.

Third-Party Integration

The platform supports more than 40 different third-party services. Users will be able to integrate popular marketing and advertising instruments to make the most of newsletters, email campaigns, personalized offers, etc. Simply choose the one you need and connect it with a click. Here we have email services like MailChimp and Mailer Lite, lead generation apps (LeadByte, SalesForce, etc.), CRM software, and other products for enhanced user acquisition.

Landingi integration


A simple tool to send automated newsletters and emails. All you need is to configure the form. Add a message title and text in addition to the recipient’s name and email address.

Landingi autoresponder

  • Endless integration opportunities.
  • Expanded features to interact with visitors.
  • Form customization capabilities.

6. Features & Flexibility

As a landing page builder and marketing tool, Landingi offers several extra features to benefit from clear and simple reports in addition to A/B testing and JavaScript code embedding.

Lead Stats

The feature looks a bit primitive. Users will have a chance to see traffic and conversion within a required timeframe. Here you can also track a conversion rate. The main downside is that the tool does not show the most popular traffic channels, session length, page bounce rates, and so on. So, you will need something else to proceed with the in-depth landing page analysis. This is where A/B testing will come in handy.

Landingi lead stats

A/B Testing

It is a simple way to configure the running ad campaign or set up a new one. Users will be able to launch the testing session manually whenever they want. The system also offers automated A/B functionality with an opportunity to have it automatically enabled after a specific amount of visits or conversions.

Landingi A/B testing

Java Code

Those, who crave maximum flexibility, will appreciate the option of adding JavaScript codes. All you need is to give it a name, enter the piece of the code in the space provided, and choose the element positioning and page. No technical skills are needed.

Landingi java code

  • Reports and stat overviews.
  • A/B testing for campaigns.
  • Custom code embendment.

7. Templates & Design

As stated earlier, the system has a big collection of ready-made templates with more than 300 ready-to-use layouts. They refer to various business niches and fields. What’s more, all templates are 100% mobile responsive.

Landingi mobile preview

As for the design options, the platform does not offer many of them with only some baseline tools. For example, users will be able to change typography, set new background colors, change some of the elements’ positioning, etc. Landingi makes it easy to change overall fonts, upload custom ones, or add any of the already existing Google fonts.

Landingi design editor

The great benefit is the custom image library. Here you may choose from various categories including business, nature, electronics, holidays, and many others. Open the collection you want, select an image, and upload it to your page with a click. The feature is free to use.

Landingi add custom image

  • Free and premium templates.
  • Free access to a custom image library.
  • Baseline design and editing instruments.

8. Customer Support

There is a huge Help Center with all baseline areas covered. It describes the building and registration process. Users will find information about available integrations and steps to connect them. You may opt for email or the Live Chat option to get in touch directly with the team representatives.

Landingi customer support

As stated earlier, there is a comprehensive collection of video tutorials with guides and explanations created in a simple and beginner-friendly manner. Also, you can find the local blog pretty helpful as well as some of the published use cases.

  • Video guides and tutorials.
  • A blog with handy articles.
  • Live Chat and ticketing system.

9. Plans & Pricing

Landingi offers three major plan categories. They include Business, Agency, and Enterprise. In each category, you will find three different planes depending on your goals and needs.

Business Plans

This option is mainly for small business owners, small and medium eCommerce projects, individual tutors, coaches, and so on. The three Business Plans are as follows:

  • Automate costs $79 per month for landing pages that expect up to 100 000 unique visitors. The plan includes funnels, autoresponder, and A/B testing.
  • Create starts at $55 per month for email marketing and CRM integration.
  • Core costs $29 per month with baseline features that include free SSL, cloud hosting, limited integrations, access to templates, and a drag-and-drop editor.

All Business plans let you build an unlimited number of landing pages.

Landingi busines plans

Agency Plans

Designed mainly for marketing agencies that require enhanced reporting and analytics functionality. Here we have only two plans that include:

  • Agency $149 per month with 10 extra custom domains, additional accounts for customers, subaccounts, custom images, and priority support.
  • Agency pro costs $245 per month featuring a custom login page, subaccount API, and up to 500 000 unique visitors.

Landingi agency plans

Enterprise Plans

The last category will fit huge enterprises with demand for expanded marketing resources and platform facilities. The category includes only one Enterprise plan that costs from $599. It offers individual terms, enhanced security features, custom implementations, and more. You may add more features as soon as you need them.

Landingi enterprise plan

  • Separate plans for business and agencies.
  • Domain, hosting, and templates included.
  • Customizable plans for enterprises.

10. Landingi Website Examples

After we have learnt how to use Landingi and how the platform may help when building engaging landing pages, let’s have a look at some real-life examples and websites that are already live.

ShopBase - integrated eCommerce tools for online merchants

ShopBase – integrated eCommerce tools for online merchants

Imovirtual - a custom-built registration form

Imovirtual – a custom-built registration form

Raspad - a tablet for Raspberry PI OS

Raspad – a tablet for Raspberry PI OS

Seneca School Analytics - business reporting and analysis tools

Seneca School Analytics – business reporting and analysis tools

SportPese - online sportswear shop

SportPese – online sportswear shop

DataWalk - marketing solutions for business

DataWalk – marketing solutions for business

11. Conclusion

Landingi One Page Builder Review
  • Integrated landing page builder
  • Email marketing and CRM integration
  • A/B testing for running campaigns
  • Editable and easy customizable forms

Landingi is a comprehensive marketing tool. It was designed to build landing pages and run marketing campaigns using a single instrument. The platform offers various integration options and themes to create attractive pages and customized forms to bring more visitors to the target website. Beginners will find it easy to create new pages or connect third-party services. They will get a baseline reporting feature with some extra tools to boost the efficiency of the ads.

On the other hand, the product lacks in-depth analytics and mainly relies on third-party apps when analyzing traffic, which can be the core functionality for any marketing service. It has A/B testing, but it is available only in Automate or higher plans that start from $79 per month. The prices look too high especially if considering small business users. In other words, Landingi is a product mainly for bigger agencies and enterprises that can afford extra resources or paid facilities.


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