KnownHost Hosting Provider Review

KnownHost is a prominent US-based web hosting provider that has been around for many years. It is well-known for its A-grade service and fully managed web hosting products. The provider offers quality services for minor and large companies: cloud, shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting. You have the opportunity to choose from a variety of options on this platform, and it has a price range that meets the needs of new and existing businesses.

The provider charges $40 per month for its so-called ‘managed’ VPS services. This is much more than other suppliers, but the quality of services complements the price. You will need virtual private servers when your website traffic grows, and KnownHost will do it for you! This review will tell you everything you may need to know about this popular hosting service!

Pros and Cons

Here’s a rundown of everything KnownHost is doing right, as well as areas where they should make a few more improvements:

Ideal for medium/small-sized businesses;
Enhanced backup and security solutions;
Responsive, on-site server admin;
Reliable support service;
Wide range of products and services;
Powerful hardware for high-performance;
One-month refund guarantee;
Additional DDOS protection;
All plans have Unique IPv6 Addresses;
Free migration, installation +backup;
99.99+ confirmed uptime.

No additional website services;
Renewal prices are higher than initial costs;
Extra charges for many add-ons and services;
No advanced security offerings, like managed firewall;
A limited selection of OS in most plans;
cPanel requires an extra fee on most packages.

Now that you’ve looked over the pluses and minuses of the service, explore its features and pricing to make your final decision.

KnownHost Features


Before we look at the various plans of KnownHost and the overall user interface, it is important to get an idea of all the different features it offers. Here are some functions that make the provider great.

Softaculous 350+, LiteSpeed, and LSCache

Softaculous is the provider’s auto-installer that is used to deploy available scripts with just a single click. If Softaculous is installed in a supportive environment, you won’t have to download source files and install the application manually. Now the auto-installer has over 350+ scripts, including Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Prestashop, and WHMCS.

LiteSpeed and LSCache are used to ensure optimal performance. They provide high speed for your site, particularly if it runs on WordPress or any other resource-intensive CMS platform. All of the company’s Shared Hosting plans include these handy tools, which ensure that your site is optimized and runs fast.

Patchman and cPanel

Patchman is included with the Professional Shared Hosting plan and can be obtained for an additional $2/month with the Basic or Shared Hosting Standard package. The add-on runs on servers and scans CMS platforms to detect vulnerabilities or out-of-date software. Patchman can patch the software automatically without adjusting the core CMS software.

Also, you can choose either cPanel/WHM or DirectAdmin for an additional payment of $5 per month.

Cloud-based Solutions

With Cloud Linux, KnownHost guarantees that you’ll have a unique, protected instance for hosting your website, and it cannot be affected by another site’s actions. Apart from that, the hosting service is built on a state-of-the-art cloud platform and offers a KVM Cloud VPS Hosting package. This enterprise-grade kit is a cost-effective substitute for companies that want scalable and flexible reseller, shared, or even dedicated server solutions. It also includes full Kernel control plus free DDoS protection.

Resource Upgrades and Free Backups

You will have access to extra storage, RAM, bandwidth, as well as IP addresses and Software upgrades including a site builder and billing software.

KnownHost will recurrently keep three backups for you: one weekly backup plus two daily backups. This is done to ensure that in the case of an unexpected event, the system has a recent version saved, so you will be able to restore your website easily without having to rebuild any content.

Free Migration Service and SSD Backing

The company provides free migration services to the panels including cPanel and DirectAdmin and its shared hosting kits come with an enterprise-grade robust drive that provides you the ultimate speed. The provider’s dedicated servers, cloud servers, and fully managed VPS servers all work on SSD drives.

Free SSL Certificates and Unlimited Bandwidth

The provider’s all packages contain free SSL certificates via AutoSSL or Let’s Encrypt. Both types of certificates will then auto-renew, and your cPanel license remains active! If you’re managing an eCommerce site, you may purchase a stronger SSL certificate, but otherwise, a free version of the SSL certificate will still provide good protection. In addition, there are no bandwidth limits on the company’s shared hosting kits.

Modern Hosting Solutions and Quality Equipment

It mainly uses the most efficient hosting solution in the industry. Here, its service is mainly based on OpenStack and OpenVZ, which will allow you to maximize performance compared to any conventional service directly from the control panel.

The provider uses premium solid-state drives from proven brands and powerful network routers. All servers are built on updated firmware, whereas each piece of outdated equipment is replaced promptly with new equipment. All hardware is based on Dual Hexa-Core Xeon.

Responsive Customer Service and Refund Guarantee

Need technical help? The company has a technical experts team from Birmingham, Alabama who are available 24/7. They are trained to solve any problem you encounter, so your problems are solved as swiftly as possible.

Also, if you are not satisfied with KnownHost, you can simply take advantage of their money-back guarantee of 30 days.

The web hosting provider is feature-rich and modern. The question is whether it is worth buying or not?

KnownHost Dashboard


Everything is pretty simple on the platform, and you’ve got the well-known WHM panel accompanied with the option to upgrade and use cPanel on your server as well. For any user who has had to host before, it will look very familiar. If it’s your first trial, this web hosting can be inconvenient for you. However, after some time it is easy to use as everything is very intuitive and neat as well.

  • With your control panel that is hosting managed, you can work by yourself when it comes to numerous changes that you may decide to make. If you face any problems, you may also contact the provider’s responsive support staff.
  • The platform has its control panel for its novel managed WordPress hosting offering, and it’s also straightforward. Moreover, if you purchase a VPS, you will have access to a range of t control panels. If you have used cPanel before, then you can run that via WHM, or other panels if you want.
  • The dashboard is configured for your hosting setup even before you first-time log in to your account. Data backups are free and you may use this option in case of failure. You have the freedom to pick a high-end web hosting platform of your choice: cloud or solid-state.

With KnownHost, you can fully customize your hosting plans, for instance, control panels, migrations, one-click soft installers, backups, templates, and more. The service’s sector-based optimization with 500GBPS DDoS protection is second to none.



KnownHost deploys a highly effective security team to monitor any possible security breaches or threats. The team is responsible for providing a variety of security-focused features, such as protection against multiple logins or multi-level security layers.

  • From basic, free SSL certification, which many hosting providers have started to include, to a configurable 10-gigabit DDoS attack prevention system, you get all the package. Software like Immunify360 will protect your website from malware and hackers.
  • CloudLinux Isolation ensures that all accounts are unique and isolated at the highest level. Detects an exhaustive key search and deters intruders who want to gain access to your accounts by guessing the password.
  • Multi-level protection is an add-on that provides reliable protection of your data and content.
  • Thanks to its integration with Comodo, it provides SSL certificates for business purposes for free. You have maximum protection against bugs and exploits with Patchman.

The system constantly monitors the service. The servers are transferred and protected from any possible threats. Not only by one method, but they try to do it in several ways every day.

Customer Support


The KnownHost’s friendly customer support team is available 24/7 and is polite, and responsive. The provider does not take risks and strives to provide services without failures. A highly efficient team of engineers and technicians provides round-the-clock service seven days a week.

  • The company has phone support at 1-866-332-9894
  • There are also a ticketing system, support email, and live chat available for its clients.
  • It has also a reliable remote support system as well as a comprehensive knowledge base on its website.

You can get answers to your questions quite fast. For instance, vis a ticket service, we got a reply in 8 minutes.



To test the performance of Knownhost hosting our experts’ team used a few Pingdom reports. Over a year, Pingdom’s probes performed everyday checks (situated across North America), on a basic site (less than 100KBs) hosted on the provider’s shared server environment. Here are the results of yearly server performance:

  • Average Response Time – 0.00ms;
  • Average Uptime – 100.00%;
  • The monthly Downtime average – 100%.

To ensure the smooth operation of the network of at least 99.9%, the company buys name servers and builds excellent data centers in three geographical regions – Texas, Catatonia, and New Jersey. When you decide to subscribe to the service, you will be asked to choose a data center according to your location.

Pricing and Plans


KnownHost is famous for its robust managed VPS hosting. Yet, there are also options to switch to standard shared hosting, register on a dedicated server, or even use its managed hosting of WordPress.

Here is what each plan offers:

  • Managed VPS Hosting. The pricing starts at $40 a month for a basic level plan. Here you get access to 2 IP addresses, 2 GB of RAM, a 2-core processor, 2 TB premium bandwidth, 50 GB of RAID-10 SDD storage, and much more. You can gradually upgrade to a higher plan. The top-tier plan will give you access to a 6-core processor, 5 TB of premium bandwidth, 200 GB of RAID-10 SDD storage, 8 GB of RAM, and the same two IP addresses. It costs $100.
  • Virtual Hosting/Cloud. The service offers the flexibility to select between regular shared hosting or cloud hosting. With a low-level plan for $50, you will get access to a 5 GB SSD storage with support for unlimited premium bandwidth, any number of email accounts, added LiteSpeed optimization, and up to 5 domains. For the more expensive plan that costs $120, the functions have been updated to allow unlimited SSD cloud storage, as well as the ability to host an unlimited number of domains, while all other functions remain the same.
  • Managed Dedicated Servers. At the basic rate for $41.65, you will be able to use an Intel i7-6700 processor with a clock speed of 4 × 3.4 GHz and 8 MB of cache memory. It comes paired with 8 GB of DDR4 RAM, 256 GB SSD, and 1 TB of SATA storage. If you need more resources, buy the top-tier plan for $175.20. For the set price, you will get 2 Xeon E5-2620v3 processors with a clock speed of 12 × 2.5 GHz and 15 MB of cache memory.
  • WordPress Hosting. The provider has special WordPress hosting that is fully managed to offer. So, prices start at $5.98 per month, which allows access to 50 GB of SSD storage, a limit of up to 100,000 visits in a month, an unlimited number of email accounts and bandwidth, and support for one website. If you need access to more power, they also have another plan priced at $9.98 per month. Here the storage capacity has been increased to 100 GB SDD and 200 thousand visits per month.

As you see, the prices are slightly above the industry average, but the provider offers high-quality service. Yet, if you are not satisfied with KnownHost, you can simply take advantage of their 30-day money-back option.


So, should you use KnownHost? Overall, the benefits of the service are extensive feature-rich hosting packages that can meet the needs of all kinds of businesses; high-speed performance and a great uptime of 99.99% +; and a proficient support team. On the other hand, the lack of a website builder and Windows-based hosting options might disappoint some users.

By now, you should have a clear understanding of the customer types that KnownHost is targeting. Its plans are more focused on small and medium-sized projects. If your large-scale operations are growing and you are seeing a boost in traffic to your site every day, then KnownHost is the optimal option for managed VPS hosting.

Alternatively, if you are just starting or you are an amateur blogger, then the offered plans will not only be expensive but also superfluous for you. We advise you to gain some experience and then generate traffic.

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