Kinsta Hosting Review

With a wider array of WordPress hosts available in the market, it becomes hard to distinguish which to choose to build a website. You need to spot a platform that’s reliable, has a good reputation, provides responsive customer support, and offers the features that best meet your requirements. Kinsta WordPress hosting best meets these criteria. Get a deeper unbiased review of the service to see if it meets your expectations.

What Is Kinsta?

Kinsta is a high-performance WordPress hosting provider, founded by a WP developer and programmer Mark Gavalda back in 2013. With blazing speeds and exceptional support, the platform has gained the trust of thousands of users worldwide. Even though the company doesn’t have any true headquarters and features a fully remote distributed team from Budapest, London, L.A., Berlin, and other cities, it manages to control the platform to the highest level. The team aims to deliver a service that is superior to any other WordPress provider and educate a WordPress community. Up till now, it seems to have succeeded.

Entrepreneurs and digital marketers, who choose Kinsta, can get tier-1 system administrators on their team just by making one click since the platform is based on the Google Cloud. So, with Kinsta, you will have much fewer concerns related to the data center staying up.

Interactive and modern dashboard
Fully managed WordPress hosting provided
Based on the Google Cloud platform
Features scalable hosting solutions
Thorough uptime monitoring
Monthly payments
Guaranteed safety and security
Suggests basing a server on the target market (has 3 data centers)
Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
Lightning-fast speeds
No phone support is available
No email hosting is possible
Comparatively higher price
Doesn’t sell a domain name
Kinsta Hosting Review
  • Great for WordPress Sites
  • Free access to Google Cloud Platform
  • Great performance rates

Kinsta Basic Features

Kinsta Basic Features

Kinsta hosting provider introduces a series of features aimed at optimizing a website establishment and operation. To get a deeper review, here are some key features you must be interested in:

  • No limitation on page views or visitors: Choosing Kinsta, the user doesn’t get limited by the traffic. The service caps the bandwidth only when the amount of the provided data is used. This refers to all pricing plans by Kinsta.
  • Architecture: Kinsta is actually the first hosting provider that’s thoroughly controlled by Google Cloud Platform. Here you get such amazing features as the robust Google network, automatic scaling, and LXD containers.
    The regional deployment modes that Kinsta has acquired from Google, are US Central, Central European, and Asia-Pacific. To see what the framework of Kinsta offers, see this table:

    Ubuntu 16.04MemcachedNginx proxy server1440 uptime checks per day for every siteObject caching
    PHP 7.1HTTP/2MariaDBFree DNS through amazon Route 53Free SSL-powered by Let’s Encrypt

    The superb tech that Kinsta has enables hosting loads at impressive speeds. So, users can expect amazing scalability along with a notable improvement in speed.

  • User-friendly dashboard: To enter the elegant and smart dashboard users pass a two-factor authentication. This and the activity logs all together ensure safe and credible access. All entries and activities are recorded. Additionally, Kinsta saves data about website visitors, invoices, and bandwidth use. If you own various websites all created with Kinsta, you can filter them through the managed screen of the dashboard.
  • Hosting analytics: Kinsta enables clearing the cache straight from the dashboard and changing the PHP engines with only a single click. Regardless of which pricing plan by Kinsta you choose, you will be provided with the open-source virtual tool HHVM. And if you want to configure the new Relic Monitoring, just restart the PHP.
  • Server Logs: The functionality to access the WordPress logs through the integrated tools is superb. See yourself, unlike with many other hosting platforms, with Kinsta you don’t have to check FTP or SSH in order to scrutinize the server error logs. Here it’s possible to check cache logs, access logs, and error logs.
  • Safe network: All WordPress websites that Kinsta manages are ensured with passive and active security. The multilayered protection stops any threat or malware, and the service team checks all the websites for DDoS attacks constantly. Besides the malware scanners and hardware firewalls with tight restrictions included in the security system, Kinsta also ensures SSL support provided by a third-party organization.

Kinsta Extra Features

Kinsta Extra Features

Perhaps all web hosts have basic and extra features, and Kinsta is not an exception. Here we have separated several features that users will be glad to upgrade their plans for:

  • Ecommerce functionality: As a website builder you must already have found out that WooCommerce websites generate many data and un-cachable requests due to being quite demanding and dynamic. Selecting WooCommerce hosting, we’d recommend opting for a container-based host since the latter is able to handle any sudden surge in load and traffic.
  • Kinsta team is used to optimize high-traffic WooCommerce websites and knows how to deliver the ideal balance between functionality and performance.
  • PHP workers: Generally PHP technicians execute the code right on the WordPress website. If you aim at executing numerous requests concurrently, you need to incorporate extra PHP workers per website. To increase the number of your current PHP workers, Kinsta offers to upgrade to a higher plan.
  • Developer friendly: Kinsta supports a number of software and tools such as Git, SSH, and WP-CLI. They are accessible for upgrade upon sign up. Users can as well enable the PHP 7.2; 7.3; and 7.4 versions from the dashboard.

Site Migration

Kinsta Site Migration

Users of various WordPress hosting companies may find their platforms not coinciding with their requirements and expectations. And yet, they won’t undertake any steps to avoid the entire hassle of website migration. With Kinsta, this won’t threaten you cause the service offers entirely free site migration. Once you apply for this service, Kinsta will assign you a transitory domain on its servers. The team will migrate your website on the highest security level relieving you from the tedious process. Before you know it, your normal WordPress website will be ready to run smoothly and on much more beneficial conditions.

99.9% Uptime

From December 2018 to March 2020, the Uptime that Kinsta guaranteed was 99.99%. However, since March 2020, it has registered a 100% Uptime! Today it strives to preserve that rate yet guarantees at least an SLA-backed 99.9% Uptime. Such good results are achieved thanks to the cloud-hosting infrastructure that Kinsta has. By nature, such hosts are significantly more dependable when it comes to keeping sites online.

Additionally, the hosting provider monitors and conducts uptime checks continuously – every minute! The service guarantees to fix response codes of errors within half an hour. If they fail, the user gets his account credited. This guarantee is valid round the clock, every day of the year.


When it comes to websites, speed is a priority for every visitor. If a visitor sees he has to wait even a little bit, he leaves the website at once and passes to another one hoping to get connected immediately. It’s a proven statement that a faster page loading time correlates with higher site conversions and decreased bounce rates. And Kinsta is ahead in this. Here are the results of the test conducted through a speed checker (just find out where website is hosted and then use one of the free tools available, Pingdom, for example):

LondonGermanyCanadaUS (E)US (W)
10 ms13 ms83 ms95 ms130 ms
Sao PauloJapanSydneySingaporeBangalore
203 ms221 ms266 ms287 ms487 ms

Kinsta is definitely not the fastest hosting server in the market. But it’s among the top-tier hosting providers delivering in speed.

Modern Dashboard

Kinsta Modern Dashboard

Kinsta features a clean and accurate dashboard with a modern and sleek design called “MyKinsta”. Logging to your account, you get everything close at your fingertips. Whether you access it through the desktop or a mobile screen, you get all the features clearly displayed. This allows you to keep up with visitor counts wherever you are – in the office, at home, or even while walking in the park. And if you would like to identify how your website thrives, there’s a special robust analytics package available on the dashboard. It will also hint at what you are supposed to do to get your website work even better.

Kinsta Pricing Plans

Kinsta Pricing Plans

Kinsta WordPress developer and hosting provider claims to be a perfect variant for medium-size to large scale businesses. Surely, this service can’t be considered the best in the niche and can’t compete with other giant hosting companies. And yet, it has earned a good reputation among all the clients it cooperates with.

Kinsta offers several plans that differ depending on the bandwidth, the number of available WordPress sites, and the storage space. Higher packages also enable hiring more PHP workers. High-scale clients can obtain customized packages to fully correspond the service to their needs. The diversity of its clients and their business size made Kinsta scheme several different pricing plans. Get more detailed information here:


  • Starter$30/month: 1 WordPress install, 25K visitors, 2 PHP technicians for a single website, 10 GB storage space;
  • Pro$60/month: 2 WordPress installs, 50K visitors, 2 PHP workers for a single website, 20 GB storage space;


  • Business 1$100/month: 5 WordPress installs, 100K visitors, 4 PHP employees for a single website, 30 GB storage space;
  • Business 2$200/month: 10 WordPress installs, 250K visitors, 4 PHP specialists for a single website, 40 GB storage space;
  • Business 3$300/month: 20 WordPress installs, 400K visitors, 6 PHP specialists for a single website, 50 GB storage space;
  • Business 4$400/month, 40 WordPress installs, 600K visitors, 6 PHP techs for a single website, 60 GB storage space;


  • Enterprise 1$600/month: 60 WordPress installs, 1 mln visitors, 8 PHP workers for a single website, 100 GB storage space;
  • Enterprise 2$900/month: 80 WordPress installs, 1,5 mln visitors, 10 PHP employees for a single website, 150 GB storage space;
  • Enterprise 3$1,200/month: 120 WordPress installs, 2 mln visitors, 12 PHP specialists for a single website, 1,000 GB storage space;
  • Enterprise 4$1,500/month: 150 WordPress installs, 3 mln visitors, 16 PHP experts for a single website, 250 GB storage space;

As you can detect, Kinsta is far from the cheapest hosting provider. In fact, it charges quite high which may not be convenient to all clients. And still, taking into consideration the services it provides, we can’t but state, the provider is quite fair.

Kinsta Customer Support

Kinsta Customer Support

One of the most impressive strengths of Kinsta is its technical support. All the members of the support team are former WordPress developers and Linux hosting engineers. Accordingly, whatever issue you may come across, is sure to be given a quick solution to. Furthermore, even 1% of the applicants for a job position in a support team aren’t hired – that’s how meticulous Kinsta is with employing staff.

To get in touch with the support regardless of the day or time, you can use the Intercom widget or the live chat. The chat window you create stays open while you surf on the website till you close it.

The entire staff is not only very knowledgeable but also responsive. They answer you within a couple of minutes and give a detailed explanation to any question you may have backing it with links to respective resources.

The knowledge base and blog are regularly updated with helpful educational resources. They offer:

  • Marketing recommendations
  • Articles on WordPress
  • Working tips for both new and experienced users
  • News on trends in design
  • Guide for using MyKinsta
  • Recommendations on how to increase site speeds through installs
  • Troubleshooting information access

The only downside that we registered about the Kinsta customer support system is the lack of support through a telephone call. In all cases, you need to be in front of your laptop with the official website of Kinsta opened.

The Referral Program

Kinsta Referral Program

Kinsta aims at creating a community of WordPress users and the affiliate program it has set up serves the purpose very well. The program suggests gaining up to $500 for every new referral while also getting monthly lifetime commissions worth 10%. This is perhaps one of the best hosting affiliate deals we have come across so far. How much you get as a reward for attracting a new user depends on the pricing plan they choose. Here’s a small table with the accurate data on the income you can get:

Starter Plan$50
Pro Plan$100
Business Plans$150
Enterprise Plans$500

Far from all users convert immediately, hence Kinsta uses sixty-day tracking cookies so that all its users get credited for the sales they took part in.

Besides this one-time reward for referring customers, Kinsta also provides its users with a lifetime recurring commission. All the payouts within the affiliate program are fulfilled on a monthly basis right to the users’ PayPal accounts.

Final Words

Kinsta may not be the topmost website hosting provider. And still, it delivers a wonderful service to its entire clientele. Though it is not cheap, the host brings incredibly valuable expertise for the right user. It’s a great platform for those users who cherish higher traffic and are seriously into securing and scaling their website (or websites). But if you are searching for a hosting all-inclusive provider with email hosting and domain registration, you will have to search further.

So, who is Kinsta best for?

  • Medium-large websites
  • Managed WordPress
  • Web developers
  • E-commerce sites
  • WooCommerce
  • Websites that are prone to traffic spikes

Anyway, with quite advanced management systems, obsession with speed, fabulous customer support, and cloud-based architecture, Kinsta appears the powerful WordPress hosting provider to reckon with.

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