Kinsta Review

Kinsta – is a managed WordPress hosting solution launched in 2013. It was designed for website owners looking for a stable and secure home for their WP sites. Apart from baseline features and tools, the platform lets subscribers benefit from infrastructure maintained by Google. In other words, you may take the use of the Google Cloud Platform while Kinsta itself is a Google-recommended hosting provider.

The company offers several plans that might look a bit more expensive than on average. However, they deliver enough security, performance, and flexibility for websites powered by WordPress. You are not supposed to be a WP-expert to get started with Kinsta. The hosting provider ensures fast page loading time and uses all the latest technologies to reduce the risk of downtime.

Is the platform that good? Are there hidden stumbling blocks or issues to consider? This review is to highlight all aspects of using Kinsta hosting solution. Stay tuned.

Kinsta Review
  • Great for WordPress Sites
  • Free access to Google Cloud Platform
  • Great performance rates

1. Pros and Cons

Kinsta claims to deliver flawless website running despite the plan. The hosting platform boasts good uptime and high website loading speed. It comes with a rich feature set although some issues and downsides prevent it from being a perfect WordPress hosting provider.

Kinsta Pros:

  • Good Performance – Kinsta showed great results during its last DNS server response rate hitting 10 out of 10 with the average result of 179ms. It is even better than recommended by Google 200ms.
  • Close to Perfect Uptime – the platform guarantees 99.9% of uptime rate, which showed 100% back in December 2018.
  • Ease of Use – while WordPress itself is hardly the easiest CMS to use, Kinsta delivers as many features as needed to make the building process fast and simple even for newbies. Users may switch between different cPanel versions as well as add new plugins, test the website or work with settings using one-click staging. At the same time, you can create a new account in seconds while setup or WP migration will hardly be a challenge.
  • Automatic WordPress Backups – you do not have to care about website backups although manual management is still available. The dashboard provides detailed stats and backup track record with date and other important info.
  • eCommerce Optimized Hosting – Kinsta lets you build eCommerce friendly websites and delivers features beyond the traditional WooCommerce free WordPress plugin.

Customer support is also pretty qualified although there are some misses that do not let us included it in the list of Kinsta pros. Let’s have a look at some other misses:

Kinsta Cons:

  • No phone – that might not be a critical issue as apart from the huge knowledgebase and numerous guides, the service has advanced ticketing system, which ensures instant contacting. Support specialists usually respond in no longer than 40 seconds in addition to Live Chat and Intercom functionality.
  • Prices – some users might be overwhelmed by plan prices from the start. However, if you dive deep in the features they deliver, the cost will hardly look confusion anymore.
  • The lack of email hosting – Kinsta does not provide linked email hosting, which means you will have to look for third-party services.

On the other hand, Kinsta recommends some affordable email hosting options that users are able to set up on their own. For instance, G Suite is recommended by the platform. You will find a suitable variant with ease. Now, let’s explore hosting features, performance, pricing, and other vital aspects to have a clear understanding of whether it is worth paying attention or not.

Kinsta Review
  • eCommerce Features
  • Automated backups
  • Enhanced customer support

2. Hosting Features

Kinsta is rich with features. Website owners will have literally everything they need to do the setup or migrate with already existing WP sites. The platform pays much attention to its flexibility, security, and performance. Moreover, Kinsta users have a chance to go beyond the baseline hosting instruments.

Kinsta dashboard

Google Cloud Platform

We have already mentioned that Kinsta is a hosting platform recommended by Google. This fact makes the company stand out from other WordPress optimized hosting providers. You get full access to the Google Cloud used by industry-leading platforms such as Snapchat, Coca-Cola or Spotify.

As a part of the Google cloud-based platform, Kinsta offers a flexible hosting infrastructure featuring servers located in 20 different parts of the world including Asia and Europe.

Enhanced Performance with Automatic MySQL Database Optimizations

A great feature for those using WordPress CMS. The platform uses a separate isolated container for your WP-based website. Each container comes with extra MySQL instance in addition to automatic database optimization to ensure stable and error-free site performance.

The system is enabled on weekly basis to prevent MySQL database malfunctions. You do not need to manage the setup manually. The feature is enabled and in process automatically.

It works as follows:

  1. The optimization process is launched automatically every week.
  2. It detects and fixes possible database running errors.
  3. If the system cannot fix the error, a notification is sent to technical support and sysadmins.

As a result, the feature ensures your WordPress site health and stable operation.

More Security with Automated PHP Backup Restart

If your PHP version went down for any reason, you would probably need to restart it from the last backup manually from the dashboard. Kinsta made the process 100% automated thanks to its self-healing feature.

In other words, you will not even notice when your PHP may break down. The system automatically restarts it. If the issue is too complicated for the tool to handle it, a sysadmin gets notified to do the manual fixing.

Automatic Backups

The platform handles automatic backups in spite of the plan. Every user will be able to benefit from the feature. However, entry plan users will have a chance to use the service only within the first 14 days, while higher packages offer this feature for a longer period.

To manage the service, you only need to go to your dashboard and enter the Backup section. There you may choose from the available packages that include:

  • Daily Backups.
  • 6-hour backups.
  • Hourly backups.

No matter what you choose, the service is managed automatically by the platform. Moreover, you may review the backup track record by day in real time with no download required.

One-Click Staging Service

The feature is great for users who want to test their websites before deploying. In other words, staging lets you test new plugins and integrations before adding them to your live project. The service allows customizing and editing codes, widgets, app, and add-ons to ensure their smooth on-state operation.

Additional Tools: Site Cache, SSL, PHP Engine, etc.

Apart from Kinsta unique features, the platform offers an extended range of additional options that are of great use whenever you need to boost or customize your website:

  • PHP Engine – users are free to seamlessly switch between various available PHP versions. If you have some technical problems or simply want to go back to the previous version, the platform lets you reboot your PHP engine to resolve connectivity errors or other malfunctions.
  • SSL – free SSL certificate is a part of every Kinsta plan. Moreover, you do not have to deal with manual redirects, as HTTPS Force function will automatically drive your traffic to SSL secured website version.
  • Analytics – the system lets you track any data needed from detailed website stats enabled by the PHP monitoring tool to bandwidth, top requests by views or bytes, GEO and IP, cache, and more.

Free Features

All plans come with free CDN in addition to SSL and some other baseline options, users will appreciate at least 1 free website migration letting you move your existing WP-powered online project to Kinsta at zero cost. Another free feature includes full access to premium DNS service letting users manage their own zone records. Users get 1 premium DNS spot for each install In other words, the number of installs is equal to the number of Premium DNS spots you get.

Kinsta Review
  • Free CDN
  • Premium DNS
  • Daily or Hourly Backups

3. Performance

Website Loading Speed: Kinsta claims to have one of the best loading speed rates among other WordPress-optimized hosting providers. The recent tests showed the average 495ms, The rate relies much on the website location.

Kinsta Uptime

In other words, users from Bangalore should not expect the same loading speed as in Germany, for example. Here is the speed table by parts of the world to make the things a bit clearer. You may also check any website loading speed by yourself. Just find out where website is hosted and then use one of the free tools available, Pingdom, for example.

North America575 ms
Sydney2.03 s
Japan1000 ms
Sao Paulo1000 ms
Germany222 ms
UK175 ms

Kinsta uses advanced hardware and has data centers and servers installed in 20 different locations worldwide. Moreover, the platform uses speed boosting instruments through technologies like PHP 7, Ngnix, LXD, and other software solutions to improve website speed and overall performance.

Uptime Rate: the hosting provider guarantees 99.9% uptime rate to each of its users. Some may consider it nothing but showing off. However, the results in December 2018 displayed an overwhelming 100% of uptime. To ensure great results, Kinsta uses its own network of monitoring and tracking tools to check with the uptime every minute.

Kinsta Review
  • 99.9% uptime rate
  • Servers in 20 different locations
  • WordPress-optimized hosting

4. Security

The platform does a lot in terms of security. It uses LXC and LXD in addition to Google Cloud Platform, making it possible to keep user accounts and WordPress websites isolated. Such an approach results in better absorption of DDoS attacks as well as prevention of other risks and cyber threats.

We have already mentioned automatic backups that also improve overall site security. Additional safety means are as follows:

  • Encrypted SSH & SFTP Connection – it ensures safe and secure website access. The feature comes along with FREE SSL encryption.
  • Integration Restrictions – this one mainly refers to plugins that might contain potential risk of malware. As we all know, website owners should opt for trusted plugin developers when using WordPress. Kinsta prevents you from opting for harmful and potentially risky applications.
  • Attack Prevention – additional security means include measures to reduce the risk of DDoS and hacker attacks. They include blocking, GeoIP, and more.
  • Hack Fix Feature – Kinsta provides post-hack cleaning guarantees to remove malicious codes and restore your site with secure access.

The platform monitors its entire site network and never powers projects that are powered by unsupported PHP versions

Kinsta Review
  • Free SSL encryption
  • Google Cloud Platform feat LXC &LXD
  • After hack fixing tool

5. Customer Support

Customer support is one of the strongest Kinsta sides. Although it does not have a telephone number, users may still get in touch instantly with the help of the Live Chat feature. At the same time, here is an integrated Intercom widget.

Users may track their chat history to find the issue they need. The window stays open even if you browse through other sections and tools, which is pretty convenient. The support team is available round the clock.

There is also a bunch of topical articles available in Kinsta blog in addition to the platform’s huge knowledge base. It covers various aspects forms setting up the SSL certificate and WordPress website migration to tips to boost website performance and disaster recovery.

Kinsta Review
  • Instant ticketing system
  • Response in 40 seconds
  • Extended knowledgebase and Live Chat

5. Pricing Policy

Overall, there are 10 available packages delivered by Kinsta. Plans beyond the Enterprise 4 package let customers contact the support team to create an individually tailored plan depending on their requirements. We have divided all available offers into three main categories: Basic, Business, and Enterprise. All plans include free SSL and CDN service. The platform guarantees 30-day money back.

Basic Plans:

  • Starter – costs $30 per month including 1 WordPress install and 10 GB of storage.
  • Pro – costs $60 per month including 2 WordPress install and 20 GB of storage

Business Plans:

  • Business 1 costing $100 per month with 5 WP installs and 30GB of disk space.
  • Business 2 costing $200 per month with 10 WP installs and 40GB of disk space.
  • Business 3 costing $300 per month with 20 WP installs and 50GB of disk space.
  • Business 4 costing $400 per month with 40 WP installs and 60GB of disk space.

Enterprise Plans:

  • Enterprise 1 costing $600 per month with 60 WP installs and 100GB of disk space.
  • Enterprise 2 costing $900 per month with 80 WP installs and 150GB of disk space.
  • Enterprise 3 costing $1,200 per month with 120 WP installs and 200GB of disk space.
  • Enterprise 4 costing $1,500 per month with 150 WP installs and 250GB of disk space.

Kinsta has a separate offer for non-profit organisations and provides 15% discount on every plan for websites launched by churches, charitable communities, etc. Apart from initial discount, nonprofits may also count on 15% price reduction in case of prepaid package. Each non-profit member gets a 60-day free trial.

Kinsta Review
  • 10 different plans to meet your needs
  • 30-day refund guarantee
  • Discounts for non-profits

The Bottom Line

Kinsta is a good WordPress hosting with a bunch of advanced features and technologies to improve website performance. The platform is far from being cheap. Users may find more affordable alternatives. However, this is probably the only drawback. You will hardly find the uptime and loading speed of the same rate in addition to advanced technical support to deal with cyber threat prevention and post cleaning.

Summing up, Kinsta might be a good value for money it charges considering its collaboration with Google Cloud platform, intuitive dashboard and simple website tuning, eCommerce optimized server solutions, and improved overall performance.

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