Kentico Software Review: Kontent and Xperience

Kentico is an award-winning digital experience platform that combines digital marketing, content management, and commerce. Whatever online presence you seek, CMS will be the backbone of your online service. When choosing a CMS, some things should not be neglected. This covers not only the core functionality of the platform but also the interface, search, support, and updates. CMS perfectly doing their jobs will enable users to concentrate more on the design than on putting the bolts and nuts together to operate the engine.

Therefore, we have composed this review to give satisfying answers to what Kentico generally is, if it outperforms its rivals, and whether it is generally worth the price it’s offered for.

What Is Kentico?

Kentico is a provider of CMS software while claiming to be the only platform fully integrated with eCommerce, ASP.NET, and other vital online marketing solutions. This way, Kentico customers can create cutting-edge sites and optimize digital customer experiences across numerous channels.

Kentico has been built to bring effective digital marketing opportunities to all businesses, irrespective of their niche or size. So, using this solution, you can develop online stores, sophisticated websites, community sites, and intranets to establish and enhance communication among team members and customers. As a result, you can expect palpable growth in your business.

Well acknowledging its power, Kentico Software has created two full-fledged products and rebranded them to cater to different niches. These are Kontent, which is a headless CMS, and Xperience, a digital experience platform. Each product has a visual facelift, created with a unique strategy and executive team. And yet, both divisions closely cooperate to deliver the best services to customers.

Depending on your business requirements, you may need either of them. We shall provide an in-depth review of both Kentico products and showcase both the strengths and weaknesses of both Kontent and Xperience.

Kentico Kontent Review

Kontent by Kentico is a robust headless cloud-first solution giving organizations control over their content lifecycle as one cooperative environment. Well realizing the importance of content as an inseparable part of every customer’s experience, many organizations do everything to find optimal ways to manage the content at scale. And yet, they are limited by legacy technologies and content silos.

Meanwhile, thanks to Kentico Kontent, these organizations can unify their content and deliver the best possible experience to their customers. The intuitive authoring experience assists marketers in planning, creating, and managing content, thus allowing developers to enjoy the total flexibility of this solution.

So, is a modular, SaaS-based content platform that enables enterprise content teams to create premium-quality multi-channel content and developers to create enthralling digital experiences using their selected technology. This means the SaaS model architecture allows the CMS to deliver multi-channel content from one content repository while granting a quick API to demonstrate the content flawlessly regardless of the device used.

Thanks to features like inline comments, simultaneous editing, and integrated suggestion mode, distributed teams can easily collaborate, while the editors can control the entire content through custom workflows to plan the reviews or in-time releases of the content.

Ease of Use

Kentiko Kontent features a very user-friendly editors app. The CMS doesn’t require any coding knowledge or experience to come up with the result you anticipate. The interface is modern, clean, and highly intuitive. Novice users are greeted with a brief introduction that involves very helpful pop-ups.


Furthermore, the Kontent interface gives new users access to introductory webinars for the first configuration and, furthermore, complicated implementations. All these comprehensive documents guarantee that neither the Kontent editors nor developers will face issues starting their experience with this headless CMS.

Generally, working with any platform content is easy, thanks to the drag-and-drop editor. Even if it’s your first use of CMS, you can customize the site elements with web forms, images, tables, boxes, and other widgets with the simple drag-and-drop interface. Meanwhile, the WYSIWYG nature of the editor allows editing in real-time when you use the site on this software.


Kentico’s Kontent product boasts various features making this headless CMS stand out in the market. It’s especially worth mentioning one of the platform’s newest features – Web Spotlight. The latter enables users to bring their Jamstack sites into this CMS UI. This feature is especially beneficial to non-technicians since it allows them to see and edit the website just like they used traditional CMS. With Web Spotlight, users don’t have to waste time waiting for a page to build to see how the applied changes look. This feature provides editors with real live experience.

Another big advantage of Kentiko Kontent is the super-fast API. The latter allows users to transfer data quickly in both directions from and to Kontent App. Generally, this headless CMS is perfect for rapidly performing, lightweight, and safe websites made with static website generators. However, here you need a credible plugin to retrieve data. Gatsby first-class plugin is the company’s most recommended option for the task. It generates GraphQL nodes for all types of content, as well as language variations and items, while the user only has to write efficient queries in the code. However, suppose you don’t want to integrate this plugin. In that case, Kontent still has such tools as Kontent Delivery API, a read-only REST API for published content, Management API to have read/write permissions for the project, and JavaScript/TypeScript SDK.

Kentico Kontent CMS has some robust features when it comes to security. Besides version history, user-level audit trail, simple roll-back capabilities, and multi-factor authentication, Kontent offers role-based permissions to perform actions or modify data. This way, the administration is significantly facilitated.

Regarding web content management, Kontent comes packed with multiple tools to make the site’s functioning even more productive irrespective of the business niche. For instance, the available in-built SEO tools suggest creating the right site infrastructure with page headers, pagination, titles, URL structure, meta tags, etc. These tools will effectively increase your site’s visibility in search engine results.

If you aim to set up an online store, Kontent’s built-in eCommerce and the shopping cart will allow effective product management with great pricing and shopping cart functionality. And to evaluate your site/store traffic, Kontent has both built-in and plugin website analytics tools.

Due to the community and comment management tools, site owners can set up an approval process for all posts or comments made on their site and auto-approve or block commenters based on their IP address.

Nevertheless, if you still don’t suffice with the array of in-built features of Kentico Kontent, the broad library of extensions, add-ons, or plugins will let you find the necessary site customization tools still without implementing coding.


Creating content on a specialized platform such as Kontent by Kentico guarantees professional results. Here you can literally do anything with your site content. For instance, thanks to the content versioning feature, the system automatically tracks versions (the same as archiving some sort of content in place) to let you go back to the previous version of your content in case of any bugs.


Kontent allows the creation of multiple levels of content categories and import or export content in a batch. You can set up a custom workflow to update the site with all its approval processes. After creating the content for the page, schedule to publish it at a certain date and time automatically. This will save you much time and help keep things organized. Furthermore, thanks to the page caching functionality of Kontent that covers page query, template, and tag caching, you can optimize the site’s speed.

With Kontent, the webpages you create will function on all popular browsers flawlessly. Of course, this refers to both desktop and mobile browser versions. The thing is that Kontent creates webpages (whether m-dot pages or responsively designed ones) that work equally well on all mobile platforms irrespective of the operating system.

As for templates, here you won’t find the highly visual samples typical to ordinary website builders. Instead, after passing the learning curve and overcoming the premier cultural shock, you will realize Kentico gives an even higher degree of control on a multi-detailed level than an ordinary template would. After all, Kontent is a content-building platform.

Opening the editor, you get a clean workspace for a streamlined experience. The editing frame will remind you of a very simple word processor, which ensures an easy editing process. The left toolbar gives access to the primary functions – project setting, content & assets, content model, etc., while the right-hand library is feature-rich. Depending on the project you are working on, the editor will open an appropriate library of available tools, including date & time, assets, custom elements, linked items, taxonomy, guidelines, etc. They are all dragged and dropped for a more straightforward content-building process.

Kontent also features a built-in spell check which is great for those types made in haste. You can activate the checking with only one click and save yourself from the stress of an overlooked mistake before the content goes live.

Customer Support

The headless CMS Kontent by Kentiko delivers comprehensive and responsive support. Actually, the support is multi-channel and presented via both direct contact forms and DIY tutorials. You can always open helpful docs & tutorials, E-learning tips, and keyboard shortcuts from your admin panel. The knowledge base is impressively extended, covering all issues a user may come across.

You can get in touch with the company by phone. If you prefer contacting the company through email, use the address and expect an answer shortly afterward. Depending on your location, you must use one of the provided phone numbers to chat with the brand engineer:

  • New York: +1-603-325-951
  • London: +44(0)7795 036030, +44(0)204 548 4647
  • Sydney: +61-0280-061-286
  • Amsterdam: +31-682144594
  • Brno: +31-682144594

Kontent is also available via social media channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, Discord, G2, and Github.


Kontent by Kentico is not an appropriate option for a small company with a tight budget since the brand’s collaboration features and focus on delivering the best authoring experience are mostly suitable for large teams. However, the Free plan includes all the essentials one needs to develop a non-commercial project. It’s appropriate for two users and gives access to all APIs and SDKs for popular frameworks.

The Scale plan, priced at $2.499/month, offers a rich set of capabilities to set up and deliver engaging content. By buying this plan, you can create, publish, and collaborate on content right in real-time. Furthermore, you can develop digital experiences with two environments, unlimited content types, and custom elements.

Especially for enterprise-level businesses, Kontent offers the Enterprise plan with advanced solutions to manage and govern digital experiences. This plan comes with a dedicated price and allows setting up over ten projects, 50 editors, and content in more than five environments and 20 languages.

Kentico Xperience Review

Kentico Xperience

Kentico Xperience is a digital experience platform combining digital marketing, content management, and commerce. The vendor presents it as a user-friendly solution for modern sites. Available in the cloud or on-premises, Xperience provides a personalized experience and integrates flawlessly into any technology stack. Kentico introduced the Xperience product to empower brands and companies to enhance customer engagement and deliver personalized content to the target audience, thus optimizing their performance to win more clients.

The current version of the product is Xperience 13, available to users from July 2022. The unprecedented power paired with the platform’s ease of use is backed by a global network of implementation partners and professional support from Kentico’s best specialists.

So, if you consider using Kentico’s Xperience tool to create and manage such content types for your enterprise-level business online presentation through multiple product catalogs, blog posts, articles, etc., let’s review the product deeper.

Ease of Use

The admin section is pretty straightforward for use and navigation. Xperience by Kentico introduces a customizable dashboard with pinned apps, including modules, contact groups, marketing overview, web analytics, media libraries, page types, permissions, etc. Although the platform doesn’t demand coding knowledge from its users, you can still enhance your webpage building experience with your code. Xperience opens a whole new opportunity for expert developers. Their coding expertise allows them to create unique page types, widgets, modules, or page templates.


Xperience features an intuitive Page Builder, which lets content creators build web pages quickly and deliver eye-catching digital content even if they have no expertise in coding. The simple drag and drop widgets can also be reused in email campaigns, mobile apps, and other digital channels. Moreover, the system suggests saving time with templates by saving your top-performing landing pages as templates to reuse. You can save not only the design but also the content, including the chosen set properties and widgets.

Furthermore, the company enables users to create multilingual content and allows the implementation of different languages in the site structure. The available alternative languages to the default English include Spanish, Chinese, Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, and some Eastern European languages.


Kentico’s Xperience is a multi-feature platform; hence you won’t feel the lack of any tool to have your expectations exceeded. The web content management features cover robust SEO support via setting page headers, pagination, titles, URL structure, meta tags, etc. to make the site more visible for search engines, an internal content search for users to spot the required content easier through the search index, and bulk management, which enables users to any attribute in a group of docs or sites through global search and replace.

If you use Xperience for eCommerce purposes, you will be suggested to use either the in-built product management (pricing and shopping cart) functionality and payment (available options are PayPal, credit cards, on delivery, and third-party payment services) and shipping options or obtain them via a plugin or extension.

Thanks to the comprehensive in-built analytics and reporting tool, you can evaluate your site traffic, remind customers about their abandoned shopping carts, or inform them about the availability of the product they searched for. To enhance your Xperience-based online store, you can apply promotions and discounts.

With this CM, you also get the opportunity to efficiently manage multiple stores in one place to share your products, order statuses, payment methods, invoices, and other settings across all the virtual stores.

Like Kentico’s Kontent product, Xperience allows managing comments on your site. However, it’s up to you who can always leave comments and posts on your site and whose all efforts will be banned automatically (based on their IP addresses).

Besides the standard features, Xperience introduces an array of additional tools that make the platform one-of-a-kind. For instance, besides the standard security features such as role-based user permissions, version history, and simple roll-back capabilities, Xperience provides robust data protection (GDPR, CCPA, or PII) and specialized eCommerce security.

Additionally, you can increase your site’s performance or online store with integrated email marketing features. It presumes to send customers beautifully crafted newsletters and leverage time-based triggers to send targeted marketing emails using customer data, website activity, and lead scoring. You can also gain a 360-degree view of your customers across all channels and devices. Such information will help you segment customers to deliver the best possible personalized experience.

Design and Templates

Despite the exceptional power and great functionality of Kentico Xperience, the product is catered for no coders. However, thanks to the WYSIWYG editing tool, you can build professional-looking pages without coding experience or expertise. And whatever you come up with will work seamlessly on all mobile devices regardless of the operating system. Both m-dot and responsively designed pages ensure instant and fluent launching with no lag times.

Kentico Xperience Design

Xperience features a library of webpage themes or frameworks via a starting point to build a page. You can create layouts fitting the specific needs of your business or project by dividing a webpage into different sections. Configure each of them to have a different look, or you can simply incorporate multiple columns to drag and drop them wherever they fit the best. By the way, with Xperience page builder, you should not worry about picking up unsuitable widgets since the system automatically does everything.

The page templates are pretty standard. With Xperience, your web page can have such types of pages as a homepage interior page, article page, blog page, etc. Furthermore, you can also build custom page templates yourself to start with a blank. The form generator is at your disposal if you need your site visitors to fill out any forms.

With Kentico’s Xperience solution, your web pages don’t have to be just packed with content and forms. You can insert pictures or videos from the Media Library through a single interface.

Thanks to the content versioning feature, the system achieves the current version of the site, giving you the possibility to go back to the previous version whenever you need to.

Another perk in designing a site with Xperience is content scheduling. If you have worked out a website yet need the content to go live at a certain time or date, use the scheduling tool for automatic publishing.

Customer Support

Kentico’s Xperience provides its clients with round-the-clock support and a seven-day bug-fix policy to build websites with little to no headaches or delays successfully.

If you are new to the platform and have lots of questions, Xperience features an in-depth Knowledge base with multiple how-to guides and FAQs from the company’s support engineers. The section Articles combines the latest news and development updates. At the same time, the Documentation incorporates step-by-step instructions, a broad library of how-to guides, and technical and product information. You can also learn new things and share your experience with other Xperience users through the Q&As section. And finally, if you need any hotfixes, you can download the latest available options from the platform.

However, to get in touch with the company’s representatives, submit a support ticket right on the page. Specialists usually reply within one business day. The company also offers up to ten free support tickets for new users’ trial periods.


Kentico’s Xperience product is offered at a rather transparent pricing system. It offers a selection of licensing and pricing options that deliver real business value at fixed prices, with no hidden fees.

Let’s sort out the Kentico Xperience 13 plans shown with their net prices per year (note that extra taxes may apply based on the customer’s country of purchase):

  • Business plan license: At $11.100 per year, you get flawless websites and shopping experiences with commerce and content management tools, digital marketing and commerce features, robust analytics, and premium integrations.
  • Enterprise plan license: At the cost of $19.99 per year, the Xperience plan is catered to next-level websites with digital marketing capabilities. All the tools included in the Business plan are available here to a bigger extent, plus marketing and commerce automation.
  • Corporate plan license: Offered at a custom price, the Corporate plan is dedicated to large-scale projects that require maximum power and functionality. The full potential of Kentico’s Xperience becomes at your disposal.

Kentico Xperience Pricing

Xperience by Kentico, meanwhile, is available in two plans – Small at the price of $39.99/year, excellent for smaller businesses or companies which need one or two simple sites on a limited budget, and Medium at the price of $79.900/year, ideal for medium and large companies which seek rapid growth.

Kentico Xperience Pricing2

Nevertheless, if you are willing to manage your project yourself through a private/public cloud or on-premises, we’d recommend obtaining a license-only subscription. The latter will cost you one domain, the license, and customer support.


Kentico is currently the only all-inclusive CMS, Online Marketing, and E-commerce platform developed completely in-house to save businesses costs and hassles of dealing with various companies separately. It has an extensive set of sophisticated features and incredible levels of customization, which are unmatched yet.

However, despite such power and great functionality, the platform is easy and simple to use even if you have no coding experience. Apart from the round-the-clock support from different locations worldwide, the company also provides a profound seven-day bug-fix policy to ensure that people worry less about trivial issues and get better results with less effort. Besides, such aspects as Module Permissions, User Management, and Double Opt-in Registration options will let users easily integrate their own authentication service or database.

Both Kentico Kontent and Xperience products help companies build engaging content from anywhere without downtime and maintenance. In addition, the company allows driving collaboration across content teams, maximizes expertise, and creates remarkable digital touchpoints.

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