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Keepass Review

Many of us have lots of accounts at different websites. As a rule, these online services require login/password for authorization. The majority of people use one or two simple passwords, because complicated ones are generally forgotten right after the registration. How is it possible to memorize dozens (if not even hundreds) of password and login variants? That’s close to impossible, indeed. That’s why, we often save passwords in text files or in our heads, if their amount allows doing that, of course.

At the same time, simple passwords are not able to protect the confidentiality of personal data. The same is about text files that do not ensure any protection at all. Any person can use your computer to find and copy your passwords in less than 5 minutes, not to mention professional hackers. This is a burning problem for active online users. You won’t, probably, wish anyone to withdraw/send money, use your private info or publish posts in social networks from your accounts, will you?

There is only one way out of this situation – using a reliable password manager. This will help systematize user accounts, eliminate the necessity to memorize unnecessary info and protect your accounts from hacking. We will show you a quality sample of such soft! Here it is!

Keepass is a cross-platform password manager. It is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, OS X. All versions of the program are free. It ensures exhaustive functionality to protect your passwords. Let’s have a detailed view at Keepass options and special characteristics.

Keepass Options

The interface of the app is quite simple and devoid of any unnecessary features. It is laconic and intuitive. There is nothing special to be delighted with, because the developers have tried their best effort to make the program convenient, functional and easy to use.

The key element of using Keepass is the password database. This is the file that has the .kdf extension that can be stored in any place, be it your phone, hard disk, cloud or a flash-drive. It is recommended to store it in 2-3 places and update it regularly. For example, you can download Keepass portable version, upload it to your flash-drive along with the database and get access to your passwords from any computer without putting your privacy at risk. The program itself does not save the database in its system files while working with them. It is you, who chooses the way to save the file. This means that you won’t leave your personal data when using the portable version of the program at other computers.

It is worth mentioning that the database file is protected with the master password. This is the only password you will have to memorize when working with Keepass. It offers access to the database. You can additionally secure the database with a special key file you will need to enter the database. The key file is used along with the password.

Now, let’s have a closer look at the process of working with Keepass:

  • To start with, you will have to create a database and make up a master password for it by clicking the “New” button. The safety of the password will be provided in bits. The higher the figure is, the more secure the password proves to be as well. This is also the place, where you can create a file key to ensure better database protection.
  • Keepass Setup

  • Now, you are welcome to enter you passwords sorting them into different categories. You can create groups of password sets (such as “Gmail Boxes”, “Gaming Accounts” for Steam, Origin etc.).
  • Keepass Main Screen

  • To enter a new password, you have to choose/create a category for it and click the right button of a mouse to the right of the desktop. Now, choose the “Add Entry” section. You will see the window with the password settings, that is, the name of the position, website, login, password and comments. You can enter the password manually or use the automatic generation option. It is possible to manage the complexity of passwords generated by the system and set them up: change the length of a password, add new symbols (underlines, hyphens, parenthesis, special signs etc.).

Keepass Add Entry

It is very easy to use logins/passwords saved in Keepass:

  • Just open the program, choose the required category and password position;
  • Then you launch to the site using the link from the password line. Double left click of a mouse enables you to copy and enter the website login. The same action is needed to copy and enter the password. Keep in mind that the lifespan of the password in the exchange buffer is limited to 10 seconds by default to ensure maximum security. The data are deleted then. If 10 seconds seem quite a short period of time to you, you can increase the amount of time in the settings of the “Memory” section.

Keepass additionally offers password search, opportunity to lock the desktop, enable the autorun option, set up interface with regard to your needs and more. The soft looks quite simple, but it is really professional.

Bottom Line

Keepass is an affordable and elaborated password manager. What also matters, it is free and cross-platform. The nuances of using the software come down to 2 points: you can’t lose the database or forget the password to it. The program will take care of the rest. It is easy to work with it and we recommend using the software to enhance your online security.


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