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Jimdo Dolphin is a brand new product from the developers of the popular classic WYSIWYG Jimdo website builder, which has over 20 million clients. It is based on the AI tool, which creates websites in the automatic mode with regard to the data provided.

Dolphin is the representative of the new generation of website builders. It is even simpler and more convenient as compared to standard website builders based on the SaaS platforms. This is the independent product, which targets small and medium businesses.

In less than 3 minutes, you will get a business website with individual design and structure, which doesn’t require almost any improvements. It will look great both on desktop computers and smartphones. Sounds attractive, doesn’t it? Let’s review all the nuances in details now.

1. Ease of Use

Dolphin seems to be a lightweight and clear system. Just a few clicks, a couple of simple questions and you see a pleasant animation of the web creation process. This is provided in the wizard form. The speed of involvement into the working process is really impressive.

The interface is very pleasant, simple and user-friendly. Nothing distracts your attention here. This looks serious and delicate at a time. The service makes it possible to understand how important the process is, but it doesn’t overwhelms a user with extra details, questions or windows confirming something and other suchlike things.

Jimdo Dolphin AI - Start Dialog

From the moment you activate the “Start” button and up to the moment you get a ready made website, you will see only two screens. The process is blazing and quite effective. Dolphin creates the impression of slow dynamics. There is nothing extra here. Beautiful animations contribute to the impression of fresh approach.

Jimdo Dolphin doesn’t require any special skills to be used to the advantage. You don’t have to make up the website structure and design. The system can load the content from social network accounts you will provide.

The complexity of the entire website creation process can be compared to that of Facebook registration. Everyone can cope with it.

2. Feature Set and Flexibility

The essence of the Dolphin feature set is simple: a user submits business-related information (name, niche etc.) and gets a personalized website that fits the topic. If you provide Facebook, Instagram or Google account data, then you’ll be able to use photos and even texts from these sources. This is a notable time economy.

The system comes with its own AI, which analyzes the submitted information, interprets it, sets up the design and creates a unique website for your business. The result will impress you by its quality. It is possible to edit a website, if needed.

Dolphin websites are block-based. You can add new blocks in one click, change their places, copy or remove them. The list of the available block types is as follows: cover, about, text, image, columns, list, music, contact. Each category contains around a dozen of block design variants.

Jimdo Dolphin Editor

To edit the content, you should just click the element. You will get a set of modification options depending upon its type, be it a text editor, an image choice menu, a option allowing to add a link, video or music tracks. Each block has its settings, which make it possible to select the set of the displayed elements (buttons, text, logo, photo/video, social bar etc.).

It’s important to mention the high speed of working with the editor – the process is really smooth and there are no interface response delays. We also liked the fonts the system offers – they perfectly fit the conceptions of the websites created.

By using the mobile Jimdo Boost application, you can get detailed website traffic data (users visiting your website, their location and the number of views) and useful recommendations on the effective website promotion. The design looks appealing. The data are loaded from Google Analytics.

Jimdo Boost App

Dolphin feature set allows creating websites on the go. Editing tools are intuitive. You can launch and publish a website during lunch directly from your smartphone and it will look stunning. The innovative approach of the service perfectly comes up to the quick life tempo of the contemporary world. You get maximal result with minimal financial investment.

3. Designs

Jimdo Dolphin doesn’t offer a standard template selection procedure. When working with the wizard, you will specify your niche, social networks, upload the logo etc. Based on these data, the service will automatically create the most suitable responsive design.

It’s interesting to point out that AI selects the website colour palette depending upon the color scheme of the uploaded logo and photos. If you wish, you can change the colours manually in the editor, having chosen one of the dozen presets.

Jimdo Dolphin Design Editor

The external web page look depends a lot upon the structure and design of separate blocks. This can be set up manually in a few clicks. The content provided on Dolphin websites looks appealing. The service also has a nice designer approach. The websites launched with it look harmonious and comprehensive.

4. Customer Support

Dolphin contains a help section, which is accessible from the editor. The information it provides is logically-structured. The keyword search is also supported. FAQ articles are quality, informative and reveal the smallest details of working with the system.

There is also a search window for quick access to the materials in the lower right corner. Paid plans also offer personal priority support. Tech support is qualified and effective.

5. Pricing Policy

Dolphin provides everyone with an opportunity to test the tool for free on the “Play” plan. You can create a 5-page business website on the system subdomain. There are 2 paid licenses:

  • Start ($9), which offers an opportunity to create 10-page websites, connect your own domain, HTTPS Encryption, Ad-Free, Statistics, Personal Support, unlimited space and bandwidth, free domain for 1 year
  • Grow ($19), which provides all the features implied by the Start Plan plus high priority of tech support inquiries and professional design analysis.

Thus, the major distinction of the paid plans is about the level of cooperation with the service team. By using the Grow plan, an expert will analyze your website design and help optimize it, if necessary. Thus, you get the first-hand assistance. The functionality of websites doesn’t depend upon the plan at all.

6. Pros and Cons

Jimdo Dolphin is a website builder, which is interesting for the broad audience representing small and medium businesses. It allows getting beautiful responsive websites in no time with minimal financial investment. The system has multiple benefits:

  • Convenient wizard, smart AI;
  • Ready made websites can be published without any serious improvements;
  • Advanced algorithms of individual website design formation;
  • An opportunity to automatically add content from Facebook, Google, Instagram;
  • Convenient application for SEO – Jimdo Boost;
  • Pleasant design of the service, immediate interface response;
  • Convenient knowledge database, qualified tech support.

You will actually be able to get a website in 3-5 minutes after the registration. This is not an exaggeration. The readiness level and uniqueness of a website depends a lot upon the amount of company-related data available on the web. Social network accounts and other online references will help Dolphin AI form website design, content and structure with higher detalization and quality.

What about the disadvantages? The service somewhat lacks a blog creation option based on the same technology. When it comes to the quality of business niche processing, Dolphin shows to advantage. There are no obvious demerits, the testing created positive impression.


Jimdo Dolphin is the innovative tool used to create modern business websites. It works well for everyone, who doesn’t have a website to establish business web presence. Time and money investments are minimal, while the result you will eventually avail features top notch quality.

We eventually deal with an extremely simple and smart website builder, which allows saving much time and money. This is a decent alternative to expensive designer websites for those users, who lack money or desire to pay more.

We recommend Jimdo Dolphin. This is a great product, when it comes to the price/quality correlation. The best niche AI tool is realized in the system and it is going to become more impressive with the lapse of time. This is a worthy offer in a business web design niche from all the points of view. Try it.

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