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Jimdo Alternatives

Hailing from Germany, Jimdo is a brainchild of a team of dedicated developers who managed to implement above average commerce features. However, it is far from being perfect whenever you need to create a blog or a business card website from scratch. Jimdo obviously lacks well-designed templates. Their quality is average if compared with Wix. Although the platform offers a free plan, it includes only a limited number of templates. Once you crave for more professionally designed layouts, prepare to pay.

Styling also looks pretty average with a lack of editing tools unless you are aware of how to code. The last but not the least is that Jimdo is not actually a drag-and-drop website builder. Wix and uKit come as a better alternative offering a wide range of professionally designed free templates.

Alternatives to Jimdo: What Are They?

1. Wix delivers a huge selection of free professionally designed templates related to various fields. Whether you need to launch a blog, a commercial website or a digital store, Wix boasts a selection of easily customizable templates with a natural born drag-and-drop feature. No need to code anything. Editing is very easy even for newbies.

2. uKit is a cheaper option compared with Jimdo. Pro plan will cost you not more than $12 per month including a free domain and hosting. Jimdo’s business and platinum plans are $20 and $30 respectively. This fact makes uKit a much more cost-effective solution and one of the cheapest premium-quality website builders on the market.

Easy of UseDrag-and-dropWYSIWYG editing tool
Templates:Free Mobile Responsive templatesFree adaptive templates
Technical Support:Callback, email supportSkype, e-mail support
eCommerce:Shopping cart, secure payments, and shippingStore widget
SEO:Advanced SEO settingsPromotion and Optimization Capabilities
Pricing Options:Free to $24.50/mo$4 to $12/mo

Considering the above-mentioned, Wix and uKit come as a better alternative to Jimdo offering cost-effective and more flexible tools to handle the creation of any website type from scratch. Let’s have a closer look at what Wix and uKit can actually offer.

#1. Wix – an Ultimate Jimdo Alternative

Wix home page

Wix has proved to be a full-scale website building software that lets users create any type of website from e-commerce or blog to portfolio and landing page. It boasts a greater variety of professionally designed templates that are free. Its drag-and-drop feature makes it easier to customize and edit pages if compared with Jimdo. At the same time, it comes as a cost-effective building tool whenever you have a limited budget. Here are some core Wix advantages:

  • Professional Templates and Themes – whether you opt for a free or PRO plan, you will get an access to a complete selection of premium-quality templates that are ready to use on mobile devices. Choose the one you need from any category ranging from construction and IT to sports and recreation;
  • Ease of Use – WYSIWYG technology makes it easy to edit and customize each page of your future website. Add or remove sections, insert your text or attach videos and photos;
  • Wix App Market – the platform has its own FREE app market where you can choose widgets and applications to make your blog or business website more user-friendly. Use social media buttons, calendars and blogging widgets;
  • Flexibility – Wix has a set of features and instruments to build any website. E-commerce tools make it easy to come up with a solid webshop. SEO settings let you increase search engine rankings of your blog. One-page templates are good for creating a landing page within a couple of hours;
  • Pricing – Wix offers a free plan while premium account with a free hosting and domain will cost you from $8 per month.

As a result, we have a relatively cheap and versatile website builder for different purposes.

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#2. uKit – The Cheapest Alternative to Jimdo

uKit home page

uKit is probably the cheapest website builder for those who do not want any technical challenges. It certainly puts an easy on any wallet while the selection of features is enough to create a professional portfolio, a blog or a one-page website. As for the features, they are as follows:

  • Stylish Templates – uKit delivers a selection of mobile-friendly and stylish templates for in addition to its gallery featuring a collection of high-quality images and photos to customize your web pages;
  • Add-Ons and Widgets – the platform has some built-in widgets. They are available in uKit collection featuring calendars, navigation tools, search bars and other useful things that ensure a better users engagement;
  • Promotion and SEO – although uKit is a simple platform for some less complicated tasks, it still has some decent promotion tools. Users can edit SEO titles and meta descriptions, add focus keywords and phrases, etc.;
  • Pricing – probably this major uKit benefit makes it a better alternative than Jimdo. It provides different plans. The price ranges from $4 to $12/mo including free hosting and domain. It is even cheaper than typical Jimdo business plan.

Once you have a limited budget but still need a handy website building tool, uKit is certainly the one to choose.

Summing Up

Jimdo has proved to be a solid website building platform with some good features. However, it obviously lacks flexibility when it comes to editing web pages. It is rather expensive and lacks a selection of FREE professional themes and templates. Jimdo is less versatile and mainly focused on e-commerce websites.

On the other hand, we have good alternatives in the face of Wix and uKit. They look more flexible whenever you need to create any type of website. They offer advanced SEO features in addition to blogging tools. They provide a free access to a wide range of free templates despite the plan you choose. While Wix looks like a more versatile solution for webshops, blogs, and landing pages, uKit is probably the most affordable software to build websites from scratch within a couple of hours.


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