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iPage vs Hostinger

ipage vs hostinger

iPage and Hostinger claim to offer affordable shared server solutions with some budget entry plans. They might be a good pick for regular website owners, small business sites, and bloggers who aim for launching simple web projects.

Both companies bring a number of baseline medium-range features at low budget. They may appear to be a cost-effective server solution although some bigger and more complicated websites may require a wider selection of tools. In this case, you will obviously need a more enhanced and flexible hosting provider such as Bluehost.

A Quick Snapshot:

iPageiPage made its debut on the digital arena back in 1998. It boasts years of experience in the niche as well as millions of users hosted. The platform has proved to be flexible enough with its integration capabilities. Moreover, it is one of the cheapest servers offers on the market. On the other hand, it also means we should not expect much from its plans.

HostingerHostinger has become pretty popular with users featuring more than 20,000 new sites hosted daily. It offers a comparatively good uptime and page load rate. The platform has a decent customer support service and affordable plans although the pricing policy might look a bit daunting with some hidden charges and extra fees.

Let’s compare both Hostinger vs iPage server offers and highlight their key hits and misses.

1. Hosting Features

  • iPage. iPage is a more eCommerce-oriented platform though it certainly lacks advanced features to become the best business hosting like Bluehost, for example. At the same time, it is still functional enough to let small business website owners turn their projects into a more advanced eCommerce site with a set of the following features:

    • Good for Newbies – the platform is easy to use although it does not feature a traditional dashboard. Here you will find the company’s custom control panel to work with setting or fine-tune your hosting.
    • Free Features – a free domain and advertising credits are included in major iPage plans. However, the definition of the word “free” may differ from what we are used to in regards to this hosting provider.
    • Simple Website Builder – beginners can opt for custom website building tools that are available for free. Users will get access to a selection of free templates and drag-and-drop editing tools to create their own projects from scratch.
    • eCommerce Features – iPage can be a good place to get started with your first digital store or small business website. The platform offers third-party integrations including Shopsite to enable the shopping cart feature and ensure fast purchase processing.

    iPage Control Panel

    All in all, iPage may really have what you look for to get started. However, once you have reached a particular level, you might need a wider features option and hosting flexibility.

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  • Hostinger. Hostinger is a relatively cheap hosting provider that will definitely fit any budget. On the one hand, it means the platform may fail to provide advanced options for website owners to require extended hosting capabilities. However, the majority will appreciate some baseline features that include:

    • WP-oriented Hosting Platform – Hostinger is compatible with all major CMS platforms including WordPress, which is good news for bloggers and small business website owners. The company has WP-customized servers in addition to free themes, built-in widgets, and caching plugins to boost the page loading speed.
    • Easy to Use Hosting – newbies will like it using Hostinger due to a simple dashboard though it looks totally different from what users are used to seeing in standard cPanels. Each function is displayed so that users would never miss them. You will find all necessary tools in one place right on the main screen of the dashboard.
    • A Bunch of Free Features – despite affordable plans, the platform delivers a set of different free features that range from free domain name and SSL certificate to free email marketing tools. However, they are available only with the Business and Premium plans. The entry plan does not have them.
    • Free Website Building Tools – if you do not want to deal with CMS, you can opt for Hostinger custom website builder to create your own website from scratch. A simple drag-and-drop editor and free templates will let newbies come up with their own project already connected to a domain and ready to publish.

    Hostinger Panel

    The hosting provider additionally optional unlimited features available in advanced plans only.

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iPage vs Hostinger: both platforms provide a baseline set of features including typical free capabilities such as domain names, SSL certificates or website building tools. However, iPage looks more eCommerce-oriented, which is good for small business site owners.

2. Performance

  • iPage. iPage claims to be a budget hosting provider with affordable plans. However, it does not mean they can look down on such crucial performance rates as uptime and load time. There is everything fine with the uptime rate (99.98%). It is even higher if compared to some more flexible and advanced hosting solutions available on the web and 0.04% higher than the average stats.

    As for the page load speed, it could be much better. 820ms might sound good enough for some small or medium web projects. But if you need a faster content delivery to the end user, you would probably want another hosting provider, as the average loading time does not exceed 500ms.

  • Hostinger. Hostinger looks more preferable in terms of performance. The platform has drastically improved its uptime and page load rates getting into the list of top server solutions.

    The company has data centers located in Europe and Asia as well as in the United States. The average uptime rate has been 99.98% over the last few months while the page load speed is 385ms according to the latest tests.

iPage vs Hostinger: although both platforms have the same uptime rate, which is higher than on average, iPage is slower when it comes to page load time. This aspect can be crucial when it comes to users’ experience and satisfaction.

3. Security

  • iPage. iPage implements all latest technologies to establish 100% safety despite traffic spikes or leaps. The platform has an uptime monitoring system in addition to its partnership with SiteLock and Firewall to prevent hacking, scanning, personal data leaking, etc.

    Users will appreciate constant system updates and additional instruments that help to identify out-of-date apps or widgets and replace them with new ones. The SSL certificate is a part of each plan.

  • Hostinger. Hostinger also takes good care of its customers’ privacy and digital security. The platform implements a combination of baseline and advanced solutions. Baseline safety means include:

    • Daily or Weekly data backups depending on the plan.
    • Free SSL certificate as a part of each plan.
    • Integration with CloudFlare and SpamAssassin protection.

    BitNinja comes as a separate security tool with a pack of instruments within a single solution. Its main aim is to prevent the risk of hacking or scamming, DDoS attacks, XXS frauds, and more. The system serves to defend your website from brute forces, malware and more.

iPage vs Hostinger: Hostinger seems to deliver more enhanced security solutions while iPage has only baseline features. At the same time, its free SSL is not actually free. The company can charge extra fees for that while free certificates have already become the major feature of hundreds of hosting providers.

4. Customer Support

  • iPage. Being a hosting provider means staying in touch with your customers 24/7. iPage has a solid customer support team with several ways to ask for assistance. They include:

    • Ticketing system or email. In this case, you may need to wait up to 24 hours for a response.
    • Phone for instant contacting.
    • Live Chat taking up to 20 minutes to resolve the issue.
    • Additional WP-oriented support team can come in handy. It introduces a pool of WordPress experts ready to lend a hand whenever you need to resolve technical or other issues

  • Hostinger. Hostinger is far from being perfect although it has several means to provide professional support to its customers. Users can opt for a ticketing system or live chat. However, the problem with the live chat is its availability for logged in users only. In other words, you need to sign in. Otherwise, the feature is unavailable.

    At the same time, it takes the support team pretty long to get in touch according to recent reviews. Good news is they have a solid knowledge base featuring video guides, tutorials or general information with detailed descriptions of all possible issues you might need to resolve.

Hostinger vs iPage: both platforms have a good enough support team though not perfect. It may take a bit longer than you might expect to get professional assistance from the horse’s mouth.

5. Pricing Policy

  • iPage. Those looking for budget server solutions should certainly consider iPage. It offers an all-in-one solution for $2.99 per month. The price refers to all available plans with the exception of WP-customized packages. For this price, you will get all the features described above.

    iPage Price

    The main disadvantage of the platform’s pricing policy is some of its extra fees or hidden charges. For instance, you will have to pay for each new domain name you need to register although the plans claim to offer unlimited websites. Plan renewal will also cost you a bit more you pay to form the start.

    So, keep an eye on the figures. WP-based plans include the Starter and Essential Plans costing $3.75 and $6.95 respectively. Despite some slight drawbacks, iPage is still one of the most affordable hosting solutions.

  • Hostinger. Hostinger boasts even cheaper plans with the entry price starting from $1.45 per month. The Single Plan might be not enough for a start. This is where you can opt for Business or Premium plans costing $2.95 and $3.95 respectively. They come with unlimited bandwidth and storage, free SSL certificates, weekly or daily backups, etc.

    Hostinger Pricing

iPage vs Hostinger: both platforms have extra fees and features. When using Hostinger, you will have to pay for each new domain name you want to add. iPage charges for plan renewals and domain registrations as well. However, they are still yet the cheapest server options on the market.

The Bottom Line

Summing up, the reviewed hosting platforms can be good for a start as well as for small and medium projects. They come with only some baseline features though at the most affordable price you can find on the web.

iPageiPage is a simple hosting provider with a single plan for all users in addition to its WP-customized offers. It can still be a cost-effective solution for those wanting to launch their small business projects or small eCommerce websites. Various security means and overall good performance might have a good value for money.

HostingerHostinger boasts slightly better performance especially when it comes to the page load time. It can be a crucial factor when choosing a winner. However, it will hardly be a good option for larger and more complicated projects requiring extended server capacity. On the other hand, it can be a good option for a start.

If you are planning to launch a complicated project for the global audience looking for enhanced security and ultimate performance, you might want a more flexible and advanced server solution. In this case, Bluehost might do the trick.

Overview Comparison Chart

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Security:iPage vs HostingeriPage vs HostingeriPage vs HostingeriPage vs HostingeriPage vs HostingeriPage vs HostingeriPage vs HostingeriPage vs HostingeriPage vs HostingeriPage vs Hostinger
Customer Support:iPage vs HostingeriPage vs HostingeriPage vs HostingeriPage vs HostingeriPage vs HostingeriPage vs HostingeriPage vs HostingeriPage vs HostingeriPage vs HostingeriPage vs Hostinger
Pricing Policy:iPage vs HostingeriPage vs HostingeriPage vs HostingeriPage vs HostingeriPage vs HostingeriPage vs HostingeriPage vs HostingeriPage vs HostingeriPage vs HostingeriPage vs Hostinger
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