iPage vs Bluehost: Which is Better?

iPage vs Bluehost: Which is Better?

iPage and Bluehost are two of the best budget hosting providers around. They both tout strong performance at nearly impossible-to-beat prices, both offer unmetered just-about-everything including bandwidth, storage, email accounts, and domains at most levels. Nevertheless, despite the abundance of features listed on the homepage, not all of them are worth the hype. We have tested and investigated both hosting solutions to present to your attention in-depth, dependable, and what’s more important, unbiased comparison-review so that you make a grounded decision. Let us help you figure out which company delivers the best services for your budget and needs.

iPage vs Bluehost: General Comparison

iPage is an Endurance International group-owned company established back in 1998. Today it hosts more than a million websites between two data centers situated in the United States alone. The hosting provider has earned a reputation thanks to delivering affordable pricing options for their services. And so, it is skillfully catered to those users who search for cheap and at the same time credible hosting services with no compromise on the site speed.

Bluehost, on the other hand, is a WordPress-recommended website hosting provider which was founded in 1996. It powers over two million websites globally. The services include an impressive array of hosting options all priced within the sensible. Both hosts offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and a free domain for an entire year after a subscription. And none deliver free site migration.

So, as you see, in the mentioned criteria, these companies have similarities. However, there are differences, as well, that help us distinguish which host better meets your requirements. For instance, the pricing plans by Bluehost start at $2.95 per month while iPage offers hosting starting at $1.99 per month. If iPage features a vDeck control panel, that of Bluehost is a cPanel. Bluehost includes unlimited email accounts on all its pricing plans except the Basic, while at iPage you have to pay for them.

This was a brief overview of iPage vs Bluehost. To get to know them better and see which of them is superior, we’ll get to review all the major features deeper.

Pros and Cons

You wouldn’t expect perfect website hosting services especially at such low costs, will you? Both iPage and Bluehost have a series of advantages, yet aren’t without downsides, either. Here we’ll review the main pros and cons of both companies.

Unmetered data transfer, storage, and domain hosting
Free SSL encryption
Robust and user-friendly website building tools with automatic WordPress installation and plugin, theme updates
Customized cPanel interface for easy use
Responsive and intelligent customer support with 24/7 live chat option
Performance caching
Free SiteLock CDN
Affordable pricing
Less control over automatic data backups
Impossible to use both SiteLock CDN and HTTP
No cloud hosting is available
Some of the cheapest hosting providers in the market
Unlimited storage, bandwidth, and MySQL databases
Offers two site builders
YellowPages.com listing available for free
Security suit offered for free
Frequent upselling
Doesn’t list Webalizer stats for sites separately
Difficult to conduct multiple domain hosting
Rather poor Dedicated and VPS hosting features

As you can see, the benefits of Bluehost prevail over those of iPage, while the downsides of iPage are more palpable than those of Bluehost. Do we need to state that Bluehost is the winner in the “Pros and Cons” section?

Comparison of Features

Both iPage and Bluehost catch the eye with the abundance of features offered in all hosting plans. Bluehost doesn’t boast of delivering a huge plethora of features most of which are not even used like other hosting solutions do. Instead, it delivers exceptionally necessary tools in each pricing tier. iPage, meanwhile, has a long list of features involved which attract at first sight but appear not as useful as those of Bluehost.

To get a profound look at each provider, we’ll get into the hosting types offered.

Hosting Types Available and Features Included

Offering a range of hosting plans, Bluehost is a great choice for bloggers, WordPress beginners, and entrepreneurs. The hosting types this provider offers include Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and Reseller hosting. Unfortunately, the company has ceased delivering Cloud hosting.

iPage, meanwhile, can be a good option for those users who are tight on budget and will apply only for the starting plans. Choosing iPage as your website host, you can apply to get Web hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and Dedicated hosting.

Let’s get a deeper review of several hosting types to see what features each of these companies can offer its users.

Shared Hosting

Both Bluehost and iPage offer amazing shared hosting plans. Those of Bluehost start at $2.95 per month with the Basic plan. It includes 50GB SSD storage, custom themes, and round-the-clock support. This plan gives access to a website builder with WordPress integration, drag-and-drop user-friendly tool, all-driven templates, as well as free SSL certificate, domain, and CDN. The most expensive shared plan by Bluehost, meanwhile, is Pro coming at the cost of $13.95 per month. The plan offers users unlimited SSD storage and websites to host, as well as optimized CPU resources. The website builder that comes with this plan is packed with such free stuff as SSL certificate, CDN, domain, domain privacy, Office 365 (for 30 days only), and automated backup. This is the cheapest offer by Bluehost.

The shared hosting by iPage, meanwhile, starts at $1.99 per month. Obtaining the Go plan, you get such features as a free domain, SSL certificate, unmetered websites and storage, a free email address (of a standard type), and 24/7 customer support.

Dedicated Hosting

As far as you are concerned with Dedicated hosting, Bluehost offers flexible and credible Dedicated hosting options built on modern technology with a minimum of 4 cores per server. The prices for Dedicated hosting start at $79.99 per month and reach up to $119.99. The top tools of the Standard plan involve 4GB RAM, 3MB Cache, 2 x 500GB RAID Level 1 Storage, 5 TB of Network Bandwidth, cPanel & WHM with Root, 3 dedicated IPs, and, of course, 1 free domain.

Compared to the above-mentioned description of Dedicated hosting by Bluehost, Dedicated hosting by iPage is priced a lot more expensive. The Startup plan costs $119.99 per month while the Enterprise plan comes at the cost of $191.99 per month. It offers 15TB of bandwidth, 5 IP addresses, 16GB of RAM, 1000GB disk space, and free domain registration.

VPS Hosting

Comparing the performance vs price of VPS plans, Bluehost brings supreme value to the table. Besides the competitive pricing, it ensures first-class support and grandiose uptime compared to many other VPS options in the industry. Bluehost offers VPS hosting Standard plan starting at only $19.99 and includes 1 TB bandwidth, 30 GB SSD storage, 2 cores, 1 IP address, and WHM/cPanel. As ridiculous it may look, iPage suggests obtaining the Basic VPS hosting plan at exactly the same cost – $19.99 per month. The features offered, however, aren’t much alike. The disk space by iPage is 40GB instead of the 30GB offered by Bluehost. However, this plan is appropriate only for 1 core CPU, while that of Bluehost supports 2 Cores. Bluehost also gives 2GB of RAM, while iPage can provide only 1GB.

So, the primary cheaper cost of iPage set for the starting plans appears wrong, since all the other plans come significantly more expensive than those by Bluehost. The latter, meanwhile, ensures more useful features in each of its plans in comparison to iPage.

Here, again, the absolute winner is Bluehost.

Comparison of Usage

The next critical aspect to take into account when choosing a website hosting company is the ease of use. Bluehost integrates the traditional cPanel which most users feel familiar with. With this provider’s custom cPanel interface, managing the website and hosting resources becomes a breeze. Furthermore, Bluehost has revamped the dashboard to improve user experience. Now it has become as easy as never before to launch a site with this giant hosting company.

iPage, on the other hand, offers its users a 1-click WordPress installer. The latter ensures the quick launching of a WordPress site. Besides, it has incorporated perhaps the easiest drag-and-drop tool in its hosting plans. All these features make iPage a great choice for beginners who prioritize the easiest website building solutions so that they don’t have to hire a website developer.

ipage control panel

Nonetheless, unlike Bluehost, iPage doesn’t offer cPanel control. The company has its brand version of a control panel titled as vDeck. This implies a learning curve to tackle before using vDeck if you stop your choice on iPage. Perhaps this is the only downside of iPage in terms of ease of use, which, yet, makes Bluehost a step ahead again.

Performance Comparison

Some of the most essential factors of a website hosting company’s performance are uptime and speed. Nobody wants to stay on a slow website while Google keeps on emphasizing page speed in its algorithm.

The importance of uptime, meanwhile, is estimated with the desire of users to access a website whenever they wish. Bluehost doesn’t guarantee any uptime, which may seem to repel at first. But after carrying out some traffic surge tests through Pingdom, we got dependable results showing 100% uptime. Surely, this can’t be stable throughout the year since the servers need some gaps for management, but Bluehost definitely delivers some of the highest uptimes in the industry. The company’s servers are in the US. Hence, the faster loading times are registered in Montreal, Canada, the US, and Western Europe. Results of loading times in East Asia and the rest of the world yield to some extent.

iPage, meanwhile, claims to deliver the industry-standard 99.9% uptime. The results of our testing showed slowing down when the site got around 50 users. The uptime was close to what the company claims, but not exact. The company has two data servers, both situated in Boston, Massachusetts. Accordingly, iPage is powerful as long as the website is targeted locally.

Without any doubt, Bluehost is superior to iPage in terms of speed and uptime.

Security Comparison

Security is another crucial feature that determines if the hosting company is worth relying on or not. Both Bluehost and iPage prosper in this but Bluehost beats iPage thanks to the more attractive price for the add-on security suite. It includes a free SSL certificate developed by Let’s Encrypt in every plan whether cheap or expensive. Besides this, you can opt for advanced security features. For this, go for the SiteLock products at a discount cost. This security pack offers a CDN and firewall aimed at speeding up website performance. These security tools also scan for malware and block automated attacks. As far as you are concerned about the backups, Bluehost conducts them at its discretion. This means that the feature doesn’t require any backup schedule setup. Neither does it claim responsibility even if you forget or refuse to perform the backup manually. Your content data is always safe with Bluehost.

bluehost security setting

Furthermore, the company provides the necessary tools to mitigate DDoS attacks, thus ensuring the website won’t slow or get damaged. In this feature, iPage is identical to Bluehost since it mitigates the DDoS attacks with its load-balancing architecture, too. Besides, it offers a free SSL certificate on every plan like Bluehost. The SiteLock security, meanwhile, is included in the WordPress Essential plan or comes at an extra annual cost.

The daily malware and spam scans at iPage come automatically. However, if your site is hacked, the company suggests acquiring SiteLock911. The latter is a special service aimed at cleaning a website.

So, as you can see, iPage and Bluehost have comparable security features. And yet, the huge (80%) discount on the SiteLock package helps Bluehost stand out by the side of iPage.

Site Migration Comparison

When it comes to site migration, there can be no comparison between Bluehost and iPage, since the latter doesn’t offer any free site migration. Here it costs $150. Furthermore, if your existing website is established on a cPanel service, the site migration will be troublesome due to the different vDeck panel incorporated at iPage.

Bluehost, meanwhile, delivers the services for free. If you have an already established WordPress website, the company suggests relying the migrating process on its experts. For this, adhere to this simple instruction:

  1. Choose a Bluehost plan and set up an account;
  2. Access the Migration Services page in the Marketplace of the company;
  3. Insert your website name to run a quick check of compatibility;
  4. You will be guided to the Bluehost Migration plugin to begin the process of WordPress migration process;
  5. Bluehost’s experts will contact you to finalize the site migration;
  6. After the migration is finished, Bluehost will connect your existing domain to your new Bluehost site.

Website Builder Comparison

bluehost website builder

Bluehost offers new users a chance to build their website from scratch before hosting it. Thanks to the drag-and-drop simplicity of the website builder suggested, setting up an online store, a blog, or any other personal site is comprehensible. And still, beginners may face some problems due to the lack of practice. Bluehost’s support team, however, is always ready to assist in this. Bluehost offers to choose from the most famous CMS and blogging software such as Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress, if you don’t feel comfortable with the “What You See Is What You Get” tool.

The website builder of this brand includes a great number of freebies including:

  • unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • a free domain and its hosting
  • email hosting
  • unmetered databases
  • $200 in advertising credits
  • unlimited uploads
  • automatic backups
  • stock images
  • goMobi or Weebly site builder
  • custom fonts
  • smart templates for a quick start

iPage offers robust DIY website building services, too. It offers a user-friendly interface, a free domain for one year, and instant provisioning – all that’s necessary to establish a website in mere minutes. The websites built with iPage are completely mobile-responsive and look equally well regardless of the device your website is accessed on. The main features of the iPage website builder are as follows:

  • Weebly and WebsiteBuilder site builder
  • free shopping cart
  • professional-looking themes
  • wizards are easy to set up
  • unmetered disk space
  • free online store

As you see, in terms of website building, Bluehost and iPage are equally powerful.

Customer Support Comparison

Dealing with website hosting requires constant attention and the ability to deal with your hosting provider whenever necessary. Both Bluehost and iPage feature an exhaustive knowledge base to help their users get a deeper insight into their services or how to enhance their hosting experience. At Bluehost, you will come across Education Resources with precise and brief information on billing preferences, email, domain names, and login management. The knowledge base of the company, meanwhile, involves a huge diversity of how-tos, articles, guides, instructions, and answers to frequently asked questions. All these are separated into categories to spot whatever you need easier. If you have any questions, most chances are that you will get them answered here already.

bluehost contacts

Nonetheless, if you still want to get in touch with the support team, Bluehost offers the following options available 24/7:

  • Telephone Call – (888) 401-4678
  • Email – A form is provided in the Bluehost account
  • Live Chat – Yes
  • Ticket – Yes
  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest

iPage is ready to deliver quick responsive customer support, too. The Help Center of iPage is all-inclusive, too. All the articles the company offers are categorized into such sections as emails, partnership programs, domains, database, CGI and Scripting, policies, security, video tutorials, website builder, etc. The sections are all packed with highly useful articles and recommendations that will satisfy not only novice users but also seasoned ones.

ipage contacts

The direct customer support contact methods iPage lists on its official website are the followings:

  • Telephone Call – (877) 472-4399
  • Email – contact@ipage.com
  • Live Chat – Yes
  • Ticket – Yes
  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter

Pricing Comparison

Most vividly, iPage rocks the market with its affordable hosting solutions. You can hardly find such cheap costs from other hosting providers. The most affordable hosting plan by iPage is $1.99 per month.

Nonetheless, let you not be cheated by this entry-level cheap cost. You see, except for the starting GO plan, iPage is not as affordable as claimed to be. Moreover, Bluehost blows iPage out of the website hosting water with its inexpensive hosting plans. The starting plans of Bluehost are priced at $2.75/mo, $2.75/mo, $19.99/mo, and $79.99/mo for Shared, WordPress, VPS, and Dedicated hosting types respectively.

The prices of iPage hosting, meanwhile, are $1.99/mo, $3.75/mo, $19.99/mo, and $119.99/mo for Shared, WordPress, VPS, and Dedicated hosting types respectively. You see, WordPress and Dedicated hosting solutions start cheaper at Bluehost than at iPage.

iPage vs Bluehost: Conclusion

After this in-depth comparison of iPage and Bluehost, we conclude that Bluehost is the best website hosting provider you can trust unconditionally. It ensures fast web hosting, a super intuitive hosting panel, top-level security, free site migration, and an impressive list of hosting solutions. Apparently, its hosting plans are more robust and diverse than those of iPage. Bluehost offers managed WordPress, WooCommerce, Reseller hosting types, which aren’t available at iPage. Additionally, being a WordPress-recommended hosting service, Bluehost has an increased credibility level.

By choosing Bluehost, you will experience continual upgrades in the host’s server infrastructure aimed at boosting performance and enhancing user experience. So, if you have a limited budget but are looking for reliable, flexible, and robust website hosting services while standing in front of a dilemma – to select iPage or Bluehost, Bluehost should definitely be your choice.


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