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iPage – is a full-service web hosting provider with over 20 years of experience and millions of hosted websites. Launched in 1998, the platform delivers a range of services such as shared, dedicated and VPS hosting in addition to domain registration as well as baseline website building tools. iPage is a part of Endurance International Group that owes some other globally recognizable platforms including Bluehost.

The feature that makes iPage stand out from other server solutions results in its small business orientation. The platform appears to be a cost-effective way for small business website owners to jump to the eCommerce niche effortlessly. It offers a variety of great features such as one-click payment options and shopping cart integration. Users will appreciate its compatibility with top CMS platforms including WordPress, Magento, Drupal, etc.


  • Full-service web hosting provider;
  • Over 20 years of experience;
  • Small business focus.

1. Pros and Cons

iPage is positioned as one of the cheapest web hosting offers on the market. Some might think there is actually not much to expect from the platform. However, the hosting provider delivers plenty of different benefits that range from solid customer support to its partnership with SiteLock for enhanced security means.

iPage Pros:

  • Good Uptime Rate – The latest tests have been showing good uptime rates over the last 10 months. 99.98% is higher if compared to some more expensive hosting providers and 0.4% better than average uptime rate.
  • Third-Party Integration – iPage can be integrated with different third-party services such as PayPal, Google Apps, etc. The platform reserves plenty of eCommerce integration capabilities for payment transactions.
  • Enhanced Security Features – The hosting offers SiteLock security suites with each of its plans. It handles regular malware detecting and eliminating in addition to constant updates and scanning to prevent the risk of security leaking.
  • Low Prices – iPage is one of the most affordable hosting providers on the market. The entry price starts from $2.44 per month with free SSL, free domain, free website builder and templates, customer support and other baseline features.
  • WordPress Blogging Tools – iPage is a good option for those who want to launch a WP-based blog. The platform comes with a selection of handful of plugins and widgets.

To say more, iPage has a 30-day refund guarantee and a solid customer support team. It usually takes no longer than 20 minutes to respond, which looks just fine considering the price.

iPage Cons:

  • Page Load Time Could be Better – the average loading time is 820ms. Although is p to 10% faster if compared with the average competition’ rate, it could be much better if considering web hosting providers with less than 500ms loading time.
  • The Lack of cPanel – It can be a drawback for those who are used to traditional dashboards. Here you will have to deal with vDeck. It might take some time to figure out how it works.
  • Extra Fees – iPage will charge you every time you want to register another domain or renew the plan. You might be surprised to find out the cost is a bit higher than it was from the start.

Users should note that the term “unlimited” does not really mean unlimited. You are not recommended exceeding 200,000 inodes when it comes to the number of website files. Otherwise your account can be suspended. In other words, iPage is not actually unlimited.


  • Positions itself as one of the cheapest contemporary hosting providers;
  • Enhanced security features;
  • High uptime rates and integrated WordPress blogging tools.

2. Hosting Features

iPage looks pretty flexible when it comes to features. It helps users build eCommerce and small business websites in addition to blogs. You can benefit from a selection of apps, third-party integrations, analytic tools, etc. The fundamental features include:

iPage Control Panel

  • Free Domain – You get a free domain with each plan. However, you will need to pay in case you want to register more domains.
  • Free Website Builder – iPage is a good platform to get started. You get free website building tools in addition to a free domain. Each plan includes free templates that can be easily edited with the drag-and-drop feature.
  • eCommerce Website – create your digital store and sell as many goods as you need. The feature includes Shopsite integration – a simple shopping cart software for websites. Implement various Google Apps and payment options including PayPal.
  • iPage Apps and Widgets – The platform offers a selection of apps whenever you need to build a blog or portfolio. Place a professional image gallery pr set your digital store effortlessly.
  • Free Ad Credits – each plan comes with up to $200 as advertising credits that can be used within Google or Bing.
  • WordPress Hosting – all WP-based website owners will get hundred of in-built WordPress plugins, customized control panel, WordPress support team, hundreds of themes, etc.

Additional features involved analytic tools to track your website performance. They are already included in the hosting account as well as free email address.


  • Free website builder included;
  • eCommerce functionality;
  • Integrable widgets and apps.

3. Performance

iPage performance can be defined by two major characteristics. They include the average uptime rate and page loading time.

The uptime rate is among the best if compared to other competitors in the niche. iPage has been performing 99.98% over the last few months according to the latest examinations. It is 0.04% higher than the average industry rate. At the same time, the hosting provider offers round-the-clock uptime monitoring to ensure fast support in case of the website going down for any reason.

Page loading time is hardly the best one can get. Although it is fast enough to ensure good users’ experience, it is still lower than offered by other companies. The average loading time is 820ms, while some platforms ensure less than 500ms.


  • Impressive uptime rate;
  • Fast page loading time;
  • Round-the-clock uptime rate monitoring.

4. Security

As it was mentioned before, iPage has established a partnership with SiteLock to proceed with regular scanning and preventing unexpected digital security threats with the use of Firewall. Regularly updates will fix all your out-of-date applications and plugins automatically. You do not need to interact with the manually.

Daily backups are also a good advantage to avoid problems in case your website goes down. Some baseline security features include free SSL. We recommended checking the pricing policy in advance, as the platform can charge extra fees for the certificate though they say it is free.


  • SiteLock partnership;
  • Regular security settings updates;
  • SSL and daily backups included.

5. Customer Support

Users can keep in touch with the support team via:

  • Live Chat.
  • Phone.
  • Email (ticketing system).

It may take them up to 24 hours to respond if you send an email, while live chat feature will let you resolve the issue in no longer than 20 minutes.

The support team is very helpful and polite. They will lead you through every stage and provide all necessary instructions on every question. The hosting provider has a separate WordPress support team for those who opt for WP-optimized hosting.


  • Live Chat and phone support;
  • Email support realized via ticketing system;
  • Separate support team for WordPress-optimized hosting users.

6. Pricing Policy

iPage, like its competitor – Hostinger, is one of the cheapest hosting offers on the market. However, the entry plan often looks more like a trick to attract users’ attention. The platform charges different fees for extra services. For example, if you have mistakenly registered a domain name and decided to cancel your account, you will still have o pay $15 for a domain name.

As for pricing, the basic Go plan costs from $1.99. It includes all free features including SSL, website builder, email address, domain transfer, and support. You can claim for a full refund within 30 days.

iPage Price

As for WP-based hosting plans, they include:

  • WP Starter Plan – it costs $3.75 per month with unlimited bandwidth and storage, ree 1-year domain registration and pre-installed themes and plugins.
  • WP Essential – it costs $6.95 per month and includes all free and unlimited features from the Starter plan in addition to SiteLock security, malware removal, WordPress customer support.

iPage is still a cost-effective solution and one of the cheapest hosting providers despite extra charges.


  • One of the cheapest hosting solutions in the market;
  • 30-days full refund policy;
  • Separate plans for WordPress websites.

The Bottom Line

iPage can be a good value for money if you are looking for cheap hosting with good enough performance and security means. Although it is far from being perfect in terms of page load speed, it can still ensure smooth and risk-free website operation.

It has proved to be a good platform for small and medium-business websites that want to jump into the eCommerce niche without any effort.

iPage is also a good option for WordPress-based websites with lots of built-in themes and plugins for blogs, digital stores, and other website types. Summing up, the platform can still meet site owners needs when it comes to modern hosting facilities.

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