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Interview with Zoho Marketing Analyst, Rahul Kumar

Businesses have been using free as a strategy for a long time. Free products play an important role in competing for users. Who doesn’t love freebies? Free is an emotional hot button that makes people think they have nothing to lose except for their time. And since many ignore time as an investment, many companies offer their products or their product versions for free, hoping that one day their free users will become premium subscribers.

Our guest today is Rahul Kumar, the Marketing Analyst at Zoho Sites who will share his vision for the market of website builders, freemium business model and other interesting topics.

Zoho Marketing Analyst, Rahul KumarSWB: Hello Kumar, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. A short time ago Zoho Sites changed its pricing. What circumstances prompted this decision?

Rahul: Thank you Howard. We did not change the pricing owing to any circumstance as such. You see, website market is gradually getting commoditized and we are watchful. Website is the first to-do item for any new business setup to go online. We see that as a gateway for the whole range of business apps that Zoho offers. We believe it makes more sense to invest in R&D rather than lavish advertising. If the offer is enticing, the word will spread out in the market like wildfire. We have reduced the marketing expenses tremendously, and that enabled us to provide the larger part of Zoho Sites free.

SWB: Please describe the ideal customer for the free Zoho Sites.

Rahul: I believe everybody needs a website. But Zoho Sites would fit the business people who want to create their online presence and scale their business using our other business apps. You can be anyone, a chef, a consultant, a reseller, a manufacturer you name it.

SWB: How do you feel Zoho Sites compares to other products in the marketplace? What makes it unique? What are the weakest sides?

Rahul: Zoho Sites offers ad-free websites and almost all the features for free. Nobody provides this in the industry. The well-knit integrations with the business suit of Zoho apps like Zoho CRM, Zoho Creator and also other third party apps, enable swift and hassle free flow of information across function. That is vital for any business process.

SWB: In your opinion, what is the most underappreciated feature of Zoho Sites?

Rahul: Our users love the features that we have. We do a thorough research before we develop them. Some are developed keeping web trends and potential use cases in mind. For example, Dynamic Content is one of the most powerful features with Zoho Sites. Powered by Zoho Creator, it allows users to keep their website up to date with real time events. We believe our users will extensively use this in future.

Zoho Sites - Mobile Websites

SWB: Can you provide a sneak peek into upcoming Zoho Sites updates or changes?

Rahul: We are coming up with a lot of new updates in Zoho Sites. As I mentioned earlier, the integrations are vital, and our highest priority is to bring in features that enable users to develop better websites. We will soon add features like blog import, navigation free pages and many more. We are working towards making Zoho Sites a better CMS, with ease of use.

SWB: Can you share some of your favorite Zoho Sites-powered websites?

Rahul: I believe the core component of any website is design and content. There are hundreds of websites that have utilized Zoho Sites free website builder to its best. To name a few, I recently visited,,, and they are good.

Zoho Sites Example Website

SWB: Do you have any closing comments?

Rahul: Thank you very much, Howard. I appreciate your efforts to review Zoho Sites. And thank you for this interview. All the very best.

SWB: Thank you for your time today, Mr. Kumar.


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