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Interview with Webydo CEO, Shmulik Grizim

Webydo has continually been gaining in popularity since its official release about a year ago, and we thought it would be interesting to interview Shmulik Grizim, CEO and Co-Founder at Webydo, for our readers to get a better understanding of the platform. We stole a moment out of Shmulik’s crazy schedule to get his thoughts on the platform. Read on to gain some valuable insights.

SWB: For those who are unaware, what is Webydo? What prompted its creation?

Shmulik Grizim, Webydo CEO Shmulik Grizim, Webydo CEO

Shmulik: In short, Webydo is a B2B cloud software that enables professional web and graphic designers and agencies to create and manage HTML 5, responsive websites for their clients, without writing code.

Tzvika Steinmetz, my fellow Co-Founder, and I created Webydo because we actually needed it ourselves. We were running a digital advertising firm and we were frustrated that around 70% of website creation budgets were going to the development side of the equation. The tedious, expensive and time-consuming process of web development was not a practical solution for website creation. In addition, the designers were completely marginalized in the process, both financially and creatively. Webydo aims to disrupt this process and empowers designers.

SWB: How do you feel Webydo compares to other products in the marketplace? What makes Webydo unique?

Shmulik: There are two major segments of solutions for website creation:

  1. B2C code-free solutions for amateurs (such as Wix, Squarespace, Weebly). These services allow for simple and easy website creation by utilizing templates and operate on a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) model.
  2. B2B solutions for developers (such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal). These solutions depend on manual coding; designers create the custom designs and developers manually convert their designs into code in a long and expensive process.

Webydo is unique and different because it is leading a new segment with a full B2B solution for designers, providing them full control over the whole process of website creation, completely code free. With Webydo, designers can independently create a website from scratch, working in their browser in a professional work environment familiar to them from software such as Adobe Photoshop or InDesign, immediately bringing any web design to life.

SWB: The web design software market is a rapidly changing one, what changes are you making to stay competitive?

Shmulik: Webydo has a very active community of designers, who determine our roadmap for development through a radically democratic process. Members of our community suggest and vote on new features to be added to the platform, with the most requested features being developed and added.

We are always evolving and adapting our solution based on the needs of the designers who use Webydo. As a result, we are able to stay on top of the changes in the industry and provide a cutting edge platform for website creation and management.

SWB: What is the most underrated feature of Webydo?

Shmulik: The “Bill My Client” feature could perhaps be the most underrated feature that we have in Webydo.

Webydo - Bill my client Webydo – Bill my client

This is a revolutionary feature that allows freelancers, design agencies and design studios to bill their clients for projects and hours worked, directly from their Webydo dashboard. It’s a great feature that makes the administration side of running a web design business much easier. The “Bill My Client” feature is particularly loved by our clients who utilize it.

SWB: What do you consider the biggest weakness/area for improvement?

Shmulik: I wouldn’t particularly classify any one thing as a weakness but I strongly believe that everyone can always do better.

Since our community plays a fundamental role in Webydo’s development roadmap, we are always listening to ideas and receiving feedback and suggestions for improvement. We are always striving to improve the overall Webydo experience for our users and for designers as a whole.

SWB: What are your favorite Webydo-driven websites?

Shmulik: I am always amazed at the creativity of our designer community. We receive new website design submissions from our community each and every week, and I have seen some pretty spectacular websites created with Webydo.

We are always updating our Design Spotlight page to showcase great sites made with Webydo which is a great place to see some of the most recent, amazing sites.

SWB: Can you provide a sneak peek into upcoming Webydo updates?

Shmulik: 2015 is going to be an exciting year for Webydoers!

We recently released our Pixel-Perfect Responsive Editor, which allows you to build highly customized, code-free, responsive websites! Our community of designers is extremely excited about this feature and all the possibilities it offers for new features and improvements.

Our radically democratic process ensures that we are always receiving the best new feature requests to make Webydo the most cutting edge website creation platform in the market. Sometimes our development roadmap includes community requests that we didn’t even anticipate! This makes the process of building Webydo challenging, but extremely rewarding for both our team and our community.

I encourage everyone to come try out Webydo, participate in our community and contribute by telling us the features that you’d like to see in a website creation platform. Let’s build a better web…together!

SWB: Thank you for your time!

Shmulik: Thank you guys!

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