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Interview with Pixpa Product Manager, Apoorv Parijat

About a month ago we took a new look at Pixpa, an easy portfolio website builder for creative professionals who have an eye for design but no patience for complicated content management systems. Since our last review a year ago, the Pixpa team has rebuilt the system from the ground up, providing current and future users with a better working environment, new technologies and other goodies.

Today, we’re delighted to bring you an interview with Apoorv Parijat, Pixpa Product Manager, who has been with the company since 2014.

Apoorv Parijat, Pixpa Product Manager

SWB: Hello Apoorv, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. Please tell us what prompted your team to rebuild the platform?

Apoorv: Hi Howard, thanks for the opportunity. We have a rapidly growing base of thousands of creative professionals that use Pixpa. We went in for a major overhaul of Pixpa to leverage the best of what is available now in terms of technology, visual design trends and user experience practices to offer our customers the best website building platform. We strongly believe in the age old mantra that customer is king, and all our efforts coherently work towards a better experience for our clients.

SWB: Please describe the ideal customer for Pixpa.

Apoorv: Pixpa is focussed on serving creative pros – photographers, artists and designers. Pixpa’s ideal customer is one who wants to make an impacting online presence and showcase / sell / share their work online. Interestingly, we have also had a lot of small businesses use Pixpa, like restaurants, consulting firms, architects and small agencies.

Pixpa Homepage

SWB: In your opinion, what makes Pixpa unique? What’s the strongest side of the builder? What are the weakest sides?

Apoorv: The website builder market has a lot of players, especially many big ones like Squarespace. What makes us unique is our focus on keeping it simple and aligned with exactly what the creative pros need. With just the essentials, Pixpa gets you up and running quickly. With the ease of use, clean interface, private galleries, advanced SEO, and fast, friendly support, we are very focussed on helping our clients build and manage their portfolio websites.

We are constantly striving to improve the platform and remove our weaknesses. In my opinion, we need to do much more on the e-commerce and mobile side of things.

SWB: Please tell us more about the most recent enhancements. What was the most complicated thing to implement?

Apoorv: Recently, we have had a major revamp of our product. We are up with 11 new HTML5 themes for both, desktop and mobile platforms. We have worked on the speed and brought down the response time to less than a second. In addition to this, we’ve added multiple point of presence in different countries. This allows our customers to run their website in the country of their choice. Speed and geographic location of website happens to be two important signals for SEO, same being a little tricky to implement.

SWB: Do you have a personal Pixpa website?

Apoorv: I joined Pixpa as a technologist who was excited with the possibilities of the platform. Having worked and interacted with so many of our clients, I am now an inspired and budding amateur photographer myself 🙂 . Looking forward to build my portfolio website on the new revamped Pixpa now.

SWB: Please share some of your favorite Pixpa-powered portfolios.

Apoorv: Our customers never fail to amaze us with their creativity in putting their website together. Few off the top of my head are:

Pixpa Example Website

SWB: Do you have any closing comments?

Apoorv: I think the opportunity is huge in the DIY website space. Gradually everything has moved towards the do-it-yourself model and couple with the explosion in the number of people opting for interesting, creative professions, sky is the limit for Pixpa. Specifically, we would be focussing on building an integrated DIY E-commerce platform, a connected creative marketplace and mobile apps in the coming year.

SWB: Thank you for your time today, Apoorv.

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