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Interview with MotoCMS CEO, Demetrio Fortman

MotoCMS is a unique content management system that combines the ease-of-use of site builders and the power of professional web design software. Formerly known as FlashMoto CMS, the company builds, distributes and supports Flash and HTML-based CMS templates which are in fact almost ready websites. These templates are highly customizable and can be set up and configured both by professional designers and newbies.

Today, our guest is Demetrio Fortman, MotoCMS CEO and founder. Read on to find out what makes MotoCMS unique in the ever-expanding world of DIY site building.

SWB: Hello Demetrio, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed. Please tell us a bit about yourself and the circumstances that guided you to the creation of MotoCMS.

Demetrio Fortma, MotoMCS CEO and FounderDemetrio: Hello, my name is Demetrio. I come from Ukraine, worked in the US for some time, but now I’m back to my native country again. I studied computer science, programming and software development in college. That’s why I have a great fascination about IT and web technologies. All my life I’m seeking for new things on that field and the ways of creating something beautiful and unique like one of my pet projects – MotoCMS.

The idea of creating such platform for website building emerged about six years ago. It was a time when issues with editing of Flash Websites came up. Flash sites were extremely trendy those days. There were beautiful and spectacular animations that impressed users, but such websites were very clumsy for editing. Flash websites were managed by Flash developers with the use of expensive software. Later Flash websites started using XML-files that users could edit within special editing tools or text editors and then add them to the website. That was too primitive and time-consuming because users could only manage content within a text editor without a possibility of creating additional content blocks or new pages. So we created FlashMoto with its handy admin panel. This WYSIWYG editor that we still use within our system allows managing website in live mode and see all changes on the instant. It allows adding any type of content – from ordinary texts and images to more complex widgets like Google Maps, Galleries, Navigation Menus, Contact Forms etc. and see the website exactly like an end user sees it.

The success of FlashMoto inspired us to go further and in two years we released Moto 2 – a new system that worked with HTML content. It allows managing HTML websites with the use of the WYSIWYG dashboard. We didn’t completely discard Flash in spite of some drawbacks of such type of websites. Those customers who look for animation effects can still get a Flash version of Moto system.

Today we work on a major release of Moto 3 – a new version that is to implement all the latest web design trends.

SWB: Compared to competing products, what do you think makes MotoCMS unique?

Demetrio: MotoCMS is unique because it allows to easily edit a website and then host it anywhere the client wants. It’s a really special offer in several ways. For now market offers plenty of open-source systems that don’t offer such opportunities of editing and managing content as MotoCMS does. There is a lot of online services that allow content editing on a pretty good level, but in return they claim monthly payments. Unlike all these systems, MotoCMS offers a lifetime license. Another aspect that makes MotoCMS unique it’s a huge number of hi-end template designs. We offer thousands of website template designs.

Photography Templates by MotoCMS

SWB: Who is your target customer?

Demetrio: We work with two types of customers. Our target customer is an end user who wishes to create a website and easily edit it any time he needs without using services of web design studios or other third-parties. A standalone audience for MotoCMS is a group of developers who may offer such solutions for their own customers without being an original developer of the product. Thus, they may design a unique website right from an admin panel of MotoCMS and then re-sell those websites to their clients – online or local ones.

SWB: In its current version, MotoCMS doesn’t offer hosting services. Have you ever thought about turning MotoCMS into an ‘all-in-one’ website builder?

Demetrio: Of course, we have thought about it. For now we offer hosting services from our partners as well as an installation of MotoCMS to any server in a matter of minutes. And within our upcoming version of MotoCMS we will release our own hosting. We will be offering our clients a choice: whether to download a zip file and host it anywhere they like, or set up a website on our own hosting servers.

SWB: Many avoid using Flash because of its alleged SEO and mobile unfriendliness. How do you tackle this issue?

Demetrio: As I mentioned earlier, MotoCMS is not a Flash system anymore. Most of MotoCMS clients work with HTML version of the system. There are no issues with SEO within this version, HTML websites are perfectly indexed by search engines. MotoCMS offers perfect options for convenient site promotion: addition of all necessary descriptions, tags, links, keywords and titles for pages. If we speak about Flash websites on MotoCMS – there are no problems either. All content is perfectly indexed by search engines due to a special algorithm that is implemented with MotoCMS system. Our Flash websites work perfectly even for those users who don’t install Adobe Flash plugin.

MotoCMS Galleries

SWB: What do you consider the biggest achievement over the years for MotoCMS?

Demetrio: I guess, one of MotoCMS biggest achievements is a team. It’s a team of developers, supporters, marketing specialists and many others. A team we’ve created from the day we started developing MotoCMS system. We went through many trials together building a team, a corporate culture, developing our product, establishing processes inside it. And today’s greatest achievement is an opportunity of creating and releasing new product with the use of the latest achievements of the industry as well as the entire ability to move on.

SWB: What can we expect to see from MotoCMS in the coming 3-5 years? Are there any major updates you are working on?

Demetrio: Definitely yes! Within a few weeks we will be ready to present our major update – MotoCMS 3.0. It’s a system that works entirely with HTML sites that will be absolutely responsive and will include all of the latests options and trends we can spot in today’s web design. The admin panel with MotoCMS 3.0 is to be released with latest technology achievements in mind. It allows managing website template from any device including mobile ones. Additionally we are working on a MotoCMS version in form of online service. By the way your audience is welcome to signup for a prelaunch access to the beta version of MotoCMS 3.0 –

As for the upcoming 3-5 years, I hope we will see MotoCMS as one of the most popular systems for website building with much wider opportunities for customers. Today clients are restrained with a selection of templates when they have to adjust that template to their needs and the needs of their business. We hope to make a system that will offer a specific solution for each field or business segment when choosing a specific category a client will get a whole range of instruments to create all necessary website services.

SWB: Can you share with us some of your favorite MotoCMS-based websites?

Demetrio: I’m not sure about all-time favorites, there’s just been too many of the good ones and I cannot list them all. The most interesting part in this is to observe how template designs that we sell change when they get to a real world, this has been truly priceless for us back in the early days, we’ve learned a lot from this experience. What we also enjoy seeing is how MotoCMS impacts businesses and serves goals even bigger than intended – we’ve seen huge MotoCMS websites with hundreds of pages although this sort of scale is not what our CMS is best at. Just to give you an idea of what MotoCMS can do, take a look at one of the latest good ones based on our system –

SWB: Demetrio, thanks for your time today. Do you have any parting comments?

Demetrio: We can see that during the past several years the IT industry became much more flexible and more dynamic. If formerly we have been spotting technology appearance every day, now we can see new trends emerge every minute. Thus, any new trend may get popular tomorrow and require us to rebuild the entire system to catch up with it. So our task is to gather up a team and create such kind of system that will be able to adjust to those changes and release flexible updates even tomorrow. This new product that we’re working on will be ready to work in these conditions, it’s definitely flexible enough for that. So our clients won’t notice the gap between the past and the future.

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