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Interview with Moran Barnea, the VP of Marketing and Business Development at IM Creator

Praised for its beautiful designs and dead simple user interface, IM Creator empowers non-tech savvy users to easily create, publish and maintain professional-looking websites. Since its release in 2011, the platform has been able to amass over 5 million IM Creator-driven websites.

We were very pleased to interview Moran Barnea, IM Creator’s VP of Marketing and Business Development and get her thoughts on the platform’s current position in the market of sitebuilders, among other topics of interest.

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SWB: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. Please tell us a bit about yourself and your background leading up to working at IM Creator.

Moran BarneaMs. Barnea: I’ve been with IM Creator a little prior to its launch in 2011. Prior to joining IM Creator, I graduated with my MBA from New York University. Following my graduation, I looked for an opportunity to work for a startup in which I could be influential and part of the decision making team and have found that at IM.

SWB: What prompted the creation of IM Creator? What factors contributed to its success?

Ms. Barnea: Our goal when creating the builder was to allow anyone to own an effective beautiful website, simple to build and easy to maintain and promote. There are many options out there to build a website but we felt the process was complex. Many people set their mind on building a website but just give up halfway since they chose the wrong platform or are tied down by designers and developers building the website for them.

I think there are two main factors why so many people choose our builder – one is the design aspect. We put great emphasis on the design of our templates, the choice of fonts etc. This is something first-time visitors to our site notice immediately. The second factor is the ease of use of our editor. We constantly receive great feedback from clients and also see many designers using our builder as their main tool for building websites for their clients.

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SWB: What separates your product from the competition?

Ms. Barnea: When building a website, people are looking for an easy to use solution but also, to build a great site that will attract visitors. I think our builder – with its vivid templates and an interface that lets you build a website in an hour or two – stands out from the crowd.

SWB: If you could change anything about IM Creator what would it be and why?

Ms. Barnea: In 2013, we launched AppSite to allow for app developers to easily promote their app with a beautiful & responsive website.

It was an innovative product and we received tons of great feedback from both developers and the media. This has been one of several complementary solutions we launched, but we’re always striving for excellence so we want to reach even more developers. Even the small guys who think they can’t have a great site. We believe work isn’t over once the development of the app is completed, so we’re constantly improving AppSite to make it more available and be a really great solution for developers to spread the word about their app.

SWB: What can we expect to see from IM Creator in the coming 3-5 years? What would be the ideal scenario?

Ms. Barnea: We look forward to continue our growth and offer our builder to more people from around the world. Currently, our editor is translated into Spanish, French, German, Russian and Japanese. We look forward to translating it to more languages in the near future.

SWB: What are your favorite IM Creator-powered websites?

Ms. Barnea: There are so many websites built on IM that I love so it would be hard to choose just one. We’ve recently seen more and more movie websites built on our platform, including Oscar nominated ones like The Gatekeepers and award winning The Lunchbox. These websites excite me as well as websites being built on our platform for small indie films like The Bicycle. IM is a great and affordable platform for independent filmmakers to promote their art in a beautiful way.

IM Creator - The Bicycle

SWB: Thank you for your time today, Ms. Barnea.

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