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Can You Recommend an Insurance Website Builder?

In recent times we’ve seen the rise of specialized web publishing services which make the creation of websites as easy as possible. We’re talking about sites like eWedding, Let’sEat and iClanWebsites. Their common feature is their specially developed feature sets designed to create specific website types only. Thus, eWedding works for wedsites only, iClanWebsites is meant for gamers, while Let’sEat targets restaurant owners.

It seems that wherever is a booming industry, there will be specialized site builders uniquely created for this very industry. The question is whether these platforms are any better than the good old, trusted, versatile site builders like Weebly or uCoz, which don’t have any specialization, and operate as ‘all-in-one’ platforms.

So, today we’re talking about insurance websites. You won’t believe but there are specialized insurance website builders out there, too. I didn’t test them myself, as their outdated homepages didn’t inspire confidence and their pricing didn’t look competitive: $50-$150/month, when you can sign up to the average versatile site builder for about $6-10/mo!

As I see it, starting an insurance website is just like starting any business website. Therefore, my advice is to use a good old, versatile site builder to your benefit, rather than try to find a ready insurance site builder. I’m sure that non-specialized site builders offer enough tools to build a decent website for an insurance agent/agency. Simply make sure to include the following pieces of info on your website:

  • general insurance information;
  • quotes on how much your services costs;
  • the different types of insurance available;
  • your contact information.

Make sure there’s an online form for you to obtain the potential client’s information.

On the average, you can set up an insurance website using a site builder for $6-$15/mo. Sounds affordable, doesn’t it?

Insurance agent? Share your experience in the comments!

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