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Best Instapage Website Examples

Instapage – is a niche website builder, which is created with the only purpose in mind – to start and manage quality landing pages. The system can be a handy tool for entrepreneurs and merchants looking for an opportunity to run a landing page for effective business presentation.

No special coding skills or deep web design awareness are required to work with the system. It grants access to flexible integrations, marketing and web design tools and versatile customization options that help you start feature-laden landing pages with minimum effort/time investment.

If you are thinking about starting feature-rich projects with Instapage, then you will appreciate an opportunity to have a look at some of the most remarkable samples it currently powers. This will give you the understanding of the integrated functionality of the website builder as well as of the features you can avail when using it. Let’s get started right away.

1. Mindbridge


Mindbridge is a company that provides a one-of-a-kind work environment to everyone, who is looking for a good job. The platform offers multiple job positions with the opportunity of further career enhancement as they believe that their staff makes up the company foundation.

The website unveils multiple job pursuit options and it encompasses lots of must-have elements all in one place. While scrolling down the page, you will see the major missions of the company, its statements, open positions, their description and eligibility criteria. The core values listed here will also come in handy to you to figure out whether you qualify for a certain job position or not. One of the undeniable highlights of the website is the availability of the online form that lets you apply for the vacancy you are interested in. Just fill out the form and wait until the manager gets in touch with you to discuss all the nuances in person. That’s a handy and quite convenient option.

2. Football M&M’S

Football M&M’S

Football M&M’S presents the Limited Edition Green Bay Packers NFL M&M’S candies for football game fans. The website contains several types of M&M’S candies that are officially licensed by the company to come up to the needs and preferences of users.

The website looks quite appealing and attention-grabbing to encourage users for further browsing. When you get to it, you will see bright and coloured images of M&M’S brand characters along with the products offered for sale there. Just pick the product you are interested in and proceed to the shopping process. The website also contains the list of Frequently Asked Questions users encounter, when placing their orders. Interesting, bright and attention-grabbing – that’s right what customers expect from a website!

3. Facts My Ollie

Facts My Ollie

Facts My Ollie is a landing page of the Ollie Company offering the 2018 State of Dogs in America Report. The website presents exhaustive information about different dog breeds, their parameters and special characteristics that matter a lot, when it comes to canine food manufacturing. This information will definitely come in handy to dog owners, who are concerned with their pets’ health and picking quality foods for them.

The website looks engaging and interesting, presenting all the required information in one place. When you initially visit it, you will get access to the Ollie Wellness Score defined by the state, top dog breeds in the US, average dog body weight detection options, most and least active dogs in the US, popular canine foods and special offers for users, willing to test the best Ollie foods the company offers for sale. That’s a handy resource for most dog owners that contains useful info in one place.

4. Garden Glow at Missouri Botanical Garden

Garden Glow at Missouri Botanical Garden

Garden Glow at Missouri Botanical Garden is an impressive landing page of the Garden Glow event that takes place at Missouri Botanical Garden. The website contains all the required information users might need when deciding on booking the tickets.

The landing page comes with an impressive design that creates a festive atmosphere and pleasant emotions from the very first moment you visit it. A stunning video background featuring multiple coloured dazzling lights absolutely comes up to the project specialization and evokes the desire to see the show with your own eyes. Along with the opportunity to find out the detailed information about the event, there is also the possibility to view the Garden Glow event calendar directly on the website and book a ticket online. That’s a handy option that helps save your effort and time.

5. Express Employment Professionals

Express Employment Professionals

Express Employment Professionals is a top destination to reach for everyone, who is looking for advanced job opportunities. The website helps identify and match your skills to find suitable jobs that match your skills and expertise most. They also help coach their clients on successful job interview techniques without demanding any fees for the services provided.

As you browse the website, you will come across handy info about the principles of the agency work, must-have steps the hiring process involves and special nuances each job applicant should take into account. You can also view a detailed video that tells about special aspects of the express hiring process to help you approach the task wisely. All in all, the website is quite helpful and informative, which makes it a good sample of a project powered by Instapage.

6. Adaware Antivirus

Adaware Antivirus

Adaware Antivirus is a web resource of Adaware Antivirus software, which does not only deliver all the related information, but also makes it possible to download the program and to get the most out of its functionality. The platform allows safeguarding any device against online threats, availing powerful antivirus protection.

The resource is logically-structured to make users aware of all the software-related aspects. You won’t find any complicated menus here – just scroll down the page to find out more about the program, its special features, premium support options, subscription types and other related info. The website is quite simple yet informative – that’s exactly what most users expect from it.

7. Mobile Tutors

Mobile Tutors

Mobile Tutors is the Edmonton-based award-winning in-home and online tutoring school that gears all grade levels and teaches all subjects included into modern curriculum. This is the place, where you can get one-on-one online training for any age group you are interested in, ranging from pre-school and up to university.

The website is created with the needs of clients in mind. When browsing it, you will find out more about the basics of the online tutoring program, available pricing and tutoring packages along with the services they include, school philosophy in general and other related info. You can also view the video presentation of the program here and browse customer reviews to find out whether the system meets your needs and expectations. A convenient feature is the opportunity to get tutoring and pricing info emailed to you – just fill out the application form available on the website and wait for the feedback!

8. Fronde


Fronde is the place to reach for entrepreneurs willing to accelerate their business performance by means of IoT application. This is the platform that teaches you how to use the power of IoT initiative to improve your digital success and reinvent your business.

The landing page is quite simple and there is no such info available here. What you will find out when browsing it is the basic information about the company. A helpful video presentation will provide you with more detailed content, evolkiign the desire to get in touch with the company representatives and figure out more facts. To do that, just fill out the online form, provide your contacts and wait for the feedback. That’s very convenient and handy for everyone.

9. Amaiz


Amaiz is a website of the payments and bookkeeping Amaiz app, which helps boost your sales efficacy and grow your business with almost no effort and time invested. This is the place, where you can find out more about the program itself, its strong points, implication and other related data. Likewise, you can sign up for a free trial to test the application and decide, whether it meets your needs or not. To do that, just fill out the form available on the website and submit it to get the feedback in the shortest time possible.

All the features that make the Amaiz app stand out from the crowd as well as the special terms it involves are listed on the website. Scroll down the page to discover all the details and to start the trial period. A simple, convenient and informative sample of the Instapage-powered landing page.

10. ACCL Waterproofing

ACCL Waterproofing

ACCL Waterproofing provides the detailed contact info of the A.C.C.L. Waterproofing company based in Ontario. The waterproofing contractor, which also provides basement renovation and foundation construction services, aims at offering top notch services their customers will be satisfied with.

The landing page is easy-to-browse yet it is also quite informative, providing the explicit company-related information. When scrolling down the page, you will come across brief company info, the services they provide and customer reviews that prove the fact of their reliability and advanced performance. To get a free quote and the estimation of services you need, just fill out the online form and submit it instantly to get the feedback from the company managers. This is a pretty nice sample of a landing page created with Instapage.

11. Casper


Casper is a company involved in manufacturing and selling mattresses, bedding, pillows and other types of sleep accessories. They have built their reputation due to high quality of products and professional customer servicing. This is reflected in the website presentation as well.

The project looks stylish, easy-to-browse and very informative. There is much you can find here about the company itself, the range of services provided and assortment of products offered for sale. Users may either activate the hidden menu found in the top left corner of the website or browse the menu on the top of the page. Both options are convenient.

One of the highlights of the website is the Mattress Quiz users may complete to define the type of mattress that suits them most. Testimonials of the well-known brands and former customers provide additional proofs regarding the company’s reputation. You don’t have to spend much time to place an order. Just access the required category in the catalog, view the info the manufacturer provides and add the selected item to the shopping cart to further proceed to the checkout process. The website looks professional and trusted at first sight!

12. Munchery

Munchery Recipes

Munchery was originally created as a San Francisco-based food delivery website, where customers could place their orders and receive fresh meals delivered to their homes or offices. They also developed unique recipes for their menus that were regularly improved with regard to clients’ feedback and preferences. Today, Munchery is mostly a recipe website offering dozens of exclusive cooking ideas under their own brand.

The website of the service looks professional, stylish and absolutely niche-focused. With dozens of high-res dish photos, video and text recipes, tutorials, guidelines and cooking recommendations, the resource just cannot but attracts user attention. The menu is really striking. Available in the left top corner, it is divided into categories to simplify users’ choice. Thus, you can choose from such sections as top 20 All-Time Highest Rated Meals, Burgers&BBQ, Fish Beautiful Fish, Chicken Many Ways, Big Salads&Bowls, Vegan&Vegetarian and many more. As you see, even the names of dishes are unique here – not to mention the recipes!

By the way, the website authors underline that all the recipes available here can be cooked at home. What’s more, they have added special pages/sections to the project for first-timers. These include Pro Tips for the Home Cook, News & Expert Advice, Home Cooking Glossary etc. Quite an unusual approach, indeed!


Instapage is a quality landing page website builder, which works great for niche experts offering quality web design solutions, high end features and advanced design customization tools. The platform is not the simplest web design service for newbies as it takes time and skills to master its entire feature set.

When using the system, it is important to realize the goals you intend to reach with your project, its scale and functionality level as well as the degree of expertise required from a web designer. What’s more, the website builder is quite expensive, requiring additional third-party integrations provided at extra cost. Samples of landing pages powered by Instapage feature a high quality level, but the platform will still hardly work well for beginners considering its complexity and cost. There are simpler web design alternatives out there, providing the same integrated functionality along with reasonable pricing.

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