Instapage vs Wix: Which is Better?

Instapage and Wix are powerful website builders, which cover a wide range of web design needs. The systems make it possible to solve multiple tasks, adhering to special user requirements with regard to the goals they initially set. Each service, however, uses different approaches to the process of website development in general as well as to the creation of separate projects.

Instapage – is a specialized website builder, which initially focuses on landing page creation. The platform enjoys popularity with freelancers, entrepreneurs and web design studios involved in the development of client projects.

Wix – is a renowned SaaS website builder, which comes with multiple benefits and an impressive feature set. This is an all-in-one system, which allows running different types of web projects, starting with ordinary portfolios and up to online stores and business websites. The platform stands out from the crowd due to its affordable pricing policy, which does not compromise with the result.

Both website builders have unique features that differ them from each other. Each of them has much to offer to users, but which one will be the leader in the one-page websites niche? Are there any nuances users should pay attention to, when deciding to launch a website of this type? Let’s make an Instapage vs Wix comparison now to find that out and to help you make the best choice!

Instapage vs Wix: General Overview

Instapage vs Wix: General Overview

Instapage is a niche website builder, the initial specialization of which goes down to landing page creation. The system works best for business owners, merchants, companies and agencies that intend to start web projects to boost their popularity and brand recognition. Instapage application does not require any coding proficiency. This makes the system a worthy solution for all user categories. The platform comes with numerous integrable extensions, niche templates and tools used to customize them.


The foundation of the website builder dates back to 2012. Since that time, Instapage has been used to start over 55,091 web projects, while the number of live websites now constitutes 17,014 projects.

Wix is the leader of the web design market, which adheres to versatile needs of its subscribers, letting them start feature-rich commercial and non-commercial projects. The DIY system has won user attention due to its simplicity, absence of coding skills and intuitive web design approach. It comes with integrated blogging and eCommerce engines, multiple mobile-ready templates, functional widgets and design customization tools.

Wix one page editor

The website builder was founded in 2006 and it has managed to become a top web design platform since that time. According to recent statistics, the number of websites powered by Wix has exceeded 4, 565, 423 websites and it keeps increasing with every passing year.

Instapage and Wix differ in their objectives and integrated functionality. While Instapage is a specialized system, Wix is the all-in-one DIY website builder, which complies with versatile web design requirements and objectives. This makes the system prevail over its competitor, while the statistics is another proof of this fact.

Instapage vs Wix: Which One Is Easier to Use?

Instapage vs Wix: Which One Is Easier to Use?

Instapage provides a simple and convenient web browsing experience due to the logically-structured interface, intuitive dashboard and pop up tips that emerge, when you start working on your website development. The helpful and informative WYSIWYG editor makes it possible not only to make the required edits, but also to control this process not to overlook the mistakes.

Custom Library

This matters a lot for newbies, who start using the platform for the first time and are looking for different methods to simplify the task. When you reach the dashboard, you’ll come across a variety of ready-made blocks, widgets and other elements to be integrated into your project. This is easily done with a few clicks only due to the application of a mouse pointer that is needed to adjust widget positions.

As far as the system is mainly focused on landing page development, users have to be aware of the basics of website creation and promotion to use the entire feature set of the system to the advantage. Web design skills and experience in web page development are necessary to launch landing pages, which will eventually pay off.

Instapage comes with powerful customer support. There are different options you can find here, including ticket submission, live chat, phone assistance, blog, Facebook group. The system can also boast an extensive knowledge base and a Help. There is even a separate Migration Service section, where you can find step-by-step guidelines on how to migrate your existing landing page to the Instapage platform effortlessly.

Wix stands out from the crowd due to its ease of use and convenience. Being oriented on the needs and skills of non-techies, the website builder ensures quick, safe and understandable web design process right after you sign up for it. The dashboard of the service is so clear that you don’t have to be a web design pro to explore and master it in almost no time. You won’t get lost in the dashboard sections as it is logical and well-structured enough to ensure the best browsing experience. Just like Instapage, Wix comes with a WYSIWYG editor, drag-and-drop feature and simple navigation to help you get started with ease.

Wix eCommerce

Launching and managing a web project with the system is easy and you don’t need the knowledge of programming basics to successfully do that. Your actions go far beyond simple website editing. What you can do here is to add and customize new sections, replace and manage integrable widgets and content blocks, modify website settings. All these steps can be completed in no time due to the intuitive system dashboard and its strong customer focus.

The system allows adding and editing website content with a few clicks only. It is also possible to download and integrate media files of various formats, apply parallax scrolling effects, select and change fonts, color palettes and backgrounds suitable for a certain website type here.

Wix is regularly updated, with new elements, features and parameters being added to it to enhance the web building experience of users.

The customer support of the website builder is on the top notch level. This is partially explained by the major focus of the system, which is initially geared towards non-techies and offers plenty of resources to help them explore and master the system in the best way possible.

Thus, Wix offers plenty of recommendations, tips, FAQs, an extensive knowledge base, various text and video step-by-step tutorials, how-to guides, email support. If there is something you cannot find in the knowledge base or there are any questions regarding the system use (Billing, Domains, Wix Store Settings etc.), you are welcome to get in touch with the Support Center of the service.

Speaking about ease of use, Instapage is more intricate as compared to Wix and, thus, it requires more skills and experience to launch decent landing pages. What’s more, the area of Instapage specialization goes down to the development of landing pages only. This requires certain experience and web design background. If you need a simpler service to design a one-page website, then Wix is an easier and more convenient solution.

Instapage vs Wix: Design and Flexibility

Instapage vs Wix: Design and Flexibility

Instapage and Wix are feature-laden DIY website builders. They let you start professional web projects with little or no web design expertise at all. At the same time, their initial implication and functionality vary a lot since the systems are geared towards the completion of different tasks. To pick the system that adheres to your project needs most, you have to define the result you wish to avail in the long run. Detailed comparison of the systems’ functionality will help you make the right decision.

eCommerce and Blogging

Instapage is solely a landing page builder and, thus, it doesn’t have integrated eCommerce/blogging engines. You won’t be able to run a blog or a web store with the system, but you can create a professional landing page to drive user attention here.

Wix provides a broad range of eCommerce and blogging options due to the integrated engines. Web store creation is completed by means of Wix Stores widgets integration, while blog connection is allowed by default. The system also allows for extensive project management, letting blog owners add and manage posts, schedule new publications, edit the existing articles etc. Web store owners, in their turn, can create show windows, add and modify product lists, assign product categories, upload photos, add descriptions, payment/shipping info etc.

wix add a product

When it comes to eCommerce/blogging, there is nothing to compare here at all. Instapage doesn’t have these options, while Wix has much to offer for blog and web store owners. Thus, it is a distinctive leader of the comparison in this respect.

Content Management

Instapage places its main focus on the development of landing pages. This is obviously reflected in the feature set and functionality of the service. The working area of the system is comprised of the dashboard with sections, tools and widgets you can integrate into your landing page and the visual editor, where you can see the edits you actually make. This is very convenient and time-saving, although, it takes time to get used to the system dashboard and start building landing pages with it.

What’s important, the website builder encourages users for team collaboration. This means that you can work on a project with team members, sharing website access rights. Team website management becomes possible by leaving comments on the templates for your co-workers, making edits and getting in touch with the system members. This is what makes Instapage a great teamwork solution and a good choice for web design agencies involved in the development of custom-made projects. It’s even possible to create up to 5 sub accounts on one domain and invite up to 5 team members for mutual cooperation.

Instapage editing options are quite extensive as well. The visual editor available in the dashboard lets you set up and modify the major positions of website elements, icons, logos, references etc. both in the desktop and mobile website versions. The preview mode allows seeing the preliminary version of the ready-made website prior to its publication to be able to fix the errors on time.

Wix unveils plenty of content management and website editing options. Users may choose between standard and ADI editors. Both options are worth the attention, offering undeniable benefits to different user categories. Non-techies mostly give preference to Wix ADI as it automatically creates websites for them. The Artificial Design Intelligence tool uses the content you provide upon the system request to further use it during the website design process. The entire procedure takes a few minutes only, while the result won’t keep it waiting, providing a strong impression upon users and website visitors.


Wix also allows applying anchors on different website elements to link them and simplify user navigation. Anchors matter a lot for one-page websites as they make it possible to create navigation menus and interlink the required web page items, such as buttons, texts, images etc.

As to content management, Wix offers more opportunities and integrated tools. Due to its AI feature, even a newbie can independently manage website content, working with texts, media files and integrable widgets. Instapage doesn’t have such a variety of features, although, it encourages users for team collaboration.

Marketing and Advertising Features

Instapage offers a broad spectrum of marketing and conversion analysis tools to increase the ROI rate. These include the heatmap mode meant for the analysis of user behaviour on a landing page (number of clicks, mouse movements, depth of scrolling etc.).

Apart from that, there is an opportunity to do the A/B testing to get the best version of a landing page via using the tools that show, which option exactly attracts more conversions. Another feature users will appreciate is the dynamic text replacement option that lets you personalize your website content to trigger more conversions.

Other features, which can notably enhance your landing page performance, include drop-in pixel tracking, analytics and reporting, real-time collaboration, connection of SSL certificates for better security etc.

Wix comes with a set of integrated tools for marketing specialists and online merchants, who intend to promote their websites and generate traffic. Special attention should be given to its high end Ascend platform – the all-in-one solution, which comprises a pack of products/tools that are a must, when it comes to marketing.

Wix Seo

All in all, there are over 20 powerful tools here to help you with your business promotion, increase of sales volume, SEO improvement etc. Some of the most used Ascend tools encompass Inbox, Live Chat, Automations, Tasks & Reminders, Contact Manager, Forms, Invoices and Workflows to mention a few.

In terms of marketing, Wix definitely has more to offer as compared to Instapage. Its Ascend platform guarantees multifaceted and efficient improvement of your business marketing strategy. With dozens of tools available in stock here, you won;t have to look for third-party solutions elsewhere.

Third-Party Integrations

Instapage allows adding and managing multiple widgets in landing pages you work on. These are timer, shapes, social network buttons, videos, images, galleries, paragraphs, titles, forms and HTML to mention a few. The system doesn’t offer multiple widgets, but those that are available in the dashboard are a must-have for any landing page.

Instapage comes with an advanced integrated AMP landing page builder. It makes it possible to create high converting Google AMP landing pages in a fast and convenient way. By using the feature, you can launch a landing page with immediate loading and smooth scrolling for enhanced Quality Scores and great mobile experience.

The website builder ensures easy integration with email marketing tools, CRM as well as optimization and social tools. It takes a few clicks only to connect the newly-built landing page to your marketing stack to further synchronize the data properly.

Wix can boast an extensive collection of apps available in the App Market. This is the place, where you can choose between dozens of widgets and applications, which can be both free and paid. The collection includes elements suitable for the development of different types of websites. The add-ons available in stock will come in handy for web store creation, portfolio and blog management as well as for landing pages, forums and business projects.

When it tackles the issue of external integrations, Wix remains on the top of the list due to its powerful and rich App Market. There are dozens of extensions to browse and pick here to run any type of project. Instapage definitely lags behind its competitor.

Template Editing

Instapage template collection currently includes over 200 themes, which consist of content blocks. The templates feature decent quality and come with ready made demo content you can further modify as you wish. All the templates are made with landing page creation in mind. Correspondingly, the themes are niche-specific as well and include Lead Generation, Click-Through, Two-Step, Thank You Page, Webinar, Event, App, E-Book sections etc. Just like Wix, the website builder offers an opportunity to design a template from scratch by customizing the Blank Page.


Instapage makes it possible to design the desktop and mobile versions of a landing page separately. Template change is impossible here. If you wish, you can download the template you like to your computer to further customize it.

Design customization settings Instapage has in its disposal go down to the background choice (you can choose between color, video or images), dimension thickness and layer hierarchy set up. Style editing, font adjustment and other settings matter a lot here as well.

The tools Instapage offers to customize website design are quite standard, but there is one more thing the website builder offers to its proficient users. These are the code editing options. Professional web designers can give their landing pages unique appeal by editing HTML/CSS/Javascript codes. This is done directly in the pop up window and it doesn’t take much time to cope with the task.

The website builder pays special attention to manual web page customization. If you possess coding skills, HTML/CSS/Javascript knowledge and have corresponding web design background, you can use it to give the landing pages unique one-of-a-kind look. It doesn’t take you long to get used to the system code editor – it is quite convenient, appealing and easy-to-use. There is no need to switch to other windows to edit web pages – everything is done in the pop-up window, thus, letting you see the result as soon as you make the changes – a handy option for first-time system users.

Wix has a separate category of templates for building landing pages that come with the required structure and elements. The themes feature high quality and are mobile-ready by default. It is up to you to edit both the desktop and mobile versions of your website.

Wix Templates

Users can edit their website menus, change color palettes, fonts and backgrounds, integrate media files in different formats, work with typography and select unique styles for their websites. It is also possible to add and customize strips and columns there, filling them with content of your own. The service offers a rich collection of stock photos and access to the impressive image gallery.

Additionally, it offers an opportunity to apply Parallax Scrolling effect, video embedding option and other design customization features to launch one-of-a-kind websites.

Wix has a Mobile Editor, where you can set up and modify the mobile version of your website. This is also done in a couple of minutes. Website visitors won’t see the changes made in the mobile version in the desktop regime. However, if you decide to make the changes in the desktop version, they will be automatically reflected in the mobile mode. That’s a well thought-over solution that allows preventing the potential misunderstandings.

When reviewing the design customization aspect, we can conclude that Wix is a more flexible and versatile solution for beginners. The quality of its templates is far above the average and you can use any of them to launch a landing page. Instapage offers a less extensive template collection. All the themes are made exclusively for landing pages. An opportunity of website code editing makes Instapage prevail over Wix from the professional point of view.

Instapage vs Wix: General Pricing Comparison

Instapage vs Wix: General Pricing Comparison

Instapage doesn’t have an unlimited free plan, but it offers a free 14-day trial after the registration. This time is enough to test the major features. After the end of the trial, your landing page will be deleted, but it will be stored on the system server for half a year. As to the paid plans, they are as follows:

Instapage Price

  • Building plan ($199/mo when billed annually) – Landing Page Builder, Collaboration, AdMap, AMP, Thor Render Engine, Postclick Score, Instablocks, Multi-Step Forms, Server-Side A/B testing, Conversion Consulting, Dedicated Cs Manager etc.
  • Converting plan (price is negotiable, as it may include advanced advertising features upon user request) – the subscription allows adding GDPR compliance feature, page migration services, multi-step forms, audit logs, heatmaps, premium integrations etc.

Instapage offers a refund policy, which has certain limitations, though. When signing up for the website builder, you should keep in mind that the system lets you ask for a complete money refund within 24 hours of the initial order placement.

Wix has a flexible and affordable pricing policy. There is a free never-expiring plan, which is good for testing the service and improving your web design skills. Paid plans the system offers are divided into two large groups – Website and Business/eCommerce. Have a look at their terms now.

Standard Wix Plans

Website Plans

  • Combo ($13/mo) – removal of Wix ad banners, free hosting and domain name connection etc.;
  • Unlimited ($17/mo) – 10GB storage space, unlimited bandwidth etc.;
  • Pro ($22/mo) – 2 hours of video storage space, integrated Google Analytics and statistics collection tools etc.;
  • VIP ($39/mo) – professional logo design, first priority support etc.

Wix Business/eCommerce Plans

Business/eCommerce Plans

  • Business Basic ($23/mo) – online payments acception;
  • Business Unlimited ($27/mo) – special apps for entrepreneurs, business development tools, integrated eCommerce platform etc.;
  • Business VIP ($49/mo) – unlimited bandwidth, availability of the complete Wix Suite, unlimited video storage space etc.;
  • Enterprise ($500/mo) – end-to-end business solution that offers explicit functionality and maximum amount of tools.

Wix offers a system of discounts/bonuses and it also has a 14-day money refund guarantee for users, who would like to cancel the selected subscription for some reason. Additionally, the system allows saving up to 50% of the initial cost of its premium plans for first-timer users, who subscribe to one of them from Tuesdays to Thursdays. The offer is viable on a weekly basis.

To sum it up, Instapage is one of the most expensive website builders, which mostly works well for online marketing specialists, who need to create multiple landing pages. Wix, in its turn, has a more flexible pricing policy. Its free and paid options make it possible for users to choose the best solution with regard to their needs, preferences and budget. This makes Wix a leader in this point of the comparison.

Instapage vs Wix: Which One Is the Best for SEO?

Instapage vs Wix: Which One Is the Best for SEO?

Instapage allows adjusting your website SEO parameters in the manual mode. Such a detailed set up process has a positive impact upon the positions of your landing page in the search engine results. Some of the parameters you can set up here include page title, keywords, meta description, canonical link URL etc. The system allows uploading an individual website favicon to improve your brand recognition. Finally, it is possible to hide your website from indexing by the search engines until it is completely ready for publication. These and other settings can be adjusted in the Search & Social section of your website dashboard.

Wix excels at search engine optimization, making it possible to set up the major SEO parameters of your project as required. Due to its integrated SEO Wiz tool, everyone can review and make the settings that are a must for quality SEO optimization of your project. To help newbies, the system generates step-by-step guidelines that drive them through the entire process. Among the settings to adjust here, it makes sense to mention metatags for web pages, heading tags, anchor links, Alt Text, redirects and more. Connection of Google Analytics will help you track website stats to make the edits if required.

Wix proves to be a more SEO-friendly website builder as compared to Instapage. It grants access to the SEO Wiz tool that enhances the efficacy of your project SEO set up. Instapage lets you adjust website SEO parameters in the manual mode, but they are baseline and cannot guarantee quality search engine results.

Which One Is the Best for One Page Website – InstaPage or Wix?

Which One Is the Best for One Page Website - InstaPage or Wix?

Instapage is a specialized niche website builder, which focuses on landing page development and customization only. The system offers an exhaustive set of tools and features that are a must for the creation of this type of project. It comes with a collection of templates specially designed for landing pages, powerful marketing and promotion tools, A/B test mode, mobile-aspect ratio lock, AMP feature, Thor Render engine and other options that allows for the development of feature-rich landing pages.

Wix has everything a user needs to launch and manage a feature-laden landing page (see Wix website examples). What’s more, it does not require any coding proficiency, being a top solution for all user categories. The website builder comes with integrated blogging/eCommerce engines, impressive template collection, multiple integrable widgets, advanced marketing/analytics tools. The system also makes it possible to adjust SEO parameters of your project, contributing to its effective promotion in the search engines.

As Instapage functionality is centered exclusively around landing page creation, it delivers a more extensive set of tools and features required for this type of project. The website builder makes it possible to track the conversions, use a variety of website analysis tools, hold A/B tests and other landing page-specific tools. Wix doesn’t offer these features by default, but they are generally required for specialized use. Instead, it comes with baseline design customization options and parameters that are a must, when creating simple one-page websites. Thus, Wix is definitely a better solution for everyone.

Key Differences Between Instapage and Wix

Ease of Use:Instapage is a simple DIY website builder, which specializes in the development of landing pages only. The platform comes with a handy drag-and-drop editor, ensuring an intuitive web design approach. It does not require coding knowledge to work with it.Wix is the leader of the web design market and one of the easiest SaaS website builders out there. The system can be equally used by first-timers and web design pros. It does not imply coding proficiency, being a convenient platform for all user categories. The service offers two code editing options – Standard Editor and Wix ADI tool, letting users choose the one to comply with their web design skills.
Functionality:The platform is rich in features and tools that are a must-have for a landing page website builder. It is a nice and handy solution for entrepreneurs and merchants, who intend to enhance their brand popularity and boost their sales volume. The website builder provides extensive content management options, availability of third-party integrations, A/B testing feature, Thor Render Engine, AMP accessibility etc.The DIY website builder comes with distinctive integrated functionality provided by default. Apart from high end design customization options and tools, the system grants access to integrable widgets (free and paid) available in its App Market, blogging/eCommerce engines, Wix Turbo, Corvid and Ascend platforms.
Design:Instapage has an extensive collection of designs, which currently includes over 200 templates. They are free, responsive and completely customizable. The themes fall into categories based on the business niches they tackle and your project specialization.Wix template collection is rich and stunning. It currently encompasses more than 550 free niche-specific designs. They are free and mobile-ready by default. However, the system does not have a template switch option, which requires more thorough choice.
eCommerce:The website builder doesn’t have a built-in eCommerce engine. However, it is possible to launch a landing page with the system to enhance your sales and profit.Wix allows running a small/medium web store by means of integrating a powerful Wix Stores widget. The system grants access to multiple eCommerce features and tools that let you start a feature-rich digital store.
Blogging:The system doesn’t have an integrated blogging engine and, thus, you cannot run a blog with it.The website builder includes a functional built-in blogging engine. It lets you start a blog for commercial or personal application, making use of niche tools and features.
Small Business:Instapage is a nice pick for landing page development, which contributes to better small business performance.Wix is a handy platform for business website creation. Along with niche templates, it grants access to the integrated Ascend platform, which is intended for efficient business website management.
Pricing:The website builder has a 14-day free trial and 2 premium plans. Their cost starts at $199/mo.The system has a free never-ending subscription and two groups of premium plans – Website and Business/eCommerce. Their cost starts at $13/mo.
SEO:Instapage allows for manual adjustment of SEO settings, which ensures high positions of landing pages in the search engine results. If needed, you can also hide the project from indexing by the search engines.Wix is a SEO-friendly website builder. Due to its high end SEO Wiz tool, the process of SEO optimization becomes simple and convenient for all user categories.
Customer Support:Informative knowledge base, blog, ticketing system, tutorials, webinars, manuals.Vast Knowledge Base, ticketing system, VIP priority support, phone assistance.

Comparison Conclusion: Which One Is Better?

Instapage and Wix are two quite different website builders, both of which can be used to create a one-page website. The systems, however, have different approaches to the process of website creation and focus on diverse target audiences.

Instapage – is a specialized website builder, which is used to create and manage landing pages. It cannot be used to build other types of projects. Instapage works great for web design pros and marketing specialists, who plan to launch dozens of landing pages.

Wix – is the all-in-one website builder, which covers a broad range of web design tasks and provides an extensive feature set that allows completing versatile projects. It can also be used to create decent one-page websites. The platform is a nice choice for non-techies with zero web design experience as well as for web design pros, who possess enough skills to develop even complicated projects.

Both website builders make it possible to start and run quality landing pages. Wix, however, is a more reasonable solution, if you need a simple one-page website without any marketing features like split testing and conversion tracking. This is also a better solution, when it comes to price/quality correlation.


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