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Improve Your Website. A Basic Checklist

It’s quite difficult to keep up with the latest innovations in the technology sphere. It seems it’s advancing too fast – what was actual yesterday becomes pointless today and vice versa, saying nothing of the completely new accomplishments. As for me, I always have a feel that I’m missing something out about my blog, so I’m always trying to improve it in every way.

With this thought in mind I’ve decided to write a post describing the most common mistakes novice bloggers can make. Look through the checklist below to see the vulnerabilities of your blog and fix them as soon as possible.

#1 Socials

Problem: No social accounts, no social plugins. I can’t imagine a successful website without at least three or four social media buttons under each piece of content. It has always been a mystery to me how people can deride socials. By neglecting those tiny icons they lose a crucial component of marketing, saying nothing about SEO aspects.

Solution: Regardless of your website type, be it a medium-sized e-shop, online portfolio or a huge international web resource, create social accounts to represent your business in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks. Ensure your website content can be easily shared.

#2 Responsive Design

Problem: No mobile-compatible version of the website. These days this is a must. You can’t just ignore the increasing number of people who use their mobiles as primary Internet browsing devices. Some technology prognosticators state on their blogs that business websites without responsive design are doomed for a significant decline within the next year.

Solution: Explore the functionality of your CMS (I’m sure it offers a solution) and go for it as soon as possible. These days, even the least popular site constructors automatically generate mobile-compatible versions of your webpages. You will find more design-related insights in my post Timeless Principles of Web Design Usability.

#3 Loading Time

Problem: Long loading time. Nothing makes your potential clients leave faster than long load time. Load time must be your number one priority – improve it, or you clients will go to your competitors.

Solution: You can check your website load using a free website speed test. In case it takes longer than 2.5s, you need to find the cause of the problem (heavy elements on your landing page, hosting issues, etc.) and troubleshoot it.

#4 Content

Problem: Low quality, irrelevant content. The Internet is all about content. It must be unique, engaging and useful. Even if your load time is fast, you have a mobile-ready design, and your website is optimized, your resource won’t become successful without good content.

Solution: In case you doubt your writing skills, hire an expert. There are many free lancers on the web willing to write for your blog, at a reasonable price :).

#5 SEO Strategy

Problem: No SEO strategy. Optimization always matters. Search is a crucial part of the Internet, and as long as it is around, SEO will not die :). It’s never late to educate yourself on SEO basics. Internet success never happens out of thin air.

Solution: Get a professional consultation or hire a SEO company.

These were the basic advice on imrpoving the overall performance of your website. Don’t hesitate to share your experience – you’re welcomed to leave comments :).


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