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Best IM Creator Website Examples

IM Creator Website Examples

IM Creator is one of the simplest and the most affordable cloud website builders, which allows creating different types of projects. The system initially works great for artists, students, creatives and non-profits, who intend to present their works to the target audience, getting maximum exposure. For these user categories, the platform offers an absolutely free subscription that comes without any restrictions, ads or limitations. Instead, the system provides a broad feature set, which contributes to the ease of website development and helps avail worthy results.

Apart from creative focus, IM Creator also proves to be a nice pick for entrepreneurs, making it possible to start and manage professional business websites, including eCommerce projects and landing pages. For these websites, the system unveils multiple advantages and design customization options that make it stand out from the crowd, driving user attention.

Currently, IM Creator encompasses over 17 millions of versatile websites designed with it. Are you interested to have a look at some of the most remarkable samples of projects created with the website builder? They will help you understand what exactly the system has to offer and how your project may eventually look, being launched with IM Creator. Let’s do that right away.

1. Nominal Content

Nominal Content

Nominal Content is a website of the studio that excels at the art of filmmaking and has the calling for producing professional high end projects for their clients. The studio positions its team at a group of digital natives, who are skilled at film production and have the firsthand knowledge of what exactly the target audience expects to avail.

The website caprivates user attention from the very first seconds they visit it. Having accessed the homepage, you will see a full-screen video background that presents the studio and serves as its promo. At the bottom of the video background, there is the “Let’s Work Together” button that redirects you to the Connect page. This is where you can fill out the online form to get in touch with the team of Nominal Content pros.

While browsing the website, you will come across several pages that deliver the explicit information about the team of filmmakers, offering their high end services. The About Us and Consulting pages let you know as much as possible about the studio, services and terms of cooperation, while the Portfolio section makes it possible to check out the latest video sample of works the studio has completed for its clients. This is more than required to help you drive the conclusions regarding the platform’s professionalism and skill level of its experts. All in all, the website is an impressive sample of projects launched with IM Creator.

2. Naina Shenoy

Naina Shenoy

Naina Shenoy is a professional IM Creator-based portfolio of Naina Shenoy – a talented and skilled designer with years of expertise and dozens of high end projects created for clients. Her major area of interest centers around studying home-living around furniture and everyday room experiences to further create design projects that focus on sustainability and circularity.

The portfolio website looks quite simple and plain. There are only three pages you can browse here to find out more about the designer, her biography, life views, education and professional background, interests and other related info. Additionally, you can browse the Portfolio section featuring the most impressive and quality projects the author is especially proud of. Finally, there is the Contact page with the online form, where you can drop a line to the designer, email her or watch her LinkedIn profile. Regardless of such a small number of website pages, they provide all the info potential clients may be interested in. This is more than enough to make the unbiased decision regarding further cooperation.

The website design is logical and simple as well. All the pages have snow white background with coloured photos standing against of it for better user experience. Special attention is devoted to the Portfolio page, which delivers maximum information about the projects enlisted there. Each sample comes with a detailed description providing special designer’s view and the goals she pursued when completing it. There are also several photos that give the exhaustive understanding of the project’s specialization. Thus, Naina Shenoy is a quality and impressive sample of a portfolio website professionally designed with IM Creator.

3. Yeelight


Yeelight is a Singapore-based web store of lighting fixtures and appliances that do not only look stunning and fit the majority of versatile interiors, but also provide contemporary designs and high end functionality to ensure the best customer experience. The website delivers maximum information about the company, the services and products it offers, recent news, updates, contacts and other related info most potential and current customers are interested in.

The very first thing that captivates your attention, when you access the web store is the slideshow gallery, which provides info about the advanced Yeelight product that is compatible with Apple Home Kit, providing completely new and unexpected home lighting experience. The homepage additionally contains recent company news, the list of latest promotions as well as new product releases.

The website developers have taken care of customers’ convenience, offering a community form section, high end client support options detailed contacts that come with integrated Google Maps for the ease of store search (the company has several retail locations around Singapore, where everyone can buy their lighting fixtures and accessories). Live Chat support is also available at the website to help customers find answers to their urgent questions. .If there is still anything you would like to find out about Yeelight or you just wish to be aware of the company’s news, updates and scheduled events, there is an opportunity to subscribe to its accounts in the social networks to stay aware of the business-related issues.

4. Janni Louise

Janni Louise

Janni Louise is a portfolio website owned and run by Janni Louise – a professional and talented artist, who has multiple individual freelance projects as well as rich experience in working for design agencies. Janni is dedicated to adhering to special needs and preferences of her clients, bringing her imagination to life via a broad spectrum of visual means. She is ready to complete different types of creative projects and she already has many of them in her portfolio.

The website itself does abound in graphical ior design elements, but this is not necessary, when it comes to the professional portfolio. There are only two pages here – About and Sketchbook, which is more than enough to provide the most exhaustive information users are looking for, when hiring an artist to complete their projects.

The Homepage looks impressive due to the availability of gallery slideshows depicting Janni’s works. There is also direct access to the portfolio section, which also contains multiple author’s masterpieces. Need a more detailed view of Janni’s works? Then go ahead to reach the Sketchbook, which encompasses an amazing collection of her paper and pencil and digital sketches the artist is proud of. This is a successful example of a portfolio website launched with IM Creator!

5. Flourish Management

Flourish Management

Flourish Management is a website of one of the top London-based influencer management, creative marketing and PR agency. The company sees its mission in helping brands and influencers flourish and grow to reach the goals they set. With this purpose, they develop and execute marketing, social media and promo campaigns to enhance their media presence and help them drive sales and reach target markets.

The website design absolutely adhered to the general concept of the agency, creating impressive, modern and high end vision of their services and objectives. The project looks fresh and pleasant to browse, with light colors dominating in its colour palette. Along with that, the website is logically-structured, covering a broad spectrum of users’ needs. There are several pages here, which provide explicit info about the team of Flourish Management experts, their skills, services provided, contacts and blog section.

Separate attention is given to the portfolio section, which is regularly updated with recent works completed by the company experts. Each project comes with bright and high end photos as well as the description of the major parameters. That’s exactly what most users need when looking for a marketing and PR agency. Great job!

6. Philip Joa

Philip Joa

Philip Joa is a portfolio website belonging to Philip Joa – a professional and skilled director working on documentary, photography, writing and volunteering projects for various organizations, magazines and other clients. The website was created by Phili with the only purpose in mind – to drive the attention of the target audience and generate new clients via providing his professional portfolio samples and personal info about his biography and creative career.

The website doesn’t contain too much info and it doesn’t abound in high end graphic/design elements. However, this is not quite necessary as the project encompasses the required info all in one place. The design of the portfolio looks pretty interesting and unusual as well. A separate web page is devoted to the collection of the author’s works as a director. Each project comes with a video and its detailed description to let viewers know about its implication and general focus. The Etc. Page, in its turn, contains lots of portfolio works completed by Philip as a photographer, designer, spokesman and writer. They are also presented in the appealing and contemporary way.

To get in touch with Philip, just reach the corresponding Contact section. This is where you can fill out the online form or use the email to communicate with the expert and specify/discuss your project requirements and specifications.

7. Anchal Goyal

Anchal Goyal

Anchal Goyal is a portfolio website of the filmmaker, writer, director and photographer Anchal Goyal, whose spheres of interest center around capturing “little slices of life”. That’s exactly how he describes his creative focus and presents it to the target audience. The author has already compiled a reach portfolio of high end works, comprising films and photos. It is presented in the portfolio format directly at the website.

When you first reach the portfolio’s homepage, you won’t find any section or content here – nothing but the full-screen slideshow of photos belonging to Anchal. That’s the best presentation of his creativity and professional talent that speaks louder than dozens of words. If you still have an intention to find out more about the photographer or view his other works, then go ahd to browse the sections available in the pop-up menu found in the right part of the screen.

The portfolio menu consists of several sections based on the topic of films/photos included. These are Films, Travel, People and Nature. Additionally, users can browse the About Me page to discover more facts about the photographer and his creativity. There is also the opportunity to get in touch with the author by filling out the online contact form available at the bottom of the page here. That’s easy, convenient and quick. To sum it up, the project is a successful and impressive sample of the IM Creator-powered portfolio website!

Bottom Line

IM Creator is a multi-purpose all-in-one DIY website builder, which allows for the development and management of different types of projects for commercial and con-commercial use. The platform is proud of millions of websites launched with it as each of them features exquisite and personalized design that does not compromise with high end functionality.

The website builder enjoys the utmost popularity with artists, creatives, photographers, designers, stylists, models, stylists, filmmakers, producers and other users, who need professional portfolio websites to showcase their works and talent. For these users as well as for non-profits and students, the system is completely free without any functionality limitations. At the same time, IM Creator is a pretty nice pick for entrepreneurs, who are going to use the service for the development of business websites. The samples of projects reviewed in the article are the best proof of its universal nature, intuitive web design approach and versatility of customization options included into the toolset.


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