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Since its first beta version released in 2011, IM Creator has become a full member of ‘website builders’ club.

Ease of Use:9/10
Tech Support:8/10
Overall Score:9/10

The company and it’s product appeared to be very successful, as I see it, mainly due to its clear positioning statement, beautiful templates and dead simple editor.

Like any serious website builder, IM Creator has a full set of all features that allow to create perfect websites, and we’ll discuss them in detail below. But all in all the site builder is a joy to use.

Today I invite you to join me testing IM Creator, a simple, elegant and affordable website builder. You’ll love it.

#1 Ease of Use

It’s super easy. Their editor is very well thought out and makes it nearly impossible to get lost. You don’t even have to sign up to start creating your website: just pick a theme and start editing it. Only when you want to save changes, you’ll be asked to fill in a basic registration form.

Whether you’re adding or arranging your site pages, or uploading content, or adding a widget – all is done in the WYSIWYG mode, through the visual editor. Most features are added through drag-and-drop: simply choose an element from the top toolbar and drag it to the page. Once it’s fixed on the canvas, click it to make further edits.

#2 Feature Set and Flexibility

The flipside of  the IM Creator’s ease of use is that its feature set is very, very basic. While it allows you to easily design the look of your site, it appears to lack some important business features. Some of these are eCommerce and blogging.

If you want to add a blog or shopping cart to your site, the only workaround is to link it with a third-party platform like Etsy, Ecwid or Tumblr. Unfortunately, this scenario will make it difficult to keep your brand’s look coherent.

IM Creator - Widgets

In other words, IM Creator only works for simple, brochure-like websites. It does allow you to add and adjust various widgets/design elements including slideshows, galleries, SoundCloud, Twitter feed, Facebook comments etc., but it doesn’t go beyond that. Also, there’s no way to access your site’s HTML/CSS.

#3 Designs

If you have a specific design in mind, and you think that using ready templates is cheating, you can start your IM Creator website from a blank canvas. In case you need some inspiration, then choose one of their beautifully designed themes.

IMCreator design

IM Creator has some of the most beautiful templates in the industry. Their themes are highly customizable – you can edit just about anything in them. There are standard and mobile themes.

IM Creator Mobile Design

#4 Customer Support

IM Creator offers a printable manual, ‘How-to’ articles and email support. There’s also a company Blog covering various topics on website design, optimization and promotion.

#5 Pricing Policy

There’s a free never-expiring version of the platform and only paid package. With a free version you’ll receive you website with URL like, that is quite convenient to test how your website runs. The price of paid package differs depending of the period you want to subscribe.

The cheapest monthly payment is $5.95/mo when you decide to subscribe for a 3 years. The highest – $9.95/mo with a half-year subscription.

IM Creator Pricing

The main key features of the IM Creator paid plan are unlimited hosting, space and bandwidth. It means that you can create websites with huge amount of media files.

You will also receive Google Analytics integration to track main website’s metrics, advanced SEO options and custom email address (that is a must for business today). Though if you’re unsatisfied with your site you can use 14-days moneyback guarantee option.

#6 Disadvantages

If you’re an advanced user and want to customize things by coding, IM Creator will not let you do that. Its feature set is very basic.


IM Creator is a dead simple website builder suitable for creating online portfolios and simple 5-page corporate websites. There’s nothing difficult – just add elements you need in WYSIWYG editor and see the result immediately.

It’s very intuitive and offers an impressive library of modern templates including mobile-optimized ones. However, it lacks many important options, such as blogging, eCommerce and advanced customization.

 It’s free!

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  • Jim

    I used IM Creator for three years, which allowed me to create a great site. When it came time for me to move on, there were some issues with billing. Despite some mistakes on my end, Customer Service was able to provide me with a full refund for unused hosting fees. Even though I was leaving IM Creator, they allowed me to switch providers without penalty, which speaks volumes to the kind of company they are.

    • Hi Jim!
      Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us.

  • Warith Niallah

    Well, we are a reseller and we joined in the last 48 hours and it has been a mess ever since. First, they sent us a coupon code for a 20% discount that didn’t work because there was no place to enter the code. Someone named “Nir” claimed to give us $80 back after we signed up for $350. After signing up, we set up our reseller control panel, updated information and are still waiting to be “Activated”. They continue to give us excuses on the delay. We are awaiting CNAME record information to connect our domain. After finally getting it 20 hours later, now we are told we have to wait for some sort of TXT record. As time passes, so far 8 hours, we are starting to realize that this company has some serious issues. Getting ready to get Legal involved. We happen to be a Corporation and I don’t think they are ready for volume or real business yet.

    • Ana Gavrilescu

      Hi, I have the saime problem with I paid more than 200$ for the UNLIMITED PLAN.I send a lot of e-mail to tell them that my account is not working.I get for many different persons e-mail back but nobody really help me. I spoke on skype with Nir and I hear hem tolking with other not in eng. I ask him to refund my money back because I do not trust it. I dont know if he will refund the money but I am really sorry if IMCREATOR is used like a scam. Please let me know if you get your money back?

      • Usman

        Dear Ana,Are you still a reseller with IMXPRS. Can you please share your current experience.As i am also planning to sign up for reseller Account.ThankYou

        • Ana Gavrilescu

          no, I am not, is not working well for me

      • Warith Niallah

        It never got better for us. I just read your reply. We are soooo glad we are not with them anymore!!!!!

    • Usman

      Dear Warith, Are you still a reseller with IMXPRS. Can you please share your current experience.As i am also planning to sign up for reseller Account.ThankYou

      • Warith Niallah

        Don’t do it. — It was a terrible service. Slow system and response from support is bad.