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IM Creator Example Websites

If you want to build a simple and elegant website to present your personality or business, portfolio website builders are exactly what you need. They are engineered towards creating eye-pleasing, professional-looking websites with maximum ease.

Here at SWB, we believe that code-free website builders are the best option for those who can’t or simply don’t want to use professional web design services. Why? Take a look at some of the IMCreator-powered websites to see that a nice-looking, modern website can cost its owner as little as $5.95/month including hosting and doesn’t necessarily require hiring an expensive web design agency.

Example 1: Jeremy Tarian is owned by a Parisian eyewear designer. The website is in fact a huge collection of eyewear presented in a unique manner. The website doesn’t offer any shopping options, but has a separate page listing Tarian stores all over the globe. You may also view several videos featuring the latest collections of the manufacturer.

These collections will certainly create a stunning impression on you – so unique and extraordinary they are! Eyewear products are presented on each page of the website, standing out against its white background. Just visit the site and have a look yourself!

Example 2: Wiggley Bottom Farm

Wiggley Bottom Farm is a vibrant website representing a beautiful country retreat of the same name. Located in the heart of Victoria’s Yarra Valley, Australia, it’s a perfect getaway for people seeking privacy, luxury, and easy access to the attractions of the region, and the website does a great job of conveying this message with its enticing high-quality photo galleries showing the retreat at its best.

Wiggley Bottom Farm - IM Creator sample site

The Accommodation page displays the choice of property for rent. Each option comes with an embedded availability calendar that’s updated daily, and a detailed booking form. The site abounds in high quality photos, special offers and features that contribute to its functionality and make it popular with the users.

Example 3: Yumi Makeup

Artist, cosmetologist, hairdresser, stylist, makeupist – are all good ways to describe the many hats Yumi Noh wears. In business since 2005, Yumi has worked at famous fashion events, including Milan and London Fashion weeks, alongside respected photographers and stylists.

We love the way Yumi structures her website, and the smart use of whitespace that emphasizes the artist’s works. Check out her hairstyling and makeup portfolio to see her works for yourself.

Yumi - IM Creator sample site

The owner of the site definitely knows how to attract the attention of users. Just visit the site to enjoy an outstanding video that will encourage you to find out more about the owner of the site and her works. Do you wish to get in touch with Yumi personally? Then look for the contacts in the corresponding section!

Example 4: Proterf is a business website popularizing PROTERF training which is aimed at improving overall health, speed, balance, power and coordination. The website has a huge video library, image gallery and a well-formatted Testimonials page. here’s also a blog where PROTERF coaches and guests write about fitness and other topics of interest.

IM Creator Example Website - Proterf

The website has a very professional look. I would never guess it was built using a website builder. It comes with high quality photos demonstrating PROTERF benefits, social media buttons allowing to follow the site news, exciting videos, the Store Page as well as contact info with the Google Maps app. Is there anything else you might need to find out more about this type of training?

Example 5: Philippe Boucaumont

Anyone on diet, please skip this example! The website contains content that’s going to make you really hungry 😀 . is an online portfolio of a private chef based in Houston, Texas. It’s a one-page site that tells the story of Philippe, shows off a couple of mouthwatering photos and offers his contacts.

IM Creator Example Website - PhilippeBoucaumont

Everything a user might need to find out about the chef and his fascinating dishes is available at the website. The resource abounds in photos that depict the dishes as they are and cannot but captivate the attention of visitors. The social media buttons make users feel closer to the owner of the site, while contact info that comes with the Google Maps application makes it possible to reach the chef in person to get the most out of his talent.

It’s a great example of a site where less is more.


In overall, all the websites are very simple and elegant, just like the website builder itself. You will find more examples on their official Featured Page. To learn more about the service, read our in-depth IMCreator review.

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