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Leading a gaming clan can be a very fun and rewarding experience. Whether you are a hardcore or a more casual gamer, having a community of dedicated gamers can drastically improve game play and socialization.

Because an organized group of players can more easily achieve in-game goals, many online games offer a baked-in guild launch option in order to recruit and manage players within the game itself. While many players are satisfied with this offer, others seek for more benefits. This is where guild website builders come into play. They allow players to access the community without having to run the game.

Today we take a closer look at, a guild hosting company with website building capabilities that enables even the novice to launch and manage their own gaming communities of different complexity hassle-free.

#1 Ease of Use

Like any DIY web service, iClanWebsites is very intuitive and doesn’t require any prior webmaster experience. Its dashboard is easy-to-navigate, and every site creation step is accompanied with a detailed guide (textual or video).

iClanWebsites admin panel iClanWebsites admin panel

#2 Feature Set and Flexibility

iClanWebsites is a great example of a niche website builder. It’s exclusively geared towards building websites for gamers, so its literally packed with various game-specific features, including:

  • full-featured forums (with notifications, file attachments, moderation controls and subscriptions);
  • tournament management;
  • match reporting;
  • ranks and awards;
  • member profiles;
  • events calendar;
  • activity feeds;
  • donations;
  • instant chat;
  • voice servers and more.

Each feature is highly customizable. The builder is being constantly updated with new features bringing additional functionality. Just recently they announced MySQL importer allowing users to painlessly move their data to iClanWebsites.

#3 Designs

There are free and Premium designs. The templates are tailored for gaming purposes. The builder lets you customize chosen themes to a certain extent. Frankly, their themes look outdated, it seems as though the company stopped updating the collection a few years ago.

iClanWebsites themes iClanWebsites themes

#4 Customer Support

Premium support (24/7) comes with paid subscriptions. Free support comes in the form of  FAQ and Community forum. I wish their support center had more video tutorials.

#5 Pricing Policy

There’s a basic free plan and three paid packages ranging from $5.83/mo to $33.32/mo. The higher the price, the more features you can unlock.


The only thing that may bother you is the advertisement in the free plan. However, it can be removed through upgrading your account. Review: Conclusion

Today, ‘the best site builder’ is often a niche builder. So, if you need to create an industry-specific website, choosing a specialized web service will be a smart decision.

iClanWebsites is a narrowly specialized website builder developed exclusively for creating guild websites. It’s chock-full of features specially designed for gamers with many new cool features being released regularly.

 It’s free

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