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How to Transfer Domain from WordPress to Wix

So, you’ve made up your mind to switch from WordPress to Wix. The reasons to do that might be numerous, but the algorithm of actions is nearly the same in all the cases. There are several steps you have to undertake to migrate your website to Wix. One of them is domain name transfer.

The thing is that, in the prevailing amount of cases, users already have their active website domain names. As a rule, they are pre-paid and bought from a certain domain host. Correspondingly, access to the domain’s settings can be found at the website’s registrar’s website.

What are the actions you can do to safely transfer the existing domain name from WordPress to Wix? Let’s review the most popular nuances now.

Domain Transfer Guidelines

As soon as you decide to become a Wix user, it doesn’t make any sense to host your domain with the third-party service. This is because you run a risk of forgetting or losing the access details.

For this very reason, it is better to transfer your domain directly to Wix. These are the steps to be made to do that:

  1. Access the service and learn the general instructions.
  2. Step 1 - General transfer domain information

  3. Enter the domain name and activate the “Submit” button.
  4. Step 2 - Enter Domain name

  5. Browse the drop-down menu to choose a registrar to indicate the platform, where your domain name was bought.
  6. Step 3 - Select Domain Registrar

  7. Follow the step-by-step guidelines and select the required checkboxes.
  8. Step 4 - Unlock Your Domain

  9. Choose the extension period (when choosing Wix, mind that you’ll need to extend the existing domain by at least 1 year).
  10. Step 5 - Extend Your Domain

  11. Enter or edit your contact info.
  12. Step 6 - Update Contact Info

  13. Choose the preferred privacy option – either private or public registration.
  14. Step 7 - Choose Privacy Protection of the Domain

  15. Choose the suitable payment method.
  16. Submit information and complete the purchase. Activate the confirmation link in the email you’ll get and check the details.

Transferring a Domain to the Wix Name Servers

If you still have an intention to leave your domain name hosted with the external provider, but plan to migrate from WordPress to Wix, the algorithm of actions will somewhat differ. This is because you’ll face the need to connect the domain name to the Wix server. This is how this should be done:

  1. Prior to connecting your domain to Wix, mind that you’ll have to subscribe or upgrade to the Premium Plan.
  2. Access the “Domains” page.
  3. Activate the “Connect a Domain You Already Own” button (if you have the one connected to your account already, just click the “Add Domain” button and connect it).
  4. Select the website you’d like to be connected with your domain.
  5. Enter the preferred domain name under the section “What’s Your Domain Name?
  6. Stick to the guidelines you’ll see further.

Transferring a Subdomain to a Wix Site When a Primary Domain Is Not Connected to Wix

Finally, there is one more popular option. If your WordPress website is connected to the subdomain like site.wordpress[.]com, but you’d like it to be connected to Wix, the following instruction is what you need:

  1. Upgrade to the Premium Plan to get started (see Wix tariffs in details).
  2. Add the existing subdomain to your Wix account.
  3. Set up the subdomain by adding the specified DNS records via your external domain host (mind that you will have to add the subdomain to the My Domains Wix account page).
  4. Follow the instructions to complete the process.

These are the most widespread situations you might face, when deciding to transfer your WordPress domain to Wix. However, there are also three other options you might be interested in. Let’s have a quick overview of them now.

Connecting a Subdomain to a Wix Site

In case you possess two related websites in a single Wix account, it is possible to connect the domain of the second website to that of the first website via the subdomain. This may be applied, for example, to websites published in several languages, but mind that both websites should be managed under the terms of the Premium Plan.

To complete the task, access the user panel in your Wix account and activate the “Domains” section. Then add the domain and connect the second one. After that, specify the domain you wish to connect in the “What’s Your Domain Name?” section. Follow the tips you’ll be further offered.

Connecting a Subdomain to a Wix Site When the Primary Domain Is Connected to Wix via Pointing

Sometimes, there are situations, when a primary domain is connected to Wix via Pointing. If this is your case and you’d like to connect a subdomain to Wix, you’ll first have to register with the system and add it to your Wix account. That’s quite simple and quick.

As soon as you are done with that, set up your subdomain by specifying the DNS records via your external domain name host. The system will provide these records after you sign in.

Bottom Line

Wix is a simple universal website builder that comes with out-of-the-box functionality. It allows creating various types of websites without any special knowledge of coding or web design. No wonder, many WordPress users, who tend to simplify the web building process, adopt the decision to switch from this popular CMS to Wix.

Among the steps that should be done to complete the task, transferring the domain name is one of the most crucial and complicated points. The duration and complexity of the domain transfer process depends upon various factors. Correspondingly, more/less steps may be required to do that. The article provides the overview of the major options as well as the steps you’ll need to undertake to make it a success.

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