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How to Transfer Domain from Wix to WordPress

How to Transfer Domain from Wix to WordPress

Suppose, you already own a website built and hosted with Wix. You keep managing and promoting it until you realize that your website requires more functionality or you just wish to switch from the website builder to CMS for any other reason.

Whatever objectives you have to move the domain from Wix to WordPress, you’ll face the same algorithm of actions. The number of steps to undertake is fixed and domain name transfer is one of them.

It’s quite clear that if you already own a Wix website, you have the active domain name. This also means that your website has regular traffic flow and search engine rating. This is what complicates the process of domain name transfer and this is what makes it a responsible solution.

So, what actions should you undertake to safely transfer Wix domain to WordPress not to worsen your current SEO positions? Let’s have a look at the most popular options now.

Transferring Your Active Domain Away from Wix

The very first step you should undertake is to transfer your domain name away from Wix. Prior to launching the process, though, it is crucial to define the destination you intend to move your website to. The thing is that right after the domain transfer is completed, your previous Wix website will be deactivated. Thus, you have to be sure that both the domain name and other website entities are successfully transferred to the new platform.

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If you are not confident that you’ll cope with the task on your own, it will be reasonable to contact the industry experts. This is where professional assistance of SiteBuilders.pro will come in handy to you. The service sees its mission in helping their clients switch from Wix to WordPress in the most convenient and reliable way. By using individual approach to each project, they identify your special needs and requirements to come up with the best migration strategy. They thoroughly study the nuances of each project to take care of all the details and nuances in advance.This is right what you need to professionally move your Wix project to WordPress CMS.

Do you have an idea to transfer your domain from Wix on your own? Then here are the steps to complete to transfer your Wix domain away from the system:

  1. Sign in with your Wix account and reach the “My Domains” page;
  2. If you own several Wix domains, pick and tick the one you wish to move;
  3. Click the “Advanced” tab and activate the “Transfer away from Wix” button;
  4. Then enable the “Send Code” feature and wait until the system send a transfer code to the email your domain name is registered with. It usually takes around 24 hours (or even less) to get the EPP/authorization code.

The entire process of complete domain name transfer may take up to 7 days, but this also depends upon the terms of the system you move the domain to. Mind that Wix won’t allow moving the domain name, if you’ve purchased it within 60 days before the transfer. The same rule is applicable for those situations, when you change the domain-related contact info during this time interval.

Connecting the Domain Name to WordPress

The procedure of connecting your Wix domain to any hosting that supports WordPress is very easy: you’re just have to set your domain name, enter a secret code and wait for 5-10 days. The procedure is more or less similar for all hosting providers. But if you decide to move your domain to the WordPress self-hosted platform, it cold be more time-taking and complicated. This is what you are expected to do to successfully complete the task:

  1. Register for one of the WordPress paid plans (either Personal, Premium or Business);
  2. Make sure you’ve received the EPP code from Wix, which will allow transferring the domain name to WordPress.
  3. Create a WordPress website. If you have the one already, go to the “My Sites” page, then reach he “Manage” section and find the “Domains” page.
  4. Click the “Add Domain” button found in the upper right corner of the domains list.
  5. Add Domain

  6. Pick the “Use a Domain I Own” options and proceed to the next page;
  7. Select the “Transfer to WordPress” button there;
  8. Transfer to WordPress

  9. Provide the domain name you’d like to transfer and click the corresponding button. Mind that if you are just on the stage of website creation, you’ll be redirected to the checkout procedure. Right after that, you’ll be offered to continue the transfer procedure. However, you will start with the “Domains” selection stage as mentioned above. Pick the domain you intend to transfer and then choose the “Start Transfer” section;
  10. Start Transfer

  11. As soon as you provide the domain name, you’ll be redirected to the next page, where you will have to confirm that the domain you’ve specified in the previous section is unlocked. If it’s not, then go back to Wix and check that once again. Having made sure about your domain availability, click the “I’ve unlocked my domain” button and wait for the edits to take effect.
  12. I’ve unlocked my domain

  13. Specify the EPP|authorization code you’ve got from Wixand then activate the ”Check My Authorization Code” button;
  14. Check My Authorization Code

  15. Having made all the edits, click the “Continue” button to proceed with your domain transfer process;
  16. Confirm your contact data. If you have already purchased WordPress subscription, the system will automatically fill out the form for you, using the info you’ve provided before. Another option is to register independently with Privacy Protection (recommended by the system), but you can also register publicly. In this case, your contact info will be listed in a public database and, thus, it might be potentially susceptible to spamming attacks. Having adopted the decision, press the “Continue to Checkout” button to pay for the domain transfer.
  17. Continue to Checkout

As soon as you make a successful payment, you’ll get a confirmation email. Mind that it may take from 5 to 7 days to complete the domain transfer from Wix to WordPress. What’s important, the system managers underline that you shouldn’t cancel your Wix domain registration or delete the account at once. If you cancel the domain, the transfer process will become impossible. Make sure the transfer process has been successfully completed and then cancel it with Wix.

Connecting an Email to Your Custom WordPress Domain via Email Forwarding

If the name servers of your domain are not yet pointed to WordPress, you can make the required settings and then add DNS records to connect the email account to your WordPress domain. Mind, however, that WordPress does not provide email hosting by default. Only those users, who have custom WordPress domains, are allowed to connect the emails.

The first option you can go for here is email forwarding, which makes it possible to use your custom domain name in the email address. This means that all your mail will further be automatically forwarded to this email. The replies, however, will still be sent from your personal email address. Here are the steps you’ll need to complete:

  1. Reach the “My Sites” page and then go to the “Domains” section. Pick the domain you wish to use for email forwarding to get access to its settings page. Choose the “Email” section.
  2. Choose “Email Forwarding” section, then provide the new email address filling out your custom domain name in the “Emails Sent To” area and then choose the destination email marked as “Will Be Forwarded To” field. Then click the “Add New Email Forward” button and you’ll get the activation email to the specified email address. You’ll have an opportunity to check the number of email forwards you have already set up and you can also make the edits, if needed.

Connecting an Email Purchased from Other Providers to Your Custom WordPress Domain

WordPress does not force you to choose a certain hosting provider – it’s up to you to make this choice based on your personal requirements and budget. In this case, you can buy email hosting from any other provider and then connect your custom WordPres domain to it. Let’s have a look at some providers you can pick for this purpose:

  • G Suite. Having transferred domain to WordPress, you will be able to buy a G Suite account during the set up process. If you have the one already, you are welcome to connect it to your custom domain any time;
  • Microsoft Office 365. Opt for the Office 365 account following the insctuctions specified at the official website of the platform. Sign up for the Small Business plan or the one higher than it and then connect the account to your custom WordPress domain name;
  • Zoho Mail. Subscribe to Zoho email hosting account. The detailed guidelines are available on the corresponding page of the system. Connect your Zoho email account to your WordPress domain;
  • GoDaddy. If you have a registered GoDaddy account or just plan to get the one, you can also connect it to your WordPress domain. You can find the step-by-step tutorial on a corresponding page of the system;
  • Other email providers. In case you are going to use an email provider, which is not listed in the section, you’ll have to get custom DNS records (one or more MX records, an A record and/or a CNAME record) from the provider of your choice. As soon as you get them, access the “Domains” WordPress page, pick the domain you are going to add the DNS records to and them choose the “Name Servers and DNS” section. Pick the “DNS Records” option afterwards and choose the record type from the dropdown menu you’d like to add. Provide the info you get from your email provider and then click the “Add New DNS Record” button to save all the settings. Repeat the action to save all the records added. If you make everything right, your email will be active in a couple of hours.

Transferring the Expired Wix Domain to WordPress

If your Wix domain name has already expired and you decide to move it to WordPress, you will be allowed to do that during 30 days from the expiration date. This term is known as the Grace Period.

As soon as it comes to the end, the domain will enter the so-called Redemption Period and it will be impossible to transfer it neither to WordPress nor to any other system until you pay the $100 retrieval fee. However, you are allowed to extend the expired domain duration prior to starting the transfer. Mind that it’s prohibited to changing the domain contact info as this will make your domain locked for transfer for the next 60 days.

If you own the .me, .mx, or .com.br domains, you should know that renewal payments for them are usually paid around 30 days before the stated expiration date. If you fail to make the payment during the specified time interval, your domain will enter the Redemption Period 2 days before the date of expiration.

If you manage to keep all these aspects in mind, you’ll be able to transfer your expired Wix domain to WordPress, using the aforementioned guidelines.

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Question: How to unlock Wix domain?

Answer: To unlock Wix domain, login into your account and reach the Domains page to pick the domain you intend to transfer. This is where you will find and click the “Unlock My Domain” box. The system will ask you to confirm the action. As soon as you are done with that, click the “I’ve unlocked my domain” button and wait for the action to take effect.

Question: What is Wix EPP code?

Answer: To initiate the domain transfer procedure, you need to get the authorization code (which is also known as the EPP code) from the current domain registrar. This code is generated automatically and is sent to the email your domain is registered with. As soon as you get it, you can proceed to the transfer procedure.

Question: How long to transfer domain away from Wix?

Answer: It takes 7 days to transfer the domain away from Wix. The system will send you a confirmation email to state that your request has been received. If you’ve done everything right and have entered the correct EPP code, you’ll need to wait for around 7 days for the domain transfer to take place.

Question: How to redirect Wix domain to another domain?

Answer: You need to set up the 301 redirect to properly point your existing Wix domain to another one you plan to use. To do this, reach the SEO Tools section in the dashboard of our Wix website, click the URL Redirect Manager, add the New Redirect and pick Single Redirect. Then you have to provide your old URL and start typing the new one. You’ll see the drop-down menu, where you should pick the required variant. Finally, save the edits and close the field.

Question: How to cancel Wix domain?

Answer: To cancel Wix domain, access the Premium Subscriptions page in your Wix account. Click the Show More icon you will find next to the domain you intend to cancel. Click the “Cancel Domain” box, then pick “Cancel” auto renew and finally click the “Submit” button to confirm the edits. Mind that your domain won’t be deleted right after you cancel it. It will be deleted upon the end of the registration period.

Bottom Line

The decision to transfer your Wix domain to WordPress may be influenced by multiple factors. Anyway, WordPress is a popular, full-featured and highly flexible Content Management System that allows for deep website customization and can bring your project to the new level. No wonder, many users decide to move their active or expired wix domains to this platform.

There are several time-taking yet important steps to complete to properly complete the transfer process. This basically depends upon lots of factors. The tutorial listed above should simplify the procedure for you – just follow the guidelines and watch the result.


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