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Switching from WordPress to Wix

Switching from WordPress to Wix

WordPress and Wix are the world-popular web development platforms, each of which is the leader in its niche. WordPress is the most well-known Content Management System that is used to create complex projects with powerful integration solutions. Wix, in its turn, stands out from the crowd as a renowned all-in-one website builder, which can be chosen to launch and manage any types of websites – both simple and full-featured.

WordPress websites are frequently ordered from web studios and users have to pay for their servicing afterwards. Sometimes, the cost of maintaining a website becomes unviable, the services become more expensive and there is no longer a sense to keep working in this direction further.

A user starts looking for cheaper options and a simpler project management process, often paying attention to website builders with their opportunity to start without paying, fixed cost for hosting and other services. When it comes to website builders, users frequently give preference to Wix over the other systems.

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When deciding to switch from WordPress to Wix, get ready to consider several aspects that contribute to hassle-free, smooth and effective project completion. You should initially take care of correct domain name, hosting and content transfer.

What’s more, it’s a must to preserve current search engine positions of your project not to lose traffic. It is high time to find out the steps and special nuances required to successfully migrate from WordPress to Wix now.

1. Moving Website from WordPress to Wix – Is It Worth It?

The reasons to switch from WordPress to Wix are numerous, but it definitely makes sense to do this, if you feel that the CMS does not comply with your current website development needs anymore.

Situations, when users, who run WordPress-based websites, realize that these projects take more time to manage and require extra coding awareness, are quite widespread. Thus, transition to Wix seems a reasonable solution.

Here is the list of features that make Wix a worthy alternative to WordPress:

  • More creative freedom and functionality for effective website development and promotion;
  • Rich template gallery with over 500 free ready-made customizable designs;
  • Easy DIY updates and management;
  • Simple web design process understandable to first-timers;
  • Opportunity to start any web project;
  • App Market, Wix Corvid, Wix Ascend platform;
  • Two website editing options – Wix ADI and standard Wix editor;
  • Blogging and eCommerce platforms;
  • Integrated hosting and domain name;
  • Flexible and versatile pricing policy.

Whatever causes you encounter to transfer from WordPress to Wix, this might be a reasonable solution, if you are looking for a simpler yet functional web design option.

2. WordPress versus Wix –What Is The Difference?

As a CMS, WordPress is a more complicated platform, the use of which requires deep coding proficiency or web design background. Wix, on the contrary, is the all-in-one website builder, which features a simple and intuitive web design approach. This is what makes it a more preferable solution for beginners.

WordPress requires download and installation and it also triggers the necessity to pick hosting/domain name offered by third-party providers. This implies extra financial investments and specific web design background. As opposed to the CMS, Wix is a cloud platform, which comes with integrated hosting and domain name.

WordPress is initially free for download and installation, but you will still have to invest into plugins, templates, domain name and hosting. Wix has a free never-expiring plan and two types of paid subscriptions for standard and business/eCommerce websites. Each of them, correspondingly, includes several more detailed plans that cover diverse needs of users.

To sum it up, both WordPress and Wix are worth user attention as the systems have much to offer in terms of design customization, flexibility, functionality, performance and pricing. The thing is that each platform works best for a certain range of projects and targets diverse audience types.

3. How to Migrate from WordPress to Wix – Step-by-Step Guide

Search engines initially see your website as a domain name. That is, all the website characteristics and features are assigned to the domain. That’s why, the major rule during the website transfer is correct connection of an old website domain to the new platform.

Basically, website transfer from WordPress to Wix means the creation of a new website on the old domain with content and structure preservation. This is not the absolute copy of it, but a website that visually and structurally resembles the old site and comes with similar content. So, the instruction of switching from WordPress to Wix is as follows:

  1. Sign Up with Wix. Choose the plan depending upon your task and make the payment.
  2. Select a thematic website template, which will be structurally similar to the old one.
  3. An old domain should be connected to the new website. To do that, switch off the confidentiality protection and unblock the website in the dashboard of your domain register. Then access Wix dashboard, choose the “Connect Domain” option and follow the master’s instructions. You’ll have to confirm the action via the email you’ll get to the account of the domain register. You should also change the DNS settings of the domain in the register so that your visitors could get to Wix server. This will give the start to the traffic forwarding to the new website.
  4. Create the menu structure and blank pages identical to those you have at the old website.
  5. Download all the files from the website database and upload them with the same names to the Wix server.
  6. Now you need to create the structure of each separate web page and copy the content from the old website. Copy everything with the links – images and files will be on their places as we have already uploaded them without changing the names.

As soon as you are done with designing the pages of your new website, you can consider the task completed. The duration of the transfer process depends upon the website volume.

The principle of creating web pages in Wix somewhat differs – it is based on adding the widgets and visual blocks. If your WordPress website had more plugins for extra performance, you’ll be more likely to find similar applications in Wix AppMarket.

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4. How to Transfer Domain Name from WordPress to Wix

As soon as you are done with your website content migration, you will face the need to transfer the domain name from WordPress to Wix to preserve current traffic amount and search engine ranking. The website builder comes with integrated hosting and domain name included into ints subscriptions by default.

To make your domain transfer a success, you will have to complete two stages. The first one implies its disconnection from WordPress and the second one involves the very process of domain transfer directly to Wix. The website builder provides detailed guidelines on how to switch your WordPress domain to Wix with minimum effort, time and budget investment. Have a look at it before proceeding to the procedure.

5. How to Migrate from WooCommerce to Wix

As a WordPress eCommerce plugin, WooCommerce allows creating full-featured standalone online stores to sell physical and digital products. Managing and updating WooCommerce stores could become a big problem if, for instance, a developer who maintained it for you has inflated his or her fees or suddenly disappeared.

Before you actually proceed to the WooCommerce to Wix transfer process, it makes sense to point out the major steps you’ll have to undergo:

From WooCommerce side:

  1. Export Web Store Settings. Go to the WooCommerce control panel and access the CSV Import Suite section. Then find the Export Products tab and pick the products or their variations you wish to export. Mind that the number of products included into the CSV file will depend upon the server parameters.
  2. Choose the Export Option. WooCommerce makes it possible to export products in one of the available options. These include Limit (the maximum product number you intend to export as a CSV file), Offset (the number of a row, from which you’d like to start the export), Columns (for those cases, when you wish to export certain product columns), Include Hidden Meta Data (when you wish to display meta data for your products and their variations) and Limit to Parent ID(s) (used exclusively for product variations of certain parent products). Pick the required export product option to download the CSV file.

Note: While exporting products, keep in mind that Wix does not currently allow importing digital products. What’s more, the maximum number of products you can import to Wix constitutes 5000 items.

From Wix side:

  • Sign In with Wix and Save the CSV File. Reach the control panel of the website and go to the “Store Products” tab. Press the Import button found on the top of the page and click the “Download the CSV Template” button. Open the CSV file you’ve exported from WooCommerce and save it in the CSV format here.
  • Enter the Missing Data into the File. As soon as you’ve saved the CSV file, you may start entering the missing data, following the instructions Wix provides in the form of a chart. Don’t change the names of columns. Make sure to fill out all the required fields. Save the new file in the CSV format once again.
  • Import the CSV File. Get back to the “Download the CSV File” window, pick the file you’ve saved and then click the “Continue” button. Carefully check the results. The must-have fields will be highlighted red. If everything is ok, click the “Import” button to finish the import process that may take around several minutes to be completed, while the process of image downloading may take up to one hour. As soon as the import is over, you’ll see the report displayed on the screen.

Prior to disabling your WordPress store, make sure your new Wix web store works great. Test it for a while to watch the parameters and make the required edits, if necessary.

6. Professional WordPress to Wix Migration Services

It is quite real to switch a website from WordPress to Wix on your own, if you are competent in the niche and know all the intricacies of the process. Most users, however, lack this knowledge and, thus, are looking for third-party assistance.

When browsing the web, they may come across specialized website migration services. They promise to transfer your website from one platform to another with no effort required from you, but is it really worth that?

Situations, when the website transfer process proves to be unsuccessful or incomplete are quite frequent, while the problems may be too serious to be fixed on your own.

The very process of website migration is of medium complexity from the technical point of view, while WordPress and Wix templates and plugins may prove to be incompatible. What’s more, it is impossible to switch the CMS website database to a website builder directly. This means that lots of tasks should be done manually.

I recommend ordering the website transfer process from SiteBuilders.PRO professional team. These guys will transfer your website in a short term and with maximum care. If you are not sure about your skills, you shouldn’t even try to cope with the task on your own: the financial loss may be more serious than the cost of the paid transfer. However, if you still decide to cope with the process yourself, we’ll show you how to do that properly.

Bottom Line

Whatever reasons to switch from WordPress to Wix you have, it’s crucial to realize that this process is time-taking and responsible. It is all about your further website performance and goal accomplishment and, thus, you need to be attentive and competent enough to cope with it properly.

If you have enough knowledge, skills and a bit of expertise, you may try to complete your website transfer on your own. However, the fact that platforms differ in their types, web design approach and integrated functionality may complicate the task, posing problems to non-coders.

You can make use of automated website transfer services, of course, but this is not the best option, when it comes to moving your project from the CMS to the website builder. This is because some templates and plugins may prove to be incompatible, which may eventually threaten your website performance.

A far better solution is to entrust this process with industry gurus like SiteBuilders.PRO, who possess the required knowledge and expertise to handle the task in the best way possible.


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