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Transferring from WordPress to Squarespace

WordPress and Squarespace are two popular web design platforms, which occupy high positions in the list of the best contemporary website development tools. They are both used for the creation of all types of projects yet they differ in nature and web design approach.

As a CMS, WordPress implies deeper web design proficiency and awareness of programming basics. To avoid the hassle, users frequently decide to order WordPress websites from web agencies. This solution, however, requires notable budget investment.

The thing is that starting a website is not enough here – you will also have to pay for its further maintenance, servicing and regular updates. This may eventually cost you a fortune. No wonder, WordPress website owners frequently start looking for a cheaper alternative, which will comply with their web design requirements and programming skills. This is when website builders come into play.

Website builders ensure a simpler and more understandable project management approach, offering versatile options to all user categories. Most of them provide all-in-one packages, which include hosting and domain connection, thus, eliminating the need to deal with third-party hosting providers. What’s more, these platforms charge fixed rates for their services and they also offer lots of extra features/tools to ensure worthy website performance. Squarespace is a cloud website builder, which has much to offer to its subscribers.

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Having decided to transfer your WordPress website to Squarespace, you should thoroughly explore the features and parameters of both platforms. Take your time to find out more about all the steps of website migration as you will have to deal with hosting, domain and content transfer.

Do not forget about preservation of search engine positions of your website not to lose target audience and traffic. To simplify the task, we have prepared a detailed guide on the must-have steps of successful WordPress to Squarespace migration.

1. Moving Website from WordPress to Squarespace – Is It Worth It?

There are multiple reasons to switch from WordPress to Squarespace. In the prevailing amount of cases, the decision is the result of the time-taking and complicated management of WP websites.

WordPress is undoubtedly a powerful CMS, but it may be really complex for non-coders. So, if you have started a website with WordPress and realize that it does not come up to your expectations or web design needs for some reason, switching to Squarespace may be a reasonable solution. Take a look at the most remarkable features that make the website builder a nice alternative to WordPress:

  • Extensive template gallery with over 100 free, responsive niche-specific themes;
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop website editor;
  • Freedom of design customization;
  • Focus on beginners and multiple tools for web design pros;
  • Applicability for all types of projects;
  • Powerful blogging and eCommerce engines;
  • Hosting and domain name included;
  • Versatile and fixed pricing;
  • Multiple integrations;
  • Unfold App;
  • Logo Maker etc.

Whatever reasons you have to switch from WordPress to Squarespace, you won’t regret the decision, if you need a feature-rich yet simpler web development platform.

1. WordPress versus Squarespace – What Is The Difference?

The fact that WordPress is a Content Management Systems speaks for itself. The use of the software initially requires at least baseline coding proficiency, web design background and readiness to work with complex design customization tools. What’s more, you won’t go without plugin integration here, if you need a feature-rich project with advanced performance. This implies coding expertise as well.

As opposed to the CMS, Squarespace is a drag-and-drop website builder, which offers an intuitive web design process, a set of built-in tools and extensions along with a simple interface understandable even to a newbie. This is the main reason that makes users give preference to this platform.

As a CMS, WordPress needs to be downloaded and installed before being used for website development. Likewise, it requires the choice of hosting and domain name, which are not provided by default here. As a result, you should get ready for extra financial investments. When working with Squarespace, you won’t have to bother about these nuances as this is a cloud all-in-one website builder, which comes with integrated domain and hosting.

WordPress positions itself as a free platform. This is really so, but when you dive deep into details, you will find out that the use of the CMS requires installation of plugins, themes as well as purchase of hosting and domain name. You will have to pay for these options to avail professional result.

Squarespace, sets fixed rates for the services offered. It has several premium subscriptions, which differ in terms and pricing with regard to the needs of subscribers.

Thus, WordPress and Squarespace both deserve global recognition and user attention due to their powerful integrated functionality and extensive range of tools/services provided. It’s just that they target diverse audiences and use versatile approaches to the process of website creation.

3. How to Migrate from WordPress to Squarespace – Step-by-Step Guide

Generally, moving your website from WordPress to Squarespace means the development of a new project with the preservation of the previous website content, structure and domain name. The latter issue has a crucial meaning as the search engines initially see your domain name and associate it with your website. Losing the domain means losing your website traffic and target audience. Thus, the first and foremost issue is to pay attention to proper domain transfer. Before that, however, you need to create a new project, which will be visually similar to your previous website, presenting the same content.

Listed below are the steps to complete to make your WordPress to Squarespace transition a success:

  1. Test Squarespace first. If this is the first time you work with Squarespace, it makes sense to test the website builder during its 14-day trial absolutely for free. This will help you decide, whether the system comes up to your needs or not.
  2. Sign Up with the platform. If everything is ok and you decide to keep using the system, sign up for a personal account. Choose one of the premium plans with regard to your web design needs, project specialization and terms/tools required.
  3. Pick a template. It is desirable that the structure of a new theme shoul;d be similar to that of your previous project. Most Squarespace templates come with demo content to present their main highlights and key parameters. It’s up to you to customize the design as you wish based on your website requirements and specifications.
  4. Add Your Branding. To give your website a unique look, add the title, logo and connect social media accounts. By the way, if you don’t have a logo yet, Squarepace unveils an opportunity to design the one with its advanced Logo Maker tool.
  5. Export the Content. As soon as you are done with your website branding, it’s high time to import the content from your previous WordPress website. Squarespace allows moving attachments, blog pages, posts and authors, comments, categories, site pages, tags and individual images. Mind that you won’t be able to import gallery images, content from plugins, image captions, style or CSS, images stored in the Media Library that are not attached to pages or posts. To import the available content, reach the WordPress dashboard (the Settings section) and click the import/export button in the Advanced section. Download the exported .xml file to your computer.
  6. Import the File to Squarespace. Log into your Squarespace site, if required and click the Settings section. Then click the Advanced section and then the Import button. Then click WordPress and drag your xml.file into the XML Export Upload box. Then pick and add the required file from your computer and start the import process. You will see the “Success” message upon the completion of the procedure.
  7. Add More Content. Apart from the imported content, you might need to add extra info and website elements like new pages, navigation menus, media files, articles, widgets, blog posts, eCommerce features, links, folders, events and what not. To make style changes, reach the Site Styles panel and modify style elements (fonts, colors, backgrounds, spacing etc.) there.
  8. Transfer or Connect the Domain Name. To complete the task, disable the confidentiality protection and unlock the domain in the WordPress dashboard (or another domain registrar you used) to get a transfer code. Then reach the Squarespace dashboard and enter the transfer code in the corresponding section. If the domain you use does not meet Squarespace transfer requirements, you can connect it to your website instead. You’ll have to confirm the action via the email you’ll receive to the account of the domain register. Do not forget to change the DNS settings of the domain in the registrar so that your visitors could get to the Squarespace server. This will initiate a traffic forwarding process to the new website.

As soon as you complete all the steps, you should check whether your new website performs well. If it does, then you can cancel your WordPress subscription and start managing your project on Squarespace.

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4. How to Transfer Domain Name from WordPress to Squarespace

Having completed your content transfer process, you will have to transfer the domain name from WordPress to Squarespace. This step is a must to preserve your current traffic and search engine positions.

The entire process of domain name transfer comprises two steps. Initially, you have to disconnect the domain from WordPress to further move it to Squarespace. If the transfer procedure is impossible for some reasons, you may connect the domain to your new website instead.

5. Professional WordPress to Squarespace Migration Services

Switching from WordPress to Squarespace won’t be a problem, if you possess enough programming knowledge and awareness of special aspects of both platforms. Most users, however, don’t have such an experience, which makes them look for third-party assistance out there. This is a reasonable solution – anyway, it really makes sense to hire professionals, who will complete the task for you with responsibility and attention to all the nuances.

When you start surfing the web looking for a service to help you with website transfer, you will come across specialized migration services that offer an automated approach you can handle yourself without any extra knowledge. These services are frequently paid, but are they really worth the investment?

As a non-coder, you may face lots of challenges and situations you are not competent in. There may be specific problems with plugins and templates as well as other technical nuances. What’s more, there are processes that have to be done manually, which is impossible for a beginner. As a result, you will still have to contact a professional to fix the mistakes.

A far better solution is to hire a professional team of experts like SiteBuilders.PRO right from the start. They will eagerly cope even with the most complicated tasks, using individual approach to your project. They always fit the deadlines, guaranteeing quality servicing and further website maintenance, if required. This is worth your trust and attention.

Bottom Line

Situations, when you decide to switch from WordPress to Squarespace may be numerous. However, there are several things you should realize. The process of website transfer is always a challenge. It becomes even more trying, if you are a non-coder with little or no web design expertise. You have to approach the process wisely to make sure your website will perform well afterwards, preserving its traffic and SEO ranking.

If you are sure that your web design proficiency is on a high level, you can give it a try and decide to migrate your project independently. Keep in mind, though, that WordPress and Squarespace are the platforms that differ in their web development approach and tech nuances, which may eventually pose problems.

There are specialized website migration services out there that promise quick result without any effort/time investment. However, they don’t work well for CMS-to-website builder transfer. You may face problems with plugins, templates and domain name migration. This may eventually threaten the entire project performance.

To successfully handle the task, we recommend dealing with experts from SiteBuilders.PRO, who have years of expertise in the niche and can guarantee professional task completion regardless of its complexity.

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