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Switching from Squarespace

Whatever the reasons to transfer your website from Squarespace are, there are many factors you should consider to make this migration smooth and effective.

Apart from transferring the content, you should take care of hosting, domain name, maintaining current search engine ranking to prevent the loss of positions. Let’s see whether it will be difficult or not to switch from Squarespace to Wix, WordPress or Shopify.

Option 1: Squarespace to Wix Migration

Wix is one of the most popular website builders, which provides versatility of choice and allows creating websites that are more universal in nature as compared to those launched with Squarespace. The latter platform is mainly used to build projects for entrepreneurs, e-retailers, creatives and small businesses.

squarespace to wix migration

However, it somewhat lags behind Wix, when it comes to the ease of use, versatility of designs and diversity of customization tools. Even though, this platform was unitally geared towards the needs of non-tech savvy users, it currently provides advanced web building solutions for coding experts.

If you need to transfer your website from Squarespace to Wix, the following guide might be of great help to you.

How to Switch from Squarespace to Wix – The Ultimate Guide

Step 1: Domain Transfer

  1. The first and the foremost thing you should take care of is safe domain name migration. When it comes to Squarespace, you will be able to transfer the domain, the registration term of which exceeds 60 days. The entire process may take around a week as you’ll have to get a transfer key first (it is also called the authorization or EPP code) and handle other details.
  2. You’ll have to buy Premium Plan subscription from Wix to host your domain there.
  3. To get the authorization code for your Squarespace website domain, access the Home Menu of the platform, reach the Settings section and then click the “Domains”. Find the domain name you plan to transfer, scroll down a bit and uncheck the ”Lock Domain” button. Then you’ll have to copy the transfer key from the corresponding section you’ll see in the control panel. Memorize it as this is the authorization code you’ll further have to provide to Wix.
  4. Reach Wix control panel and learn the instructions
  5. Enter the domain name (the authorization code) and click the “Submit” button.
  6. When you see the drop-down menu, follow step-by-step guidelines you’ll be offered.
  7. Choose the extension period, but mind that you’ll have to extend your registration by at least one year.
  8. Check and add your contact info (if needed).
  9. Choose the suitable privacy option. The choice will depend upon the degree of the preferred website visibility and accessibility. The available options include Private and Public registration. The latter option implies public visibility of your domain name in the WHOIS information records.
  10. Select the suitable payment option and submit the purchase order.

As soon as you are done with these steps, you’ll get a confirmation email. Activate the transfer link to prove the deal. That’s all about switching your Squarespace domain name to Wix. Check the details afterwards to make sure your content and SEO parameters are ok.

Step 2: Content Transfer

Transferring a domain is one of the major parts of the entire website migration process, but it’s not the only thing you have to complete to make it a success. Having made sure the domain is transferred correctly, you have to move your Squarespace website content to your new Wix website.

What you should know is that Squarespace doesn’t allow for automatic content export/import to Wix. This means that you’ll have to move all the files (texts, images, videos, audios, galleries, posts etc.) manually. This takes some time and effort.

To make sure your website doesn’t lose its positions in the search engines after the transfer, mind the SEO checklist provided below:

  • Copy and check the URLs;
  • If some of them are missing on your new Wix website and it’s impossible to transfer them for some reason, set up 301 redirects in Wix SEO settings;
  • Copy title and description meta tags for each page;
  • Copy the alt tags for each image.

As soon as you complete these steps, check all the settings once again and make sure the content is transferred successfully.

Option 2: Squarespace to WordPress Migration

Many users consider moving their Squarespace websites to WordPress. This is especially the case, when you need more functionality than you have and possess nice coding skills to cope with that.

squarespace to wordpress moving

The must-have steps of transferring your website from Squarespace to WordPress are mentioned below.

How to Switch from Squarespace to WordPress – The Ultimate Guide

  1. What you should know is that Squarespace hosts its websites on its servers. As opposed to it, WordPress hosts the websites launched with the system with the hosting of your choice. So, the first thing you should take care of is selecting the trusted WordPress hosting provider and learn the terms it offers.
  2. If your Squarespace website comes with a registered domain name already, you’ll have to transfer it as well to the hosting provider chosen. The transfer rules will depend upon the host you will work with. Check them in details prior to working on your website migration.
  3. Install WordPress CMS on your hosting. The setup process is easy and quick. Newbies will appreciate the tutorial that describes the installation process in details. However, inexperienced users have to be careful about that. There are many nuances, underestimation of which may result in the problems in your further website functioning.
  4. Export Squarespace content, but mind that not all of it can be transferred automatically. The rest of the content will remain on your integrated Squarespace domain name and you’ll have to copy it manually.
    The content that can be exported includes the basic WordPress website pages, one blog page with all the posts it contains, gallery pages as well as image, text and embed blocks.
    The sections that will remain in your WordPress website include product, album and event pages; video, audio and product blocks; custom CSS and style changes; index pages and folders.
  5. Access the “Settings » Advanced » Import/ Export” Squarespace menu. Click the “Export” button to get started.
  6. You will further see the pop up WordPress logo window, the activation of which will launch the file export process. As the export process is completed, download the export file and store it on your computer.
  7. Import content. This is when you’ll have to import the downloaded files into your WordPress website. To do that, reach the WordPress admin panel and access the “Tools >> Import” page. You’ll be offered a list of services to choose from. Click WordPress to install the importer plugin.
    As soon as the download is completed, activate the plugin and run the importer link. The next step is uploading and importing files from the export file you’ve downloaded. In the import settings page, you will have to select the name for the available content. You can either select the existing admin user or create a new one.
  8. Import images. As far as WordPress doesn’t import images from your Squarespace website automatically, you’ll have to do that manually, if needed. Mind, though, that you’ll need to install the Import External Images plugin for WordPress first. After the plugin activation, reach the “Media >> Import Images” page to complete the task.
  9. Check and Customize Permalinks. To preserve your Squarespace website traffic, make sure your WordPress URL structure is correct. This shouldn’t be a problem as the platform is SEO-friendly and will let you customize the structure of your links as you need.
  10. Import the rest of the content. As mentioned above, not all Squarespace website content files are available to export. Check those that are left and transfer them manually to your WordPress website.
  11. Explore WordPress and start customizing your website. Don’t forget to check, whether you have transferred title and description meta tags for each page correctly once again.

We recommend keeping your existing Squarespace website active until you make sure the migration process is completed properly and your new WordPress website functions well. This is a surefire way to prevent the potential troubleshooting issues.

Option 3: Squarespace to Shopify Migration

Website switch from Squarespace to Shopify is frequently the result of the intensive growth of website product assortment. The more popular your web store becomes, the more products you’ll add to the sales list. Correspondingly, you’ll need more space to organize the trading process correctly.

squarespace to shopify migration

Another reason is the need of the extended eCommerce functionality. This is where Shopify excels at. The website builder is the renowned leader of the contemporary eCommerce niche that doesn’t have any rivals.

If you wish to migrate your web store from Squarespace to Shopify, here is the guide that can help you with that.

How to Switch from Squarespace to Shopify – The Ultimate Guide

  1. Sign up for Shopify and explore the general settings of the platform.
  2. Import your Squarespace web store data to Shopify. There are two major ways you can go here. The first option is to use one of specialized store migration apps that are specially created with this purpose in mind. Actually, there are several of them out there, but the most popular and easy-to-use services are Cart2Cart, Bulk Discounts, Product Reviews etc.
    Another option is to transfer your web store data manually by exporting the products into CSV files and then importing them and customer lists in your new Shopify website.
  3. Make sure your products are organized properly in Shopify. This is especially important if you have used a migration app. If needed, add and update product details (names, characteristics, images, descriptions, meta descriptions etc.). Create a product collection you’d like to organize, if there is such a necessity.
  4. If you wish to avoid problems associated with your inventory list, browse and select inventory apps to track the product stock and check, if you don’t run out of items you sell.
  5. Customize your Shopify website. Having finished uploading products, focus on your web store customization. Shopify abounds in stunning designs. What you need to do is just to select the one from an extensive collection of themes, preview, install and customize it.
  6. Transfer the domain name. If you have an intention to move your Squarespace domain name to Shopify, you need to unlock it first to get the authorization code. With this purpose, go to the Home Menu of the platform, reach the Settings section and then click the “Domains”.
    Find the domain name you plan to transfer, scroll down a bit and uncheck the ”Lock Domain” button. Then you’ll have to copy the transfer key from the corresponding section you’ll see in the control panel.
    The next step is to get your DNS data from Squarespace. Access the DNS Zone Tab and make the required updates.
  7. Adjust the settings. If you plan to sell physical products, set up your shipping info, payment and tax settings. You can do it in the dashboard of your new Shopify web store. Likewise, if you are going to sell digital services or products, you can disable the shipping option there.

Go ahead to test your new web store to make sure your switch from Squarespace to Shopify was a success.

Bottom Line

When you decide to switch from Squarespace to Wix, WordPress of Shopify, the migration process seems to be a challenge at first sight. But consistent completion of actions described in our guides combined with accuracy and precise attention to details make it possible to cope with the task even for a newbie.

You can do that on your own, without any extra assistance, in a couple of days only. Just give it a try!

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