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Transferring from Shopify to Wix

Transferring from Shopify to Wix

Shopify and Wix are web design platforms, which have gained worldwide recognition in their niches. The systems are used for a variety of purposes yet each of them has clear specialization, which defines its functionality. Shopify is the world-known eCommerce software, which can be used to start all types of web stores, ranging from small digital shops and up to huge hypermarkets. Wix, in its turn, is the all-in-one DIY website builder, the sphere of application of which goes down to the development of all types of web projects, including online stores.

Starting a web store with Shopify may be a challenge, especially for a first-timer. The same is about further project maintenance (see review). There are multiple nuances to consider when picking this eCommerce software for your web creation needs. As a niche system, Shopify abounds in complex eCommerce nuances that matter for hypermarkets yet are not so important for small web stores.

It takes time, budget and skills to manage and update such projects in the long run, which often makes web store owners switch to simpler web design platforms that come with distinctive eCommerce functionality. This is when Wix comes into play. The website builder has a powerful built-in eCommerce platform, making it possible to set up small and medium digital stores by means of Wix Stores widget integration. The system has a special package of plans tailored to diverse eCommerce needs as well as abundance of eCommerce templates and integrable widgets (see Wix eCommerce examples).

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When it comes to moving your web store from Shopify to Wix, you have to be ready to handle multiple nuances to make the process both effective and smooth. Mind that you will have to deal with content, domain name and hosting transfer. Special attention should be given to the preservation of current SEO positions of our project. This is important, if you don’t wish to lose the available traffic. Listed below are the must-have steps of successful Shopify to Wix migration.

1. Moving Website from Shopify to Wix – Is It Worth It?

You may encounter multiple reasons to switch from Shopify to Wix and that is a reasonable solution, if you realize that managing a Shopify-powered store becomes problematic and complicated for you.

What’s more, running a project with Shopify frequently turns out to be quite a costly endeavour as such projects often imply numerous nuances like integration of extra add-ons/widgets, deep template customization, settlement of payment issues etc.

Wix proves to be a simpler yet feature-rich solution in such situations. Have a look at the major distinctions of the website builder that make it a worthy substitute to Shopify:

  • Opportunity to integrate and customize Wix Stores widget;
  • Multiple third-party integrations/widgets/add-ons suitable for eCommerce, which are available in the App Market (free/paid);
  • Freedom and simplicity of design customization;
  • Separate category of free mobile-ready eCommerce templates;
  • Easy web store management and updates;
  • Two website editing modes – Wix ADI and Standard Editor;
  • Hosting and domain name;
  • Separate package of eCommerce plans.

Regardless of the intentions you have to move your project from Shopify to Wix, this will make sense, if you need a simpler yet feature-rich eCommerce alternative.

2. Shopify versus Wix – What Is The Difference?

Shopify and Wix both deserve user attention as professional web design platforms applicable for web store creation. As a specialized eCommerce software, Shopify abounds in niche-specific tools and features required to start all types of online stores. Along with versatile web design options, users can get access to marketing, statistics tracking and promotion tools needed for effective business management. Such versatility of options may prove to be overwhelming or even puzzling for beginners.

As opposed to the software, Wix delivers an intuitive web design approach and simple editing options. Targeting non-techies, it offers a high end Wix ADI tool that allows creating a feature-rich project in the automated mode. Working with the website builder is easy and logical for everyone and no coding expertise is required to create feature-rich eCommerce projects with the system. What’s more, the platform grants access to the App Market with lots of widgets and applications suitable for eCommerce projects. These include customer interaction tools, review and testimonials, payment extensions, web store management/promotion tools, video/image galleries and more. All in all, it takes around several hours to set up a medium digital store with Wix.

Shopify templates go down exclusively to web store development, although, their amount is not that extensive. Wix themes are more numerous and versatile. The same is about design customization tools users can apply to give their projects the required functionality. There is also an opportunity to pick a suitable design editing option with regard to users’ needs.

As to the pricing policy, Shopify plans are quite costly as the system is used for eCommerce goals only. Wix, in its turn, has a separate group of plans for eCommerce/business projects that come with specific tools and features.

To sum it all up, both platforms can be used to set up and run online stores yet Wix still remains a simpler and more affordable solution to come up to the needs of diverse user categories.

3. How to Migrate from Shopify to Wix – Step-by-Step Guide

When thinking about Shopify to Wix migration, you should realize that the process encompasses two major steps. These are content and domain name transfer. Generally, you will have to create a brand new website on Wix, which will maintain the previous project structure to further import the content and products. Ready to give it a try? Then follow the guidelines listed below:

  1. Sign Up with Wix. Fill out the online form and pick the plan based on your skills and project requirements;
  2. Choose a thematic template from the eCommerce category, the structure of which will be similar to your current project;
  3. Connect the old domain to your new website. The process of domain name transfer includes several steps. To start with, deactivate confidentiality protection and unlock the domain from your current registrar by disconnecting it. You will get an authorization code (EPP code or transfer key). Login to your Wix account and reach the Domains section there. Click the “Start Transfer” button and enter the domain you wish to move. Enter the authorization code and click “Continue”. Choose the extension period, verify your contact data, and choose a privacy option.
  4. Add new web store pages. Having customized a homepage, you should add as many web pages as you consider necessary for your web store. Do not forget to create the menu structure, which will be identical to that in your previous project.
  5. Reach Shopify platform to export the products into a separate CSV file and download it to your computer. To do this, go to the Store Products tab in your Wix dashboard, click the Import icon and download the file.
  6. Add your products to the file. Open the template file you have downloaded and add your products there. Then upload the file to your web store – reach the Store Products tab in the dashboard and click the import icon to complete the task. Look through the import review to detect the errors and fix them on time. As soon as all the errors are fixed, save the CSV file. Then upload a new CSV file to import the corrected file.
  7. Check the result. If everything is ok and your website works well, take your time to adjust SEO parameters by filling out the required fields.

That’s all about moving your web store from Shopify to Wix. As soon as you make sure that the newly transferred project performs well, you may cancel your Shopify subscription to keep managing the website with Wix.

4. How to Transfer Domain Name from Shopify to Wix

As mentioned above, you should initially move your content from the previous Shopify website to the new one created with Wix. Right after that, you may proceed to domain name transfer. This is required to preserve current web store traffic and its positions in the search engine results. These aspects matter a lot for digital stores.

Successful domain transfer involves two stages. First and foremost, you should disconnect the domain from Shopify. The next step involves the process of moving the domain to Wix website builder. To complete the task in the best way possible, look for detailed guidelines the system generates.

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5. Professional Shopify to Wix Migration Services

Moving a web store from Shopify to Wix can be done independently, if you already have such experience and have the firsthand knowledge of all the intricacies of the procedure. You should also be aware of all the special nuances of both platforms as well as baseline coding skills. The prevailing amount of users, though, lack this experience and, thus, require third-party help.

As you start surfing the web, you will come across multiple specialized website transfer services that guarantee quick result and absence of coding knowledge. When you dive deep into details, though, you will discover that these services cannot ensure complete project safety and correct transfer of all web store entities.

As a result, you run the risk to face multiple problems you will have to solve on your own or hire third-party web design experts. This is not to mention the cost of website transfer. Specialized web-based services frequently charge high fees for using their tools.

To make sure your web store will be transferred correctly and you won’t have to manually move some of its entities, it makes sense to hire SiteBuilders.PRO experts. They have years of niche expertise, using individual approach to each project/client. The team of industry pros will take care of specific website migration details, content/domain name transfer, retention of the available info/web store products, project optimization and its ongoing maintenance, if required. Thus you won’t have to bother about the migration process, entrusting this task with professionals. That’s a worthy investment of your time, effort and budget.

Bottom Line

Shopify and Wix are feature-rich web design platforms, which deserve user attention and are successfully used for web store development. However, situations when Shopify subscribers decide to switch to Wix are quite widespread. That’s not because the software is bad. That’s because it does not comply with their eCommerce needs and goals that may change with their business development.

Are you competent in web design? Then you can give it a try and move your project independently. If you are not sure about the result, then you have two options to choose from – either to use automated website migration services or hire niche-proficient experts. The first solution is not quite reliable as there are many risks and nuances associated with the procedure. A far better option is to hire the guys from SiteBuilders.PRO, who will do the job for you, ensuring professional approach and worthy result.


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