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How to Make a Website Without Paying Anything?

If you have ever thought about the possibility of creating a website without paying anything then you’ve probably thought that it is close to impossible. There are so many web design companies offering expensive web building services that an opportunity to build a website for free seems a kind of a joke. Fortunately, this is not a joke, but reality nowadays and the use of website builders are the best proof of this fact.

Website builders are quality tools that make it possible to create different website types to meet diverse needs, characteristics and budgets, even though, many of these services allow building websites without paying any fees at all. This is exactly what we will talk about in this post.

Best Website Builders to Create a Website Without Any Cost:
Website BuilderWix (review)uKit (review)
Best for:Classic websites, promo sites, portfolios, eCommerceSmall business websites, portfolios, landing pages
EasinessIntuitive interface and editorVery easy to use
Available Website Templates:Over 500 predesigned free templates350+ free responsive templates
Technical Support:Free mail support,
strong community forum
Free Skype and e-mail support
Blogging OptionsFree blogging engineFree blog (news) widget
SEO Options:Free SEO WizardFree promotion tool
Pricing Options:Free to $24.50/mo$4 to $12/mo

These services are very convenient and easy to use for everyone. Whether you are a non web-tech savvy user or a proficient web designer, you will easily explore all the features of your choice to further use it with regard to your needs. Website builders can cope with web building tasks of any complexity level.

There is no need to invest into hosting, web developer salaries, the use of the platform itself and other expenses you may encounter when using other services. What you get is a functional tool you can use to build any website you need for no cost at all or just for a dozen of dollars. Apart from that, you shouldn’t rely upon a web designer you don’t know at all. It is you, who are responsible for the process of your website development, getting free hosting and content management system as a bonus.

With an extensive choice of website builders, it’s not easy to select the service that is the best in the niche. Thus, we have singled out two of them, which are the leaders in terms of the ease of use and the options offered. These are Wix and uKit. Let’s review the features of these two systems now to see, which of them works better for your needs.

Wix – Free Website Builder with Unlimited Options

Wix home page

Wix is a universal website builder, which can be used to create different types of websites without a host, irrespective of the niche they belong to. Whether you need a simple promo website, a portfolio to showcase your works or a large online store with hundreds of products offered for sale, you won’t find a better solution than Wix. This system really allows using its benefits without paying anything for the unlimited time interval, offering a long list of features offered in terms of the free Wix plan.

Free Wix Features

  • Visual Website Editor. Wix makes it possible to choose between two editing options depending upon the needs, expertise and preferences of users. These are the Standard Editor and Wix ADI, which is a more contemporary web design option. Standard Wix editor does not differ a lot from all those editors other systems provide. It implies selecting a template and using a set of design customization tools right on the Editor screen, where you can start editing a website from the very beginning.

    Wix Free Editor

    Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) feature is a more advanced design editing tool, which is of great help for people with no web design skills or expertise at all. There is no need to spend hours thinking about the design of your website on your own. What is expected from you is to provide your business or personal data (depending upon the type of a resource needed) to let the system automatically build the website for you. This is a beneficial feature for everyone, who has never dealt with the system before.

  • Rich Free Template Collection. Wix is one of those website builders, which offers a pretty large collection of templates. All of them are free and available for simple yet effective customization. To ensure maximum ease of use, Wix templates are subdivided into a number of categories based on the niche you specialize in. This is where you will find themes for Business, Online Store, Video, Photo, Music, Design, Restaurants and Food, Hotels, Portfolios and Resumes, Fashion, Health, Arts, Landing Pages, Education and more. The selection is really stunning and worth the attention.

  • Wix Free Templates

  • Special Visual Effects. Wix offers special effects that will notably contribute to your website design. Thus, you make use of the video and audio integration options by uploading your media files, creating your playlists, adding unique background images as well as horizontal elements – strips with any texts, photos or videos. Creation of a unique website has never been simpler before. There is also an opportunity to add 3D effects as parallax scrolling that will effectively contribute to the functionality and general impression of your website.

  • Wix Free Effects - Strips

  • Web Code Integration. If you have certain web design skills and wish to use them for your website benefit, then you can make use of code integration feature the system offers. If you face such a need, you can integrate your own HTML code to expand the options of the website. As a result, you will get a personal or a business website with individual design and superior functionality.

  • Wix Free HTML Code Embed

  • Free App Market. When using Wix, you may face the need to integrate special applications or widgets into your website. There is no need to look for them out there. With Wix App Market, the choice of the most suitable free widgets and applications won’t be a problem for you. You can use these apps to develop and promote your business in the global network. Some of the most popular and widely selected apps and widgets include Google Maps, Social Media Buttons, Pop Up Windows, Sound Cloud, Slideshare, 24/7 Live Chat, Online Calendar Planner, Website Search, Photo and Video Galleries and what not.

  • Wix Free App Market

  • Free Blog. Blogging is another free feature Wix is known for. The system allows connecting a powerful blog to your website so that you could stay in touch with your users, communicate and interact with them when needed, add blog posts, manage them as required and encourage people to take active part in the life of your blogging community.

  • Wix Free Blog Editor

  • Free SEO Wizard. Free SEO Wiz tool contributes to better promotion of your website in the search engines. It makes it possible to set up the required website SEO parameters, which will eventually drive more traffic to it, increasing its visibility in the search engines. If you lack the required experience, you can make use of the step-by-step tutorial to avoid the potential problems.

  • Wix Free SEO Wiz

What About Wix Non-Free Options?

Wix Free plan gives you:
AI website design;
Mobile optimized website;
Rich Images Collection;
500 Mb hosting;
500 Mb bandwidth;
Wix subdomain.

Wix really offers a free plan, which can be used for as long as you need. You can create the unlimited number of websites and pages with it, test the major features of the system and use it for your personal or business web building needs without paying any dollar. However, a free plan won’t work well for you, if your aim is a serious project.

To make web design process more effective and rewarding, it makes sense to upgrade to one of the paid plans the system offers. By making an affordable investment, you can buy your own domain name to make your website recognizable and memorable (instead of the sub-domain initially offered by the platform) or buy widgets or apps, for example, directly at the website.

Wix Paid Plans:
Connect Domain$4.50/mo;

To do that, you can just choose one of the paid plans available in the system. Thus, the Connect Domain Plan ($4.50/mo) allows choosing your own domain name for any website type you need. Mind, though, that this plan comes with the system ad banner and if you are an owner of a serious business, upgrading to higher plans will be a better decision. Combo Plan ($8.50/mo) as well as the Unlimited Plan ($12.50/mo) allow building various website types with your own brand favicon, hosting and enough amount of bandwidth and disk space provided. eCommerce Plan ($16.50/mo) works best for the creation of small- and mid-sized online stores, while VIP Plan ($24.50/mo) is more suitable for large email campaigns and other business or personal needs you might have.


Wix is a universal drag-and-drop free website builder, which really works great for users, who wish to avail quality websites without paying anything. The system is convenient, safe and easy to use. It can be used for the unlimited period of time. The Free Plan offers a variety of options you will certainly appreciate to the advantage. However, if you feel that this is not enough and expect more advanced features to be integrated into your website to make it unique, then you should consider one of the paid plans, the cost of which is, fortunately, quite affordable for everyone.

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uKit – Almost a Free Service with Intuitive Interface

uKit home page

uKit will be a great tool for people willing to create websites for small- and medium businesses. Not in vain, the system is known as a small business website builder. There are a few aspects that contribute to this effect. Firstly, the website builder is intuitive enough to be understood even by newbies, who have never been involved into the web building process at all. It allows exploring the website builder in less than half an hour. Secondly, the system is more than affordable for everyone. The cost constitutes around $36 per year. The full-featured trial of the system makes it possible to test all the features of the website builder to the advantage.

Free uKit Features for Premium Users

  • Responsive Templates. One of the positive free uKit features is the collection of responsive templates the system offers. The gallery consists of niche-specific themes, which are subdivided into categories based on their topics. This helps simplify the search and contributes to the efficacy of the web building process.

    uKit Free Templates

    The most popular templates you can customize to your liking include those for business, portfolios, architecture, real estate, music, health and fitness, education and what not. All in all, the system offers over 350 templates subdivided into more than 38 categories. They are responsive by default and, thus, can be viewed on any mobile devices with no hassle and quality loss at all.

  • Free Template Change. Once you have chosen a template that meets your niche specialization better than others, you can start customizing it as you wish. However, if you suddenly feel that the theme selected isn’t the best choice and there is a better option for your website and business specialization in general, then you can choose another one and change it absolutely for free.

  • uKit Free Design Change

  • A Set of Functional Widgets. uKit can boast a rich set of functional widgets that can effectively add to your website performance and visual appeal. Some of the widgets you can integrate into your website by dragging them onto required pages include SoundCloud, LiveChat, Timer, Callback Widget, MailChimp, SlideShare, Google Maps, Instagram Feed, Email Forms, Comments, Online Chat and what not.

  • uKit Free Widgets

  • Online Calculator Widget. Online Calculator is a widget that differs uKit from many other website builders available in the niche. It allows creating an online form to calculate the cost of products or services considering an online payment option and further order submission. No special coding skills are needed to integrate the widget into your website. Just drag it to the website, create a new uCalc account or connect the existing one to use the widget features to the advantage.

  • uKit Free Online calculator

  • SSL Certification. From now on, all uKit users have an opportunity to connect SSL Certificates to their websites without paying anything. This doesn’t mean, of course, that this feature is needed to all uKit website owners. It matters more for users, who plan to sell their products or services through the website.

    uKit SSL CRM Integration

    SSL Certification connection ensures better website security, protection of users’ confidential information from the third-party users and higher search engine rankings. To make use of the free service, you just need to buy your own domain name to further activate the HTTPS protocol. The overall procedure of SSL Certificate connection doesn’t take it longer than a couple of minutes, ensuring maximum user and website security.

uKit Paid Plans

uKit Pro Features:
Realtime support;
Custom code;
Free eCommerce;
Custom color schemes.

uKit has a free trial that lasts for two weeks, but comes with no funcitonality limitations at all. At the same time, it offers paid plans, by upgrading to which you will avail lots of beneficial features that are not available in terms of a trial period.

These are an opportunity to choose premium templates of the top notch quality, individual code integration, a chance to launch your own online store etc. All in all, uKit has four paid plans, namely Premium ($4/mo), Premium+ ($8/mo), eCommerce ($9.6/mo) and Pro Plan ($12/mo). Each of these plans comes with a set of advanced features to choose from depending upon your business needs. As you can see, the cost of using uKit is more than affordable comparing to web studios or CMS.


uKit is an ideal choice for new business owners, startups and everyone, who has the desire to launch a website with unique design and superior functionality with little investment of effort and time. The system is easy to use for people with diverse web design expertise and skills, but it’s also a real found for proficient web developers involved in designing client websites. The system is simple, fast, effective and affordable – right what you need for your business website!

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Bottom Line

If your aim is to launch a quality and functional website with little or no investment of time, then you won’t find a better solution than website builders. There are many of them available out there and it’s only up to you to make the final choice depending upon the characteristics and special features of each service you come across. If you wish to develop your website and give it maximum efficacy, then take your time to select the required subscription plan to use all the benefits of the services for as long as you need to avail maximum result.

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