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How to Get a Free Domain Name on Wix

How to Get a Free Domain Name on Wix

Are you right about to start a website? Getting a domain name is a must-have and one of the first things to do. A good and memorable domain will make your business stand out from the crowd, contributing to its popularity and brand recognition in general.

There are several ways to get a domain name and you can also get the one absolutely for free to save your money and time. You can choose from multiple free domain name services that provide such an opportunity. Likewise, it is possible to make use of traditional domain name registrars that offer versatile plans to match any needs. Another option is to get a free domain from hosting providers. It’s all about your budget, personal requirements and project financing to pick the method that appeals to you most of all.

One of the most popular and trusted solutions, however, is to get a free domain name on website builders. This is also a nice way to launch a website without having to look for third-party hosts. In other words, you get the all-in-one solution that will eventually help save your time, effort and money. If this option appeals to you, consider an opportunity to use Wix website builder as the undeniable leader of the modern web design niche. Read on to find out the details to help you get started with ease.

Getting a Free Domain Name on Wix – Explanation


Wix is the all-in-one SaaS website builder, which works equally great for non-professionals and web development pros. The system has gained worldwide recognition as the top representative of the web design market that delivers a broad range of features, design customization tools, integrable widgets (free and paid), multilanguage support and themes to run all types of web projects for personal and commercial use. Whether you intend to start a business site, an eCommerce project, a blog, a portfolio, a landing page etc., Wix will be the best option to try.

Another highlight of the website builder is its code-free nature that lets you run a website without any programming proficiency or preliminary web design expertise at all. Working with the platform is super easy – have a look at the steps to complete to get a quality website of your own:

  1. Sign Up for the Platform. To pick a template and a plan to go for, you initially have to register with the website builder. The process is fast and simple. There are two options to choose from. The first one requires the use of your social networks accounts and the second one implies the necessity to fill out a sign up form with further confirmation.
  2. Wix website builder - sign in

  3. Pick a Template. Wix offers over 550 ready-made, free and mobile-responsive templates that refer to various niches. There is also an opportunity to select a blank theme and start a website from scratch. Whatever solution you go for, this won’t take you long.
  4. wix templates

  5. Customize the Selected Design. Having defined the theme to use, you can proceed to its customization. With this purpose, Wix offers multiple tools and features. Just reach the dashboard to pick those that comply with your website/business requirements.
  6. wix desktop editor

  7. Choose and Integrate Widgets. To make your project more functional and full-featured, reach Wix App Market and choose the extensions to boost its performance. There are multiple variants to browse and you’ll be able to pick free and paid extensions there.
  8. wix app market

  9. Upgrade to the Premium Plan. Even though, Wix has a completely free plan you can use for the unlimited period of time, it still won’t let you start a feature-rich project. To get the most out of your website, however, and to establish quality web presence, you’ll need to upgrade to one of paid plans. The system offers two groups of premium subscriptions – Website and Business/eCommerce, each including mode detailed plans. All of them are affordable and functional. What’s more, the platform allows saving up to 50% of the initial plan cost to first-timers, who get the subscription from Tuesdays to Thursdays on a weekly basis.
  10. Wix price

  11. Connect a Domain Name. To publish a website and to make it accessible to the target audience, you have to get a domain name. You can pick the one for free right after you purchase a yearly subscription. You can use a domain for free during the first year after the registration with further prolongation option.
  12. wix connect domain

  13. Publish a Website. Finally, you can go live with a ready-made website to reach the goals you’ve set.
  14. wix publish

That’s all about the process of launching a website with Wix. There is nothing too complicated about it and everyone can handle the task with minimum effort, knowledge and budget investment.

What Kind of Domain Name Can You Get for Free with Wix?

Wix offers quite an extensive list of domain name extensions to choose from. Actually, there are over 55 zones to browse and pick for your project. These include com, org, net, biz, co, club,, online, info, wiki and many more. The choice of the most suitable domain zone may depend upon several factors. You can select the one with regard to the location aspect, for example. Thus, .de domains are applicable to German citizens only, .fr domains work best for businesses from France, .il – from Israel etc. Mind that it is impossible to register national domains on Wix as special registration confirmation rights are required for this action. These rights vary a lot from one country to another.

Another criterion is the type of business you run. Wix has multiple domain name extensions that focus user attention on your website specialization. The best samples here include agency, art, christmas, club, coach, company, holiday, fitness, design, photos, photography, shop, space, tv, technology and yoga to mention a few.

The prevailing amount of users, though, give preference to standard domain extensions that are understandable worldwide (com, biz, net, org and co will be the best options here).

How to Get Free Domain Voucher on Wix

When you subscribe to the basic premium plan, Wix offers you to get a free domain voucher that extends for one year. Thus, you don’t have to buy the domain to connect it to your website. Instead, you can sign up for one of the subscriptions and to get a 1-year voucher for free. To be precise, a voucher is offered to users, who subscribe to yearly Combo, Unlimited, Pro, VIP, Business Basic, Business Unlimited or Business VIP Premium Plans. Upon the end of the term, you will have an opportunity to renew the domain for the next year at a regular price.

To get your free voucher, you have to pick an available domain name and the extension, select the relevant option from the list offered, select the registration period, enter your contact info and a privacy option (private or public registration) and the payment term. The system offers quite detailed and understandable guidelines, so, you won’t get lost.

Mind that free domain name vouchers are valid for the limited list of extensions. These include com, org, net, coach, info, fit, biz, live, rocks, fitness, pictures, space, club, store, shop, training, studio, online, xyz, yoga,, de and art.

Bottom Line

Getting a free domain on Wix is possible for each system subscriber, who intends to start a full-featured website, using one of the paid plans. The website builder offers an opportunity of free domain name connection granted that you upgrade to one of its premium yearly subscriptions.

The entire process takes a few minutes only and does not require any extra knowledge or effort. What you need is to pick a plan to go for and to make a payment for one year or longer. That’s it. Easy, fast, cost-effective and hassle-free – right what you need for your new project!


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