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How to Get a Free Domain from Bluehost

How to Get a Free Domain from Bluehost

Are you ready to set up a personal or a business website and to go live with it? There are multiple steps to handle, with domain choice and registration being one of the most crucial aspects. This especially concerns first-timers, who don’t have such an experience. Fortunately, there is an opportunity to get a free domain name without bothering about its set up and further management.

Whatever project type you are going to launch, you can choose from several options that let you get a domain at no cost. Thus, you can use a free domain name service or look for a suitable suggestion in the standard domain name registrar. If you create a project with a website builder, you can also get a domain name for free as these systems frequently offer them as bonuses, when you sign up for their premium subscriptions. If neither of these options appeals to you for some reason, it makes sense to get a free domain from hosting providers. These companies also offer free options as a part of their premium subscriptions. That’s also a great opportunity for those users, who look for a trusted service to host their projects.

When it comes to getting a free domain from a hosting provider, picking Bluehost will be the most reasonable solution. This service currently occupies one of the top positions in the list of the best hosting providers. It comes with several hosting packages to cover diverse users’ needs and it lets you host your project in a safe and reliable way. Working with Bluehost may be compared to killing two birds with one stone – you host your website and you don’t have to pay for that. Is that really possible? It is! Read on to find out how to make it happen.

Getting a Free Domain Name from Bluehost – Step-By-Step Guidelines

Bluehost – is one of the best hosting providers in the modern web design market. What’s more, WordPress officially recommends it for the projects it powers. The service also comes with multiple advantages that make it stand out from the crowd. These include custom website builder, a set of integrated WP-specific features, extensive marketplace, availability of free add-ons and scripts, high end performance etc.

One of the undeniable Bluehost highlights is the possibility to get a domain name absolutely for free. The system grants it as a bonus to everyone, who subscribes to one of its premium plans. To find out how to get the one for your project, browse the steps listed below:

1. Reach Bluehost to Sign Up for the Service

To start the sign up procedure, reach Bluehost and go to the “Hosting” section. Do not pick the “Domains” category as this page offers paid domain name connection only. Click on the “Hosting” menu instead to be able to choose from three types of hosting the company provides. These include Shared, VPS and Dedicated hosting. All the plans come with free domain name connection, which extends for one year. The best solution, though, is to go for shared hosting, especially if this is your first web development experience. Shared hosting is more affordable as compared to other options and it provides baseline functionality needed to set up and host a quality website.

2. Pick a Plan

Bluehost Pricing

Bluehost offers several shared hosting plans that differ with regard to their terms and cost. All the plans come with free domain connection for 1 year, free SSL Certificate, unlimited bandwidth, anti-spam protection. More advanced plans additionally include extra services, so, it’s up to you to define whether you need them or not. If you are right about to launch your first website, Basic Plan will cover your needs.

3. Select a Domain Name

Bluehost Set Up Your Domain

Having chosen a plan to start with, you may proceed to domain name choice. You can either connect an existing domain (if you have the one) or create a new one from scratch. Bluehost makes it possible to pick from several types of popular extensions, namely .com, .online, .site, .webspace, .space, .tech, .store, .blog, .net, .org, .info, .co, .biz, .us and .club. A .com domain is the most widespread and it’s also the most popular one. However, it’s also the most expensive option. Enter the desired domain to check its availability. If it is unavailable, the system will offer a number of alternative samples to pick from. In case the provided domain is available for registration, you may proceed to the next step-account creation and checkout.

4. Register an Account

Bluehost Create Accaunt

As soon as you select a suitable domain, the software will redirect you to the account creation page. Fill out the fields to submit the required info. You will have to provide general user info, business name, country and address, email, password. The system will inform you about the package details you will choose as well as about extra services you can go for at additional cost. Pick those you consider important for your project and tick the corresponding boxes. Finally, you will be required to provide credit card data and agree to the terms of service to complete the procedure.

Mind that Bluehost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, thus making it possible to get your payment back, if you are not satisfied with some of the suggested terms and quality of services provided.

Bottom Line

Bluehost is one of the most effective and popular ways to get a free domain name. Anyway, you will require a trusted hosting provider to store your newly created website, especially if it’s not granted by default by the platform you use for your project creation.

Bluehost encompasses several advantages at a time. Apart from providing safe and reliable hosting for your project, it guarantees enhanced website security, access to its integrated website builder and extensive marketplace of apps, opportunity to choose a reliable hosting type and plan etc. The real highlight of the platform, though, is a chance to get a domain name absolutely for free for 1 year. This opportunity is available to everyone, who subscribes to any Bluehost premium plan. That’s a notable advantage you should not overlook, if you wish to give your business a professional edge.

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