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How to Export Wix Site to HTML

How to Export Wix Site to HTML

Wix has gained worldwide popularity due to its exceptional features, high end templates, advanced editor and stunning design customization options. All these advantages have made the platform the renowned representative of the web building niche. However, some users occasionally face the need to export their websites from Wix to HTML code.

Reasons to Export Your Wix Site to HTML

Wix is undoubtedly the leader of the contemporary web design market, but if you wish to gain full control over your project, its design and functionality, it makes sense to export your project to HTML. This is one of the most widespread reasons, taking into account that Wix does not provide sufficient website management options.

Another reason to export your site to HTML is to be able to pick any hosting of your choice to store your project on it. While Wix comes with integrated hosting, there is no such an opportunity and you don’t have another choice but to agree on the terms and plans Wix offers.

The same is about the opportunity of proper website set up. As a website builder, Wix provides a standard feature set, which lets you choose and adjust website settings with regard to your needs. However, these settings may not comply with your web design objectives and endeavours and you’ll obviously have the desire to keep looking for more advanced settings.

Finally, export of your Wix Site to HTML may be a reasonable solution, if you wish to improve your website load speed. There are lots of platforms that make it possible to optimize your website and boost its load time. This will eventually have positive impact upon the traffic flow and decrease of website abandonment rate.

When you discover the fact that Wix does not come up to your needs anymore, you will correspondingly start looking for a better alternative to it. This is where you will face problems. While Wix comes with integrated hosting right from the start, transferring your website to another platform frequently becomes a challenge mainly because of the necessity to transfer all the elements of your project. It’s no wonder that most users start looking for the best and the most secure way to export their Wix sites to HTML with minimum time and effort investment. Is this transfer possible? How easy is it to export your Wix HTML code and is it possible in the long run? It’s time to clear that out now and review the major solutions.

Pros and Cons of Exporting Your Wix Site

The decision to export your Wix Site to HTML is responsible, while the process is often painstaking and not quite simple. Thus, before you actually decide to give it a try, it makes sense to figure out, whether it will work out for your website or it’s not worth your effort and time at all.

A nice solution for small websites that comes with limited content and simple design and don’t require regular updates and further development.

Opportunity to host your website with any provider of your choice, including a home server.
The process may be quite problematic for large websites. The more content you have – the more elements you’ll have to transfer.

Exporting the entire HTML code from your Wix website often becomes a problem.
Need to learn HTML basics to discover the most suitable options.

Whatever intentions and goals you have to export your Wix Site to HTML, you need to think twice before actually proceeding to the process. Mind your technical background, website type and size, web design goals and other important aspects to increase your chances for success.

Ways to Export Wix Site to HTML

Exporting a Wix-based website implies simultaneous or step-by-step transfer of content, domain and hosting – the major website elements. Additionally, you may wish to move the template to leave your website look the way it is, but keep in mind that the platform does not provide such an option. So, you’ll have to take care of your project design after the export of other content. Let’s describe two major ways of Wix Site export now.

1. The Use of Special Migration Services

Actually, you won’t find specialized programs/services to automatically export Wix sites to HTML. However, there is a solution that makes it possible to cut down the manual work to the minimum. Have a look at it now:

  • Pick a professional website migration serviceCMS2CMS – to convert your Wix website to WordPress. The program lets you copy the project source code to further transfer the major website elements. By analyzing the technical parameters and characteristics of your website, CMS2CMS specialists will be able to complete all the steps of the website transfer process for you, making sure all the elements are on their places.
  • Find special plugins (Simply Static Plugin or WP2Static Plugin are two possible variants) to convert your new WordPress website to HTML. These plugins automatically create the HTML copy of your website from all the pages of the initial WordPress version. As a result, you will get a clear HTML code of your project to be able to further embed it into any service of your choice.

2. Manual Wix Site Export

What you should know about Wix is that the website builder does not allow for automated HTML code transfer. Any Wix website along with its elements and content is hosted exclusively on the system’s servers and, thus, cannot be exported anywhere. As a result, you won’t be able to export or embed web pages, files or websites created with the system editor to any external platform or host.

If you still decide to give it a try, you should realize that Wix will no longer have control over the way your project looks and functions. You may also potentially encounter problems with Google Analytics and search engine bots’ functioning just because your website is not embedded correctly.To be sure your Wix HTML codes are transferred properly, you have to do that manually. Here is a standard procedure you should follow to gain the desired result.

  1. Pick a reliable hosting provider;
  2. Transfer the domain name of your website to the selected hosting;
  3. Create HTML files with regard to your website structure;
  4. Manually export website data, images, media files, content, styles and other website elements;
  5. Adjust SEO settings to redirect traffic from your Wix website to the new platform;

When exporting your Wix website, do not delete its original version or deactivate the account until you make sure your new website looks and functions properly.

Bottom Line

Wix doesn’t let you export HTML codes to external services. To migrate to another platform, you’ll have to export all the elements manually, which is a very tedious, time-taking and not quite effective process.

Playing around with Wix site elements may eventually prove to be the waste of your time and effort. In the long run, you will realize that it won’t work this way. If you actually intend to export your Wix site to HTML, it makes sense to create a code-based project from scratch.


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